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senior film critic @Indiewire. ''not even death could conjure respect from him.'' – Fox News

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One of the best things about Elizabeth Warren is that men of all ages and positions in society assume they’re smart…
Retweeted by david ehrlichMike Pence caused an outbreak to grow & then became veep, as we know. He now has new goals & duties & roles Including [checks notepad] oh no
Retweeted by david ehrlich @ZSharf @ctblauvelt @katerbland I’ve changed my mind.I’m dying. of laughter. for now.
The DAU project — a giant replica of a Soviet factory where thousands of actors lived for years — has yielded its f…
Retweeted by david ehrlichTHE JESUS ROLLS: things this movie has: -Sônia Braga -a breezy vibe -Bobby Cannavale saying his armpits smell lik… ROADS NOT TAKEN: i’m naturally generous & open-minded towards movies about dads with dementia, but this dour Sa… @ZSharf neither movie will ever happenhi how’s it going just a friendly reminder that KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL is actually “good” and not “bad” and t… News: Liz Warren will steal from the rich and give it to the poor! Me: Cool cool. Mark Zuckerberg: Liz Warren…
Retweeted by david ehrlichTHE INVISIBLE MAN (dir. Leigh Whannell, 2020) for anyone who read this remarkably dumb tweet as anti-bernie instead of post-pete) @HerbieLewis maybe he should’ve bought some ad time during the XFLi’ve missed a lot of big new movies because of this baby but SO HELP ME GOD i’m seeing the one where Ben Affleck pl… @xymarla is it super jump-scary? @Da7e Mia Hansen-Løve? sure. @kateyrich It’s cause they’ve spent the whole time relitigating the last debateGayle King asked Warren for evidence that Bloomberg told a pregnant woman to “kill it.” Not only was that the woman…
Retweeted by david ehrlichElizabeth Warren.
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tl;dr: we're sleep training our baby and i'm losing my mind Out for Millennials coming to Disney+ this april @pramsey342 exactlyDisney has announced that Bob Iger will be replaced by a photorealistic computer-generated Bob Iger who just does a… FACE: Tim Sutton’s impressionistic superhero movie asks a question that should make perfect sense to any New… GUNS AKIMBO to allyship, and our respective culpability—this past weekend still doesn't feel real. via…
Retweeted by david ehrlichthis has nothing to do with H*gh F*del*ty, and everything to do with me hearing Suzanne Vega on the radio last week… @812filmreviews honestly the most painful thing about your 30s is how you stop keeping up with music. a universal plague. @KnivesCHOW I DID!!! @davidlsims we haven’t even made out in my jetta yet, thoughsuddenly have the overwhelming need to make someone a mix cd @KellieLail @GuyLodge sorry, no Capitals fans allowed at Cannes : ( (“letter of motivation” is def vague but it so… for the "3 Days in Cannes" programme for young cinephiles (that's ages 18 to 28) are now open. This wo…
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@benmekler a hipp, someone (Bowie?) holding a cat, another cat but make it weird, a sunset, a person, a different p… @gabrielroth well, had you? @benmekler the real pete davidson but the fake améliehi how was your day i just saw a movie in which Pete Davidson has sex with Amélie thanks for asking.#Siberia Review: Abel Ferrara Sends Willem Dafoe on a Spirit Quest to Nowhere
Retweeted by david ehrlich @ZSharf context for our mutual followers: this was in response to you calling the High Fidelity series "perfect." h… Cahiers du Cinéma doesn’t put this season of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM on its list of the year’s best movies i’m calling bullshitjust saw a bad tweet, reflexively highlighted all of twitter with ⌘+a, and tried to delete it. it didn’t work. @mattprigge i listened to that soundtrack and only that soundtrack for an entire summer it ruled
@AlienDay426 (If you know cheap BK places please let me know!) @AlienDay426 That’s about half of what we’re looking at...MY STUPID BRAIN: “maybe having a baby won’t be *quite* as financially catastrophic as I feared!” NYC DAYCARES:
@mangiotto @williambgoss you’re not Jonesy.The Democratic Primary: I had to come back to the same question over-and-over again. Here’s who I think is the best…
Retweeted by david ehrlichNow imagine her doing this to Trump.
