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#BlackLivesMatter #TheShowMustBePaused
Retweeted by David MartinWe cannot stay silent. #BlackLivesMatter #TheShowMustBePaused
@Alex_Fiddes @verycentrist @itrainedflowers Sorry if I’m not replying to the right msg. I can’t work out the thread… @Necron00b @Alex_Fiddes @verycentrist @itrainedflowers I’m not sure, Joe. Did you have any thoughts on my questions? @Alex_Fiddes @verycentrist @itrainedflowers Alex, given the circumstances we find ourselves in - Tories w. an 80+ s… deaths y'day: 2 UK deaths y'day: 324 Spain won't open schools until September
Retweeted by David MartinThere are some pretty extraordinary quotes/revelations in @ShippersUnbound’s STimes piece on the Cummings affair (n…
Retweeted by David MartinHouse Disco Techno Hip-hop RnB Blues Soul Jazz... I could go on. @metpoliceuk can you see what your officers are doing Black people during this time this out of order and again pro…
Retweeted by David MartinRene & Esa over on Worldwide FM now, with a mix to celebrate Larry Heard’s 60th birthday. Happy birthday Larry, a… sales from my Bandcamp will now go directly to the Minnesota Freedom Fund until further notice. Acid House is…
Retweeted by David MartinName of the second child? image. I hope that Americans take this fight to the ballot box in November. Things have to change. Funk! be silent is to be complicit. Black lives matter. We have a platform, and we have a duty to our Black members…
Retweeted by David MartinBlack Lives Matter
Retweeted by David Martin
I am also going to need for you to donate to this fund please! Dedicated to the protesters whom are fighting for ju…
Retweeted by David MartinRemember this man's name and please remember all the people that have lost their lives to police brutality. Being m…
Retweeted by David MartinIf you are a white follower of mine pls do everything you can to call out racism. Call out injustice. Plus read up…
Retweeted by David MartinThere is no hiding that black people are constantly profiled. Constantly targeted. I would love to say I am surpris…
Retweeted by David Martin
Racism is not a difference of opinion.
Retweeted by David MartinBlack lives matter and I am going to be very loud about that right now and not at all sorry and you should be loud about it too
Retweeted by David MartinGreat artwork. Look forward to hearing. To A Tortured Mind by Yves Tumor #NowPlayingJayne! 💪 Of by Oneohtrix Point Never #NowPlayingRifts by Oneohtrix Point Never #NowPlayingHafa by iZem #NowPlaying @djsophiecallis @FirstWordHQ @darkhousefam Really superb isn’t it?!
CEO of Heathrow airport talking about U.K. Govt considering travel to low risk countries. Good timing as U.K. bec… is key. Racism MUST be removed. It must not be accepted under any circumstances. Rest in peace George Fl…
Retweeted by David MartinGood thread! Numan, £1.55 @ Oxfam. Not listened to it for ages. Thought I’d lost it...gem. @FirstWordHQ @darkhousefam So good. @DavideMartine @darkhousefam
Retweeted by David MartinThis guy...
Strands by Steve Hauschildt #NowPlayingOne One by Matthew Herbert #NowPlaying @gabrielszatan Same! So many nooks and crannies in his catalogue and that's without even getting into aliases and g… @gabrielszatan Yes! We could end up in a rabbit hole here... @gabrielszatan Tough call! That album is brilliant - I've been on it a lot again recently and there are a lot of pa… Comma - Sleepmoss #NowPlayingJeri-Jeri – Ndagga Versions (Mark Ernestus Presents Jeri-Jeri) #NowPlayingWhy doesn’t Johnson just sack Cummings so that he can get on with rehiring him?Surgeon online shop has reopened We will be shipping orders once a week until further notice. Thank you for your…
Retweeted by David MartinIkonika – Distractions #NowPlayingJUST IN: The EU Commission proposes a €1.1 trillion 7-year #EUbudget plus a €750 billion recovery fund. Recovery…
Retweeted by David MartinParliament – Mothership Connection #NowPlayingPaul Blackford – Light Years #NowPlayingPolysick - Digital Native #NowPlaying @lukesolomon Do you mean "Around The House" or have you just uncovered a Herbert gem that I've missed?
WATCH THIS! @peterhook talks in depth about his friendship with #Iancurtis and his #joydivision days in detail wi…
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Transllusion - The Opening of the Cerebral Gate #NowPlaying @CasualBrett Hard to distinguish days now anyway. Easy mistake. @CasualBrett House returns on 2nd June.Jessy Lanza – Pull My Hair Back #NowPlaying
One of the best...’s a very real chance that Dominic Cummings just didn’t really understand Boris Johnson’s advice. Nobody else did either.
Inertial Frame by Arpanet #NowPlaying
@LDLDN OoooooooftThis is an excellent piece from @CMU re @kimsarahbayley's article on streaming. The system needs to be fair & tran…
@Steve_Had_Music @thomasragsmusic Haha. @Herling_Eng I’m going to do the same soon and opting for the former. The old one is very old and buggy. Unfortu… actor, musician, videographer, crew member will need a visa. Be ready for paperwork and proving that bank acc…
Retweeted by David MartinDread Prophecy by Yabby You #NowPlaying
Cough, look over here @Eddie_TrOne in depth review of the In Order To Care compilation. We've raised £35k to make PPE for NHS staff from this re…
Retweeted by David MartinMulatu Astatke - Mulatu Of Ethiopia #NowPlayingSymbiosis by Demdike Stare #NowPlayingCongratulations to our sister organisation @FeaturedArtists on their brilliant 15 new #FACAmbassadors
Retweeted by David MartinNew Energy by Four Tet #NowPlaying
Kraftwerk And Black America: A Musical Dialogue @John_Liberator
Retweeted by David MartinProject STS-31 - Spiralgalaxie by Heinrich Mueller, The Exaltics #NowPlayingThe Matrix was created by Lana & Lilly Wachowski, two trans women Vaporwave was created by Vektroid, a trans woma…
Retweeted by David MartinSatoshi & Makoto - CZ-5000 Sounds & Sequences #NowPlayingOkzharp & Manthe Ribane – Closer Apart #NowPlayingFresh new podcast i did for @dkmntl ! Includes some of my current favorites and some upcoming material. Hope you en…
Retweeted by David MartinMac-Talla Nan Creag - The Sorrow of Derdriu #NowPlayingPossessed (Original Score) by Laurel Halo #NowPlayingKarriem Riggins – Alone Together #NowPlayingHistrionic by Maria Minerva #NowPlayingL.U.C.A. - I Semi Del Futuro #NowPlaying @tiraquon I know.Cruel summer? Here's what the music industry will miss during a festival season without live music...…
Retweeted by David MartinThis is a really beautiful release, out on @emotionalres A La Izquierda Del Colibrí by Jorge Reyes, Antonio Zepeda… isn’t true @DeanMuhsin @DanceTunnel @matthewherbert It was great. @RobertJHowarth Less a lament & more an observation. I’m a “content over format” person. It does bring back the… @DeanMuhsin @DanceTunnel Strange that it’s DT. I loved that place though. Had an amazing night playing with…
@thomasragsmusic BlockedUnderrated - @modularz€15 for shipping to the UK...might have to bite the bullet. keep saying this but @vynehall's album on @ninjatune didn't get the attention it deserved....This 76-page graphic novel details the history behind Drexciya's music and mythology
Retweeted by David Martin @TobyWiltshire Smashed it. An anchor of stability in a brave new world. This is excellent by the way. Hope you’re well. @DavideMartine
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