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Javert whenever a nearby man is strong
Retweeted by David East @PerthshireMags did I cause thisme: this is just the unpopular opinion meme twitter: Peep Show sectioning episode but everyone is threatening to name everyone else as a covid contact @carlyraejetfuel what about hermeno. just for the gals @bencsmoke :(lord please don't let me do numbers on a tweet about pegging
@SzMarsupial two people followed me. this is the law of equivalent exchange @SzMarsupial people can’t handle the truthif I’m driving 5 hours I’m getting pegged @multiplebears love to keep track of the latest news on the #Luxembourg hashtaghow do I tell my aunt that she’s gonna get murdered a big pint glass of horseshoe crab milk tiktoks are getting oddly specific
Retweeted by David East @absentobject gabler? i hardly know 'er!A Worfy Movie @PerthshireMags @cr3 *clears throat* cockcrete @HINIONGE Die HonkPogčamp @lukeybarnesy Alpha Centauri. in terms of worldbuilding it’s amazingcannot get my head around the cruelty of a system which lies to a whole generation of kids that their courses won’…
Retweeted by David East @TomWaits4NoMan_ it's nasty!!
My annual thanks to Lieutenant Colonel Stanislav Petrov who on this day, thirty seven years ago, probably saved ou…
Retweeted by David East @SzMarsupial didnt know it was about twitter @isamyelyah me: twenty-something swf you: ancient 50ft shark lurking on the ocean floor i was too shy to get your n… @isamyelyah missed connectionsread this thread—by a comrade & teacher—on the new restrictions on what can be discussed in PSHE lessons.
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I’m allergic to bullets @JoeJBBuckley collecting campus accommodation rent really worth this? 🔒 Child tells me that in the student accommodation (50…
Retweeted by David East @PerthshireMags you’re probably not far from Dilara, which I’ve been meaning to visit for ages @PerthshireMags spoilt for choice round here, there’s literally two great pizza joints opposite each other on my ro… @PerthshireMags 👀 @PerthshireMags @mountain_ghosts GMB stands for Gorning Morning Borning"describe your ideal partner"
Retweeted by David East @atomcrowley the kidz bop versioni sent my sister a sea shanty meme that was going around and she got mad because it was only like half filled out,…
Retweeted by David EastThis account from a mother of a student at Glasgow university is absolutely mind-blowing
Retweeted by David East @PerthshireMags is actually a great honour in himbo culture has hired the world's worst DJ
Retweeted by David East"describe your ideal partner" @stavvers oh nomy dad watches ancient aliens all the time and says "not sure about that" or "i don't think so" at the screen over…
Retweeted by David EastVicky Featherstone, Nadia Fall, Lynette Linton & more decry the pitiful treatment of our sector by this wretched go…
Retweeted by David Eastcan't believe they made Prince Dimitri of Faerghus British @CalumS1991 👀
Retweeted by David EastStevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham ❤️
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@YuriAndrognopov it’s one of my fave films @YuriAndrognopov Patrick Keillor’s London! @kimsockiejin @gem_ste thank you friend! weird, but covid-19 has also shown us who exactly likes London as it is : a theme park for wealthy landlords wh…
Retweeted by David East @gem_ste no disrespect to BTS but this imo remains the greatest kpop banger of all time for a surprisefinally, vinegar for my on-the-go lifestyle @mountain_ghosts poggerslove it when it would behoove me to do things @bencsmoke adult activities you say 👀retweet this to force @Microsoft to bring back the Mystery desktop theme from Windows 98
Retweeted by David East @HealthUntoDeath getting so mad at South Korea that you end up supporting Juche @conorbrn preach @mountain_ghosts wine is always decadent... and you sir have misbehavedthink i've replayed that video of the woman narrating the guy cooking liver a hundred timesit’s OK to have committed a litany of financial crimes your litany of financial crimes does NOT define you if you…
Retweeted by David EastHas no-one noticed @RishiSunak has said yes to extending the self employed support scheme, but it will only be 20%…
Retweeted by David East @eggstarvedbeast where am i meant to get a falcon. more unrealistic standards @SzMarsupial "I Don't Know Enough To Make It Funny", title of my memoirs @SzMarsupial (i would have finished the dril tweet but i don't know enough to make it funny) @SzMarsupial i put years of hard work into getting my speech act theory degree at speech act theory college, etc etcGood morning, install the app.
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@PerthshireMags @DawnHFoster that's the Hoo Peninsula Autonomous ZoneI have to respect them for doing a Reverse Calaiswelcome to Kent. you have chosen, or have been chosen, to relocate to one of our finest remaining countiesborders expert here! countries only do this when they're very sick
Retweeted by David Eastsorrybring your papers and a truck for this Kent Access Permit give me everything you got for this Kent Access Permit @PerthshireMags @max_legroom show me the bats boys, and free my soul i wanna count bats on my bat patrol and drift away @max_legroom a performer with more range. i'll wait VINKY?
Retweeted by David East @SzMarsupial normalise having an empty can of San Miguel on the coffee table that nobody's thrown away yet 👏👏every autumn i'm like 'yum yum yum, cosy little season, layers upon layers of jumpers and cupping hot drinks with m…
Retweeted by David Eastit’s OK to have committed a litany of financial crimes your litany of financial crimes does NOT define you if you… is how real men dress 💅 a lot of you can’t handle the raw power of this fit though 😎
Retweeted by David East @SzMarsupial @SzMarsupial go off king
@MeLlamoLlama_ somewhere between the two, then @MeLlamoLlama_ is that a results of a biopsy or is that northern ireland @stefmowords my fanfiction is being recognised at lastThe Shining is just 5g @Mr_Considerate 👁 @Mr_Considerate Cameron was supposedly a Villa fan too. is it something they get told to do at Eton @PerthshireMags lost it mate @PerthshireMags it was in greggs yehthink i've lost the mandate of heaven lads @SzMarsupial no thoughts head empty soil tilled