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David @davidknyc Brooklyn, NY

Founder of @dkimprojects • Director of PR @matterstreaming • Artist Relations at Contra NY

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Fisker and Viggo Sign Agreement for Future Delivery of 300 Vehicles to Support Next Generation Urban Mobility Growt…
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Go Dodgers! @NHunterThompson I have no idea. But having Trump in office is tearing the country apart. I have my reservations a… can’t wait until this election is over.Just watched this 5x 😂 Little sneak peak on IG.
Retweeted by David😂 only thing that stands between you and your well-being is a simple fact you have allowed your thoughts and emot… fear the death of my parents more than my own
Retweeted by DavidI need to get a new car soon. I love my Q3 but looking at other smaller SUV’s. Any car people have any preference…$IPOB $GRWG 💵💵💵💵💵
plants rlly be like ‘I do not vibe with this dirt’ and die
Retweeted by DavidI reactivated my tinder a week ago and this might be the nicest thing anyone has said to me in my entire life. I a… MORE SWEETSTook my two favorite girls hiking today. Grateful for my mom’s health and for my sweet, well-behaved Honey pup, wh… the virtue signaling in EDM whenever someone gets cancelled is SOOOOOOOO fucking lame dude. Keep that same… I’m gonna say is.. 99% of the shit you see on social media. The fake smiles, the fake happiness.. it’s all.. f… every man or artist you meet is trash but becoming aware of those who are and eliminating them from your life is important!
Retweeted by DavidWent hiking all day and didn’t check social media once. Looks like EDM Twitter had a big day!
Nothing is worse than needing to shit while being stuck in traffic.
Everton being good is great for the Premier League. The PL is dynamite this season. Every game is much watch TV.😂 @shaileebendavid 💀Wow insane finish from Salah
Ok so don’t get mad at me if this is you I am genuinely asking...... what about Disney World/Land.... is so appeali…
Retweeted by David @NHunterThompson MR VICE PRESIDENT CAN YOU PLEASE STOP TWEETING ABOUT TRUMP @/!/28\+]*\+]£^\ WE ALL KNOW HE SUCKS ALREADY. TE… bashing anyone in particular. But the truth is that a lot of us are friends and inevitably will have a COI at s… really someone who isn’t biased and truly deserving gets this. Kramer’s gatekeeper status had the potential to m…🎉 b like i have submitted the form to the form team in which they will register the form and then send the for…
Retweeted by DavidHonestly.. you never know unless you try 🤷🏻‍♂️JONALD BUMP!
MY GUY IS BAAAAAAAAKED LMAOOOOO make permanent decisions on temporary feelings. @HopeUproar Thank you!! Come visitApplied and got approved for my #1 choice for a new apt, maintaining a routine, URL friends, and appreciating being…
Hell hath no fury like the second day after leg day.Woah @AviChezShaw I’ve been learning about options but not confident enough to dive in yet.Some picks I’ve been picking/flipping: $SRNE $CEMI $ADTX $HJLI $EVFMI’m getting pretty good at this day trading thing lol but takes up SO much timeLearning how to communicate while you are angry or upset is a major key of life.
Retweeted by David @merrrisha Love to see it! @merrrisha 💀Lol I’m convinced the media just comes up with random shit and just throws in the Knicks just for engagement at thi… @iiLayEggs Lmfao honestly even at her smallest I think she was like 15 poundsPt. 2 My Honey, my darling Buns. I love you so much you big smushy idiot. it started. How it’s going.
Honey really was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen though 😂🤣 remember seeing Jessica Alba for the first time in Honey. My teenage mind was blown. Couldn’t fathom how such a b… I must really be getting old because I do not know 99% of these artists day @nyknicks faithful... One day.. sigh.. and I mean with all due respect.. Fuck you Mr. President. NYC is fine and better off without you. being so green makes me VERY EXCITED but VERY nervous. we're constantly one tr*mp tweet away from losing h… @abigailawest I agree they all need to pay their fair shares of taxes but I LOVE google, amazon, apple, etc. They a… apparently hates big tech but everyone can't stop using big tech lmaoLmao what?
What an absolute animal
💙 much love for the thousands of artists that have joined Matter the past few days 💜🖤 A few things we want to make clear:
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@MarialeMarcano_ Take me with u plzBad Acid | 10/23
Retweeted by DavidWhen you buy sneakers, what are you most interested in? Feel free to comment if other.Love this! @shrink100 Great points, lots to consider. @shrink100 Chart looks favorable and seems to have bottomed out. Stable industry with room for growth. 44 million o… up on $IPOCBro everything in America is a scam Healthcare, education, taxes, credit, rent, the government, large corporations.. lmaooo
$CEI 💵💵💵💵I had a dream that Peggy Gou and I got married @The_RockTrading Embarrassing lol @NHunterThompson Haha it’s one of my prized possessionsYIKES PETE energy’t wait for someone to make a flyonpencehead Twitter accountTHERE IS FLY ON HIS HEADAtta girl SusanDamn Kamala is sharp. She ducks nothing 💪🏼He looks like an alien. Or a lizard. Or both. @TKVicious Yeah he’s a smooth operatorPence is good
Whoops Some of y’all annoying AF Shuttlesworth Lincoln High trading is hazardous for your health @fairygodmary Hey you look like Billie eilish can i get your number or whatNo stimulus basically means the entire music industry is fucked. Say goodbye to every venue you love.
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So, not only do I not get a stimulus check.. but my stocks go down too?! Seems a little unfair
Retweeted by David @gjonesbass Thanks G. Means a lotGod I hate this fucking guy. The one thing I liked about him was that my stocks were doing well but this literally… grandmother passed this morning. But I can feel her presence still. She always told me to do my best and live a…’t get confused by the people doing a lot ... sometimes they’re just doing a lot of nothing
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Oh my @brittanysabra @DJOHSOxo Yep
adulting is when you realize all you want is a home, stable job and a partner to settle down with.
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