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@indyfromspace Haha got it!Stark rules The North is honestly the first thing I thought. @indyfromspace I am going to make this! @TheBrowser @bryanleeomalley How did you do?! @TheBrowser Today's guest is @bryanleeomalley, creator of "Scott Pilgrim" and "Snotgirl" among a gazillion other th… Lee O'Malley vs. The Puzzles! Live puzzles today with @bryanleeomalley! Solve along with Bryan at home or i…
@shannonwoodward Let's start a comic strip called Hollywood Flats! @mags I feel seen! @bessbell @amandadeibert This makes me very happy. I'm like laughing with you and at you at the same time.Amazon delivering by droid now?
@shannonwoodward Peanut M&Ms @thedizzy1972 @meganamram Now we are talking!!!!!!
Retweeted by David Kwong @derekhaas @meganamram That didn't work at all. @derekhaas @meganamram And all this mating is causing a bunch of moles to go into labor @meganamram Winner!The crows are mating in LA right now and I want to murder a bunch of them.Last week's #PuzzleCorner with Brian Tee! Solve along with him at home! Live puzzles every Wed & Sun. Join me, nerd…
Enjoy! ✨✨✨
@NYTimesGames @NYTmag I'm actually constructing a puzzle right now that does this on purpose ... @thegridkid @Kat_McNamara @MrDrewScott @LindaLand @AtHome All you guys hanging out! ✨✨✨ @tonibraxton Thank you ❤️🙏🏻✨🍝 @EDouglasWW Is that news?! @Adam_J_Tweets Thanks don't encourage me!Just kidding here it is some Riga Toni
@rxlowry OH MY GOOD LORD @kmw53 @jwoodson325 1000!Whoooo hoooo! Bravo. Yes those black pieces are tough! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Enjoy the secret codes! @TrudeauRoss @thegridkid I've never seen that image on the right and it kills me @meganamram We need to make another one this is important @meganamram Listen, over the last seven years you've produced some good work. But I'm sorry, this is the best thing you've ever written.
@jetscott GOAT! @mgamini Dark! @LanceBurtonMM I was just reading about Moi-Yo. What a legend! 104 years of awesome.Crazy Live Puzzles! Episode 15 of Puzzle Corner: @jonmchu CRUSHES some puzzles. Solve along with him at home! Ori… @LanceBurtonMM Do you have a Le Roy and Bosco too?! @rbredow @chrizmillr @clmazin I've seen this video and love it! I think I could have solved it, though it would hav…
See you in a couple hours! Live puzzling with @minjinlee11 and fam. Easy puzzles you can solve with them in the com… @JonahJonahc Haha yes! @minjinlee11 Haha you guys are going to be great! Join us everyone - solve along in the comments!
Live puzzles with @minjinlee11 tomorrow! It’s gonna be a wild one with Chris and Sam joining. Can’t wait! 1pm PT /… @EDouglasWW GOOOOOOOOOOOO @TomZohar @alinebmckenna @ASoloski Would watch! @mikeyireland Wow you both won the game and destroyed the game in a single tweet. @CarlBressler Well that's cool! @ASoloski I usually climb *inside* the duvet cover to get it on there. It's ridiculous and I should film it.Dirty Rotten Scoundrels @simps Never @MattMitovich @Marvel Don’t get me started on that haha @OrachaelO So pretty much the coolest people have decided to make a new company. Congrats! @Marvel What is a run-on sentence?Puzzle crew: a must-watch 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 @TheHunterRising @DanaSchwartzzz Oh god I don't have this kind of time! @DanaSchwartzzz @TheHunterRising He's like a child on Christmas!I just watched all 25 minutes of this. Gripping drama! I will never again question why m… @byomtov @thegridkid @mikecolton Yeah but most people don't. What a tough job to figure out what goes in and what doesn't. 🙏🏻 @TheHunterRising @DanaSchwartzzz OMG this deserves a real-time tweet. The 3s! I've never experienced such drama. @TheHunterRising @DanaSchwartzzz I'm watching it right now. Hold my calls!Today we had our end-of-semester @PlayLearnLab party! Despite the online nature of life these days... we still got…
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@harikondabolu @FellowWanderer Truth! And in a Monday puzzle ;) @ajjacobs has a funny story about this! @harikondabolu @FellowWanderer I love that you came after a thousand Mata Hari clues breezy, fun crossword today. I guess there aren't any phrases that start with T-REX or RUBBERDUCKY?… @thegridkid @mikecolton I had nothing to do with this, but if you want to venmo me $20 I totally need the money
See you in an hour puzzle people! Come solve in the comments live with Brian Tee! 🎉! Live Puzzle Solving with Brian Tee! Puzzles will be fun and easy -- solve along with Brian at home or in the… @DavidBeaubaire @adityasood Hahaha @rexparker I've done it!
@DavidBeaubaire @adityasood Don't like ice-cream that much. Haven't had one in ten years? No idea. Come at me! @minakimes @rexparker @PeterShimamoto Dubiety, btw! Never said it or used it once in my life.This man is ready to solve some LIVE PUZZLES tomorrow! Let's do this Brian Tee! Puzzles you can solve at home or i… @thegridkid You’re clearly working on a Schrodinger puzzle @minakimes @rexparker @PeterShimamoto Correct. WOW. @rexparker @minakimes @PeterShimamoto 10,000 points if anyone knows the noun form of DUBIOUS without looking it up!… @PeterShimamoto @minakimes Let's do it!
@shannonwoodward @rikilindhome Cancellation is like assassination but for entertainmentDo you get a maniacal thrill out of beating your loved ones at Scrabble? Master magician and New York Times crosswo…
Retweeted by David Kwong @thegridkid @davidkwong Now we can finally get to the real puzzles behind the puzzle.
Retweeted by David Kwong @GardeniaSpectre @thegridkid Yesssss well done!
@charliemckenna9 Nicely done 👍🏻This is so beautifully written! Wow ⁦wow wow @minjinlee11⁩. I love 32nd street. I’m there several times a week wh… @glasspick You were crushing those puzzles!Going live in a couple of minutes! Join for some fun live puzzles and a chat! a fun piece for @PopUpMag about #Scrabble and my distaste for the word ZA (Pizza) and the magic of the word T… forward to this chat! And will bring puzzles for all of you to do sat home. See you at 12pm PT / 3pm ET!
Ha! They will be easy puzzles. Come solve with Jon in the comments! See you in just about an hour!! @jonmchu solves live puzzles at 1pm PT / 4pm ET! Could not be more excited to mess with his head a little b… @brosandprose @listenmeetcute How have you never seen it?! How have you never seen it?! How have you never seen it?… there's anybody you want kicking off a Heritage Month party, it's these two guys.
Retweeted by David Kwong @hughhowey I'm there!CRAZY LIVE PUZZLES! Live puzzles tomorrow with @jonmchu! 🙌🏻 Fun, easy puzzles you can solve with Jon at home or in… @alinebmckenna Aline!!!
@ElayneBoosler Oh no. I'm sorry Elayne.Looking forward to this! ✨✨✨ @sacca @briansacca Look at those upstate New York nerds! Happy Birthday Chris! @davidamackey @NYTimesGames That is IN.SANE. I've never gotten it. I'm always a ROPY away.SMOOTH @rianjohnson A Mountweazel! @davidamackey @NYTimesGames You have 8 Queen Bees in a row?!