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One of the usual trainspotters. Makes videos sometimes. Studying Geography at Durham 🌍. 🇬🇧🇭🇺🇪🇺🔯. He/Him.

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@lrl014 @montie (It's a Doctor Who reference) @montie Don't you think he looks tired? @ElectionMapsUK @RedfieldWilton I'm sorry, but if the Conservatives aren't twenty points ahead of an opposition tha… @Peston @BorisJohnson @ElectionMapsUK @RedfieldWilton Any other leader would be 20 points ahead. The general public must resignFfs, why didn't I think of doing that? @RichardWellings In the wise words of Gavin Williamson 'Shut up and go away' @jayforeman Aaaaaaargh! @geofftech @JonnElledge But what about Woking?? @YouGov Also obligatory 'Crossrail ≠ the Underground' comment @YouGov But what about Woking??? @GordonRamsay @GordonRamsayGRR Where are the rest of the chips?? @JenOnTheMoveUK As a geography student, I take offence to thisOne of my strengths is my ability to identify real trains.
Retweeted by David Frankal 🚲🚈 being so morally despicable that even Nigel Farage goes 'that's a bit harsh mate' @veganfishcake @Harvey_Butlin03 I think it's far too early to suggest that might have any bearing. The first phase… “If Sadiq Khan hadn’t frozen fares then TfL could have coped fine with coronavirus” argument is a bit like “If…
Retweeted by David Frankal 🚲🚈Sick of all the Labour spin suggesting the Tories just voting against feeding hungry children. What ACTUALLY happe… point. Time to put our money where our mouth is. But the government shouldn't be putting children in a situati… @orangesky_JC 'We import two thirds of our cheese. Now let's import even more from THE MOON!'
Blimey, I didn't see this one coming, although given the current circumstances it's perhaps not entirely surprising…
Retweeted by David Frankal 🚲🚈Liz Truss has secured a trade deal? voting against feeding kids.
Retweeted by David Frankal 🚲🚈 @patrickkmaguire Underrated tweetFrankal 2020 "Actually, that was Major, not Thatcher", I tell you @Richard_rail @chhcalling Chris seems to think he can achieve rail decarbonisation by telling puns. @Richard_rail @chhcalling It would help to electrify some lines first!! @lucyallan 'Nope, no sign of any second wave here!' @markhipwell1990 They've been called out many times. I've called them out myself. But this endless yelling on twitter is getting pointless @SteveBakerHW @MarcusRashford The power is his because he has more twitter followers? This is possibly the dumbest… we please declare a ceasefire on the Greens v HS2 'twitter war'? It's being built. Whether you're for or agains… @Hampo To be brutally honest, if Johnson had decided on it, I highly doubt that would discourage him... @lewis_goodall @SadiqKhan @TfL Well that's just a blatant lie, isn't it?You don't get to complain about the economy when it comes to feeding hungry children when you're also advocating fo… @SteveBakerHW Sorry Steve, if you're advocating for the UK to crash out of the Transition Period with No Deal then… @ShaunBaileyUK @SadiqKhan @EstherMcVey1 Ok, it's a decent parody. You're still going to lose.What could possibly go wrong? @MindingsStu
As far as I can see: govt is prepared to give GM up to £60m. It’s ‘on the table’. Negotiations are open. But as som…
Retweeted by David Frankal 🚲🚈 @MaryRobinson01 @MattHancock Disappointed?! You should be furious at the way the #Government has treated our reside…
Retweeted by David Frankal 🚲🚈"I didn't give Liverpool or Lancashire more money, so I can't give Greater Manchester more money either". Just give… again, my former MP determined to be on the wrong side of history @ThomasMorrison has been an utterly horrible day for people across Greater Manchester. Boris Johnson has not only failed to…
Retweeted by David Frankal 🚲🚈The Prime Minister may think he’s punishing the politicians. In fact, he’s punishing the people of Greater Manche…
Retweeted by David Frankal 🚲🚈Anywhere could end up in Tier 3 this winter. That’s why our fight was always everyone’s fight. We’re so grateful…
Retweeted by David Frankal 🚲🚈 to everyone who piled on the MCR Young Tories! You've won, Boris has resigned and COVID-19 has been… @ShezLatic @MancTories No need for that @RAIL I actually did fall for it for about ten seconds... @nick_forbes Actually fell for this for about ten secondsPeople piling on this do realise you're being entirely counter-productive, right? @festrail @chris_railway Stay safe, hope to see you back soon!Wow 👇 "If you look at what is happening with the universities, they have done a great job in getting the virus under… on, Jen! @JenWilliamsMEN Conservatives should never be forgiven for what they’ve done to Greater Manchester.
