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@discodolly25 Fair point. @JoeBarton_ Love it. But will they be able to get back De Niro dressed as a lumberjack hipster to deliver it?Gutted there's no #Strictly halloween special this year. Seeing Bill Bailey and Oti Mabuse do The Monster Mash wou… course Lee Hurst is retweeting Lawrence Fox. It's like a c**t conga. @the_tid Hugh Grant was brilliant in a Very English Scandal* but I'm sure even he'd agree that he's not exactly an… @kazanstee True-who could be? But he does have phenomenal range as an actor and performer.
@writersroompub Having appalling taste in friends (and, if you’re right, political parties) doesn’t make him any le… @writersroompub Oh fuck. Really?Just occurred to me how amazing Hugh Jackman is. Not many actors can do serious character work and also be Clint Eastwood and Gene Kelly.So glad Strictly’s back. @thewrongwriter @sarahpassosp Tell them you’d be happy to send them when you’re working with them. As I say, weird. @thewrongwriter @sarahpassosp No, pics and bio w/a company that chose not to work with you isn’t a thing. If they e… @markjenkinsonmp @AngelaRayner You really are doing a bang up job for your constituents, you 'bear of a man' (Jesus…
It is possible to "take the old fashioned view that parents are primarily responsible for feeding their children ra…
Retweeted by David LemonUpdate: they loved it and did some terrific work (writing scenes in the style of Billy Wilder and IAL Diamond). A… @DirRobSavage criminally underrated. doesn't seem to have had the King Of Comedy/After Hours reappraisal. Overdue a rewatch.
This father, @MelBrooks, is 94. He has never made a political video. Until now. #MelBrooks4JoeBiden #BidenHarris
Retweeted by David Lemon @robertjwatson @mrchrisadams Even pre cover, the idea of 'quick bites on the go' always felt like a strange busines…
Thank you @ellardent . It IS financial and not about UK writers being precious. There are tons who’d love to work l… a class on 'The Apartment' tomorrow. If the students don't like it/haven't bothered to watch it I will ki… @KevinLehane 70s Jack Nicholson's in it? Cool! @AnnoDracula Cummings' 'eye test' will be a body horror masterpiece.
More of a ride, but who doesn’t want to go on the ‘The Remains Of The Day’ log flume? to Kes World, mofos! @alicelowe Aaron Sorkin's written and directed it, so presumably there's a woman in there somewhere so that the men… Rachel storyboarding gig. This one is especially good.
Celebrating the greatest power couple. reminder that PADDINGTON 2 exists and is perfect.
Retweeted by David LemonWriter/director Harry Michell talks hitman comedy about two zealot Christians out to kill a high profile #atheist
Retweeted by David Lemon @eds209 My story is also completely unrelated to Covid 19. It’s a horror. Maybe my poltergeist practises social distancing?And the difference between medium and high a thing set today. Wondering if all the characters should wear masks, social distance etc. or if this will… @KDWebster4 Aw thank you. That's very kind. I too have been in an escapist mood (Umbrella Academy, Doom Patrol, The…
Retweeted by David LemonGutted to miss this. Watching @DirRobSavage cry is always special.
@Josh_Merritt1 You’re thoughtful and tenacious and a good person.From a more innocent time when you had to knit your own toddlers. @JoeBarton_ It's the same critics who talk about 'laugh tracks' on sitcoms recorded in front of a live audience. Th… @NeilDirector It wouldn't have been that huge a leap from her traditional Cleopatra/Crow look.
'Not married but willing to be!': men in love from the 1850s – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian
Retweeted by David LemonLast Year At Marienbad is the perfect socially distant film. remains a mystery to me that the entire Trump family admitted to running a fake charity and no one ever, ever as…
Retweeted by David LemonThe only way they could have mentioned Covid 19 any more was by having Claudia come on dressed as a Plague Doctor,… sparky Margot Kidder, born today in 1948, sadly gone but forever my Lois Lane. "Acting's fun, but life…
Retweeted by David Lemon @Leytonrocks @sterussell Favourite part of Bullseye: the rarely heard 'Love Theme from Bullseye (Bully's Song)'.This picture is to only be shared in times of national emergency. @sterussell That's the epitaph sorted! @SoozUK birthday to the great Angela Lansbury! ❣️❣️❣️
Retweeted by David Lemon @michaelglasper Paneer, there and everywhere.
