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David Theriault @davidtedu California, raised by Acadians

English Lit Teacher @FVHSbarons Maker of memorable moments. Love 80s punk & hip-hop. UC Irvine Eater: I like sharing food. I ask questions

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@MsIrvingTweets @HallMiddle @ecsaibel Tell me more please.
Love this perspective! Why test the Ss if we don’t use the information to help them? @MasteryConnect @CanvasLMS
Retweeted by David TheriaultIs it just random chance or some @CanvasLMS magic that Pandas made their appearance outside the #canvasLMS sessions… watching @clonghb work his @HBUHSD magic at the @CanvasLMS #soCAnvasK12 event. Thanks for hosting us… @lainierowell @CanvasLMS @brocansky @ONEforTraining Your twitter thoughtfulness is A+: helpful links, shout-outs, r… students are currently exploring the topic: U.S. Immigration and Asylum. I just discovered the "Only In America"…
@ryasinn So hungry. So jealous.
Thanks Christina. We used a quiz last week BEFORE we learned about US Immigration and Asylum. No grade was recorded.
GIF: Self-Extinguishing Firebug. GIF「セルフ放火魔/消火魔」。 消してもらう時、小首をかしげるところがポイント。 #ボリス雑貨店 の #水島ひね展 ではGIFやPVも流してますよ〜。12日ま…
Retweeted by David Theriault @OharaKimiko @clonghb @piktochart All of these can be made using Google Slides: By next…
@alicekeeler I’ve been waiting for someone to figure this out. Rad. @OharaKimiko @clonghb @piktochart give me 30 min and i’ll send you some great links.I’m just under 3 months into a corporate training position at a bank... and I still find that patience, empathy, hu…
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@cogdog @Jessifer Never underestimate either laziness or people’s desperation to recapture time in their busy life. Data an… went to KY last week & registered people for the movement who vote. We went to rural counties among poor & low i…
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@rogre @Pinboard Wow this is amazing. This would be a fun activity to do with students: “what page should be saved… @rogre I’ve been putting together a master list of everything i use, podcasts, videos, essays and articles etc... n… @rogre I LOVE every year i have my students explore their archives, always worried about them going away. @TheWeirdTeacher Alan Dean Foster turned it into a novel. It was good. @rogre Someone should make a poster of these examples. I’m sure there are lots more. @ramusallam @TheWeirdTeacher If I remember correctly, the book was pretty good too. @rogre Have you ever listened to this podcast on climate change deniers? It’s an interestin… @rogre This made me think about clean air laws and getting rid of leaded gas and what LA smog used to look like. Ca… when scientists warned us about what certain chemicals were doing to our environment and we listened to th… else find it interesting that people rarely, if ever, question high level math research, but people who stru… @ryasinn Let me know. My Pepere (grandfather) used to make them, but he passed away over 10 years ago. I miss them and him. @ryasinn Or @ryasinn There are other options too:
@ryasinn When is she opening her restaurant?
@BrentGWarner @mlastyle For real. #NCTEvillage
@LBmathemagician If you employ the pumpkin fairy strategy, you can eat most of candy with way less guilt.
@BrentGWarner @historysandoval @ericcurts @bribriggs @creativeedtech Nice Brent.... it looks like you can not only… @judykaylane @MathButler @MrZiebarth @shane_pinnell @slobastev @clonghb @puhsd @WordPress Let’s meet at TJ Tacos wi… @MathButler @MrZiebarth @shane_pinnell @slobastev @clonghb @puhsd @WordPress @judykaylane We should talk. Thanks. @MrZiebarth @MediumSupport Yo @Medium @MediumSupport I switched my students from Wordpress to your platform based o… @creativeedtech @historysandoval @ericcurts @bribriggs Well... if one of is finishes it, it becomes a pretty valuab…
@historysandoval @ericcurts @bribriggs @creativeedtech Yes... but having tried it out, filling in all 50 states tak… @historysandoval @ericcurts @bribriggs @creativeedtech Yes a map of the US, but I want students to be able to put h… anyone know of a way that students can create an infographic like this in Google Slides? Or do you have anothe… @beardsleyteach @edcampOSjr @Ready4rigor @kings_coe @TheTechProfe @efraintovarjr @pgilders @mathematic_AL @edcampOSjr @Ready4rigor @kings_coe @TheTechProfe @efraintovarjr @beardsleyteach @pgilders @mathematic_AL @LennonCorey @middlehabs @kayla_brimlow @mrsprevite @russellscience Thanks Corey. It’s a part of this research repo… @historysandoval @mrsbyarshistory @kierstihunkle @STAMPERELA @edcampOSjr Feel free to Sandovalize it. I've just rea… @historysandoval @mrsbyarshistory have I ever shared this with you? It's about a specific kind of dataviz you c… @jonsamuelson @tonyvincent @shapegrams I’m October busy. Can’t wait for the first three day weekend and first rain.…
@jonsamuelson @tonyvincent @shapegrams So fun. Thanks Jon. @wmchamberlain William Chamberlain and David Theriault are talking about “Twitter being broken” insert weird purple star thing as needed.I’m so excited this is coming out soon! At the publisher now! #educomics #ComicBookDiplomacy #GlobalAE
Retweeted by David TheriaultHot is the opposite of cold. But door is different from hot. Hot & cold are opposites, two sides of a spectrum. Hot…
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@IsItTheWelsh @CBSScottWhite when you do your RP preview podcast I hope you spend some time breaking down Diaz and… @ryanle2013 Weird. This tweet just showed up this morning. @fawnpnguyen @benorlin Did you see this @KendraLovesMath @ohcanadatweet @CanvasLMS @ONEforTraining I want them to do an easter egg challenge every school year, or offer stu… creme brûlée from the @FVHSbarons French Club is out of this world! #FountainValley #Fallfest @mmehoulette @alicekeeler The fictional movie Pi was steeped in math. @alicekeeler My dad, my son, and I loved it. It haunted me.
