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Master of Kung Fu drawing I did in 1985. The pose was stolen from a Mike Zeck drawing. posted a photo posted a photo was the first indie comic series to capture my imagination when I was a kid. It was a huge influence on me… posted a photo posted a photo posted a photo't ever question my Batman nerdiness. was 4 years old when I drew this for my mom's birthday. This is the oldest surviving piece in my portfolio. posted a photo yet another Batman drawing. This is probably 1983 or 84. original Batman drawing. This is from 1981. today is Batman here's a drawing I did back in 1985. Just found this in a box with a bunch of o… out Is'nana the Were-Spider: Showtime by Greg Anderson-Elysee on @Kickstarter out The Search For Sadiqah Issue 1 by Greg Burnham on @Kickstarter is an incredible comic. Definitely worth backing. Check out LA MANO del DESTINO Bilingual Flipbook by J. Gonz…
Just posted a photo posted a photo posted a photo posted a photo time I wrote and drew my own WOLVERINE comic book (I was 12 years-old at the time). Notice how I gave Wolverin… Wildfires. Political corruption. Civil unrest. Grief and despair and uncertainty. And still they bloom. posted a photo posted a photo posted a photo posted a photo
This is the real deal... search of creative inspiration, I've taken a deep dive into the work of a master. posted a photo
Just posted a photo posted a photo posted a photo posted a photo posted a photo posted a photo posted a photo
Check out Brian Stelfreeze & Doug Wagner's THOMAS RIVER #1 Comic Book by 12-Gauge Comics on @Kickstarter of my fondest memories is the day Barry Leroy Hampton and I shot this music video. This was one of several of c…'ll always love this version of Ooh Child, performed by my brother Barry Leroy Hampton. I miss you everyday. Bar… (and everyday) I celebrate the life and music of my dear, departed brother, Barry Leroy Hampton. Today is his… - The Very Special Episode (with an Important Message) Leroy Hampton - September 16, 1968 - February 4, 2011. Not a day goes by that I don't miss my brother.
NOW: city of Louisville agrees to following in #BreonnaTaylor settlement: -$12 million to family -commanding offi…
Retweeted by David F WalkerPutting this out to the universe (and to interested publishers) of my dream projects is a graphic novel about… Lizzy - The Pressure Will Blow via @YouTubeIn a giant new interview, the legendary Brian @Stelfreeze talks about Batman, Black Panther, and his crowdfunding e…
Retweeted by David F WalkerTHIN LIZZY GOT TO GIVE IT UP LIVE via @YouTubeDream Project: I'd love to write a graphic novel on the life of Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy. Phil Lynott: Songs For… - The Year in Review, Part 2 written by @davidf.walker art by @q324 Grohl VS Nandi Bushell EPIC Battle - Round Two! The stakes have bee... via @YouTubeBlack Hole Sun | Soundgarden | funk cover ft. Maiya Sykes via @YouTubeJust posted a photo
Sid McCray, Original Bad Brains Singer, Dies
@KDWilliam_write Let me think on that for a moment.Okay-ish. Saint - End of the Attention Span (OFFICIAL VIDEO) via @YouTubeJust posted a photo, I have to admit...this is pretty cool. Much respect for my @bitterroot18 partners in crime, @chuck.brown.902…
To all my family and friends surrounded by fire and smoke today, this is for you... Deep Purple - Smoke on the Wate…'m very upset. This was the weekend I was going to start jogging. But now I have to remain lazy and fat because of these damn wildfires.Portland and Multnomah County residents - air quality is brutal. Don't go out unless you absolutely have to. No eva… posted a photo posted a photo posted a photo posted a photo
Mental Health Wellness during times of disaster -- check out this information on dealing with stress and anxiety du… in the western United States as of a few minutes ago. I can't lie, this shit is stressful. Trying to plan… to self: horrible pain down your left arm can be a warning sign of a heart attack, but horrible pain down…
@highme @YouTube Word.Wake 'N' Bake via @YouTube @chalkyheart You have dreamy eyes.Cypress Hill - I Wanna Get High (HQ) via @YouTubeThese wildfires are messing me up -- giving me really bad anxiety. The worst anxiety I've had in months. I'd smoke… admitted he deliberately played down coronavirus threat: Reports - ABC News - via @ABCBreaking: In recorded interview for Bob Woodward book, Trump said he knew coronavirus was "deadly" even as he publi…
Retweeted by David F WalkerStay informed and stay safe. Oregon Wildfire Resources can say, “Horta Lives Matter,” all you want, some people will always respond with, “What about Tribble lives?”
Less than $1200 away from hitting it's goal. PLEASE help make this happen. Check out INSIDER ART by Shelly Bond on… @cheryllynneaton Is it just me, or is this very difficult to find online?God bless whoever convinced Cooper to come back to comics. Even for a short story.
Retweeted by David F WalkerYes, you can listen to congas on BONGO WEDNESDAY. #bongowednesday Candido Candido's Funk via @YouTubeMore BONGO WEDNESDAY goodness. #bongowednesday Preston Epps - Love is the only good thing via @YouTubeYes, it is BONGO WEDNESDAY. #bongowednesday Preston Epps Trio - Say Yeah!! via @YouTubeJust posted a photo posted a photo posted a photo've found that listening to this on repeat makes me feel better... Crazy Train via @YouTube
Let's make this happen... Check out INSIDER ART by Shelly Bond on @Kickstarter's very rare that a butterfly takes time from their busy schedule to pose for me, which is why I'm so thankful fo… mom called 911 to help her 13-year-old with autism. Utah police shot him via @usatodayCheck out @ComicFrontline's Top 5 Panels for the week, and be sure to vote for your favorite!…
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Just posted a photo's not the same as wandering the aisles lost in a world of books, but at least @powells is open for curbside pick… - The Year in Review written by davidf.walker art by @MemphisQuinn
I would like to think that there's more to the best part of waking up than Foldgers in my cup.Just posted a photo posted a photo posted a photo posted a photo