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Senior Systems Engineer @10up. Probably running an Ansible playbook right now. Previously music critic + photographer. He/him.

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@CarmanTse Lucas is one of the most classic cases of an artist in mid-life abandoning or misunderstanding the great… @CarmanTse WARS is about Joseph Campbell and muppets and Rian Johnson understands this and should also direct the next muppet movieI deeply believe if you didn't like THE LAST JEDI then you don't actually like STAR WARS or need to watch the movie… Rashomon reference in THE LAST JEDI is one of many things that make it the most genuinely Star Wars Star Wars m… have my primary picks but stuff like this is what is actually going to win or lose the 2020 election: we must put… didn't expect this week to be different but watching it actually play out like this is like being punched in the… are this close to going to a football game and standing in line shirtless with C R I M E S written on t… should start reporting on Republicans as the national security threat they have decided to be while jou… we still had a functioning press, every newspaper would have an editorial out this week calling for the end of t…
@cheekfaceREAL book that Portland tour!When your co-worker posts @cheekfaceREAL in the music Slack room >>>>I was rejected early decision from Stanford and currently have a career entirely based on skills I learned from the… @ericrennerbrown She actually won, and she actually won the election, we just don't have an actual democratic voting process
I am reading for my news this week - compare it and CNN and see which one feels like it is…"Republicans defend Trump" is not a helpful headline. It does not tell the story of what's actually happening. It's… 4. This is literally the obstruction. Media should treat this objectively: there are not "both sides" to Rep… @justinhendrix @seanhannity When will Fox fire him for coordinating "news" with Trump's criminal, Russian agent campaign manager @KlasfeldReports @RockShrimp Some journalist should find the internal meeting or memo in which the GOP agreed as a… @Hilary_Saunders @mountain_goats @GuardianGames @mergerecords the non-baby-having highlight of my year ❤️
out of office auto-reply: please email me so I don't have to login to social media in 2020 / forever thank you 🙂 @Random_Neuro123 their plan is to just keep lying about everything while Trump does more crimes to win 2020 and the… @scottgum Oat milk tho
Just sent my $ to Warren and Bernie. Going to keep doing that.If you want to vote for a candidate you believe in in 2020, the time to support them is right now. Make calls, knoc…
@oodja well saidThe ~40, 50% of people who don't think Trump did crimes, or that doing crimes is bad? This is your job. Make these… media has a deep responsibility, in this era of propaganda being actively pursued and coordinated by Trump… impeachment article should include the line, "The president, who settled a corruption case for his fraud univ… remain, honestly, just aghast that every major media company has decided for years now that they can only remembe… people in this country can get shot or put away for 20 years for walking down the street the wrong way… is a failure of both journalists and Democrats to not have this court-proven set of crimes as a key frame for al… reminder that Trump is not sharing a cell in the Otisville, NY Federal Correctional Institution with Michael…
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