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So, what do you think? Was Floyd murdered or was it an unfortunate series of events? thoughts over the George Floyd body cam footage... Is this why America erupted? No! The Democrats will use any… trapped woman, so she stabbed one to get away. Trump: ‘Crazy Nancy’ Pelosi Is Blocking The Stimulus Money for The Great American Comeback? legislator introduces a bill to ban history lessons except for the civil rights movement.'s the bodycam footage of George Floyd's arrest... #TruthOverEmotions #georgefloyd Unite for Christ! who wanted police out of schools found shot to death. are losing their minds over this! are about to vote for a man who won't mentally be here on November 3rd. when you thought this couldn't get more stupid. an emotional video, Judge Esther Salas described her final moments with her son, and urged lawmakers to do somet…
Democrat Politicians Standing up for China, 9 year old latest victim, Trump Trolling and More! caught in the crossfire is becoming a thing in Democrat-run cities. tragic story of a child getting killed, just trying to have some fun. can't wait for September 29th. This is going to be GREAT! Communism heats Up DiFi gets protective."This is the moment when four terrorists attempted to plant explosives near the security fence between Israel and S… U.S. cities are experiencing a 24% increase in homicides in a summer crime surge. out?! Tomorrow is primary day in Michigan!'s Dragon Capsule successfully parachuted into the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday, carrying NASAA astronauts Bob Be… neighborhood is 40 miles outside of Seattle, indicating that doxing may have been a factor in the protest. Ron Johnson says that Valerie Jarrett stonewalled Bartiromo., Joe... lied! are going nuts over masks. uses Mafia tactics on Louisville businesses. whole world has gone mad. media is unsettled over reports that they may be investigated for leaks that help the insurrection. is out of control."I did not have sexual relations with that woman!" -Bill Clinton State Governor Jay Inslee said that protests have had very low rates of COVID positivity tests after he… they say, the plot thickens. WOULDN'T DARE!
In case of mugging, hands up, don't shoot.! would an unarmed social worker handle this situation? I'd love to know... you blame them? It is getting out of control! riddance. had the same question... you say 'Panic Mode?' such a good conversation @RudyGiuliani! Thanks for having me on your podcast! carefully."This is my only grandson, I love him to death...he chose his poison." wins in the uber-liberal 9th Circuit Court. for @johnmacarthur and @GraceComChurch today. I stand with them in agreement with this statement and their act…
Retweeted by David J Harris JrDems are worried. Very, very worried. demands it's LA leader be made Dean of Ethnic studies at the California State University system. is why we have the 2nd Amendment! Praise God!! an amazing conversation @RudyGiuliani!!! think it is worse than any of us could have possibly imagined... Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago sees 139% increase in murder., deny, deny at all costs. days it just doesn't pay to be an unhinged leftist. he tells you his name is Joe Bide ask to see his driver's license. Whitmer of Michigan vetoes a bill aimed at ending the practice of sending patients to nursing homes. She's trul…
Third investigation into the death of Michael Brown exonerates Officer Darren Wilson for the third time. seems to choose the Iranian dictator over President Trump. separates the men from the boys... Stand for the Anthem!, Biden will say Trump's slogan should be Make America Great Again. burned Bibles in the streets on Friday night, but that isn't deterring one worship leader from bringing… held a massive Defend the Police rally today in Downtown, Raleigh. Close to 1,000 people attended in 90+ degree…
Retweeted by David J Harris JrGod is good. Good people do God's work. use taxpayer money to boost Biden candidacy. Group supporting Black, Pre-Born Lives ARRESTED for doing the same thing Black Lives Matter did. So... Do… wants priest who died serving people with leprosy to have his statue removed because he is a white man. once-great city of Portland has become an s-hole country. couple posts their CV-19 infection on FB, leads to jail time! Louis DA gets slapped down by the Judge. Busted: Is the DeFund the Police Movement Really a Huge Mental Health Crisis? 'Black Trans Drug Users Matte… Court rejects a second anti-Wall lawsuit to stop construction! is a classless psychopath who never misses an opportunity to show how awful of a person he is. Marathon Bomber’s execution sentence is reversed?! are scared of being exposed before the 2020 election. silent majority is @realDonaldTrump!!! #AllDayBaby asked who are the 4% of RINO's out there that doesn't support him. My opponent @AmandaMakki lob…
Retweeted by David J Harris JrMad Maxine can't stop resisting President Trump's agenda for a safe America.
Exclusive: Interview with Bev Beatty! Island Pizza Owner fights liberal FB attack - President Trump joins in! Florida couple diagnosed with COVID were arrested on Wednesday after neighbors turned in video to local law enfor… and rescue efforts are still underway with support from the Navy and Coast Guard. @johnwesleyreid, what do you think? Is he guilty, or do you believe him? Jim Jordan shreds Big Tech during House hearings. to reports, Bill Clinton was on Orgy Island with Epstein and two underage girls. Jordan lit Fauci up! the busy Charlotte-based abortion clinic, many mothers came to abort their children. But through a gospel i… another reason we should never defund the police. terrorists up the ante in Portland and Seattle. Re-Open Wars. Are Strip clubs restaurants in North Carolina? The Gov. won't specify. @SpeakerPelosi You are a traitor to the American people!Wow! @Defend_Trump!!! the money in the world can't stop justice forever. couldn’t let the day go by without wishing my opponent @DPgchair Nikema Williams a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂🎊🎈…
Retweeted by David J Harris JrDetroit had to learn the hard way, but they now have a Chief that has a spine.! need more people to stand up for their rights. Respect, brother! about right...