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Director VAM MGMT - Libertines, Tom Grennan, Supergrass, Loyle Carner, La Roux, Ashnikko, Yonaka, Hunna, Elli Ingram, Zuzu, Chapp Wrestling, Rose Gray Lynds❤️

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@anorwichfan I’ve moved everything from this month to July. Quite straight forward @mabmab71 @thecharlatans Agreed x @anorwichfan I’m sure everyone can wait a few weeksOn the office stereo today part 1 @thecharlatans #howhigh #tellinstories @DanielBrooksDJ Releasing records currently can wait for a minute. Not sure who’s making coin from records to be fair 😂 @anorwichfan Have you not noticed the world on fire this week and the past 12? Doesn’t feel remotely right gassing… @DanielBrooksDJ I’m talking about with current affair this week etc daniel. Doesn’t feel right on socialsPeople releasing and promoting music in this climate 🤦🏻‍♂️🤯🤯🤯🤯 by this government’s abysmal standards, this is shocking! Hancocks smarmy face and nonsense promises continuou…
@ToolerG Mega mate🇳🇱 Total Football #PUSB | @Jimi_Dyer
Retweeted by John DawkinsTrump began his term promising to build a wall to protect America from the world. He ends it building a wall to pr…
Retweeted by John Dawkins @endamac118 Classic! Laff and the bucket hat hahahahaCristiano Ronaldo turned up FOUR hours early for Juventus training. 😳 He wanted to do individual work before the s…
Retweeted by John DawkinsWe went to this gig, all the lads from uni! We robbed a lads card and bought all the tickets on it after he crashed… waves and i won’t get grazed are drenched in Hammond and reverb. Feels like the we’re recorded in a huge church… remember one of my best mate @SeanCullen79 turning to me at uni and saying “boss tune this la” I hear him say it… @ListenUpMusic_ They push oasis closer for meA song dedicated to the mentor weller @ListenUpMusic_ Some serious who nods on that record, a little close in places @ListenUpMusic_ Mechanical has some moments for sure @aevansbarrister Amazing isn’t it! Same brother x @bracewellsboots @ListenUpMusic_ Spill the beans @DamonMinchellaEasy tag with the mod nod and weller connection, but it’s bollox! Moseley / Marchin / modern / Bsides are all incre… into Emily chambers was BIG @ListenUpMusic_ Profit is a hit, end of! Got the lotCool as fuck the artwork @ListenUpMusic_ Banger. At the time it felt like a bait attempt to write a commercial single, but it stands up defo @ListenUpMusic_ Agree but the reviews at the time said it was too commercial hahahaThis song is right up there for under the radar OCS tunes. Proper writing. Mad how badly panned this album was at t… Aside single with July that was used as title track for lock stock and two smoking barrels the tv series @ListenUpMusic_ Had it’s moments for sure. Under rated. @DamonMinchella last OCS recordBecause they didn’t do multiple formats it charted low instead of number 2 where it should have gone based on stats. this on my wall at uni as a size A0 poster and some ducker nicked it. There about £200 on eBay now🖤
Retweeted by John Dawkins😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by John Dawkins @ListenUpMusic_ @OCSmusic @stevecradock @DamonMinchella @SimonFoxyFowler Fancy it damon? @DamonMinchella @example Plonk-erA little explanation for the #AllLivesMattter plonkers 😂😂
Retweeted by John DawkinsOn the office stereo today part 5 @robynkonichiwa #betweenthelines the office stereo today part 4 @TheWho #babaoreilly“Yeah don’t agree with the black fella dying but they shouldn’t be destroying property and rioting”
Retweeted by John DawkinsOn the office stereo today part 3 @thestrokes @SDelamar Boss as wellI had @theenemyband supporting the office stereo today part 2 @Iggy_Stooges @IggyPop @SDelamar Top 10 for me @mabmab71 Ha haOn the office stereo today part 1 @AuthorHelenJ Gutted we couldn’t be thereChris waddle / Peter Ndlovu / Cantona
BREAKING: The UK had 359 new deaths from #coronavirus reported in past 24hrs. This is more than the entire EU 27 c…
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Retweeted by John Dawkins @DaneeGen @Lawton_05 You can, but im highlighting that its not coming across that way from the post! Think we’ve co… @jayde1983 Thanks john xLaid @DaneeGen @Lawton_05 It just pushing the focus on to the negative ‘rioting and looting’ rehtoric. @Lawton_05 @DaneeGen Sound. But focus on the marching and protest. The other side doesn’t help and is always the na… @DaneeGen @Lawton_05 But that’s my point, you are focusing on that video and responding to it online rather than th… @skybluejamo I think Walsh is off @DaneeGen @Lawton_05 Lads you are focussing on the wrong issues here. 100s of years of systemic racism bubbling ove… Uncle Roy. The most flamboyant man I’ve ever met, he got kid to rest today with his wallet so he can buy a larg… @Lawton_05 You have zero context here2020 🤯🤯🤯 album on the office stereo today is @ledzeppelin III #ledzeppelin @Reverend_Makers Always a flag isn’t there?With Gustavo hamer potentially coming in at cov, I hope this doesn’t mean we’re not going all guns blazing for ohar… @ollyatterbury2 @pulp2011 E’s and wizz for meOn the office stereo today part 5. Very kind gift when I became a parent, thanks for the note on the front brother… @BazFratelli @wearephoenix Oh yes brother @DaleMcGregor22 @Interpol I was there on the anniversary show @DaleMcGregor22 @Interpol Beaut mateIn the office stereo today part 4 @Interpol & CASH the office stereo today part 3 @wearephoenix #phoenix the office stereo today part 2 @pulp2011 @Reverend_Makers Who the Fuck wants racist followers anyway xOn the office stereo today part 1 @tameimpala my @MusicWeek column this month rather than offer my usual opinion I have instead asked questions. Questions I…
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@SkyBluesExtra Bellamy a clear winner hereI fuckin love @claraamfo a force for good x @GDenson84 @theenemyband Nice. Don’t think there will be any gigs this year at this rateTrying to think of some other instances where someone rose to power on a wave of white nationalism and ended up hiding in a bunker... 🤔🤔
Retweeted by John Dawkins✊🏻❤️ #blacklivesmatter #TheShowMustBePaused
@steve_lamacq @BBC6Music Welcome back steve xThey’d rather arrest hundreds of American citizens then 3 of their own. Very telling.
Retweeted by John DawkinsTomorrow my timeline will be used to shine a light on black business owners, talented black employees and students…
Retweeted by John DawkinsLove you brother gaz ✊🏻❤️ @MHerringos @theenemyband Think you might have more than me 😂 @MHerringos @theenemyband Nice mate @GNev2 @CliveTyldesley Mega prep @GregW91 @theenemyband Nice. One with the cover too! @mikeseat @Coventry_City He was strong that gameNeed to pick up double platinum @Pezul88 @theenemyband Nice Pez. Good times xCouple of discs and that @Pezul88 @theenemyband That with or without the sleeve son @EmersonWhite @theenemyband Thanks mate! @ShiiineOn_ Yessss