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Waiting in the wings. . Huge love to 📷 jcapinski for capturing many moments offstage for @ETOpera and the producti…
Chatting all things @ETOpera, Devon, @ExeterCathedral & all sorts on Radio Devon with cast mate and former Choriste… @MrTomMcDermott @BioLayne Brilliant
A more scientific and wholly researched look at the Film #GameChangers from the man @BioLayne
@MrTomMcDermott Thought you’d be happy to see a certain left back not playing.....And the massive fees. take the tube most days and seeing this picture in this mornings order of service really hit home to me, that whi…
@StuartSkelton @SFSymphony Filth.
@RichmoMusic My alma mater?!? Does that count for being a Chorister or just Uni? @RichmoMusic Exeter Cathedral. @bozbassbaritone tralalalalalalalalala @jjhutchings Thanks dude x @MJDY Can’t wait to listen to this! @ben_hulett Sweet as ever then. @StuartSkelton @spconnolly I will search it out. If its @spconnolly then it has to be a pretty sexy sounding tenor to match. @StuartSkelton Go on.... @Tonywauk I’ll source it out! I’m loving the piece. Stunning. @ben_hulett Ps how is your magic flute? That’s not a euphemism, I’m talking about your dick. @Tonywauk Thanks Tony. I’ll have a gander. @JWHallBaritone Thanks Boss @ben_hulett Thanks sexy @roseandfriends Thanks dude. ARJ is my fav Eng Ten Ever!Classical Music Peeps, Best Gerontius recording? For me the Tenor performance being the most important part of the… @IAmChrisRamsey @Rosemarino On the train heading to you guys listening to the Podcast & I could barely show my tick… glad you enjoyed it, there are so many awesome opera companies across the UK with cast, creatives & backstage te… @DubbleB @ETOpera So glad you had fun tonight Ben. Big love x
So. I've gone to the Opera. @ETOpera's The Silver Lake. It's my first time, and frankly, it's great.
Retweeted by David WebbFor Fork Sake.
The @ETOpera get in is happening, excited for Silver Lake @lancasterarts tomorrow - some tickets still left if you’…
Retweeted by David WebbTonight’s the night! Making my debut ⁦@teatroallascala⁩ as the #OmniscientMussel in #DieAegyptischeHelena. I’ve dre…
Retweeted by David WebbOur soldiers from 1 Sig Regt and @22SigRegt were chuffed to meet @IAmChrisRamsey and @karen_hauer from @bbcstrictly
Retweeted by David Webb @CliftonDuBeke @karen_hauer Tee hee!!If you need a giggle for #HumpDay head to my @instagram to see an Accent Challenge with @karen_hauer
It wasn’t saved, there were other members of the choir who could have sung this one solo and duet. Adele did a grea… I as far back as I can remember ‘The NHS’ has been used as a Focal Point by Politicians in Elections & Refere… @Jacob_Rees_Mogg you need to resign you’re an actual piece of shit I beg everyone watch this - MP Jacob Rees Mog…
Retweeted by David WebbNext week @ETOpera bring their critically acclaimed staging of 'The Silver Lake' to the #ExeterNorthcott stage. The…
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Good Night.
@alicevjones Lol.Well I never thought I’d hear #LetsGetReadyToRhumble on #Strictly! 😂 Oh @IAmChrisRamsey, you nailed it man! What a belter! D
Retweeted by David WebbLines are now OPEN! Let's get ready to rumble... And vote for @IAmChrisRamsey & @karen_hauer! They deserve it after…
Retweeted by David WebbBrilliant routine dancing to PJ and Duncan “@antanddec” from @IAmChrisRamsey @karen_hauer, also @CraigRevHorwood sa…
Retweeted by David WebbWell @karen_hauer you should be crowned Street Commercial Queen now after that and last year with Charles. Congratulations!
Retweeted by David Webb @IAmChrisRamsey Phoebe loved you. Byker Groove to the Ballroom. 🙌 @IAmChrisRamsey and @karen_hauer are definitely Ready to Rhumble #Strictly!
