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@leahmarilla pic plz @leahmarilla how we doin leahit is accomplished
Retweeted by David Sims @DJ_Mario_Hat @lenikacruz @karenyhan @kylebuchanan @DJ_Mario_Hat @lenikacruz IM GONNA GET ONE
@lenikacruz code plz @dylanlscott for sure @GriffLightning @jhoffman @jimmytsunimmy @CC it needs to be inscribed in Bit History @kateyrich nothing wrong with a silver medal @loquaciousmuse <3 @loquaciousmuse yes rachel @jhoffman @CC @GriffLightning hellz yeahas usual, this bracket has surprised the heck outta me whatever it’s worth in these strange and uncertain times... I wrote a book about videogames, why we play them,…
Retweeted by David SimsSo starved for notifications and human communication that I'm checking my spam folders like they're secret inboxes full of extra treats
Retweeted by David Sims @saywhatagain safe for now @GriffLightning @Lubchansky every car would have a gunner seat @Lubchansky @GriffLightning march is the month the fans demanded. they speak with one voice @GriffLightning what they haven’t revealed is that all these decisions are being made by Dr. Michael Morbius
Retweeted by David Sims @AdrienneLaF you mean my favorite movie of ALL TIME???? @rilaws Dr. Michael Morbius @rilaws he had to go back to the lab to find the vaccinenot gonna lie i had pinned a LOT on morbius
Realized I needed to spread the word about @blankcheckpod in #ACNH. I'm gonna start quizzing the residents of EPCOT…
Retweeted by David Sims @MagnaFarta @jaimealyse @runwithskizzers @the_real_chow :)folks i’ve been watching a lot of westerns @Antsman41 @blankcheckpod the fuck did i dochanging out of my daytime pajamas into my nighttime pajamas :)
Retweeted by David Simsthe moment I turn on “Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois”
Retweeted by David Sims @pbump that guy's kinda weird @carriesnotscary good tweet @CubanMissileDH dammit dan you gotta find your way back to ken @franhoepfner @rilaws guys let’s race @nickusen @jbouie it's an adventure filled with pokemon and mystery that looks like THIEF, what's not to loveI am watching DETECTIVE PIKACHU and excitedly pointing to every pokemon and naming them for my partnerremember when Ken Watanabe was in DETECTIVE PIKACHU and played his role with decency and gracedamn totally forgot about David Geffen's cameo in Last Jedi
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@rilaws let's be switch friends richardWhen someone asks me what my favorite Clint Eastwood movie about the Miracle on the Hudson starring Tom Hanks is
Retweeted by David SimsWhat a lovely day! His career has always had appeal in our Madness brackets and today we're finally going back to w…
Retweeted by David Sims @rilaws @ezwrites bonjour @ezwrites @rilaws i can't believe i miss the fucking amc lincoln square but i do @ezwrites you def were. it was you me and @rilaws @ezwrites i was so scared that i was gonna have a panic attack during that screening because i am so afraid of heig…'S BOBBY TIME @GriffLightning we’ll just do him! we gotta! GO SLEEP(i'm catching up on curb) @Chakrabs ripRo Laren should be in Picard s2 and it should be all about Bajor
@netw3rk governor cuomo needs to take action @ashleyfeinberg i find him almost soothing right now @MagnaFarta @moviedetail all you, baybee @moviedetail @MagnaFarta @ethiopienne it's really great @ethiopienne oh it's incredible
I love the matrix sequels cause I love movies where they go hey instead of being a movie we’re going to be an essay I hope that’s cool
Retweeted by David Sims @nickwiger I like your flower @jegner glad you're on the mend!! what a wrenching read @dankmccoy @GriffLightning @ElliottKalan dammit do i at least make the five @karenyhan @sweetestsara ya @sweetestsara @karenyhan sara it's time to engage your jaeger @karenyhan damn @karenyhan wow...just shivving GDT like that...wowNo Good without Evil. No Love without Hate. No Innocence without Lust. I am Darkness.
@McHenryJD @kylebuchanan @karenyhan oh i SHALL @McHenryJD @kylebuchanan @karenyhan i need to play this game morei no have ladder @maddiewhittle why is everyone fighting bout him nowAutobots? Little red corvettes? ROLL OUT. 🤖👑#BCMarchMadness
Retweeted by David Sims @EvanSusser @CraigKleinpeter @blankcheckpod a lack of Suss is one of our clearest deficiencies @CraigKleinpeter @blankcheckpod @EvanSusser welcome to the NBAThe thing about writing books is that it's really hard, it takes forever, and sometimes the world is on fire when y…
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@Josh_Wiljanen @blankcheckpod i do what i like @ladybirdsgf your dad has the right idea @carolineframke i have so many questionscan't imagine how this movie would possibly feel relevant right now @rachelmillman you’re so inclined, Vote Bobby Z. Blankiest of Blank Check©️ directors.
Retweeted by David Sims @mattprigge a lot to love about it!!this was in a movie that came out in theaters, wide, at christmas time. less than two years ago. @Clatchley @blankcheckpod danny boyle @blankcheckpod nobody has a stranger career arc, a more eclectic collection of clears and bounces, and a wider genre range. it must happen @emilyyoshida omg what a curveball @blankcheckpod i've decided to go all in on Bobby Z against all comers, in this and future competitions. this is a… @emilyyoshida em if you could pick one ep to be on which would it be @JordanGarvey2 @blankcheckpod don't you think that would make for a good blank check episodeLOOK HOW MUCH FUN AND FOR HOW MANY MONTHS #THETWOFRIENDS COULD HAVE
Retweeted by David Sims @JordanGarvey2 @blankcheckpod yes. this one is obvious to me @sylvyfernandez oh no, Sylvy. this is terrible and i'm so sorry @blankcheckpod bobby's time to make your markthis is going to be a battle royale
@GriffLightning @romillynewman i’m very excited for you to finally embark on this journey @stefabsky @soniasaraiya gotta eat the jeans