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Wow: Natalie Pontius was a paid political consultant for a Republican candidate for GA House of Reps in 2018. Yet…
Retweeted by David Weiner @JohnnyMcNulty This makes it sound like he sees an anesthesiologist like one does a dentistThe subtext of every U.S. coronavirus milestone that the news media can't touch is plain: We are a country held hos…
Retweeted by David WeinerI guess we *can* sue the gun companies then
@jaketapper This thread from @tfadp: remind you
Retweeted by David WeinerRisking COVID to own the libs Kelly really following Glenn Beck’s playbook to get back into the right’s good graces @elongreen I expect it will when I crack “Last Call” in a month or twoPast parody: Trump's Twitter password was "maga2020!" and he doesn't have two-step verification set up up
Retweeted by David Weiner @Penenberg @charlesbethea @JessicaHuseman @nytimes Lol took me 5 minutes
Retweeted by David Weiner @charlesbethea @JessicaHuseman @nytimes Also curious that the person in the lede, Natalie Pontius, "an interior dec…
Retweeted by David WeinerThis @nytimes story on how Georgia may vote has some issues. Among them: it quotes a man named Jake Evans, ID'd as…
Retweeted by David Weinergonna tell my kids this was dril
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This cracked my top ten Trump lines outfit lasted longer than Quibi @ggreenwald @tomscocca @Slate I didn’t read this as a gripe about his own circumstances, but that trump demonizes t…
Retweeted by David Weinerthis is. a real good thread
Retweeted by David WeinerA perfect tweet. Simply cannot be improved upon. The mind reels. 10/10.
Retweeted by David WeinerOnly the Democrats could take a glaring Republican scandal in a time of peak partisanship and whitewash it for their own baseIt’s impossible to overstate just how much the Democrats fucked this up. Just complete political malpractice from a…
Maybe Erica was bashed, trolled, excoriated and reviled for using three spaces after periods is legtimately the stupidest thing I’ve read all day and I’ve had Twitter open most of it.
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@weareyourfek @harmancipants Oh, I’ve been hunting the truth about that plane harder than Richard Quest @AmyVernon Right?!’s busy tweeting media stuff, but I just learned that stink bugs only first appeared in the US in 1996. Now *that’s* crazy. @die_eckman I’ve heard worse ideas @dansinker Tourist dollars?Happened to drive by where they shot The Fugitive train/bus crash scene so here are the worst pictures of the remai… @NYCferry stop out of commission ‘indefinitely’ bc the developer sold the property. This isn’t how publi…
Retweeted by David WeinerCan’t tell if I’m the only one seeing this resemblance to see horseshoe leftists sandwich pro-John Ratcliffe tweets right between ones decrying the American-backed c… it started How it's going
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How Kevin Van Ausdal lost everything after running for Congress against QAnon and Marjorie Taylor Greene - The Wash…
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Federal minimum wage: 2009: $7.25 2010: $7.25 2011: $7.25 2012: $7.25 2013: $7.25 2014: $7.25 2015: $7.25 2016: $7…
Retweeted by David Weinerlmfao
Retweeted by David Weiner
@harmancipants @benwikler @perlberg Yeah, apparently I was sitting in a cesspool of disease and germs while seeing… this when Twitter was down, guess it finally found its way. Dentist Defends Use of Leeches:
Retweeted by David WeinerThe reason this matters for real is that on election night Trump will falsely claim victory to shape the narrative…
Retweeted by David WeinerI am so tired
Retweeted by David Weiner
We make edibles now. polls suggests Graham has polled significantly better as he's gotten the opportunity to preside over cord…
Retweeted by David WeinerFeinstein gonna serve the next 18 years as a Republicancatching covid from hugging a republican is the most democrat possible way to die
Retweeted by David WeinerBari Weiss preaches “the free exchange of ideas,” except for those she disagrees with. What a fraud. @BobbyBigWheel More like Jane GoodcallGood morning
I'm not defending the Lincoln Project, but I'd like to know how their finances stack against traditional liberal or… won’t address this scammer spreading election disinfo on here because @jack quite literally seeks his couns…
Retweeted by David WeinerThe easiest piece to publish today is just screenshots of the Google/Yelp reviews of the Mac Shop 6 hours from nowDebate commission should bar NBC from hosting one for X number of presidential electionsIf Giuliani’s conduct doesn’t convince you to be wary, consider the anonymized DE shop owner who says he doesn’t kn…
Retweeted by David WeinerAnyway, getting mad at the media for their steady stream of fuckups this morning won't do anything. I'm going to t…
Retweeted by David WeinerThis is so true. On my list of things that all historians know that would surprise many non-historians, the fact th…
Retweeted by David WeinerThey’ll do all they can to try and make this a closer race lmao.
