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Make sure to arch your back as much as possible during a deadlift to avoid injury He/They

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@AdequateEmily You did it twice @AdequateEmily Emily it’s hardman...packers lost cause of this cracker ass tweet
Retweeted by The Orwellian Gamer @abhiprofen Devin white broke brees moreso than brady did
@Rufusfeet I am 0% above doing that and I am absolutely happy to admit that I’m that pettyGREEN BAY PACKERS, FAMOUS VICTIMS OF UNFAIR REFS?! WHEN WILL A CALL EVER GO IN THEIR FAVOR???? @abhiprofen Magary is one of those guys who calls out current dem guys for not being progressive enough but also li… @ARSONDOER Woah you edited sitting bernie next to the sopranos?? That is.. so cool!!!Lmao this guy is trying to pretend it’s leftist to root for Green Bay. a FG down 8 to not onside and give the lead and the ball to a QB who has been to 9 Super Bowls with two minutes left to own the libs
Retweeted by The Orwellian Gamer @drewmagary Way to stand up for the progressive bastion of Green Bay WisconsinSick of having their excellent regular seasons end in postseason disappointment, the packers finally fired mike McC… @randygdub I love this. Fuck the packers now and foreverI could take a salt bath in the Packers subreddit rn. I love this feeling. @pnickle15 The packers get more gifted flags than anyone @BrettKollmann Matt lafleur is a French name that translates into English as “Mike McCarthy”Little known fact: Matt Lafleur is actually French for “Mike McCarthy.”The packers will lose not because of the strategy of that field goal but because the karma of cowardice will spare no oneThere needs to be surrender index for field goals @hershykulkarni I just made the right call and Ur butthurt abt it! @hershykulkarni Making correct predictions is “confirmation bias” now???Tom Brady is decolonizing the NFL by radically queering the Packers defense but no one is ready for that conversation @hershykulkarni Trying to dunk on me for this when you locked the packers to cover and I picked Tampa is deeply embarrassingIf only there was a prior meeting between these two teams that could have clued people into the idea that Tampa mat… annual Green Bay playoff collapse is so delicious @RuckCohlchez Bottom 5 avi too @qtcinderella You must have a pretty easy ride so far then @saintknives I am more than willing to discuss my privilege as a white person, as well as my privilege of having gr… @abhiprofen Fuck greeeeen baaaay @drewmagary I would root for the Confederate Henry Kissingers before rooting for Green Bay @puppysmonkey This is my new go to response lmao holy shit @puppysmonkey HAHAHAHAHAHAIt’s genuinely great to see the first Muslim HC in football and I like Saleh a lot but I can’t not laugh that a dud… male? No, I’m less concerned with partying and being popular and more concerned with being financially shrewd… change r/nfl
Retweeted by The Orwellian Gamer @ByYourLogic Bitmoji avi= alien wearing human skin @bobo_the_second I am going to deplatform you @gnostiquette This would unironically be a great tweetMaking 100 bucks today one of two ways; either buffalo wins or I’m pulling a knife on the first person I see after the game @bugman_spencer Da Spencer giftYESSIR IN BETWEEN SETS ✊😎‼️
Retweeted by The Orwellian Gamer @saintknives @angstyenby JOE G KUSHMan I really do not want to watch Green Bay in the super bowl @GeraldFordVEVO Hold him accountableEnjoy what you enjoy but if you think marvel is soy but you like it when big cgi lizard hit big cgi monkey I’m judging a bitKong vs Godzilla looks fun but there is no real difference between getting hyped for that and people getting hyped… is that what he sounds like? @timerube I’m allowed to Rt my own stuff if I originally tweeted it at 2 am and no one saw it@ dudeswhoaredownbad there partner. We don’t let just anyone into the city. You wanna pass through I’m gonna need to see your sapiosexuality license.What if you gave a dog a root beer?9 out of 10 doctors agree: I am NOT the ghost of their dadconnuh maggegger @JeremyMonjo don gone swan lawn johnLets go bills. Buffaloooo. Dual threat daddy josh Allen @RuckCohlchez I know! this is precisely the type of thing i wished i hadnt found out!didnt need to know that Wendell Pierce was a clinton obsessive. you fuckers could have just let me keep loving the… @GeraldFordVEVO @bobo_the_second @bugman_spencer what the fuck are any of you talking about. im going to dm all of…
Retweeted by The Orwellian Gamerok yea its super good trans women. You win. You’ve worn me down long enough. I’m starting Evangelion.The last hunt #comic
Retweeted by The Orwellian GamerWhiplash and baby driver I do love tooOnce upon a time, knives out, fury road 17-4 as gyrocopter and got my first rampage in over a year. Feel so good. @robertkschmitz Say what you will about fitz starting, I don’t think it would be boring @bobo_the_second What[having sex with my big brother gf] oh yeah baby your pussy is so orwellian
Retweeted by The Orwellian Gamer @_natastrophe_ @GeraldFordVEVO Yea now it’s “Nat wants to fuck centipedes” @hershykulkarni Ok it is possible, but I don’t think it happens @idiotcoward yea its supposed to be a dystopia!! in the dystopian world future patches make the game WORSE!!!Faimly ate new haven pizza on the way to new york in the car, my sister and I decided to watch a movie in the backs… @humidhollow i dont do this anymore but i did use to put vodka in my protein shakes @humidhollow this is because tom brady left. we would still know how to win if he was herenot inspired by anything in particular fwiw. just thoughts i had kicking aroundno person makes me more suspicious than people who use social justice as a veneer to to frame gossip as morally righteous @secretreaghan2 Had to unfollow for that one. Like walking onto a model runway and screaming “Hey yeaaaa, me too buddy! Just like me!” @hershykulkarni They don’t draft a QB, too many needs on defense + they do not have any of their starting receivers… @secretreaghan2 I’m fine w posting thirst traps, it’s stuff like this that gets under my skin
@secretreaghan2 If a nationally known cnn anchor liked all my thirst traps I would do the exact same shit nglHonestly the more I think about it I really doubt stafford gets dealt within the division. BUT if he goes to a team… @snelsonmandela2 This season is probably gonna be a slog. I think Desai can make the defense good enough that we wo… @snelsonmandela2 yea, i think chicago drafts mac jones and we put him in charge once its clear foles can't win game… @snelsonmandela2 im much more concerned that other teams like the niners or colts will be much better suitors, sinc… @snelsonmandela2 if mitch gets re signed its as a backup on a backup salary, and i sincerely doubt even that happens. @pipinplover he will be MUCH more expensive, both in terms of contract and picks required to get him @snelsonmandela2 your team is already paying a QB big bucks though. We owe Foles something like 8 a i do not care if we lose the NFCCG off a stupid interception give us this pleasePace if you do not POUNCE ON THISSTAFFORD WILL HAVE HIS MINNESOTA FAVRE ARC IN CHICAGO. COME ON DOWN BABY @bobo_the_second kinda feel bad for the guy, everyone posting about this is going super overboard about how his abs are fake or some shit.Unless the bears ever really win it all, this is never not gonna be my favorite picture in sports history. @lunch_enjoyer watch this movie and then listen to Price Tag by Jessie J. It will change your outlook @ArifHasanNFL Oh I'm fully aware that speaker points are subjective nonsense. My friend once got docked speaker poi… would delete the app if this was my TL
Retweeted by The Orwellian Gamer @ArifHasanNFL "Mr. Hasan, why are you awarding extra speaker points for subscribing to the Athletic?"Thinking about murderers. I'm getting pissed off.