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DawnIsla1 @Dawnisla1 West Midlands, England

FT Nurse and Podiatrist. Own a fem. Pomeranian - Isla, a Python snake - Kaa & large Aquarium of Monster fish including Arowana’s ❤️

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Kaa ❤️ this mama dog rescue her puppies one by one 🙏
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Kaa Tier 2 boozers pack city centres across UK despite new lockdown rules
How to live in a van with your dogs ❤️
Retweeted by DawnIsla1Watch this mama dog rescue her puppies one by one 🙏
Retweeted by DawnIsla1😥😢😌 Cathedral on a sunny Autumn day. Breathtaking! ❤️ @Caitlineli1 Congratulations for tomorrow! ❤️❤️🍾🍾🥂 xxxMy point to the above I speak my mind, loud and clear. So what!?? I’m not afraid to say what I think & i… ‘emergency’ call yesterday. Went to the Malvern Hills area to do a consultation for a 19yr Autistic male who’s… @liamw_1992 @BrentSpiner Maybe. But this shot doesn’t do any justice. Not at all like ‘Data’ @levarburton ❤️“It's been her summer home for 2 years in a row 😂”
Retweeted by DawnIsla1 @Melysse @SarahVerenaR @BrentSpiner Don’t judge, you have no idea what the hell has been happening here. 😔🎄 Our Famous Ornament Decorator is back in stock for the holiday season! Last year we sold out within 48 HOURS! 🎅 G…
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@SarahVerenaR @BrentSpiner @Melysse If you’re talking to me, not saying that! Absolutely, not at all 😀Don't miss our Cover Story, "How To Address Recurrent Hammertoes," by Troy J. Boffeli, DPM, FACFAS and Garrett D. N…
Retweeted by DawnIsla1“I know he was just there — where did he go?”
Retweeted by DawnIsla1How do I owe to thee? Let me count the ways.
Retweeted by DawnIsla1Guy risks his life to save bears ❤️
Retweeted by DawnIsla1❤️❤️❤️❤️ my baby boy Kaa ❤️ fun. Find ‘Jack’amongst the pumpkins.!? 🤬 Perfect Christmas Gift! 🎅 🛸After I bought this toy for my child, he stayed away from ipad/tablet and TV Get it…
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Kiss is bonding with Donna. ❤️❤️ @littlemissdyna4 @TeNsG @louise_voyager @BrentSpiner 😅😂. No disrespect to Star Trek fandom entirely, but, who wears… me, you’ll upset my boy Python, Kaa! Not forgetting Isla, the trappy Pomeranian. @BrentSpiner @Melysse Grow up! 😄 @Caitlineli1 @tina_sonntag @Dawnisla1 @BrentSpiner I have literally no idea what you’re talking about.
Retweeted by DawnIsla1Given Kaa his first mouse today. That’ll keep him going for a week 😀 Will take pictures tomorrow as you can’t han…
@BrentSpiner @Melysse What’s with the icons, you’re kind of pathetic! Just grow up to the 71 years that you are. @BrentSpiner @Melysse Lost for words 😌
@PeteButtigieg How it started: How it's going:
Retweeted by DawnIsla1Animals make the world magic 💫💫💫
Retweeted by DawnIsla1“Would you like a lesson, sir? In the rules of war?” #thepatriot #tavington #jasonisaacs #coloneltavington
Retweeted by DawnIsla1This dog was chained up for 2 years and wasting away — watch him turn into the most beautiful husky 😍
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This is the man of my dreams to late... He’s very protective on me, so upset me, you’ll upset him! 👺❤️ @Marina_Sirtis ❤️This one’s for those with big ambitions. The type who set off at the crack of dawn. Tea flask at the ready. Dreamin…
Retweeted by DawnIsla1This will make your day 💚
