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@RedHandedbx @NBA Today? Less than half that.
OKC ..THANK YOU 4 making Christmas merrier for 2623 kids and 399 seniors thru Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program…
Retweeted by Mayor David Holt @Dishman5 @TheOklahoman_ Congrats!We previously profiled how "MAPS" catapulted a struggling Oklahoma City into the 27th largest city in the US! Hea…
Retweeted by Mayor David HoltQuick little update to this Veteran's Day story: A man who was next to Lawrence Merideth in that Omaha Beach foxhol…
Retweeted by Mayor David HoltToday we announced that @redearthinc is starting a new festival to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day! The event wi… @RedHandedbx @NBA Great dream to have and maybe someday. We need a lot more hotels to meet their requirements.What's the last photo you took at NIGHT? Find it. Post it here:
Retweeted by Mayor David Holt
So proud @cp3 is representing our city around the world tonight! @cggeorge7 😂 @jstover7222 @theupton45 @okcthunder Hotel construction is a private sector decision, but as an observer, I would s… @hayes_curtis @stevelackmeyer Correct, not thieves. All that lighting and landscaping is still under construction.🔥🔥🔥 from the @okcparks Daddy-Daughter Dance at the Civic Center!
@AustinUsery @pittypatcater @TheFoodDood I’ll let @TheFoodDood, @iateoklahoma & @OKCBlackEats handle that one.One of my favorite dishes in OKC food history was pappardelle bolognese at Trattoria Il Centro. They’re doing a pop… @theupton45 @okcthunder Build 20 luxury hotels downtown. @MrTracyJ See my other Tweets but we don’t currently come anywhere near the hotel requirements. @djj2o @eflame_717 Total hotel rooms downtown is probably not half of that. Someone knows and there is an exact n… @jason_shep Haha I talk to folks every day who think we’re Ada (they’re wrong) and folks who think we’re London (al… @jason_shep NBA requires 6,000 rooms near the arena, and mostly 4-star. We’re just nowhere near those numbers on either count. @jason_shep Which part? @cindy_morey6 That’s awesome! 😀My grandson Francisco attends Angie Debo Elementary. He told me all about the special guest and how he enjoyed the…
Retweeted by Mayor David Holt @eflame_717 Sure. @hunterharjo7 Currently building a 650-room Omni across the street from the arena, but still a long ways to go to g… @eflame_717 I get this question from time to time. Would be great, but Trae is spot-on. NBA requires 6,000 rooms… @JohnRorke2 😀When I started residency, robotic spine surgery wasn’t even in the discussion; even minimally invasive spine was in…
Retweeted by Mayor David HoltCongrats to Niki!
Random OKC history I came across today. Reminder of two things: 1) How far we have come and how long it took to get… 2007, homelessness in OKC dropped 34%, thanks to the efforts of groups like @CurbsideOKC. There is always mo… lunch @TheMuleOKC! Friday mornings, I visit OKC elementary schools and read “Goodnight, OKC” to kindergarten classes. Thanks to… @jedijamesdean @Walkefor87 @thatothermax I can’t, but thank you!OKC’s James Marsden on @StephenAtHome tonight...’m old enough to remember when the Thunder went into the All Star break last season with a disappointing road loss… @JohnOHa08765546 @ChalkOKC @ChisholmCreek @PhillyRaeOK Thanks! @hannahp4tt @KentOgle @Aaron_Brackett That explains why the Mayor’s hotline was a total disaster today. 😂 kidding! @BoozeBoozem @ChalkOKC @ChisholmCreek @PhillyRaeOK Yes! Awesome!Video: Watch #Oklahoma rocker @beaujennings perform on fifth episode of #OKC Mayor @davidfholt's #CityHallSessions
Retweeted by Mayor David HoltCheering our Thunder @ChalkOKC in @ChisholmCreek! (Not pictured: TVs that are legit 10 feet tall) @downesphoto Why? I love my 405 socks. @PatDownes9 @RiversportOKC @Olympics Certainly wouldn’t be possible without you!
