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yes is a great great movie about how writing in the Hollywood machine can feel like hurling pebbles at Goliath, an… @kylebuchanan @ClooneyDisciple yeah she is
Grateful for every editor who’s kept me from making a fool of myself, which is to say every editor I’ve ever worked with.
Retweeted by David Simsexplain this man’s career to me challenge
Retweeted by David Sims @rachelysanders i'll just text you my tweets @emilyyoshida @mollylambert ah, ah @mollylambert @emilyyoshida is No-Face close friends @emilyyoshida i'm coming @kait_tiffany i’m on book four of LBJ now and I recommend it
@leahmarilla agreelarge adult mutant ninja turtles
Retweeted by David Sims @ss_zico finale of mad men is the end of the golden age @davidehrlich i'm pleased to announce your early cancellation @davidehrlich isn't this a british show @largelebowski @blankcheckpod what did i say about it i have no memory @davidehrlich you fucker
@kylebuchanan interesting...supporting is WIDE open @kylebuchanan Ben-Adir is lead? @lenikacruz booWe're hiring an editor/writer to help us launch an exciting new section focused on the American identity, race, gen…
Retweeted by David Sims @NXOnNetflix @benhosley @aliaemily @USATODAY @CThompTweets @CQuintanaDC @emrichards @Lindsay_Schnell yay!!
even by SNL's shaky standards of late the Carrey as Biden thing is just a colossal whiff @oliviacraighead two legends @nicksgoodtweets what is beating WHAT @benmekler there's def better versions of it. but I'd rather just have more movies/actual episodic tv @sepinwall i just gave up on watching most of it. some might call me a cowardI know there's a lot of important stuff going on but we need to direct our energies to destroying this mindset. in… @TheFienPrint idgi @sepinwall i’m trying out here alanI do. they don’t listen is late Golden Age, connected via Mad Men. i am the judge and this is my ruling, this could be a movie. most of them could be movies. and then I could spend more tv time watching actually epis… a legend @TheSlugLines no it rules. peak tv sucks, but mason rulesjk peak tv sucks. i guess it gave us twin peaks s3 and now sad fedora laywer matty rhysupdate six episodes in: this rules. peak tv is good again
@nicksgoodtweets men being the operative wordI’m on this week’s @blankcheckpod for a true epic on DEATH BECOMES HER, and for as long as we went I cannot believe…
Retweeted by David Sims @jlpulice @GriffLightning @kateyrich @IAmDavidJTaylor @blankcheckpod I get cranky @mariebardi @GriffLightning omg!!!! tell the owner we love himthe Santas united will never be defeated @ramonachead k anytimelmao what (i switched to baseball)you know Carrey's Biden is flopping cause Baldwin seems practically rejuvenated as Trump next to him @ClaudeAvenue @hsblechman no @nicksgoodtweets the best
@jaimealyse a little sad? @franhoepfner don’t test me frances @MarsMel omg @franhoepfner yes @JustinMcElroy @GriffLightning yeah sure sounds good @hsblechman you must kiss @JustinMcElroy @GriffLightning whenever we do Addams Family Values the episode is gonna be four hours long and deli… @oliviacraighead @ayoedebiri i just know nazis and potatoes were involved @ayoedebiri @oliviacraighead is that the one where she loved a nazi but also she makes potato skin piemmhmm a perfect beautiful American masterpieceremember when UNFAITHFUL used a piano version of Radiohead's Exit Music for when Diane Lane is recollecting about h…
@pbump @bafeldman wawawewa @bafeldman this is the day the comedy died @bafeldman are we sure this isn't one of his famous pranks @ezwrites <3The choice before us is spectacularly obvious. Read @TheAtlantic’s endorsement, written by our editor in chief…
Retweeted by David Sims @davidehrlich it was based on a game boy advance game @JustinMcElroy maybe @GriffLightning @nicksgoodtweets mank @davidehrlich factcheck @davidehrlich remind me who the winner was in that one @emilyvdw @emilyvdw POPPY @JByronMinor montalban serving @JByronMinor masterpieceI got a nice bagel today @erickohn @davidlfear drink grain alcohol until you go blind
@davechensky $500m seems like the bare minimum to me @davidehrlich @trim_obey oh dear @davidehrlich @trim_obey spanking the monkey and flirting with disaster rule thanks @samwunderl Tibican we just do the election alreadycranky and lethargic for four hours and then i realized i'd forgotten to eat lunch @rilaws that was something my friend Luigi told me to pass oni’ve decided to go all in on the green Sardinian puppy named Pistachio. this is my entire focus for the next few we… @Grace_Segers i like how freaky it is 😈 @TehChrisWilson I recapped the good wife for years at ah club! @samwunderl peacock has cheers and the bourne movies. wow I bet you’re blushing nowthe shoe was my idea threw on EVIL and guess what I am gonna binge the fuck outta this
@stefabsky i'm interested. how much do you need @oliviacraighead i knew this bit would bite me in the ass eventually @rilaws i'm buying cream cheese futures @ayoedebiri hi ayoWHY aren’t we calling it the chriscourse ??
Retweeted by David Sims @sophieGG @AshleyFetters @nytopinion i miss us all hanging out but i draw the line at missing the bathroomsBORAT 2 is fascinating mostly in how it conclusively essays how Borat is now a more moral and upright figure than R… @davidlsims So fucking annoyed. The crowd at my Tenet screening wouldn’t stop chanting “Project. Power. Project. Po…
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@mattsinger yes, a reference I obviously understand because I've watched PROJECT POWER so many times