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@missafayres can't break embargo sorry
yesterday i vacuumed up a wasp and now i'm afraid to open it
@The_oppOnent Hey there - am reaching out here as requested, was hoping to get in touch to talk about a potential i…
@AdamSessler Hey Adam - we met at GDC a few years back via @xoxogossipgita! Have a quick question for you, can you hit me up in DM? Thx!A friend of mine asked me this a while back re a piece I’d been writing. I post it all over my stuff now as a remin…
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@codejill @slimekat Arielle, folk songs will be written of this epochal moment @slimekat we had a time dinweea parting .gif
Retweeted by David Wolinsky @tjowens Thanks man! I got a newsletter, too, that's new, if you wanna sign up! @KirbyKid :( how long are you in town? I DM'ed you!!! @katiechironis they also make some fantastic milkshakes @dosnostalgic @SpindleyQ (I told Anatoly of your love of weird old games. And quest for Klik N Play games.) @dosnostalgic May you always boot in safe mode. And talk to @SpindleyQ!! He is good people. @mikerugnetta Ahh! Thanks for connecting us man. @Sierra_OffLine is rad. @moshboy freaky when iOS camera does facial recognition of a cardboard cutout @mikerugnetta ps am about to meet Laine out at GDC in a few so thanks again for that. @mikerugnetta Make it through with another point of view!!!!!!!!!! @atweetingtwit Yes! Same! Always so chaotic but glad we could share some oxygen and goofs man!
plum blossoms the butterfly's bed me?
Retweeted by David Wolinsky @morbidflight @nodontdie Oh? Do tell!P.S. Don't Die is officially one year old this week. Thanks for tuning in. There's still more to do. Nothing stops this train.Like what I'm doing? Money helps. But it's not the only way of empowering what I'm doing. But it definitely helps.Out at GDC but ICYMI I have a Patreon. I'm doing this instead of writing for low-paying websites. @nodontdie. Library of Congress. On how the #gamedev industry doesn't think its output is culture. really great points in this don't die interview between @ellaguro and @davidwolinsky:
Retweeted by David Wolinsky @reidmccarter @ellaguro Wanna know something tho is that the dude I interviewed from Pyst yesterday was saying some similar things. @reidmccarter @ellaguro Thanks dude. What spoke to you about it? @slimekat it has successfully grafted @panecasio @EthanRedd Mos def bros. we all just people tryna figure it out and make our way. @panecasio @EthanRedd It's good to be admired and appreciated but it don't solve all your problems is all I was trying to say before. @panecasio @EthanRedd And honestly? No matter how often you tell people the reality, they think it's exaggeration or downplaying. So. Yknow. @panecasio @EthanRedd Tho I get why people would say that, only I know the reality and my struggles. @panecasio @EthanRedd Just a coincidence worth sharing. @panecasio @EthanRedd yeah. Tho honestly I'm where you are. There's a lot in my life that just isn't how I want it to be. But so it goes. @limbclock I can mail you one. Or a few. I'm about to run out! @StuHorvath @EthanRedd @panecasio literally someone just told me they wish they were in my position. @Nonadecimal Always an experience. Almost always a positive experience. @limbclock didn't know you were out here! I'm en route to a breakfast and hoping to be back at the center ~noon. Will you be around?Looks like I might completely run out of @nodontdie pins. Lmk if you want one, there might be literally one left after these next few thingsI'm good with no more animatronics ever after this
Retweeted by David Wolinsky @slimekat is that where I left it @hamsandcastle those kids look so lifelike @arranseaton schedule is all weird today but I got some pockets and def wanna say hi and see your game. DM me where you're at on the floor? @h4nchan I prefer super orange to peach personally @h4nchan you just can't bank on not being affected by allergens, especially when coming from another time zone. LIVE AND LEARN!!!! @h4nchan Yea! Thermos for water and emergen-c vitamin powder daily helps. Also, otc allergy meds. Helps helps helps helps. @h4nchan Hand wipes. So important! So not exciting! But always in my utility belt. @KelliNDunlap i.e., "people who understand games first and foremost just know this stuff better than those w primary training elsewhere?" @KelliNDunlap hmm. Yeah. I mean, that feels correct. In line with continual slicing the culture in twain, so favoring "homegrown" experts?
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Retweeted by David Wolinsky @missafayres *x-files muzak*On the inside, we all are sad.
Retweeted by David Wolinsky @KelliNDunlap hmm. Any theories as to why?
@feignamnesia The thing I still think about w Shenmue is that convenience store thing. I still think it's so telling about something in us. @feignamnesia I frequently use the phrase "building a playground out of the wreckage" and I suspect we're on a similar page here... @dosnostalgic us men have a one track mindjust hangin out at the family lounge next to the public bathroom settin my sights on the perfect thing to graffiti & contribute to societySpotify Inks Royalty Pact With U.S. Music Publishers Group for ‘Unmatched’ Songs
Retweeted by David Wolinsky @i_D cc @gabdar *ahem* @racarate @nodontdie Thanks! Lots of stuff dug up that afaik is new or not written about online. @racarate @nodontdie No, but he was discussed. There was some trivia excavated about "his guy" (assistant?) tho not really my focus. @scottgordonwi cc @tltroup @seth1389 is it hardLooks like @gabsunset is ready for us! #GDC2016
Retweeted by David Wolinsky @lexiconjure pensicola @toomuchnick He worked the spreadsheets that explain it. Interesting twist that came out organically. Had noooo idea. @toomuchnick As it turned out (none of this is online) -- he was the one responsible for putting the axe down on comedy games.To elaborate. He means comedy isn't suited from a budgetary perspective. Why it doesn't exist more period, he says, is more sociological. @dosnostalgic Yes. And it revolves around videogames. @dosnostalgic I just report the truths that I'm told.There was a planned Doom parody called Doof. More to come. Lots of interesting stuff on why games are not really suited for comedy or parody @dontstaylong @TabbyRose pogs and pizza are flat circles #TrueDetectiveSeasonThree @pippinbarr the suggestion of ball is more captivating anyway. Ask any dog. if you know his languages he will tell you. @dontstaylong @TabbyRose it's like stoner Katamari with no purpose other than to vibe and think about life, man @dontstaylong New friend @TabbyRose and I played it this morning and she watched as I made a light post orgy and then possessed buildings. @dontstaylong so curious to hear what you'll think of O'Reilly's new thing. @dosnostalgic @fmvstory @dontstaylong We need boots on the ground and disks in the drives