@Crimson_Patriot I have never been registered as a Democrat anywhere.Nice remembrance of one of @cityofokc’s former City Managers, Glenn Deck... announcement! The International Canoe Federation will be hosting its 2020 post-Olympics showcase right her… @jedijamesdean @RealBeauDacious @okcthunder Welcome to OKC! You are most welcome to join the ranks of Thunder fans! @TaylorCockrell0 😀 @andyokc Congratulations!Shooting a video with Logan the First Dog in support of @BellaSPCA’s animal welfare efforts! A Bella volunteer sav…
Toured @CCAOKC today and I’m so grateful for all they do! Their many efforts are too numerous to mention here, an… @FlyDataGuy Interesting, thanks! @Crimson_Patriot I think you have me confused with someone. I haven’t had an active campaign since February 2018 a… to @PutnamCityOK and thanks to the voters of NW OKC for supporting education! @CowanBrew Congrats, Jim! They’re lucky to have you!
@davodn @nondocmedia We generally don’t pay for capital projects (including street repairs) from general fund. If… @davodn @nondocmedia Well, what is dependent on the general fund is our operations. So, for example, how we were ab… @davodn @nondocmedia The budget we are referring to is of course the operating budget. Things like previously appr… @bedohaveall To clarify, I have not endorsed him or any other candidate. @JimmyBranch7 @nondocmedia Well, when it comes to personnel and health care costs, which are the vast majority of a… @jshulsey3 😀'Oklahoma gave me so much': Why former Thunder player Enes Kanter remains fan favorite in OKC
Retweeted by Mayor David Holt @FairAmerica4USA I don’t know. The @cityofokc does not have an operational relationship with schools. I encourage… kind of planning and how we have always reacted to the news we receive is what makes us different. As your m… are gathered several months before the presentation of the budget to look at economic indicators and other found… often wonder what makes us different. I believe it is our incredibly professional and conservative financial man… you Google “police officer layoffs” you’ll find rich literature to support the notion that city finances can be… Fiscal management (thread) In our form of government, the City Manager presents a budget each May that covers…’s honor joins OKC’s status as training site for @usrowing, host of @usacanoekayak slalom trials & host of… @JonGreene9 Just to clarify, in many cases schools are not asking for an increase, they are merely asking to mainta… @BeckySkidmore @PutnamCityOK Here’s a Friday story that seems to summarize it well:
@thereasonbeing2 @PutnamCityOK To expand on that, school districts are a different level of government than cities.… @thereasonbeing2 @PutnamCityOK We don’t.The polls will open in less than 24 hours! Tomorrow, February 11th, is The 2020 Bond election. Polls will be open f…
Retweeted by Mayor David HoltAnd so, I want to remind residents primarily in NW OKC that tomorrow is an election for @PutnamCityOK to fund core… lot of people don’t realize that in our OK form of government, funding for basic school infrastructure is still s… have proclaimed this Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week in OKC, and had some special friends come to City Hal… thanks for the love @okcthunder fans! You will always have a place in my heart 🙏
Retweeted by Mayor David Holt @BiotechGirlOKC Jacket yes. Not sure where I got shirt. @TROKNOWS I’ll defer to @cityofokc to look into it.As they say on Oscar Night, who wore it best? And Happy Birthday to my new friend Owen! @AustinUsery You’re very kind, but I’m the lucky one! Thanks! @LeoKingston @nickbrownokc @ScissortailPark @flighttimeokc @DRONEBOIS @DowntownOKC @VisitOKC @OKCStreetcar @OKCTalk
A lot can change in 4 years. 🤯 @ScissortailPark (I took left pic in August 2014, @flighttimeokc took right pic in…
Retweeted by Mayor David Holt @AustinUsery 😀Finally got to meet Mayor @davidfholt. He's even taller than I am.
Retweeted by Mayor David Holt @Miki_Martinez 😀 @davidfholt @EnesKanter This guy spreads good vibes wherever he goes @EnesKanter
Retweeted by Mayor David Holt @HalBrock 😀The mayor tweeting out local artists (even though Kings is garbage) is yet another reason why he’s the best mayor i…
Retweeted by Mayor David Holt @CornellAllenWes 😀 @Logmey92 I am unaware of anything new to report.WHAT!!! Can you worn us before you tweet out this FIRE soundtrack?! 🔥🔥🔥 I 👏🏽 AM 👏🏽 HERE 👏🏽 FOR 👏🏽 THIS! 👏🏽
Retweeted by Mayor David Holt @czeckeredpast @ChisholmHolland @AllmericanMayes @xfl2020 And I momentarily forgot to mention the nearly $30M inves… @tannerhuddle22 @JD__Baker 😂Guess who’s back! Welcome home, @EnesKanter! I have said, I believe visiting @OKCNM should be required for anyone who wishes to be President. It is the most…
@czeckeredpast @ChisholmHolland @AllmericanMayes @xfl2020 Actually, the voters just approved major investments in t…