Retweeted by David Frankal 🚲🚈The collapse of talks with local leaders in Greater Manchester is a sign of Government failure. The Conservatives…
Retweeted by David Frankal 🚲🚈 @isntdave This is actually the funniest tweet I've ever seen, well doneEuston when the platform goes up on the board
Retweeted by David Frankal 🚲🚈 @StigAbell @TimesRadio It literally is thoughIt literally is though rumours that Andy Burnham will only accept a GM Tier 3 lockdown if Old Trafford stadium is turned into a giant lasagneRemember when the tories said they'd unite the UK and now Kent is part of France, everybody is banned from Wales an…
Retweeted by David Frankal 🚲🚈
This is MANCHESTER!! @seatsixtyone Oh!10 years ago today: Some beardless guy checking out a red and white train.
Retweeted by David Frankal 🚲🚈 @seatsixtyone Wasn't a direct Frankfurt - Milan train on the cards at one point?Hey guys, wanna feel old? It’s been 15 years since Theresa May was Prime Minister
Retweeted by David Frankal 🚲🚈 @ThomasMorrison Either? @ClippedHussar that is hilarious @MilkmanMeme F @stand_for_all are still searching for one goose and a sack of grain.
Retweeted by David Frankal 🚲🚈 @PickardJE Meanwhile I've been sent this representation of Bailey's proposed policies a mask. Wash your hands. Vote out Donald Trump.
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@itsafrogslife @ShowMeASignBryn Did they rip it up?! Oh, shame. @ShowMeASignBryn @DavidFrankal They were even better when Oxford Road was last dug up.
Retweeted by David Frankal 🚲🚈 @itsafrogslife @ShowMeASignBryn 😍#ManchesterPiccadilly
Retweeted by David Frankal 🚲🚈Work on Great Ancoats Street #Manchester reveals some old tramlines! (September 2020) @scottygb I doubt anyone wanted to see Ann Widdecombe on Strictly Come Dancing, tbh @emmamrevell @SadiqKhan Could you point out what the problem is here?
@_BillieBelieves Both 😎 @andraswf No, but whenever we're at a restaurant or something and I accidentally say 'létszives' to a waiter they p… @andraswf I frequently get told off by my relatives for this. 😣 @PacerCommander @Hull_Trains Is that St Pancras? What's HT doing there? @JonnElledge Happy Birthday Jonn!
I don't want to hear anyone complaining that a Circuit Breaker will be bad for the economy.
... But not all of them! to note that Manchester Lib Dems are arguing for Tier 3... speech. Burnham is dead right to argue for more economic support. But at the same time the numbers in Manc… @UpYoursHS2 @GarethDennis @ianno87 @WilliamBarter1 @railwaydave @LachlanShanks @matthewhodg @bashrunway3 @pedrojuk @DPJHodges What sides? What are you on about?Yes, climate change *policy* is a contentious subject of debate. The *existence* of climate change is not. If you d… be fair, I don't have any "views on climate change" either. Just like I don't have any "views" on gravity, the f…
Retweeted by David Frankal 🚲🚈Not fit for the position then, simple as that.