Like everyone my age, I was amongst those lining the streets for Bully's funeral.'s a small thing given the world, but none of my students know what Bullseye or who Bully is. They're living in a cultural wasteland. @JasonHazeley I think that's perfectly clear. You can instantly picture the classic piano tuner plus fours, boob tube and fez. @KevinLehane Because it puts the new ones to shame?Dear Angela Lansbury, Please be my grandma. Love, Marshall xxx
Retweeted by David LemonIt’s Today! Happy 95th Birthday to one of the greatest actresses of all time, and, more importantly, an even great…
Retweeted by David Lemon
He could take out shut-ins by shoving a digeridoo through their letterbox* and coughing. *not a euphemism.
He’s gonna have a hard time killing folk during a pandemic it’s a five year old article from the Express (so presumably they work in Diana somehow)*packs suitcase and Jaffa Cakes in case they don’t have them* @ellardent Brad Pitt having sex with Geena Davis then stealing their getaway money is a brilliant midpoint.We only rate dogs. These are Sidewalk Unicorns. Incredibly rare, but please only send dogs. Thank you... 14/10 for…
Retweeted by David Lemon @ellardent Just taught a class in which I listed a bunch to make this point: the graduate (Ben starts seeing elaine… @ellardent Totally this on midpoints. My first film has a weak one you can see coming a mile off and it definitely suffers for it. @Leytonrocks @michaelbeddoes I think it's about understanding them. Even a vile racist prick* can be an interesting… how all the most interesting takes on super/costumed heroes are a) on TV (#WatchmenHBO , #doompatrol ,…'s re-writes will be brought to you courtesy of Clint Mansell and Trent Reznor soundtracks, plus coffee. #screenwriting @alicelowe One long take, like Rooney Mara with that pie in 'A Ghost Story'*? *A fiction set in a world in which Rooney Mara eats pie.Having a terrible week, so I'll share a positive. Had a general meeting today with a studio exec who found me throu…
Retweeted by David LemonThe only thing that could improve @DirRobSavage 's brilliantly innovative #Host would be this song over the end cre… retweeting Piers Morgan 'because he makes a good point': he'll make ANY point if it will raise his profile.… MOORE was born today in 1927, so what better time to share the greatest movie star story ever. #RogerMoore
Retweeted by David LemonEven during humanity's season finale broken little incels on twitter still manage to find the time to attack Billie… know at least one person will find this a lifesaver SO HERE'S HOW TO MAKE YOUR IPAD INTO AN AUTOCUE.
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@ArielRelaford Hello! First released feature a comedy, 2nd a thriller, 3rd one (Producers and director on board) a horror!Nothing you don’t already know but beautifully articulated by a very clever and funny man: other great film inspired by The Turn of The Screw is to be remade, but I honestly couldn’t tell you why. Aren’…
@KevinLehane I thought it was a blast. @DirRobSavage Dead Man’s Shoes?A bit concerned about retraining as my last job was part-time in a five and dime. Also, my boss (Mr McGee) is unlik…
@sterussell True. @AllySedgwick Definitely modern day. You couldn’t seem to move for suave chaps back then. Now, when I look outside,… know the world's going to shit and that, but why aren't there any #doompatrol funko pops so I can pretend to be a… @TomGrace5 Scriptnotes is always good; writing advice from people who know what they’re talking about.RIP every screenwriter I know
Retweeted by David Lemon @sterussell Over 50Has anyone under 50 ever been described as ‘debonair’? (Also people 70+ and ‘spry’)Iconic women of horror in and out of costume/makeup 🖤
Retweeted by David Lemon24 days to go 👇🏿
Retweeted by David LemonJust looked up the origins of ‘how do you like them apples?’ Was hoping for a fun tale of scrumping, but no, it’s grenades. @JasonHazeley Maybe work will make them free?#OnThisDayInWomensHistory in 1965 American photojournalist Dorothea Lange died. She best known for her Depression-…
Retweeted by David LemonStop Laurence Fox taking our name #ReclaimRECLAIM
Retweeted by David LemonBest body horror movie ever made? (Clue: yes) decor taking shape. Happy Goth Christmas!
Danny Dyer Quiz really odd. He seems v angry and the couple do a big emotional thing at the end over £9K. All they… know compound V doesn’t exist but it looks like Danny Dyer has a tube of it on this weird game show. Have decide… predictive text-Danny dyerI know compound V doesn’t exist but it looks like Danny after has a tube of it on this weird game show. Have decid…