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That’s me on a Twitterbreak. In these awful times we must be kind & compassionate, something which I’m sorry to say… hasn’t been much footage inside hospitals during the Coronavirus pandemic. Broadcasters had pushed for access…
Retweeted by David SchneiderTwo charities to give to if you can. The NHS appeal for NHS staff: And the Crisis emergen…
@jk_rowling @YouTube Glad you’re feeling better x @allisonpearson Yes. I feel ashamed.Please watch this doc from Queens Hospital explain how to relieve respiratory symptoms. For last 2 weeks I've had a…
Retweeted by David Schneider @captainstaino Cos I’m seeing people saying other things that aren’t appropriate given what the PM is going through. Is that not clear?Wishing Boris Johnson the speediest and fullest of recoveries. That’s all that needs to be said right now.A reminder of those taking such risks and sacrificing themselves for our safety: NHS staff, social care workers, su… Matt Hancock asks Premier League footballers to donate their wages to help fight coronavirus, some wonder if…
Retweeted by David Schneider @Necron00b I’m a writer. I love good writing. Whoever speaks it. @Necron00b We don’t know that the writer was a rich old lady. It is of course possible - it’s the writing I loved.
I hope that whoever wrote that speech from the Queen gets the credit they deserve in The Crown season 7 because it was awesome.2016: “Bloody EU! What’s it ever done for us?” 2020: hell. Hope he gets better. @JonAshworth So great you’re still there. Carry on the good work.Coronavirus is spreading because the government is failing to mass test or provide adequate PPE to key workers. No…
Retweeted by David SchneiderGonna try to be a bit more Keir with my tweets. Did one about the PM that I’ve now deleted cos it was inappropriate… is so impressive. @Steg68 @realDonaldTrump Totally. It turned out to be so even more grimly topical than anyone thought when we were making it.If you haven’t watched Avenue 5 on Sky One yet, please do. You’ll laugh and then, by episodes 7 and 8, marvel at th… details on the government’s herd immunity strategy that they definitely never had in this thread.… March David Halpern of “nudge unit” explains herd immunity strategy. 12th March Newspapers report on herd imm… medical advice to prevent secondary pneumonia if you have #COVID19. Please share widely. 🙏 Stay safe 😷
Retweeted by David SchneiderMatt Hancock, January 2020: “The UK is well-prepared and well-equipped to tackle any contagion” March 2020:
Alexa. Show me the least surprising coronavirus headline ever. is finally returning to Britain’s streets. Nature is healing 😍✌️
Retweeted by David SchneiderSo upsetting. So many people going through this now. Please stay at home and save lives. @daleWillis87 @Lance63 Thank you. That means a lot. @Lance63 I hope the EHRC investigation and the new leadership will show you it is a problem in the party and it’s n…, I criticised Corbyn. I rejoined Labour cos of him, defended him for a long time, but in the end many of us who… to see some of those who spent years raging at those in the party who they felt undermined the Labour leader im… thing I’d say to @Keir_Starmer with my director hat on is: cut out the pauses in the pieces to camera. (And s… speech. Strong on this crisis and how it’s “lifted a curtain” on key workers - “they were last and now they s… @Curious_Chak @RobTheLandi So you are going to do everything you accused others of doing and work to prevent the Labour leader becoming PM?It’s good to feel hope that we can - help those who need Labour most by winning power - unite and focus on fightin… mention for @lisanandy whose clarity and ability to communicate has impressed so much. What an asset for La… - Leader Rayner - Deputy leader So happy and so relieved. #labourleadership @KBGreyhoundlady Sure. These remain terrible problems.Amidst all the grimness and screw-ups and anxiety and grief, this does feel like something to be proud of. Let’s ho…“We have to protect the economy for the sake of the young” say people who’ve been happy to leave the young struggli…
The virus has brought out the best in us: NHS and social care staff and all those risking so much to help others.…’t imagine what this guy will be like after 3 months of lockdown."Without mass testing we don't know what we're working with." @DrRosena says it is "an abomination" that NHS and c…
Retweeted by David SchneiderTurns out we can get rough sleepers off the streets after all. And speed up the benefits system and pay more. And… to my beautiful friend last night - a lung doctor in the nhs. She said, while its a lovely gesture, instead o…
Retweeted by David SchneiderA reminder that if you need help or want to help others, this is a good resource: government is not even counting the numbers of nurses who die. Incredible. showing what a pernicious fiction NHS debt has been all along.
