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UK: “We’re worried we’re not enough of an international laughing stock yet” Richard Tice: “I know! Let’s play a r… @Curious_Chak Labour should have explained how damaging Brexit would be from the start in my view rather than look… Leave, 2016: “Absolutely nothing will change for EU citizens in the UK after Brexit" 2020: “I know we lie abo… @Curious_Chak It’s not personal, I don’t know them. It’s more a bad-advisor-responsible-for-terrible-mistakes-and-w… @Curious_Chak I had a problem with JC tho “relentlessly campaigned against him” isn’t true. I felt he failed to sho… @_simonchandler_ If you can’t get into power, you can’t help the people you need to help. Look at where we’re at no… @Fazzanelli Sure. I’m not saying we should abandon the policies or lurch into being Tory Lite. But nor should we de… @BerniesOstrich I hope you’re right. I’m very open to hearing what she has to say but it’s not been the best of starts.Yes, it's good to have a "movement". But a movement is nothing if it doesn't get Labour into power. Congratulating…'s early days but it's not encouraging that, after Labour's worst defeat since 1935, RLB gave the man who led us… @holl_nh2 Sure. But that didn’t work last time. And focusing on the movement as if that’s the goal, let’s you off t… not about a “movement”. It’s about winning an election. It not about a “movement”. It’s about winning an electi…
Government reveals replacement for Big Ben bongs. reminder: WHAT’S NOT IMPORTANT 4m kids in poverty 726 homeless deaths in a year Record 1.6m foodbank parcels Fo… @JuliaHB1 Seeing as your Brexit is likely to have cost us the same by the end of 2020 as the total payments to the… reminds me of the time I so nearly made the perfect phone call but then at the last minute I illegally pressur… @savilljames I really must do a pairing system of people who tell me it’s my fault Labour lost because I was a supp… “Now he has a big majority Johnson can be the liberal Conservative he really is” Johnson, 2020: “Let’s stop… @hamezhill @DanielASheff You’re saying that, after the end of the year, I’ll be able to work and live and retire in… @DanielASheff Freedom of movement is going to end so I won’t be able to any more.IDEA. Brexiters can have Big Ben bong on January 31st as long as Remainers can remain EU citizens with all the righ…“EU citizens have nothing to worry about” says government behind hostile environment, who treated the Windrush gene…’s like we’re living through that bit in disaster movies where Jeff Goldblum’s attempts to warn people are ignore… @groovy_chi Don’t know yet but it needs to be someone who recognises the scale of our defeat and offers something v… to remind you that you have till 5pm to register as a Labour supporter if you want to vote in the leadership e…
“I can say anything, even talk insane shit about dishwashers, and they’d still cheer me” is the new “I could shoot…£500K could pay for new nurses or teachers or helping the homeless or some of the 4m kids in poverty but screw them… @RussellPope11 We are Brexiting. But there’s a trade deal to be done. And there are rights to protect. And democrat… was always going to hurt those Labour's meant to represent and protect the most. The party was scared to def… wrong. Brexit is a right-wing project. It’s about shutting our borders and minds to the whole world, not just th… Record delays in getting seen at A&E are causing incredible suffering and actual deaths. GOVERNMENT SOLUT… for one am amazed that a known liar who lies about everything should have lied about the NHS. #PMQs for questions for the next #PMQs: 1. Where’s the Russia report? 2. Where’s the Russia report? 3. Where’…
Retweeted by David SchneiderRemain in regard to this phase of #Brexit may be over. But many of us will always #Remain committed to the rule of…
Retweeted by David SchneiderJohnson's 1st month: Refuse to release Russia report Get ministers to boycott #r4today & Newsnight Plan to wreck t… you’re so desperate for a trade deal you’ll abandon an agreement that was working to create a more peaceful wo…
@rstorry Yes, because we can absolutely trust Boris Johnson’s government to keep their word which is why, for insta… latest: DOWNSIDES Job losses Businesses failing End of manufacturing End of farming Workers/consumer rights… @LDNMFS There’s no-one there who appeals? You can make it a very different party. De-“rabble" it by choosing the right leader.Want to vote in the Labour leadership elections but don’t want to join the party? You can become a registered suppo… @RememechG Liz Truss started it.That feeling when you describe slavery and colonising other people’s land and resources as “global free trade”. @facecreme No. You can denounce Israel. And defend Jews from antisemitism. The one sholdn’t be a condition of the o… to see people who would never make defending Muslims from racism conditional on them denouncing Saudi Ar…"It's vital to listen to and respect the will of the people*" *except for viewers in Scotland smile of a known liar who knows he can get away with stealing a journalist’s phone to avoid looking at a pictur…“I won’t take a penny from the EU” says man who’s taken €100K a year from the EU and received a fortune from Arron…
So good to see the government protecting us from terrorist threats like - *checks notes* - children desperate not t… “We shall fight on the beaches. We shall fight on the landing grounds. We shall never surrender” Johnso… and Meghan latest: World enters sixth day of coming to terms with 35-year-old man moving out of his nan’s house.