Retweeted by david ehrlich @jbouie Du jour means friendship
@alissamarie i dunno but things have been BLEAK over herebeen stuck in bed with food poisoning for the last two days but then i started watching Al Pacino, Carol Kane, Saul… is an ultra-stylish *period* piece that takes the solipsism of Jane Austen’s most frivolous novel & turns it…
Retweeted by david ehrlichJia Zhangke made it #Berlinale! I spoke to him this morning about the way the coronavirus has disrupted the Chinese…
Retweeted by david ehrlichi want out of this hell propped up by idle teens who infantilize admiration into memeable obsession and violently r…
Retweeted by david ehrlichthank god. a lot of people on this website seem to not understand that there are human beings on the other ends of…
Retweeted by david ehrlichSomewhere in Nevada, Elizabeth Warren starts binge-watching Bong Joon Ho’s entire filmography just in case. @SamuelAAdams If this helps, the first thing Kate Winslet told me at the time was that she had been cast in a movie…
Retweeted by david ehrlich @karenyhan The “last” how fucking dare they
Céline Sciamma compares PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE to TITANIC and effortlessly articulates why they’re two of my fa…
Retweeted by david ehrlichI’ve been better about keepin my mouf shut on this here platform BUT it is so clearly Elizabeth Warren. I’ve seen e…
Retweeted by david ehrlichat a time when the president has declared open war on the very notion of a shared reality, it’s reprehensible for c… that’s where I stand on that. @CarlKresky Lol “once”Bloomberg sprinting off that stage as soon as the debate was over gave off major “me when the lights come up after… Americans were shot and killed yesterday. And today. And will be tomorrow. Yet not one single debate question a…
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Retweeted by david ehrlichmy feelings about candidates referring to politics as “the arena” @JohnGallagherJr Dude it’s a game-changerElizabeth Warren.Céline Sciamma compares PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE to TITANIC and effortlessly articulates why they’re two of my fa…
@leahlooo ooooh which!news you can @eug! @mariebardi think he might be the *real* joker! @mariebardi these are dark times in america @mariebardi undo
It’s a shame Mike Bloomberg can buy his way into the debate. But at least now primary voters curious about how each…
Retweeted by david ehrlich🦑🦦🦑 @BenRothenberg let me know how they rank for you when you’ve seen them all! @mariebardi shouldn’t be run like businesses, and countries shouldn’t be run by billionaires. the end.
never realized how much the ocean and I have in common's a picture I took of Céline Sciamma and Bong Joon-ho embracing at the Parasite Oscar party to bless the timel…
Retweeted by david ehrlichtrying to write a sentence without an em dash
Retweeted by david ehrlich @aherman2006 Alison this is a devastating masterpiece @_Ash_Clark Doesn’t hurt that the sequel managed to come through somehow
@karenyhan I can’t remember how we got there but I just had to show elisa the most recent Karen’s boy video in the… Cuarón's ROMA for @criterion. Always an honor and privilege.
Retweeted by david ehrlich @JessBCaldwell We drank them all under the table
just changed my son’s diaper in the crowded parking lot of a California biker bar, which feels like some kind of new dad bar mitzvah. @elijahwood 🔥🔥🔥#OrdinaryLove, starring Lesley Manville and Liam Neeson, is a story about all of the ways that even the strongest o…
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PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE is now in select theaters & will be expanding over the next few weeks! sorry (a little?…
Retweeted by david ehrlich🔥❤️🔥 @huskydusty the way it ultimately references that character is dumber than you could possibly imagineFANTASY ISLAND: somehow, the Sonic the Hedgehog movie won’t even go down as this week’s most desperate attempt to b… OF A LADY ON FIRE is now in select theaters & will be expanding over the next few weeks! sorry (a little?… 50 Greatest Romantic Comedies of All Time
Retweeted by david ehrlich @selfstyledsiren @SabinaStent “Basically” is doing a lot of work in that tweet : ) @louisamaycock @girlsontopstees @ella_kemp @sarahmaycock Girls on Sweatshirts when???