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Spencer Davis, one of rock's elder statesmen, dies aged 81
So back to lockdown for Wales then. Read our Q&A on what you can /can't do:
Retweeted by David GrundyRemember the goats that invaded Llandudno town centre? 🐐 The local hospice has raised over £120,000 by selling goat…
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Just dipped in to have a look at @1NewsNZ’s election results with @JohnJCampbell and @Hilary_Barry. It’s shaping up…
Cyfweliad cyntaf cadeirydd S4C Rhodri Williams: ▪️S4C “ar ei hol hi” ar blatfformau digidol ▪️“Camgymeriad strateg…
Retweeted by David GrundyA two minute video from @Ian_Gorst that, in terms, says “screw you, UK”...
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Cyfoeth Naturiol Cymru yn cadarnhau y gall gwelyau cocos ailagor ar ol y ddamwain tren yn Llangennech / Natural Res…
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@jason_harrold @tiktok_uk broke @tiktok_uk?Are you learning Welsh? This week @BBCRadioCymru has a week of programmes and content to celebrate those who are le…
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Swansea is harder hit by coronavirus lockdown rules and should get extra help, says council leader…
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New minister for mental health announces Bangor will go into lockdown at 1800 tomorrow.
Retweeted by David Grundy🚨Cyfyngiadau Covid-19 Newydd🚨 Bydd cyfyngiadau lleol yn dod i rym ym Mangor am 18:00 nos yfory (10/10/2020).
Retweeted by David GrundyIt’s TOTP 1990 on @BBCFOUR tonight. Lots of big hats and songs we’d tried to forget. Dimbleby may bid to be BBC chairman - BBC News gohiriedig am achosi marwolaeth cynghorydd James death: Lowri Powell given suspended sentence @EvansTheCrime Wonder if they’ve got round to fixing the W yet?
@dawnsurrey @KristyMcc I’ve been watching Ratched. Picking up tips. On photography... obvs, not how to do murders... although...👋🏼 @GlynTansley
'Very little' has been provided for survivors of child sexual abuse by the Church in Wales, a report finds
Retweeted by David GrundyToday’s work: Church of England 'failed to protect children from sexual abusers'
Retweeted by David GrundyNeith hwn ‘nghadw i’n brysur heddiw! @sian_llywelyn
Dw i am fod yn recordio hanesion am Benrhyndeudraeth a Gwaith Powdwr yn yr wythnosau nesa' (yn Gymraeg) Sgyrsiau ho…
Retweeted by David GrundyAc yn y Gymraeg yma gan @aledscourfield, sydd wedi gweithio yn ddi-stop drwy'r achos
Retweeted by David GrundyAPPLY APPLY!
Retweeted by David GrundyMichael O'Leary murder: How texts sent by man's killer raised suspicions - by my colleague ⁦@RhysWilliamsBBC⁩ y trodd cyfeillgarwch yn llofruddiaeth? Gan fy nghyfaill ⁦@aledscourfield⁩ Jones: "The support the investigation team has received from the O'Leary family has been commendable. "They'…
Retweeted by David GrundyDCI Paul Jones of @DyfedPowys “No sentence relieves the pain Mike O’Leary’s family have had to endure. Andrew J…
Retweeted by David GrundyStory here Michael O'Leary death: Husband guilty of murdering wife's lover
Retweeted by David GrundyThe jury deliberated for 13 hours and 25 minutes before finding the 53 year old guilty by a majority of 11 to 1
Retweeted by David GrundyBREAKING: Andrew Jones from Carmarthen found guilty of murdering Michael O'Leary from Nantgaredig.
Retweeted by David GrundyAndrew Jones yn euog o lofruddio Michael O'Leary o fwyafrif 11-1
Retweeted by David Grundy'Opinion and fact can both help us understand a story - we just have to tell which one is which.' Navigating news…
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Myfyrwyr Caerdydd yn galw am ostyngiad ffioedd dysgu @hayeslissack It’s more of a Hocus Pocus or Death Becomes Her kind of day... isn’t it?
