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Senior Systems Engineer @10up. Probably running an Ansible playbook right now. Previously music critic + photographer. He/him.

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I don't think it is an exaggeration to say it is critical to the future of real, mainstream journalism to explain t… a normal environment, Trump's inexperience and flagrant corruption and incompetence would mean holding him and h… should be a lot more discussion, and even investigation, about why decades of political journalism expectatio…, in other words, reporters are being praised for doing the bare minimum of their job when they talk to Trump. J… @beerandnosh like usual @beerandnosh that's presumably why it was invented @mward oh wow! unrealVery important to have this laid out
The implicit lead of every Trump article—1000s of them—is, "President Trump, who is a real president and definitely… there no J-school class explaining that if the president does crimes and gets away with it, this should be menti… excruciating that Trump's years of doing crimes have been extensively reported and every couple of months a… @whstancil She's bad for cable TV CEOs' tax brackets. That's why this is happening. It's really that simple.Strongly suggest parenthood if you are interested in doing so much more cryingGot to the song about his daughter on Ben Folds' "Songs for Silverman" and had to put aside my tuna salad to cryPress should act as if we have a functional country where one political party shouldn't enable its leader to overse… don't care if Trump is a Republican or a Democrat or a martian. It's not a partisan issue. Every other country ha… has done nothing on COVID for months. They know what to do, and are not doing it. That is when a failure of lead… or anyone lying about the death of citizens—3,000 in Puerto Rico, 150,000+ from COVID-19—is fundamentally dis… @plays_w_knives absolutely!The tension between "Cardigan" and "Betty" is so effective. "You put me on and said I was your favorite" vs. the ea… hope Taylor has nothing else to do and just keeps making more folklore songsthe next ~15 years of my life were pretty much directly attributable to hearing a handful of really good singles on Y107 in fall 1999in 9th grade, I was listening to Reinhold Messner so much that it was getting in the way of my honors math homework… not mind the National doing this album too @SirFronksalot total classic!Nah but she should do Reinhold Messner good read on the #OxfordVaccine. Especially on the use of a chimp adenovirus + MERS spike prior to 2020 givi…
Retweeted by David GreenwaldFelt bad for the Jazz. Forgot how good Malone and Stockton were. Kind of funny that Malone and Payton both ended up… finished THE LAST DANCE. Absolutely loved it. Absolutely convinced Jordan is the GOAT and they could've won 7 or 8. @lorimaleckar yeah, that is a very intense trope @Daniel22223333 yeah I think it is right up there @Daniel22223333 I hear that. Def my favorite out of this bunch. Loved the comeback record.Finally got to sit through an entire FROZEN 2 viewing with my daughter after months of needing to manage the baby d… bought Loveless, Daydream Nation, and Doolittle on the same day in high school as I was getting toward the end of…'s cute that somebody having a comically strong opinion about history music is still enough to rile up a day of Music Twitter discussionmy bad '80s underground opinion is that the Pixies were mostly bad @zzzzaaaacccchhh Aww. Yeah, never went out of my way to see them but their Matador at 21 set really knocked me out.Sonic Youth opinion: liked all the late-period O'Rourke stuff, "Teen Age Riot" is Mt. Rushmore, rest is you-had-to-…
@tedlieu @realDonaldTrump Ted, he's not going to do any of this, and it's time for the House to hold hearings on th… @iAmTheWarax Europeans watching the American zombies on TV as they shrug and drink their coffeeI had a really good pre-COVID zombie movie idea about a couple who gets trapped in an Ikea and it plays out like Ma… is the easiest satire screenplay ever and I hope someone writes it shopping list: I'm a bit behind this year, also RIP our beautiful cat Ella in this profile pictureThe amount of money musicians make from even a $5 Bandcamp purchase vs. weeks and weeks of listening to them on App… have paid for monthly streaming music for 9 or 10 years, since whenever I started with Rdio. It's great. A consum… about how Spotify's business model was never going to help most artists in 2014. Long piece, has a bunch of m… @tcote 70% serious: he's going to radicalize a generation into hating Republicans
