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im in the pussy doin the stanky leg.. robert williams III truther. waiting for uyama hiroto to drop ffj2

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@groovy_kai Then you’re not in the big leagues kiddo. People of my attacking prowess would annihilate your base with LEVEL 1 PEKKAS!
Retweeted by David 'Dave' “Dickman” Diller 🦥Shut up, loser!! @alexx2jz @TrilladeIph This was actually my first time interacting w you on my old acc good times 😂 classic interaction
@DeBrincatGWG I gotta go work at a restaurant for 5 hours so im forced to see the whole game on 20 fucking TVs lmao @TrueHovenger @FURI0USTYLES_ @Myko_jay Now. @TrilladeIph @fenoIV Iconic momentmood
Retweeted by David 'Dave' “Dickman” Diller 🦥 @xprietenV2 @fordeeee WHAT @xprietenV2 @fordeeee WHO @ThePercocet30 LOLThe fact that we never got like a Vince/Mac/Q/Earl (hm Soulo and Bronson) tape or album of sorts in 2013/14/15 stil… @jsteezys47 Rip chris benoit you wouldve loved don toliverMe having a matching faces hoodie and phone case😭😭😭 All Caps obviously @PrivateParts87 Shut the FCCK up man.
Retweeted by David 'Dave' “Dickman” Diller 🦥 @GameIsBadRapper NO. @GameIsBadRapper Link it @dannymoItisanti @raptalksk @paulyester__ Thanks for your support. @raptalksk @paulyester__ We know😂
@jeandeauxmusic What did i do to deserve this😔 @MaestrosCorner @LadPsycho Are yall even speaking english at this pointI like how joey says “dont let me have to tell these fellas where im from” then immediately says “its brooklyn” lik… @DeBrincatGWG Idk how landeskog isnt getting suspended for that hit on dach tho that shit has me irked esp when dach is injury prone @Death_2_Designr Either him or Zay or Issa i also still like Cole’s album a lot idgaf @zaybrinson Zay having goated taste why am i not surprisedWhen the drums hit on Claymore @DeBrincatGWG Im not gonna even attempt to cope. we aint making ploffs. More of the same is debrincat and kane arent producing
I swear im Mondgreen 2.0 @HovDaGoat @ManjeMidi @NonnieNarko Full disclosure i was just saying that to irritate jack ive only heard papitas b… @HovDaGoat @ManjeMidi @NonnieNarko Stove on lava lamp or puff daddy is a phenomenal bar for bar rapper and theres l… @ManjeMidi @NonnieNarko Literally a better rapper than divino or estee nack @hommyedition My 2nd fav kanye feature. 2nd fav SV song. Polo ye .. 💙 @DoxBrando25 You say you like Gang Starr and this man is crouching outside your house wyd @TrueHovenger @gwsles @OneForGhostface @GlydeW15 I thought it was a good idea to troll a 40 year old but tbf i owned you @gwsles @TrueHovenger @OneForGhostface @GlydeW15 Im just saying sometimes i get sucked into the trolling and go ove… @aventurinesaf Im just doing a little studying how are you? @aventurinesaf Hi there
@zaybrinson Back from the dead or almighty so100 retweets and this is my Halloween costume
Retweeted by David 'Dave' “Dickman” Diller 🦥My mom likes listening to the DMX prayer interludes 😂 Way Eye See It is now on streaming. I recommend it to all of you. @CJFLY_ was in peak form with the wordplay a…
No i can actually keep them all #owned @riptoscrew Same home screen wtfff
Happy thanksgiving my Canadian brothers🇨🇦 @hommyedition Give me a 2 hour test trial @hommyedition Give me the keys to RV and ill shake the game @dannymoItisanti @ManjeMidi I clock in at 9am, listen to rap music, then clock out at 5pm. It aint much but its honest work.