Retweeted by DawnIsla1 @BrentSpiner @richbeitch @ChristinaM33 @BrentSpiner Don’t assume until you know the facts! @BrentSpiner @frostybob123 @PhilRosenthal 🤮 @BrentSpiner @DannyFi92617820 @Timcast @BetteMidler @jonathansfrakes Both need to grow up! Trump is going to win the election, accept it!! @BrentSpiner @hschroy @AmerikaRogue Let it go for goodness sake, this is how most people recognise you as. Don’t b… @BrentSpiner @JohnRombi @AmerikaRogue Yeah, so you said @BrentSpiner @ramrod_rj @AmerikaRogue At it again? Allow people the freedom of choice, it’s well deserved in any f… @BrentSpiner 🤮
Retweeted by DawnIsla1My baby Isla xx
Retweeted by DawnIsla1My baby 🥰🥰🥰
Retweeted by DawnIsla1I collect unusual and sometimes rare items. This is in my bag collection. Had it many years now, actual size of a…
Retweeted by DawnIsla1I am so BUSY with my Podiatry, I have to re think on my FT Nursing status. I have tons of work on foot care in the…’m picking up this baby boy on Wednesday. He’s a Spider Ball Python and will grow to 6ft. Fav diet are Rats. 😀🥰’ve heard yesterday that Trump is def going to win this election! ?? 😶 @NotClumsyLTN If you think about it there’s 69 people +you+shooter =71. Nobody left the room dead or alive❤️ entered a room of 69 people. A shooter then enters killing 60. How many people are left in the room? A: 71
@levarburton @aptshadow @UKTor ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @agent_a29 Very good 😅 @agent_a29 You look amazing as the character 😀Inundated with calls for feet care and collecting 2 beauts on Wednesday. Here they are. Ball/Royal Pythons, one m… everyone look at this duck
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@Darth_Fugue @DJCroG @allnitelong222 @misskiranerys @BrentSpiner Are you able to find a time to personally contact me? My DM is open 😀 @BrentSpiner I’m getting a snake, - Ball Python, gonna call him ‘William Snakespeare’ is that a good choice for a name? Opinion plz 😅This dog was chained up for 2 years and wasting away — watch him turn into the most beautiful husky 😍
Retweeted by DawnIsla1One of my clients had a Ball Python snake. I’m in ❤️ and planning on getting one for myself one gone too soon 😢. RIP Johnny ❤️ Johnny Nash dead at 80 – I Can See Clearly Now singer dies following ‘d… @levarburton @eddievanhalen ❤️RIP Eddie Van Halen. metal music was the soundtrack of my youth and Eddie was the conductor
Retweeted by DawnIsla1 @dodo So sweet ❤️The way he talks to his mom before bed ❤️
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Golden retriever grows up with her favorite toy 😭💞
Retweeted by DawnIsla1My name in Arabic, confirmed by my ex who was Arabian 😅. I’ve got the tattoo on top of my foot. ❤️
Retweeted by DawnIsla1Oh lord! Came out of a clients home about an hour ago (foot care) I tripped on the pavement in the road and did a g… @levarburton @Delta ❤️
Age test: This image has had more screen time (around 70,000 hours) than anything else in British TV history. Plea…
Retweeted by DawnIsla1The cutest cat family was living in a couch that was about to be thrown out 🙏🏽 💞
Retweeted by DawnIsla1Pony kept indoors 10 years gets the most magical transformation 💖
Retweeted by DawnIsla1 @DonnaJoan8 🤢🤮
Retweeted by DawnIsla1"Please, if you find me, give me a good home and love" ❤️️
Retweeted by DawnIsla1 @levarburton @StephanieCozart @BarackObama @MichelleObama Congratulations❤️
@Caitlineli1 @BrentSpiner Now now Caitlin 😅 @DonnaJoan8 @BrentSpiner I know ❤️ @Mr_Picard I can imagine ‘the joy’! 😍❤️ @SirPatStew Love u Sir Patrick ❤️❤️ @LoreeMcBride Should not come to this @LoreeMcBride Really? @FleurB75 @pravalgi @BrentSpiner She’s married to one of the ‘most hated’ man on the planet 😯 @DonnaJoan8 @BrentSpiner Don’t judge, I know it has been difficult but I’m sure Brent has his reasons.