@MsMarshallCMS @LisaGuardino @historysandoval @jcorippo @mhebern Rad. I looked at every slide. Bravo! support the Wounded Warrior project at the #FountainValley High School #FallFest It’s the best food deal at th…
English profs notoriously pad syllabi and over assign. We ourselves couldn't read 200-500 pages a week if we were t…
Retweeted by David Theriault @ProfeMsVgodinez @edtechyoda @edcampOSjr @ajmanx @cueinc @pgilders @jcorippo @MrsChavez_11 @cutenose76 hope that all signs point to @clonghb having the best birthday ever! Happy Birthday to @HBUHSD instructional lead… #CanvasLMS teachers out there who would like a better Quizizz integration? @bennettscience @TechCoachFox
Retweeted by David TheriaultDo you teach #ELA at a school that makes #rivalryweek posters? Here are some group activities your students might e…
@MrZiebarth @MediumSupport Did anyone figure out this problem with Medium? @Medium @MediumSupport @MrZiebarthHey, you...Ya YOU! Please consider submitting a proposal to present @occue TECH FEST 2020. @IACUE @CoachellaCUE
Retweeted by David TheriaultI not only admire the bravery it took to create and share this, I admire the learning environment that is “a happen…
Our texts mean more than they seem. #whyiwrite #ideaFM @ncte @RaeFearing @edcampOSjr no, just “watching” from Twitter. @edcampOSjr I’m so proud of you. You killed it. The lead up, the whole weekend, your lasting impact on others. Just… @edcampOSjr Hey @jcorippo is it true that @edcampOSjr is the only teacher in California to have NEVER skipped leg d… @BrentGWarner @herron_mrs @beardsleyteach @edcampOSjr @Scotteach @dmaduliwilliams @ericcurts @CathyNDavidson @checkeredrepast @eatingb00ks @chezspence My dad would do this but would add dry rice in the bottom of the roasting… @imane_jlelati @UniteThePoor I’m sorry. Will they let you buy another one?
@xolotl Driving is still iffy, you need cognitive engagement to drive well. Anything that needs cognitive attention… @xolotl Depends on the task. Weeding in my garden, washing dishes, folding laundry= good. Reading the newspaper,… @AmazonHelp My concern is you keep sending the wrong item to my house and I have to get in my car and return the it… @amazon @JeffBezos whoever designed your automated AI to help people with customer service requests should be repla… @MrZiebarth @ncte @STAMPERELA And here is a Twitter "Moment" showing examples and ideas for #whyiwrite @ncte celebr… @MrZiebarth @ncte And if you want to see what I'll do with my 10th grade ELA students for #whyiwrite tomorrow 10/21… you want to see the written directions for what @MrZiebarth does with his 11th grade students for #whyiwrite @lancslassrach @magrelacanela @MrZiebarth @amyburvall @sglass771 Thanks Rachel, I’ll try it. @grammasheri @magrelacanela @MrZiebarth @amyburvall @sglass771 Thanks Sheri. @magrelacanela @MrZiebarth @amyburvall @sglass771 Thanks Nicole, Adobe Spark Post was the closest to what I was loo… @thinkerteacher @UniteThePoor It’s unacceptable. If you want to wait a week or two to make sure they stick around,… for an app. I had an app on my android phone that made beautiful text only quotes. You could pick from d… @Mr_TP22 @englishcomp @CohenD @WeAreCTA @JoAnnFoxEDU @scottmpetri @mmehoulette @SrYarnton @Scotteach They were firs… @englishcomp Jim, our district pushed these out too. They sent them out AFTER our two days of district PD. We coul… many jobs require a uniform or shirt, and yet only give their employees 2 uniforms or shirts? This forces their…
@FVHS_Athletics @DrMorganSmith @perryjameslusc @FVBaronBaseball @FVBaronFootball @FVHSBsktBall @FVHSActivities @edcampOSjr @cueinc @cvcue @jcorippo @pgilders @MrZiebarth I didn’t even notice the question when you posted this.…“Those who break rules and codes are branded as garbage... But Those who don’t cherish their friends are garbage worse than that.”Watching Naruto for the first time. It makes me think a lot about schooling, students, and what really matters. I’m…
This is the footage that many deny ever happened and try to hide it like a MF today.... well the World Wide Web bri…
Retweeted by David Theriault @Edulastic I still have teachers at FVHS who are having problems with Edulastic as of 1:18 pm PST. @clonghb @jasoncollette He’s my QB in 3 of 4 leagues... I thought I was being clever.
Earlier this month we asked you: What questions do you currently have about teaching writing? We used your response…
Retweeted by David Theriaultgreat thread. i’m replacing debates with topic talks this year. @CBSScottWhite @IsItTheWelsh TY. Daily podcast listener using Pocket Casts. Your show is great. @CBSScottWhite @IsItTheWelsh are either of you worried that if the ball changes, if his “just enough” HRs change, a… @BrentGWarner @TechTomBUSD @bribriggs @Cbustamante2222 @creativeedtech @MrZiebarth @rushtheiceberg @JoAnnFoxEDU