I get it, lots of guys were advocating the president let 100,000 people die, it was a different eraWhy did the New York Times' top politics reporter not break the news of the "widespread" White House plot to let Ne… do not understand how an entire political party became soulless nihilists but I hope we can stop themJared Kushner, the grandson of Holocaust survivors, decided to stand by and let every Jewish grandparent in New Yor… Bacharach/Tashian EP out today is miraculousI am working in my backyard and a neighborhood cat just came by and I gave it so many head rubs and then immediat… should develop criteria for how they're going to deal with bad-faith political speech that isn't based on… make ethical judgements about right and wrong every day—it's how they decide what stories to investigat… objectively on the GOP constantly lying would appear biased, because it would make them look bad. But th… political press' inability to separate fact-based policy debate from objectively dangerous propaganda is probab… @ericrennerbrown they are all the same as they ever were in my brain but def surreal to think about college kids co… is a crisis. honestly can't figure out what NBA TV thing I need to sign up for to watch the Lakers in the bubble, help @ericrennerbrown All the brand-new albums that melted my brain in high school are now the equivalent of Ramones or… @lppny @ZachWKelly I definitely had enormous blogger message board arguments with people who thought this at the ti… article appeared in Brand X, the Los Angeles Times' short-lived alt-weekly, and it was wiped from the internet…"...whether it’s on the charts or not.” Then they won Album of the Year. Wild moment. Nice guy.“Whether it’ll stay big, who knows,” Parry said of indie rock’s sudden ascent. “I think that ‘indie rock’ is really…“We’re enjoying it... It’s exciting. It’s a little bit funny because it feels like a world that’s not really our wo… The Suburbs memory is interviewing Richard Reed Parry at the Canadian Consulate General's pre-Grammy party, wher… @ZachWKelly @lppny Good songs but felt more generic to me than Funeral and the lyrics were a mess. @lppny @ZachWKelly 7/10 @ZachWKelly still prefer Funeral but a great record @markknoller @FoxNews *CLAIMS*, Mark, *CLAIMS.* You have an obligation to provide context to these quotes, which ar… heartening to see @MacSmiff emerge as a national voice of the Portland protests. You should know, Twitter, tha… @guerrillacandy I'm so sorry, Travis. That's awful.
I believe Rebecca, and I am so, so angry. election day 2016 I think I listened to Simon & Garfunkel's "America" on loop for an hour before I could muster… going to have to listen to this Taylor album 3 times a day until the election is over for sanityI promise you the guy who was impeached for breaking the law to influence the November election *this year* and is… @TheLincoln Luke is great and funny and I suggest reading his newsletter from the beginningHe has been overseeing PPD gassing of protestors since January 2017: Please vote for a may… @iamjermainew Buddy, I'm not saying I think it will work, the 2016 election was illegitimate and we have been livin… @iamjermainew We have to show up in such overwhelming numbers that the cheating doesn't work. Volunteer as a poll w… rights aren't being taken away by magic. They're being taken away by Republicans. Democrats need to do drama… can do whatever they want to rig elections and the results of those elections will hold regardless of f… judges across a half-dozen states issued rulings saying the GOP illegally discriminated to suppress votes, did… Trump has to do to "delay" the election is have GOP governors shut down every polling place and have his feds s… @SilvermanJacob WD is fine, get one with the longer (3-year) warranty. Best to have an automated cloud back-up of t… this runs into potential SEO issues if you're publishing the same content across multiple platforms. Still. I will think more about it.It would be great if people didn't have to start on a new website and roll their audience over every 3 years but al… has to be an answer to this that gives people the confidence to launch WP on DigitalOcean with the right plug… may be wrong but I think people keep jumping to Tumblr, Twitter, Medium, Substack etc. because setting up your ow… @regwag2003 I found this tweet really upsetting because it made me think about the politics journo trend of waking… just now that Substack sites have RSS - just drop the URL in Feedly or try <some-site> @sahilkapur You are asking historians, scholars, and other journalists to do unpaid labor instead of taking a few h… end of journalists having the time, budget, or skills to do research in one tweet"emotional rent control" (live, remotely) dir @andrewnapier mix @Killah_Cortez keys @katerilirio whole thing:…
Retweeted by David GreenwaldI reviewed them in 2015, there is a Noam Chomsky joke*whispers* really good live band
Someone, somewhere, has your make and model of whatever in your house is broken and has recorded a nice YouTube video about how to fix itFixed my lawn mower. Same fix as my dryer, one little $10 part got overheated and broke. Slowly becoming a handyperson.These guys are not going to ever make good or ethical decisions and they should be taxed at sensible 1950s brackets immediately.