@PrivateParts87 Love you d*me hang in there my bro👊This tweet was motivated by me getting my tax credit in the mailMoney talk ur shit extra tesla quiet @HovDaGoat @alexx2jz 8x3 is a totally fine start point, even 6x3 if necessary. But you dont want to move up in weig… @HovDaGoat @alexx2jz Some other things that help are creatine (only legal strength training supplement anyone shoul… @HovDaGoat @alexx2jz This is what’s worked for me; I’ve moved up incrementally about 50 lbs and back to where I ori… @HovDaGoat @alexx2jz And try to rep that out for probably 12-15 times for 3-4 sets when you’re at the gym. Idk what… @HovDaGoat @alexx2jz Heres my anecdote that nobody asked for: I was 220lbs fat as fuck and ive lost 50 pounds of f… a pass by Devin Carr. Trae Sibble reeling in another big catch from their own 24 to C-R's 25. Simply, what a throw. #SectionV
Retweeted by David 'Dave' “Dickman” Diller 🦥
@ThePercocet30 @DeBrincatGWG @isaiahrashad Uhhh @walkoutkanan @fenoIV Condolences to you bothDevin Carr masterclass 2 is undeniably a great movie with great acting and a great villain and also some really funny moments @aLoveLetterToYe Depends on how fast she’s driving, assuming my movement isn’t restricted I would open the door and…
Retweeted by David 'Dave' “Dickman” Diller 🦥 @luke_b_91 We’re not doing this again pal. @DarkTheEnigma @Jit_JV3 @Death_2_Designr @LadPsycho Ur 23 on anitwt. Lol @LadPsycho @DarkTheEnigma @Jit_JV3 @Death_2_Designr @falsefables @AceTheAbstract Check it yo.. When I listen to… @LadPsycho @DarkTheEnigma @Jit_JV3 @Death_2_Designr Mine is actually @falsefables and if you disagree with me i hop… @DarkTheEnigma @Jit_JV3 @Death_2_Designr @LadPsycho Grow a pair pussy👊💯 @LadPsycho @Jit_JV3 Woooo @DarkTheEnigma @Jit_JV3 @Death_2_Designr @LadPsycho Mental health should be treated as physical health. If you harm… @DarkTheEnigma @Jit_JV3 @Death_2_Designr @LadPsycho Bro dont say “our point” im simply exercising my own philosophy… @LadPsycho Me if my son ever listens to bladee @DarkTheEnigma @Jit_JV3 @Death_2_Designr @LadPsycho You need to learn how respect is distributed and how when lines… @Jit_JV3 @LadPsycho @DarkTheEnigma @Death_2_Designr No empathy and expects empathy given unto themself. Then calls… @Jit_JV3 @Death_2_Designr @LadPsycho @DarkTheEnigma Yeah because you invalidated someone so you get invalidated tha… @DarkTheEnigma @Jit_JV3 @Death_2_Designr @LadPsycho How is that a threat you freak @Jit_JV3 @Death_2_Designr @LadPsycho @DarkTheEnigma Theres no hypocrisy Ill support and respect anyone who deserves… @Jit_JV3 @Death_2_Designr @LadPsycho @DarkTheEnigma #GxFR #Culture #FLYGOD #DICKMAN @Jit_JV3 @Death_2_Designr @LadPsycho @DarkTheEnigma I care about gerald not ur gay ass who makes fun of peoples men… @Jit_JV3 @Death_2_Designr @LadPsycho @DarkTheEnigma I care 😉👊 @Jit_JV3 @LadPsycho @DarkTheEnigma caveat is that if you critique it you get blocked @LadPsycho Average onliner loser weirdo with no friends @DavidDiller8 you to her
Retweeted by David 'Dave' “Dickman” Diller 🦥soon.
Retweeted by David 'Dave' “Dickman” Diller 🦥I blocked a 5’3 woman’s 3 pointer and looked like this “Dickman” Diller statline: 5pts 😨 12 fucking rebound🥶 7 assists 🧐 2/5 fg 1/3 3pt Next Robert Williams III⁉️ Drop your hot takes👇
@MATTLiens_ @TrilladeIph W Matthew remember Galatians 4:16 they hate you bc ur telling the TRUTH @GameIsBadRapper Thank you for your service to the WuSaw a girl wearing a Wu Tang hoodie. I was suspicious. I approached her and told her to name her 5 Inspectah Deck v…
Retweeted by David 'Dave' “Dickman” Diller 🦥 @naikahb Nothing at all @naikahb Probably her fat fucking ass tbh @GameIsBadRapper @Da_keegz @raptalksk @streamtun_ Just making sure, Kos. @GameIsBadRapper @Da_keegz @raptalksk @streamtun_ You ok man? @GameIsBadRapper @Da_keegz @raptalksk @streamtun_ Hey koz @thatguyjamari World Without Words is best tho @thatguyjamari Aruarian