Retweeted by David Schneider
Great to see the government taking testing seriously by moving from their previous target of not achieving 25,000 t… Government to ramp up excuses for lack of testing and ventilators so as to hit their target of 25000 excuses a day.UK government instigates rigorous testing regime. @benshi2k6 Sure. It’s the “bloody immigrants” nonsense I’m referring to here.“Bloody immigrants! Coming over here sacrificing their lives for us!” If there’s any justice, the incredible sacri… being funny and brilliant on Twitter has never been so essential. As a tribute to some of the best I’ve seen…
Retweeted by David SchneiderIf only there was a way of knowing how a government that ignored offers from UK ventilator manufacturers and refuse… Johnson: “As we’ve always said, it’s testing that is going to allow us to defeat coronavirus” 4 days ago:
That feeling when you realised the bunch of lying incompetents you crowbarred into power are a bunch of lying incom…’s Michael Gove 3 days ago saying we don’t need to be part of the EU ventilator scheme because we can produce t… new hospitals are actually 6 hospitals. 50,000 new nurses is actually 31,000 nurses. 30,000 new ventilators is… it’s madness that the government aren’t testing more NHS staff. A small sample shows only 15% of those self-is… government is doing enough testing. They’re making sure NHS staff and social care workers have enough protecti… we do have 12000 ventilators not 8000 but only if you count retained ventilators from the day before. That’s Tory Numberwang.We are being lied to. @wilkesliberty45 It gives us access to more ventilators and therefore saves lives. That’s enough for me and should… still find it so shocking, even of this government, that they would rather let people die than cooperate with the…
Day after day the government refuse to send anyone to talk on #Newsnight. I guess they’re waiting until there’s a c… for one am amazed that a government that lied about the number of tests and protection for NHS staff and the EU v… my god why are you still using Zoom you have an array of secure videoconferencing tools and you use a commercial…
Retweeted by David Schneider @BitcoinMacGyver update: 2019: “Who cares about No Deal Brexit? We got through the Blitz, we can get through anything togeth… Office till March 2020: “Go home!" "Hostile environment!" “Control immigration!” “Take back control of our bor… Llandudno goats are so much better with a West Side Story soundtrack. (thanks to @AndrewStuart and the Bergamo… boss turned herself into a potato on our Microsoft teams meeting and can’t figure out how to turn the setting of…
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When we’re through this crisis, this is the kind of thing that must be investigated. 17,000 beds cut, 100,000 staf…“Bloody foreign ventilators! Coming over here, saving thousands of British lives! Get rid of ‘em!” IN CONTEMPT BY GOVERNMENT, Jan 2020 Civil servants Experts Social care workers Delivery drivers Bin collectors… capitalism is so great, why does it need to be bailed out by socialism every ten years?
Retweeted by David SchneiderThe government’s been awful on so much to do with the virus and endangered so many lives but credit where credit is… @jackthorne You take care of yourself, Jack x @MichaelRosenYes @Underthecranes @J0e_R0sen Please send him lots of love and wish him a refue shleyme. xThe best humans in the world. Worst Human In The World. When every death is seen as a ratings boost. God help America. @DerekJMurray @TunnelKing Thank you for all you’re doing, Derek.
Next time someone bangs on about “bloody foreigners” or “bloody Muslims” remind them of this. RIP. is pretty sickening. UK textile firms say they could have begun making the protective equipment NHS staff so…
Retweeted by David SchneiderMaybe the government should step aside and put Ocado in charge of protecting NHS staff.’s almost as if free broadband for everyone was a great policy. paramedic's entire street came out to applaud her before her shift began 👏🏻👏🏻
Retweeted by David SchneiderA crowdfunder to get meals to NHS workers, if you’re able to donate. seems impossible not to conclude that there are people in government who would sacrifice countless lives for som… ventilator scheme, latest: Ignore Matt Hancock saying we wouldn’t join it before we didn’t get the email which… @LeeJDuckworth On all the things I listed, it’s only people holding them to account that got them to change. And th… SCAPEGOAT UPDATE for the media: the cause of all our problems and failures is no longer the EU and immigr… news. If you exclude everyone who’s going to die in the next 100 years anyway, Covid will actually cause 0 de…
@mickwehrle @matthaig1 See my initial tweet for examples of where the government has got it dangerously wrong and t… @mickwehrle @matthaig1 Of course. 1000s of lives are at stake.Those saying “just get behind the government” and “don’t politicise things” are wrong. The government’s had to be p… crazy that we did this to ourselves. 2016: “Stop immigration from the EU! Take back control of our borders!” 2… was bored.
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