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david ehrlich @davidehrlich brooklyn, brooklyn

senior film critic @Indiewire. ''not even death could conjure respect from him.'' – Fox News

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@JustinCChang Oh that’s so much better than what I was workshopping (The Maltasa Falcon)
starting to notice a theme in my Instagram noir, but make it babies @ezwrites @davidlsims 😷😈😷 @ezwrites @davidlsims When are you forsaking us @ezwrites Can we meet in a park somewhere with dog and baby before u move @LeeHutchison_ oh hell yeah @BethyBSQU hi just want to say that your terrace house character ranking is a work of genius and I’ve been consulti…
@mikeryan Just go all in on the Bubble BluesSteven Soderbergh’s 'Raiders' Sees Indiana Jones in a New Light #StreamOfTheDay
Retweeted by david ehrlich @rilaws well not after the Carrie remake @rilaws the one about film critics made me irate tho. film critics don’t *have* - - - - - -!
ALOHA tried to warn us. (if also wildly unsurprised) that Seth Rogen and Marc Maron said more smart things aboutJewish identity duri…, show me “late capitalism” in a single image that future generations will find implicitly hilarious even if th… @fauxbeatpoet no i legally changed his name for this joke to work, sorry you don’t share my commitment to comedy[talking to my infant son] Simba, one day all of this will be yours @leahlooo oh thank god @leahlooo pre-2010 or post? answer to this question determines whether or not i’m calling 911 @ErikDavis Oh man I’m sorry to hear that, hope the little guy’s okay.
i don’t like to brag but it seems John Cleese has been reading my work!!, i thought electing an all-star team of history's dumbest mega-assholes to lead the world’s most powerful cou… @ctblauvelt @ZSharf @aherman2006 seriously now that you’ve introduced me to this i feel like if i don’t watch it once every five minutes i’m going to die? @aherman2006 well it’s a masterpiece so @jamesodinwade honestly i laugh every time (there are *hundreds* of drug ads like this and it’s just american legalese at its finest)
an insufferable film critic (me) tries to review Charlie Kaufman’s 720-page novel about an insufferable film critic…
Retweeted by david ehrlich @juliahartowitz @karenyhan we’re not letting him graduate from babydom until that happens. @karenyhan (This is his “why would you do this to me?” face and “this” = “a bath”) @karenyhan Asa wants mail! @SamFoxenBoyd sounds like a real fun read! (thanks much for the kind words, this one was a journey)an insufferable film critic (me) tries to review Charlie Kaufman’s 720-page novel about an insufferable film critic… @stefabsky @ezwrites controversial but i think history would validate it @criticaldroll ya know, i was gonna make this joke but then i decided it was too far of a walk (something about the… @ezwrites @stefabsky and judge and executioner yes.of course Pablo Larraín’s EMA could always pull a Parasite and become the first non-english-language movie to win a… should change the name of the show to The Emma’s and give all the awards to that movie EMMA. just a thought. @intothecrevasse it’s okay i don’t think you can truly understand folklore-era swift until you’re a 35-year-old brooklyn dad @intothecrevasse wow i open myself up to the world and this is what i get @vinnivini_ a great and timeless question. either RED or 1989 @leeo_medeiros Love it it’s great we stanoh no it just occurred to me that all of my favorite movies are basically taylor swift songs
SHE DIES TOMORROW from director @amy_seimetz Drive-In Theaters one week from today On demand everywhere 8.7
Retweeted by david ehrlichjust filed an article that @katerbland described as “incredibly unwell.” so look forward to that i guess.
@TheSickness85 Just Brooklyn
Retweeted by david ehrlich @rilaws Had a friend in college whose AIM screenname was DieDavidGaleDie. That always felt important. @KnivesCHOW Asa is the real artist here. And also Goya. But mostly Asa. @BrotiGupta Wait until you see Asa’s Guernica @bdgrabinski yo teach... NO thanks. @bdgrabinski you should see a movie called “funny people” look it up
(July 2019 / July 2020) @jlpulice Nooooit’s been a long week. @davidlsims @stefabsky 181 hours and 7 minutes until hockey season thoJust realized that @tcm is showing one of the all-time great films, YI Yi, on July 27 at 2am ET/July 26 at 11pm PT.…
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@TimGrierson @tcm @JustinCChang 💖some words on IN THE REALM OF THE SENSES, a movie about how staying inside and fucking yourself to death is a heroi…
Retweeted by david ehrlich @master_bratac @criterionchannl lol whatsome words on IN THE REALM OF THE SENSES, a movie about how staying inside and fucking yourself to death is a heroi… @carriesnotscary Her what would the community think??? @leahlooo Work is cancelled tomorrow so we can live with thisIs this Taylor’s Moon Pix???
.@Netflix Lorde documentary in 2021 or i'm switching to Quibi @CoreyAtad don't blame me love made me crazyseems like a good time to remind people that Taylor Swift's Netflix documentary is still one of the best new movies… love hockey. i love that my son will grow up in a world where he regularly gets to watch the Rangers play the Kra… @Jee_vuh HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THIS IS WHAT THE PEOPLE WANTED I LOVE HOCKEY woman. man. camera. tv. person. woman. man. camera. tv. person. woman. man. camera. tv. person. woman. m…
@ianamurray @NetflixFilm We stan a professional tweeter ! @Ask_Spectrum any idea when the outage will be resolve in 11238 Brooklyn? @bdgrabinski "wow, i never realized Hillary Clinton was such a dedicated cinephile."only worth it if there's a 2.5-hour episode where Hillary just goes to see TENET in real-time. Knives are OUT my Gems are CUT my Women are LITTLE my Waters are DARK my Life is HIDDEN my Book is SMART my Man…
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@ezwrites oh they should have a baby and then it should date my baby (this is an encrypted DM right?) @ezwrites wait, Chris Evans is dating Lily James?! @Da7e officially turning my video off for all future recordingsTHE RENTAL: threatening to do for Airbnbs what Psycho did for motels, Dave Franco's directorial debut is a lean and… officers sent to Portland to “quell” protests have had this efffect
Retweeted by david ehrlich @kateyrich @MattPassantino sorry i'm still on the phone with CPS trying to get your kids taken away before you can… @davidlsims wire? hell yeah
one of America's biggest video game studios spent the last 6 years (and zillions of dollars) trying to make a playa…
Retweeted by david ehrlich @davidlsims noooooooooooooooooooooo but like could you kidnap him from like 9am to 6pm? @davekarger i have! i liked it! fascinating performance from riz ahmed. remember feeling a bit iffy on the ending,… pretty uninspired to do one of these for 2020 at the moment. right now it's basically 10. babyteeth 9. bac… @Terri_White my wife and i struggle putting our kid to bed for an hour. he finally passes out. "…let's go look at pictures of him."honestly surprised this is still online. shout out to D*sn*y's lawyers for letting me speak my truth. @scott_tobias Looks like NHL is pulling it off pretty well... he said holding his breath for the next 2 weeks @kateyrich Gonna be a fun pandemic check in! So glad your mom is ok dude
I don’t know who needs to hair this but
@studiesincrap if only that “perhaps” weren’t carrying some much weight @intothecrevasse @kambolecampbell you're jordan hoffman's looper. @kambolecampbell @intothecrevasse charlsesies:
@JustinAnfinsen that’s super rewarding to hear, thanks so much! @video_binge It really kills me that I haven’t been able to finish that article. Not that anyone needs to read it I…