Retweeted by David WeinerMy thoughts on this morning's hot politics news: 1: if I were an @NBCNews employee I would walk the fuck out toda…
Retweeted by David WeinerTrump repeats his lie that "Mexico is paying for the wall, by the way, you know that." White House declined to com…
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The libs have like a trillion easy things to focus on and dunk on when it comes to Amy Barret and the circumstances…
Retweeted by David Weiner @ShopifySupport Great, thank you @ShopifySupport Hey, your status page says all systems are fine but you’re clearly having issues right now. Can you… has fallen, but voting lines continue in Marietta, Georgia. The @WCKitchen team just finished serving dinner.…
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This isn't an antisemitism debate, and it can only be portrayed as one by bad faith actors. Heshy Tischler incited…
Retweeted by David WeinerA mob is forming, instigated by Heshy Tischler (from before he was arrested) and his supporters, outside of…
Retweeted by David WeinerSorry, your name again was...?
Retweeted by David WeinerHow am I still seeing more about court packing than this?
Retweeted by David Weiner
@PJVogt nurse who traveled to New York and Texas to save lives at the heights of the pandemic was lauded for her lifesavi…
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Wonder what stopped him.
Retweeted by David Weineramazing. Chuck Todd hosting Hugh Hewitt this Sunday, days after this —>
Retweeted by David WeinerVery glad this absolute oaf has a fucking APC
Retweeted by David Weiner
Police demonstrate how to siphon your city budget for basic services to pay for their six figure salaries, tanks an…
Retweeted by David WeinerRe-air the first debate instead @Nate_Cohn Do bothBeing threatened with the Hatch Act is like being told something is going on your “permanent record”
Retweeted by David WeinerLol this guy is definitely the ringleader @Slade This issue has a Springsteen profile, a whole BLM section, an investigation into the elder abuse of Stan Lee… Magazine’s technology section is required reading number of attempts by the GOP in recent years to pack or shrink the size of state supreme courts is incredible.
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I think I recognize these guys from replies. Hard to tell without the sunglasses and cars. 43% 75: 42% 74: 41% 73: 42% 72: 44% 71: 45% 70: 46% 69: 47% 68: 48% 67: 49% 66: 50% 65: 51% 64: 50% 63: 49% 62…
Retweeted by David WeinerWhat percentage of your life the U.S. has been at war, by birth year: 1977: 44% 78: 45% 79: 46% 80: 47% 81: 49% 82…
Retweeted by David WeinerWhy do Republicans think a zoom conference call isn’t acceptable for a debate, but it is fine for hearings on a lif…
Retweeted by David WeinerIn both debates the president and VP each refused to say they’d accept the results of the election if they lose and…
Retweeted by David WeinerThis is why no journalist should be publishing anything released by cops simply as fact.“Probably sounded better in the original German” @BenjySarlin @osamainhell Lol good question, I gave up the name years ago so probably became a Q bot or somethingSorry, this came down from the top, I don’t make the rulesTweeting screenshots of fly accounts is the new starting a fly accountI was just brutally assaulted, hit in the head, and kicked at by an angry crowd of hundreds of community members of…
Retweeted by David WeinerWant to know what systemic racism looks like? Compare any of these videos to any video from a BLM protest fly may have been the first female who wasn’t his wife that Pence has touched in decades @CillizzaCNN You’re an idiot.
@Art_X_ @behope331 @chrislhayes @mjs_DC Sure, I agree with theseDiet starts Monday @chrislhayes @mjs_DC The only answer always has been and always will be to pack the court. I'm not sure what fighti…