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99p. That’s it. That’s the tweet. spoke to @glossopmrt and @MichaelDiPaola about the dangers of walking on the moors unprepared was always there just waiting to exist
Retweeted by David M Barnett“We need to have a chat about your performance with the Dreamies distribution”
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'On Saturday afternoon a week ago, Peter Józefczyk was getting ready to make dinner at his home in Glossop. A littl…
Retweeted by David M Barnett @ghostfinder Thought that was better than actually RTing but sorryHis mask-hate brings Loz a shiny lanyard And he’s like, it’s from Amazon, guys Free delivery, because I’ve got Prim…
@JonnyGeller Me after getting an email saying “just a couple of structural edits but we’ve got this.”Storm Constantine published my first novel, Hinterland, in 2005, through her imprint Immanion Press. It’s safe to s… @tomabba Yup, got that @DrAbbyBoucher Thank you! @LordGrimdark “Sir, if you are intending to purchase new breeches, Primark & Sons is purveying them at only sixpence a pair.” @olliemasters “Hancock’s Half Hour! On the Buses! Pebble Mill at One!”
O thou whose face hath felt the Winter's wind, Whose eye has seen the snow-clouds hung in mist And the black elm to… MIST-FAWN is a low-lying, isolated patch of mist.
Retweeted by David M BarnettCalling Major Tom 99p on Kindle. Granted, if you were a Tory you could feed three schoolchildren for a week for tha… snowface I will die, and you will die, and we all will die, and even the stars will fade out one after another in time.
Retweeted by David M Barnett @tomabba Thank youI have a book token burning a hole in my pocket. Tell me the best horror/supernatural thriller novels of the last 12 months. @missbarton So that’s why they call it Gran Canaria etc @quantick More actors should take a lead from William Roache. Nobody ever wrote a headline saying “Ken Barlow seen in something else”. @quantick An actor in two different things? Huge if true. @AGirlIsSomeone1 @BootstrapCook Ah, right, thank you. @BootstrapCook I think it’s what they call slash, tbh 🙂
@TigsRighton There are no platitudes that can help you right now. But you know you are loved and as unlikely as it… has been impeached more times than I’ve had a peach in the same period.If you pitched the last 12 months as a novel you’d be self-publishing.And secondly, while I do not have a Patreon, I do own a small publishing company and my authors would love it if yo…
Retweeted by David M Barnett2044: the daughter of Jack Monroe and Marcus Rashford becomes Britain’s youngest Prime Minister. @Joannechocolat Kick its arse, Joanne xImagine being the person who looked at a potato, three scabby apples, and some warm Frubes and said, “Yeah, that’s fine.” @glossopmrt Hello! I’ve sent you an email, but can I contact someone there today for a press thing? My DMs are open.And just to hammer home the inhumanity of this whole situation, here’s what Chartwells are providing to private sch…
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@darrenanash “What do poor people get? Rickets, that’s it. Tell them rickets is rife.” @darrenanash I don’t know, Darren. I’m coming round to the idea that an enterprise-focused conservative government… can Tweet sympathy to someone whose mother is in hospital with Covid OR fill your Twitter timeline with posts a… is cool! My page on which aims to promote book sales through independents.…
Retweeted by David M Barnett @TracyBBloom @DavidNWriter @sueperkins @GraemeSimsion @amypoehler__ Oh! Thank you so much. @grooming_guru Yeah but the free booze Lee @Joannechocolat @SarahPinborough My timeline’s suddenly gone all Feta Shades of Gruyere. @johnreppion @ghostfinder Story of Cthulhus Pt 1Mill members, today’s story about the Roaring Twenties in Manchester is in your inboxes and it’s a corker by…
Retweeted by David M Barnett @ghostfinder @johnreppion It’s the title of Pete Wylie’s horror novel. @harriet1marsden Cease and desist. @MitchBenn Well, *somebody* should. @harriet1marsden Stop it Harriet. @ghostfinder @andrewtshaffer I’ll check it out, cheers! @ghostfinder @ChuckWendig Haha I wish @ghostfinder No! Who by? @harriet1marsden I specifically told you not to do that.Please don’t give me three actual more depressing words.Can there be three more depressing words than “virtual press trip”? @ghostfinder What about uplifting, feel-good horror? Could carve out a niche there. @ghostfinder Must be some dosh in horror surely. @toodletinkbaby We can, Roxie. We can have everything. @DrJessTaylor Sold. Let me tune my ukulele. @DrJessTaylor You can almost sing this to Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start The Fire. @DrJessTaylor I mean the baby killers and racists (though that seems like a broad church to this guy) can sod off,… @Joannechocolat Right, I bloody will. @DrJessTaylor If all those people are in Hell it sounds like the place to be. @fliceverett Fine, then, I will do.I wanna write a horror novel. @nakedvix @IndyVoices Yay, congrats!
This new anthology presents the thrilling work of just a handful of writers crucial to the evolution of the 'weird'…
Retweeted by David M BarnettWe've got some incredible #TalesoftheWeird titles coming this Spring... BUT before we share any of them, have you c…
Retweeted by David M BarnettI really think Izzy should get her own series, to be honest.And I guess my proudest moment would be creating for the Sandman Universe the character of IZZY DOSHI, possibly the… comics body-of-work to date. 21 issues, four collections. And worked with some amazing artists. @KatWithSword @sispurrier It’s a lovely thing. And thank you..With amazing art by @tomfowlerbug, @CraigTaillefer, @marissadraws, @jordantboyd, letters by Todd Klein, and all Kai… birthday treat in the form of comps of BOOKS OF MAGIC vol 3, a beast of a book comprising the end of… @gloriamoore56 Thank you! @Journeymouse Thank you!To mark my birthday* Amazon has dropped the Kindle version of CALLING MAJOR TOM to 99p. Wouldn’t it be lovely if th…
Retweeted by David M Barnett @TheMancUK Three. Just about to put the kettle on if you want one. @MichelleMMcGr Thank you xTo mark my birthday* Amazon has dropped the Kindle version of CALLING MAJOR TOM to 99p. Wouldn’t it be lovely if th… @AlasdairStuart @EnglishmanSDCC Cheers, matey! @EnglishmanSDCC Haha, not wrong. Thank you Leonard. @Scientits Thank you!Happy birthday to one of my favourite authors @davidmbarnett 🥳 🎂 Thank you for the lockdown reading!🙏🏼
Retweeted by David M Barnett @sofiacann1 Thank you, Sofia!The Unthanks - Magpie - Later… with Jools Holland - BBC Two
@Scientits @ShappiKhorsandi WHAT. @ShappiKhorsandi I didn’t know the Queen’s Speech wasn’t broadcast live until two weeks ago.Bloody hell, Neil. Good effort. @Mr_Dave_Haslam They’ll sort out those Southern Men.I remember seeing a very melancholy @mr_sidebottom once when he’d had a falling out with his beloved Alty and switc… free to read! spoke to @MarineAFC striker @Neil_Kengni about his incredible journey from playing football on the streets of Cam… @alexjarem Thank you! @alexjarem Actually not sure if the Brazil edition is out yet. Hope you enjoy when you get to it! @alexjarem My novel Calling Major Tom. There is actually a Brazilian edition.#DavidBowie #CallingMajorTom @alisdair_wood I’ll probably give it a go because, well, New Mutants. @Caimh You’re not the first to answer that. @D_Nye_Griffiths @NotLasers Miiiight give it a go. For the sake of completeness: @AshWHurst Is it as bad as Dark Phoenix? I’d actually forgotten I’d watched that.I wish all these people who yell at the likes of Brian Cox and Marcus Rashford to stay out of politics and stick to…