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David Theriault @davidtedu California, raised by Acadians

English teacher @FVHSbarons Love memorable moments. Love 80s punk & hip-hop. UC Irvine. Love sharing food. Not an expert, but love questions

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@sprintcare Just a follow-up. It’s been a week since you sent that and look at the Spring cell strength at the top…
Want to see food and land justice for Black Americans? Support these groups. #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by David TheriaultHere is the text of the letter that I sent to each of my students individually. Feel free to copy, modify, adapt as… you don't subscribe to @Tolerance_org please start. Make sure to subscribe to their newsletter. I'm including a…
@MrZiebarth @pashteachesart @clonghb @amyburvall @WickedDecent @ecsaibel @jcorippo @JoyKirr Hi Tony. If you are loo… @davidtedu I had a professor at LA who for our last essay said, write in a group of 3 I’ll give you a 100 regardles…
Retweeted by David Theriault @jamesvalen2 @TriPolyBlend There are over 15,700 businesses in Costa Mesa. There are 280 in South Coast plaza. HB d… you are wrapping up grades this school year please take the time to know your students' stories. If they aren't… caring about their writing, or their school work, or the world, their family etc... can also look like thi… caring about their writing, or their school work, or the world, their family etc... can also look like thi… make lots of assumptions about students. I asked my students to write: if they felt like it, if they were… @rhs_soc_studies @traintheteacher @ShanaVWhite @vperezy Hi. Sorry for the delay. I haven't forgotten. @TriPolyBlend Understand. I’ve lived here my whole life. I was here during the 92 riots. Don’t ever remember a city… Coast Plaza $ #CostaMesa The entire area is already locked down. wanna know why an entire city was just put on curfew? #costamesa Three words and one symbol.
"We know through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed."
Retweeted by David Theriault @padrianfried Agreed which is why Campaign Zero is more comprehensive:'s how police use of force policies can help end police violence, by @samswey @mspackyetti @deray:…
Retweeted by David Theriault @nytimesbooks Another book you should read is The Color of Law. I bought this book after hearing about it during on… X. Kendi's antiracist reading list. As he writes: "Think of it as a stepladder to antiracism, each step addre…
Retweeted by David TheriaultAnother important organization that needs your support is the @UniteThePoor campaign. The Poor People's Campaign is… found out about The Education for Liberation Network from the @EduColorMVMT resource webpage… are many organizations out there searching for justice and working to dismantle prejudice, racism, inequality… learn about and join me in donating to Campaign Zero an organization working to end police violence.… right use of force policies make a difference. They won't fix everything. But they will save lives.'s how police use of force policies can help end police violence, by @samswey @mspackyetti @deray:…
@mrsjjee of course @mrsjjee Messy. Like worse than this messy: I feel lucky working in a HS. I'm very worr…
@JoeMarquez70 @EdTechAri @ValVerdeUSD @ValVerdeSupt @gmcwhorterVVUSD @pharding2 @TonyThurmond Rad. They are a great team.As of 5/26/2020 there are 141 #COVID19 related deaths in #OrangeCounty #California According to this machine learni…’s true. Orange County friends. Is this true? @GustavoArellano @MrZiebarth
@BrentGWarner @jonjoTESOL @compellingtalks @Ixy_pixy @jcorippo @edcampOSjr @dmaduliwilliams @MsSalvac @bribriggs @lauriesmcintosh Hi Laurie. I'm a HS ELA teacher and I love this. Thanks. I think I can make this a part of our name, face, story process. @theglutster It’s already sounding like Disneyland in Costa Mesa. My mom forbade sugar in the household so we stole… Won't Reach Herd Immunity In May (or anytime soon), and Sweden is talking about changing their “herd immu…"attention as a form of ethics" by Asiya Wadud @MrsDurhamteach Good luck and best wishes. @MrsDurhamteach A list of teacher interview questions. Check the doc link at the bottom. @MrsDurhamteach My tips on getting hired and @compellingtalks @BrentGWarner @Ixy_pixy @jcorippo @edcampOSjr @dmaduliwilliams @MsSalvac @bribriggs @TechTomBUSD
Wonderful set of activities for #parents and #teachers who are stuck at home with kids due to #COVID19 There are 28… @OCMamaBear All options are still being considered. We will follow medical experts advice. My classroom is maybe 20… @DonAustin_PAUSD @PaloAltoUnified @boarddocs @BeautifulAI_ @ekadvany @t_srtbn @launerland @DrC_LaHabra @sprintcare Thank you. Where can I go to see the status update of the service, or do I just watch my bars? I apprec… @sprintcare Hi. Your company updated my carrier settings and I went from 3 bars to 1 bar. I live in Costa Mesa, CA…
@davidtedu How might we “look after each other?” How might that look in the reopening plan? For Ss, Ts, Admin and a…
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@OCMamaBear @HBUHSD @psycholaya @OharaKimiko @kierstihunkle @seenarich @MrZiebarth @DrMorganSmith @mrz306 @zapdanica “I feel like I derive more enjoyment from my baking sessions now than when I baked during the sc… @MrZiebarth Honor code violation being written as we speak. I think I could use this GIF as a @RightQuestion question focus @clonghb
@ScottRagan @22Schultz I agree, but easy for who? And how accurate is the measurement? Accurate enough to base co… @jane_librarian @MaryAnnHarlan @YouTube Thanks Jane. Great share. I miss you and hope you are doing well.Hi Honorable @VoteCottie @AsmCottie @RepHarley @HarleyRouda I am a teacher-leader for @HBUHSD we really, really nee… can’t begin to tell you how many stumbling blocks are thrown out during distance learning planing that have the p… added reminder: there is no automatic pedagogical gold standard. but there are HIGH-IMPACT practices, and you…
Retweeted by David Theriault @mosspike @nayrbgo @rushtheiceberg @clonghb @MrZiebarth @Scotteach @BrentGWarner @richmanlobster @thomasson_engl @mosspike @KnowingTechk12 @ms_haggag @cehoerun @ewrenn @LuraMilner @jimpuccetti Thanks for sharing this Moss. Wonde… @GustavoArellano You are so good at triggering people. I can only imagine what you were like in class. @FVHS_Athletics @DrMorganSmith @perryjameslusc @HBUHSD @fvasb @FVHSbarons He really is the best. If we ever have a…
@seenarich Totally agree @seenarich additionally I think many districts are worried about their enrollment numbers,… Letter & Graduation Ceremony Details via @ParentSquare
Retweeted by David Theriault @nayrbgo Yes. Schools & departments are still giving students summer assignments. Including my school. We held a vo… @doughboyspod Stop avoiding what you know you must do, embrace the darkside. Give us a Hot Pockets episode.
