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Historian of the early modern British Empire and South Asia; @QMUL; father of two; husband to one; master of none. Live in Sussex by the sea. Anti Facist.

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@amyfullermorgan I remember the giant lollipops hanging from necklaces. My sisters were mad for them. @greg_jenner Agreed, the budget was...out of this world. @andy48_andy @edanderson101 @LukeDon80051530 Everything alright hon? @greg_jenner I quite liked it. Totally mashed up, but lots of great shows turn it around in the sophomore year. I saw lots of potential.I don’t understand people without a TV. What’s all your furniture pointed at? @joekrulder @GOP Oh see the GOP do know the system - they're just fucking it up on purpose. @joekrulder Jokes aside, I genuinely believe he's not actually quite sure how the US system works. Like the bible,… @susannegruss Oh wow, congrats! Still working on getting the same article accepted after 1 year and 3 rejections! Ha so good on you! @willgupshup Agreed!God I love Sundays. @primeadam Bastards! @mbarcia24 @profdanhicks You what?!?!
@NikkiClark86 Yay welcome to the tree-in-November club! @CathrynPearce Uhh cash. If partner’s out of work that’s gotta be a no brainer. I’m also sorry to hear that! And Br… range child #Sussexdowns @_paullay Indeed! @MikeJMustafa They got me as a dad. They literally won life. No toy can compete!! @Donna_Milner_ I’d love to strap a few of them to a rocket, tbh.First year with a real Xmas tree - was chopped down yesterday. Just one complaint really: why is nature so unsymmet… @mbarcia24 So he’s the Mad Hatter, or?
@katherineschof8 @SOAS You two are so bloody cute! @DJLdistraction You're welcome David! @emilieKMmurphy Well I’m not sure if it strictly meets the criteria of productive, but to hell with it, it’s Friday! WELL DONE!!! @DJLdistraction Well done David!! @primeadam He’s thriving Adam! Happy birthday to him! @davidmonington All seal and no desk makes Donald a bad boy. @CountTilly Let's hope it does for real very soon. @aniscapular I think most of his team have probably abandoned him at this point. @RabeaRi I assume that's a good outcome in his book. @ctimmermann Ha - yes it does! The way his legs are squashed against the desk. Honestly...I assume that most sane s… @edanderson101 Alas not quite.As far as optics go, that desk was not well thought out. @AylettSamuel @PhDForum Happy to Samuel, drop me your Email in a DM. @KateRivington Nice one!
@DrDuncanBell @cambridge_cpt @Dept_of_POLIS Congratulations! @RoperLou @AABastianWrites @_paullay Fifth Sun was excellent! @qb_mosharfa @emmaxdaviess @QMHistory Well deserved! @mbarcia24 @themandalorian It’s a carnage! @MikeJMustafa Well done old chap! @PeterGood7 Argh I want to, I want to! Soon, my precious. Soon.Eek! Some exciting news today about my new book project, but can't divulge anything just yet! In lieu of being able… @MikkiBrock This is admirable, and I think it’s important we share our struggles and failures. But also don’t be to… @sbasdeo1 Subtle! 😉 @willgupshup 🤦 @FYoungKaufman If by dogs you mean my sanity, and if by let them out you mean did I go crazy - then yes! Only day 3 of the kids being home!
@joekrulder Well done! @Seb_Falk 🤣 @Hannah_Greig Been there. @Amanda_Vickery God that sounds amazing. @DLNoorlander This is the kid appropriate version I assume! @chatterjee108 You mean, more wine? @JennaEllisEsq Don’t know the author of this one either? You’re on a roll. @cheapsellotape @FourCourtsPress @AnnMariaWalsh @neilojim1972 Oh excellent haul! @emilieKMmurphy “I will be transforming human knowledge by...” no, me 5 years ago, you will not.I can just hear my 7 year old daughter upstairs singing “who let the dogs out? Woof woof woof”. Everything’s fine. @amyfullermorgan 😂 @mrfw17thc Well yes but no one asked for logic here Mark!Maintaining the Foreign Aid budget at 0.7% of GDP was a Tory election pledge. They've just broken that. So I'm a li… @greg_jenner The Scramble for Jenner. Ruthless bit of imperialism. @LJayneParkinson @QMHistory Absolutely smashing - well done!! @greg_jenner What...what did you think was behind there?! @nath_ormond Wait, you don't think bringing an end to something means it has been eradicated? Do explain. And no -… @nath_ormond Well if you don’t think Britons did eradicate cannibalism and human sacrifice, surely you do take issue with those paragraphs? @nath_ormond No my good sir, I do not. Hence the entire thread. If you think Britons benevolently rid the world of… @nath_ormond I'll just direct you back to the original thread in which hundreds of people for whom this is their fi… @nath_ormond It’s clearly not your field, is it mate? @aniscapular I just reviewed it! 🤣 @edanderson101 @w_carruthers Colour me surprised! @w_carruthers @edanderson101 I’m wandering when the trend will become...extinct? @mrfw17thc 🤦 @edanderson101 @w_carruthers Are historians drawn to M&S dino jumpers?! @ctimmermann Yes...but of course...🤷 @mrfw17thc It’s all about the numbers! @w_carruthers Good taste! @katecmorrison What is this word, “free”? @katecmorrison Sympathies!!!Why yes, the second day of having the kids home since Covid shut their school down IS going very well. Why do you a… @emmcgirr @emilieKMmurphy Yep my 20 month old is in a Thomas the Tank Engine phase right now. Such a glorification… @emilieKMmurphy Oh good call - love the Toy Story films, more than my kids! Ben and Holly is better than Peppa, but… @amyfullermorgan 😂 @emmcgirr I want to go to there.
@Liam_Richards3 Trans rights are human rights! Happy birthday mate. @Amanda_Vickery I have it on good authority that students love your courses - don’t be too hard on yourself in a pandemic! @emilieKMmurphy Haha snap! But the mere thought sends me further down that rabbit hole. The idea of watching Daddy… @mrfw17thc 😂 @KateInTheTrees Not sure my dad bod would agree! 🤓 @Alebarr_1889 Have to get up with the kids in the morning 🤦 @Prof_Murdoch @cambUP_History Bloody typical! Hope you enjoy it - do let me know what you think!It’s been an “eat a giant bar of dairy milk chocolate and drink a whole bottle of Malbec for dinner” kind of evening. @markrstoll Had an uncle that smoked a pipe - I have the opposite affect! @BritannicaPax There’s just too much crazy going round lately. @mbarcia24 @UniversityLeeds Oh that’s a good office! @RDEliason @washingtonpost @PostOpinions What’s with the either/or shit? Both will judge his orange arse. @tkinias 🤓 @tkinias Thanasis I’m going to level with you: I’d probably call it cow food. I don’t spend a lot of time on farms! @tkinias Wheat I guess! @Alan_Allport Kay? @tkinias Sweet corn is the only context I ever use it in! Or corn on the cob 🤓