Retweeted by David Webb @maroitoje Proud bud.“When a Ram goes backwards it is not retreating, it moves back to gather more strength” Nigerian proverb Thank you…
Retweeted by David WebbWatching #BOUMUN after the #RWCFinal and it really is sad to see what some players consider an injury.Congratulations to South Africa - world champions with a fantastic physical and technical display in the set piece…
Retweeted by David WebbJonny W absolutely nailing it.Also a massive shout to the @EnglandRugby squad, & staff for giving us such a wonderful world cap. Super proud of a… @Anniebell32 No, inside I’m a rugby player and they out played England. Brilliant stuff. That line out into a mail… Congrats to the Boks. Absolute physicality, dominance, tactical nous and execution of a game plan. #RWCFinal #RWC2019Absolute tactical masterclass from the Boks. Picking up on weaknesses from England and exploiting them with precision. #RWCFinal
@asthiggins @glyndebourne You’re a legend. A total dude. You care so much about the company, the art and the people… lots of luck to @EnglandRugby and our very own Henry Slade as they face South Africa in the Rugby World Cup…
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Amazing having my mum & dad at my talk for @BremontWatches last night. They have given me so much over the years an…
Retweeted by David WebbThe Happy Halloween Offices of @ETOpera be like....ahead of tomorrow’s The Silver Lake. #halloween @SaffronHallSW
We mashed up @BarackObama’s Bin Laden speech with @RealDonaldTrump’s al-Baghdadi speech, and the results are amazing
Retweeted by David Webb"To me, it meant more than just a show...I just wanted to try and help people as well!" He was an inspiration and…
Retweeted by David WebbI’m disappointed you didn’t put my ‘You’re singing like a f*cking legend’ review down. But I understand you probabl… a Firefighter who attended Grenfell, I am truly disgusted by what this country has become. This picture sums it…
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@TimAshAsh ❤️❤️❤️Squad. 🐻❤️🐻❤️🐻
@lucyeatonmess DO IT!! @wildathearthqPhoebe ❤️
@RuthElleson @LondonColiseum Dean Street Townhouse or Cafe Monico xxThe wig isn't cursed after all! No need to be shocked @IAmChrisRamsey and @karen_hauer, you're safe. #Strictly
Retweeted by David WebbNew Squad Arrival...🐻 . Meet Phoebe(ar) 🐻 . Proud of our little fighter who has already battled so much, she come…
@thomasjrennie @SiriusXMFC @RodneyMarsh10 Not late, but you were right!This this this! Calling all aspiring Opera Directors...
Retweeted by David Webb @thomasjrennie @SiriusXMFC @RodneyMarsh10 Watching this space....
@Becks__No7 I mean, no champions league football for anyone coming in isn’t exactly sexy. Those big name managers d… @SiriusXMFC @RodneyMarsh10 @thomasjrennie Tom’s gone with his heart again on the bottom fixture! @MonicaMcGhee1 Ieeeeeeeooooooootaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmoooooooo @Becks__No7 He should have had one. Agreed. But you’ve slightly contradicted yourself there saying we have Bang ave… @Becks__No7 And you have every right to think what you do Boss. I don’t necessarily think i’m a member of the Ole B… @Becks__No7 getting it’s chance. I understand all of your thoughts, it’s like when Moyes said certain things and th… @Becks__No7 Agreed, there should have been replacements for those two. The same problems are there since Ferguson.… @Becks__No7 I’m not happy with the mentality, but anyone saying come on this is Man Utd, is in the past, it’s not t… @Becks__No7 They have it in them. @Becks__No7 Dude, they beat City. @AJGregory_tenor @DavidButtPhilip @rhianlois @FreddieRoccoDT @KatieStevenson @MichaelFabiano Next up the best singi… @AJGregory_tenor @DavidButtPhilip @rhianlois @FreddieRoccoDT @KatieStevenson @MichaelFabiano Finally for… @AJGregory_tenor @DavidButtPhilip @rhianlois @FreddieRoccoDT @KatieStevenson @MichaelFabiano Onto potentially the b… @AJGregory_tenor @DavidButtPhilip @rhianlois @FreddieRoccoDT @KatieStevenson Onto a dude friend called… @AJGregory_tenor @DavidButtPhilip @rhianlois @FreddieRoccoDT Next we have @KatieStevenson being a beaut. Singing so… @AJGregory_tenor @DavidButtPhilip @rhianlois Now we head to one of the kindest souls you’ll ever meet, disguised in… @AJGregory_tenor @DavidButtPhilip Onto a gorgeous soprano, friend, mother and fellow gym fanatic. @rhianlois doing… @AJGregory_tenor Next up we have @DavidButtPhilip smashing the sh*t out of some Werther. He’s a character in an Ope… it’s #WorldOperaDay so here is a thread of some of my mates being brilliant. We’ll kick off with…’ve re done your headline. ‘Wild Animal finally behaves naturally after lifetime of torment from Human’
@paulcurievici Rock it xBoris Johnson boasts about his party’s commitment to the NHS. As an NHS doctor, I can tell you that the NHS is bei…
Retweeted by David Webb @MrTomMcDermott His reaction to come back for the highlight show...🤣 @paulcurievici Smash it dude xMurky weather for our Tristan dress today. Westwärts schweift der Blick; ostwärts streicht das Schiff
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Angry satire, political protest and a pinch of fantastical fairytale hope - @Becca_JF21 immerses herself in…
Retweeted by David Webb @DavidALaviska Monster hugs flying from me to you x @DavidALaviska I’m sending all my love and thoughts. This is shit.