Clarification from ⁦@WhiteHouse⁩ physician on 72 hours from diagnosis statement. How can this have been handled so…
Retweeted by David GrundyI have seen a lot in my lifetime. But for those who have asked, no I have never seen anything quite like this. No o…
Retweeted by David Grundy @MattRosser Don't tell me a woman with spotless tea towels would stoop to that kind of infection... @MattRosser When Jean turns to Tony and says: “That was a one off”... 😍 @MattRosser Our Madeline and her middling modelling is just a delicious perfect big dipper ride of words ❤️Bore da o sdiwdio W2B yn y Sgwâr Canolog. Fi a @catheledd sydd yma efo’r Post Cyntaf. Trump, Brexit, dechra tymor n…
Dyn yn ddieuog o gyhuddiadau ffrwydron ac arfau cemegol Wadge cleared over chemical explosives haul - BBC News confirms people who live alone will be allowed to form extended households again. They had been suspended…
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2020 Swansea Crown Court the jury in the case of a builder accused of murdering his wife's lover has retired to consi…
Retweeted by David GrundyBetty Campbell became Wales' first black head teacher. This clip demonstrates her incredible determination from a…
Retweeted by David Grundy'It's cold and impossible to social distance,' one of the men said 'We are an engineer, a doctor, a nurse, a teache…
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Broadband 'so bad I work from my friend's shed'
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Fairly sure that’s my old uni newsroom on the Ten... @kathywales personal news: we have agreement on a new fridge freezer. It’s the one I said it would be just before I was ma…
Canslwyd dau o ddigwyddiadau gaeafol blynyddol Abertawe er mwyn helpu i gadw pobl leol yn ddiogel yn ystod pandemig…
Retweeted by David GrundyLlongyfarchiadau @GwenllianGlyn  a @meganeleri – bwletin @NewyddionS4C @S4CTywydd @S4C cyntaf o Sgwar Canolog,…
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@phi1mccann I don’t, really. I just want a silver box that goes cold inside. @lee_macgregor Needs must! But if I have to compare another door opening mechanism or how the veg drawer glides... 🤬 @steve__francis Not if it’s in the door, no. @TegidRoberts Rhaid cael un sydd ddim mwy llydan na 70cm... ddim yn sicr bydda fo’n ffitio...Covid lockdown: Local restrictions for three Welsh counties lleol i ddod mewn tair sir yn rhagor
‼️NEWYDDION | NEWS‼️ 📝Ynys Môn wedi sicrhau hawliau i gynnal Gemau Rhyngwladol yr Ynysoedd. 📝Ynys Môn secure rights…
Retweeted by David Grundy @James__HS @matt_lissack The border’s here... (roughly) @jamesjohara Didn’t hear it. Too many years wearing radio studio headphones turned up too high. @OwsWills Styled it out though, right? And still finished on time... so... @OwsWills @huwmjames @OwsWills It was. 😑 The end of the sentence would have been“... in this shot - but it’s locked off so yo… @neilsloan @Sue_Charles @behnazakhgar @OwsWills It sounds worse than it was because I was cut off mid-sentence by someone shouting “cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuue” at…
@carollowe98 Just keep reading the words til they tell you to stop talking...! @carollowe98 I learnt my lesson and didn’t do it again...! @MattRosser @Sue_Charles @behnazakhgar @BeccyWoodTV @Sue_Charles @behnazakhgar 🤦🏻‍♂️ @behnazakhgar 😂Cyfyngiadau pellach yma yn ardal Llanelli o 18:00 nos ‘fory. Mi fyddai gyda’r ymateb i’r cyhoeddiad ar y… lockdown: Cardiff, Swansea and Llanelli get new restrictions lleol yn Llanelli, Abertawe a Chaerdydd fydd rhaglenni @NewyddionS4C yn cael eu darlledu o swidio newydd BBC Cymru yn Sgwar Canolog Caerdydd o ddydd Llu…
Retweeted by David GrundyThe first live TV news broadcast from @BBCWales HQ in Central Square will be on Monday afternoon, the BBC has confi…
Retweeted by David GrundyBBC Wales' farewell to Llandaff after 54 years"Mi fydd 'na hiraeth am rai o'r ysbrydion sy'n crwydro'r coridorau yma" 🙌 🎙 @owen_garry @bethdimoyn @hywelgwynfryn
Retweeted by David GrundyMae rhaglenni teledu newyddion y BBC ar fin cychwyn darlledu o'r pencadlys newydd, ddeufis ar ôl i'w gwasanaethau r…
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BREAKING: Cardiff "on the verge" of local lockdown
Retweeted by David Grundy @markhutchings1 @owen_garry Commercial radio barely paid the bills... we all needed a sideline!John Walter Jones wedi marw yn 74 oed
Yep, you never know.
Retweeted by David Grundy @cerddcynan Dim hôps mul mewn Grand National - methu deud y gwahaniath rhwng y peli coch, gwyrdd a brown. Na’r rha…êr Hollywood ar eu ffordd i Ogledd Cymru?! Ryan Reynolds a Rob McElhenney ydi'r ddau unigolyn sy'n gobeithio pryn…
Retweeted by David Grundy😂 Evans: Welsh international sentenced for hoax 999 calls Evans yn osgoi carchar am alwadau 999 ffug AA car was THE best thing EVER!The family album came out today. Oh to have a full head of hair again... 😂 accused: Fans of blasts 'not necessarily bad people' O'Leary murder trial: Defendant got daughter to 'watch' love rival