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Enjoy! Welcome to “The Labour MPs guide to voting for a deal”.
Retweeted by David Martin @StephenMangan So in one sense they are very much representing the people’s views.Oh my. Justifying screwing people over b/c somebody else screwed people over previously. Nice strategy Caroline… B1 outside wall! A mixed display @colinpearceart @erykaisaak michelleelwellart @CThorogoodArt @gillhickmanart
Retweeted by David Martin @djshepdog Surprise! @donttrusthumans I can't wait to become Megan Fox... friend sent me these. It’s so lifelike. Really inspired me to install the app.
This is the very deal Boris Johnson denounced when Theresa May did it. This deal moves us to a new phase where exac…
Retweeted by David MartinTony Blair: This deal doesn’t end the Brexit saga, which will define our country for generations. You don’t take a…
Retweeted by David Martinlove when journalists say we make “rare forays into contemporary productions” when 7 of our 21 releases so far this…
Retweeted by David MartinDon’t agree re first responders. Do agree re government response. album is officially OUT guys!!! Still on such a high from last night! All the love to everybody in the room ❤️
Retweeted by David MartinI can’t take credit for this but I don’t know the source. @LDLDN @SarahChampionMP It's a deferred no deal... Tories w a massive majority after this vote can do what they like.Du Mali by Sory Bamba #NowPlaying @31ltolox @SarahChampionMP Yep and I'd have slightly more respect for her (& other Labour MPs) if they said that al… @stewhampton None of her letter stands up to scrutiny. from @SarahChampionMP. 1. There's no legal means to no deal for PM. 2. EU (Tusk & Merkel) have indica… has the Instagram account with most followers? Just because I already have 5 followers and it's only been a… @alexsmoke It will never die... Along with, head bowed, arm slightly up, pointy finger-move. @DavideMartine I remember you and Brandon back2back for eight hours at Carpetland, Hunstanton. 2003. Amazing times.
Retweeted by David Martin @alexsmoke Armand Van Helden’s remix of something running out, while we held our arms up like the Jesus figures we truly were.Surprise! @PhilipHammondUK @CarolineFlintMP @RuthSmeeth @FitzMP @JohnMannMP @SarahChampionMP @SKinnock @DavidGauke @thomasragsmusic I've moved on from that...Tom Cruise, that well known feminist. @thomasragsmusic I'm setting up a chat forum as we speak...Heady days... @thomasragsmusic It feels like the first day at a new school.I've created an account on Instagram...I'm not sure it's for me. Let's see how long I last over there: by Eartheater #NowPlayingPaul Blackford – Light Years @blackford808 @CPURECORDS #NowPlaying
@moonbolt @WeBuyRecordsPod Good tip, this one! Thanks. @AntTC1
.@ThrobbingGrstle highlight their latter albums with next phase of reissues (@MuteUK)
Retweeted by David MartinLike Barry Manilow in Las Vegas in from Benjamin Taylor for my upcoming EP w. @stehypercolour Really nice, deep, dubbed out version. Will post shortly.“...only 18% of people working in music and the performing and visual arts grew up in a working-class household. In…
Retweeted by David Martin @LeeDuncan23 @donnachatweets Yep - I've since listened, it's one of my favourites from him. @donnachatweets @mmtowns @posthuman B/c it's the beginning of the end of the NHS. It's one thing ppl using private… @randsrecords've finally listened to this - I think it might be his best yet. Up there with Mono No Aware as a favourite for m…
@Conorflaps I think it beats Brasseye (just) and...(drumroll), I never got into The Office.I was so busy concentrating on finishing my own album that I couldn’t listen to @taylordeupree and @koriifuraa’s ne…
Retweeted by David MartinSome of the people in this country voted for this man. They might be your family. They might be your friends.… Blackford - Proteus 2 🎛️🎶 #chillwave #paulblackford #instrumentalhiphop #vaporwave #downtempo #lofi #chill
Retweeted by David MartinIs there a better British comedy than The Thick Of It? one, Hamface. You can’t even sell a first hand experience of being the cause of the greatest British catastr… (Re-mastered Re-issues) by Joy Division #NowPlayingMusic Compilation "12 Dances" by TRjj #NowPlaying
I haven’t checked this yet but if it’s from @donnachatweets, it’s going to be good. – Ndagga Versions (Mark Ernestus Presents Jeri-Jeri) #NowPlaying.@ghostly brings together @emyspraguemusic, @s_davachi, @suzannekraft, @dylankf and more for a new ambient compilat…
Retweeted by David MartinMarea / Tide by Ruins @musicfrommemory #NowPlayingSublunar Oracles by Trans-4M #NowPlaying
Nice one. This is a long thread (I might release an abridged version), but it's quite important I think. I know some w…
Retweeted by David MartinThis is voter suppression. It will hit poorer and minority communities, just as it does in the US.
Retweeted by David MartinIn-person electoral fraud in 2017: 28 allegations, 1 conviction. People without an ID: 3.5 mln with no photo ID, 1…
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? @thomasragsmusic Moritz has never made a bad record.
@thomasragsmusic Brilliant.All albums. That’s how they work. article. @magda_music might like this! Hi by the way, long time! an absolute love machine... it. It’s worth it!! City Express - This Is The Place @aotns new Space Dimension Controller album is his best work yet... @tiraquon @randsrecordsCZ-5000 Sounds & Sequences by Satoshi & Makoto #NowPlaying
@carinabdula @unsound who's Drake?if you want to check out my @boilerroomtv - you can here >>>> Youtube: Facebook>…
Retweeted by David MartinAbstract: The Art Of Design S2 They’ve done it again. I think it’s one of the best things I’ve seen on @netflix👀
Retweeted by David Martin @PhilipSherburne It was a thing (sort of), in many places in the 90s... Not sure why the "backroom" died out as a… The Threshold by Basic Rhythm @basicrhythmuk @planetmurecords #NowPlayingGood Time Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Oneohtrix Point Never @0pn @warprecords #NowPlayingCatch a Blessing by M. Sage @geographicnorth #NowPlaying @Herling_Eng Mono! @tiraquon I hear Instagram for me either. @tiraquon So no Tiraquon Instagram? @Herling_Eng out my new track "Slowtime in Reflection" if you get the chance. Sound of the autumn.
Retweeted by David Martin @tiraquon Twitter?Hello hello! @tiraquon
@posthuman @UMFANG I'm both disgusted and jealous... This is my Sigmund Freud moment. @posthuman @UMFANG ?!Great picture. @Herling_Eng Impossible to fully make up my mind with regards to what I think of him... Undeniable influence & ability though. @LDLDN @naturalfreqrecs @voidcomplet @Bandcamp You’ve just described a remix! @randsrecords I can't wait to hear it!Fair play... @LDLDN @naturalfreqrecs @voidcomplet @Bandcamp obv. I meant modest! @DavideMartine @naturalfreqrecs @voidcomplet @Bandcamp That’s just me rearranging @voidcomplet ‘s bits tbh 😂
Retweeted by David Martin @LDLDN @naturalfreqrecs @voidcomplet @Bandcamp You’re so merest you forgot to mention the remix from you on there.Absolutely buzzing to say... the 1st release on my new label, Natural Frequency (@naturalfreqrecs) is out! The Re…
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