Retweeted by David Schneider2016: "This country has had enough of being run by unelected politicians!" 2020: to see Clive not make the threshold. He was pushing really important, radical thinking about electoral reform,… @Steve_Cooke @Steve_Cooke This person is still a Labour member?Remember: FlyBe’s collapse has nothing to do with Brexit. Also nothing to do with Brexit: Thomas Cook, Sony, Flyb… on, Labour MPs. Just 5 more nominations would see Rosena Allin-Khan and Dawn Butler able to contribute to the… @mrjamesob "But when is Men's #JamesOBrienIsAWankerDay, eh?!"
This man is in charge of the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world. What could possibly go wrong? THERE’S NO MONEY FOR 4m kids in poverty WHAT THERE IS MONEY FOR £130bn already lost to Brexit £8bn on No Deal… @HarryT64975273 @paulsrkendal You asked for an example of AS. I gave you one. Maybe you can acknowledge it is an is… @HarryT64975273 @paulsrkendal Just have a read of this thread: @Artimus_Gray Disagree with him, fine. But saying “he’s in the pay of Israel”, not fine. Him being unpopular make… @JonnyHambone195 No, they shouldn’t be excluded. But at the moment, it’s those representing the majority view of Je… thread gives more examples of how people are radicalised into antisemitism and the difficulty people have had… @HarryT64975273 Jewish people are not “so special”. They just want not to be discriminated against, same as other m…'s vital. eg people saying those calling out AS are in the pay of Israel are just re-badging centuries-old… seeing the candidates for leader and deputy leader supporting this. BAD: the continued denials about antisem…’s almost as if they’ve something to hide: Dec 2019 “We can’t publish Russia report till after election” Jan 20…
Good grief. I had no idea how much of this shit she’d put up with - and I have to follow the news for work.
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“Let’s take the £170bn we could have spent on the NHS (and schools and social care and housing and the 4m kids in p… to see the police clamping down on extremist groups like, er, people trying to stop our planet turning into a… Maybe Meghan is actually a magical mirror in which people see their own character. only there was a word for taking against someone you don’t know at all based purely on how they look..., what’s Meghan’s problem?
Retweeted by David SchneiderHey, Labour MPs. Clive Lewis is saying a lot of interesting things Labour needs to at least think about - on propor… lot of people are sharing the Ross Kemp on spice video, but I’ve worked on a number of his documentaries over the…
Retweeted by David SchneiderIf only there was some way of knowing what attracts a far right, islamophobic, antisemitic, authoritarian leader to…
Britain in 2020. May the Lord have mercy on us all. Workers' rights Environmental protections Our right to work, retire & live in 30 different countries The unio… “What could possibly have prompted Harry and Meghan to do this?! Read our outraged, furious coverage on pages 1-46”A reminder for most of the media. IMPORTANT 2 royals wanting to stop being royal NOT IMPORTANT Catastrophic crisi… any rational world we wouldn’t be debating why two royals would want to become financially independent but why t… have absolutely no idea why Harry and Meghan decided to step back as senior members of the Royal Family.
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▪️Scrapping guarantees of workers’ rights ▪️Stopping refugee children reuniting with their families ▪️Clamping dow… for one am amazed that a Prime Minister who lied about new hospitals and nurses and Brexit being done and selling… to the UK in 2020, where Parliament just voted by a large majority to remove protections for child refugees… for questions for the next #PMQs: 1. Where’s the Russia report? 2. Where’s the Russia report? 3. Where’…’s Vote Leave, 2016: “There will be no change for EU citizens resident in the UK. They will be treated no le… is where we’re at now. Tanja campaigns for the rights of EU citizens in this country. Her reward: death threa…
A week ago: “Thank God the misery that was 2019 is over!” Today: “I miss 2019” glad we're leaving the EU so we can shackle ourselves to a crazed, corrupt, racist baby-man of a US President wh…, Labour must analyse what went wrong in the election but we mustn’t forget that Johnson also won by stealing a… Dr Freud. @rowanseymour @ComradeDel “Obviously no-one’s perfect. Jeremy made mistakes like we all did and he would be the fir…“We need to be ruthlessly honest about what went wrong in order to rebuild trust with voters. Also Corbyn was absol… @mattparkins Gawdblessya!Lot of talent going for leader and deputy leader. I've a lot of time for Dr Rosena: still works in A&E, committed t… @tedsplitter Hah! One for the kids there. I am an idiot. @boskee_voitek Labour has a problem with antisemitism. Stop dismissing it as a smear and help us root it out.
Tories: “Antisemitism is bad. Authoritarianism is bad. Islamophobia is bad” Also the Tories: “Antisemitic, author…