Yes- all of this works for HS and MS too. TY! #edchat #TOSAchat #WeAreCUE #CAedchat @timlauer Tim. I just saw this thread by @rchids re: K5
@Profteaspoon @Arley_McNeney You can deglaze with water or stock. My dad and I used to just deglaze with water, or…'m still adding ideas and resources. Please let me know what's missing. need to meet our students where they are NOW. It's always been the case, but absolutely essential today. John H…
Retweeted by David Theriault @psycholaya Thank you. Super helpful.5a. Reach out if you need connection. We are neurologically hard wired to connect. Friends, relatives, hotlines. C…
Retweeted by David Theriault @seenarich @HBUHSD @psycholaya @OharaKimiko @kierstihunkle @MrZiebarth @DrMorganSmith Totally. Great point. Or can… @scribeteach @HBUHSD @psycholaya @OharaKimiko @kierstihunkle @seenarich @MrZiebarth @DrMorganSmith I'm not doing th… those of you with high school students just struggling to get through these days, and a long summer ahead of th… @mrsjjee Is a lazy river that takes students from class to class a small thing? I’d even volunteer to be a travel t… @RafranzDavis Have high school sports like football started summer team workouts yet?Just spent 12 hours reading and responding to student writing. I love my students' thoughts and words. #ideaFM
A5: We should be using some of our live sessions and assignments to set aside academics and talk to one another. Le…
Retweeted by David Theriault @mrsjjee sent via DM. @Larryferlazzo Also, I'm not sure if I'm ever going to make this an actual blog post, but there are some ideas in t… @Larryferlazzo @OnlineCrsLady I left you a reply Larry. Hope it helps you feel less stressed about your situation. @RosaIsiah @NicolRHoward @msEdtechie @DigEquityPLN @knikole @MattHiefield @michaelmflood @iste See you both there.… @mrsjjee What's the age level Julie? Sorry if this is too late. I have another option, but it might be best for HS students.
@MrsKTeachesHS Yes. That needs to go in the “con” or problem list of many of these options.Whenever I watch Jacque Pepin and Julia Child I think of my dad, my pepere, et mes tantes. I miss them so. #Acadian day this week, we will be releasing the session titles from our speakers. We are so excited to kick this off w…
Retweeted by David Theriault @EduColorMVMT Do you have a donation button on your website, or another way to donate money if people would like to support your work? @FVBaronFootball @broncoblake24 @FVHS_Athletics Great young man. @scribeteach @MsUllrey What are you seeing and hearing in your neck of the woods Brendan? @TheSnarkyMrsM Agree 100%. Community building PD and PD around building trust in the classroom, and how teachers an… @grabe @ShanaVWhite I don't have all the answers, I don't even have all the questions, but I've heard people propos… @rhs_soc_studies @traintheteacher @ShanaVWhite @vperezy I have to make sure that what I share doesn't violate any s… @shirky17 Skills over content. The content is all available online in podcasts, articles, essays, Wikipedia, YT, hi…
@mrpiercEy @cheezit It’s like cheese and crunchy onion straws in one. Genius.Seeing as the entire world is experiencing a new normal, we need an emoji of a face mask😷, but with these eyes: 🙂…
Retweeted by David Theriault @mrgfactoftheday @cmkrebs @Lynniepete Thanks Josh. I’m sure other people are doing this too. Please let me know what you find. @AllieBBogart @PUSDsecondary 💯👊🏻 @ChristinaMLuce We all know how important relationships are to learning. To be able to trust a teacher. How can my… @PUSDsecondary @AllieBBogart Agree 100% @traintheteacher @ShanaVWhite @vperezy Stephanie. I created a Google survey for 200 students. Activities where stud…