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Horse’s person, cat’s roommate, Packers fan, proud but displaced Maritimer. We are on this earth to make a positive difference. Kindness rules.

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@PrestonTVNews @LivePdFans @BothellFire 😡Police are not targets. No human being is. 🤞 For the officers. Keeping t… @ProFootballTalk Then just call team Washington. Fans will still come up with nicknames-wash outs/wash ups/washingdone... @CstSebLemay @CstSLemieux @OttawaPolice Wasn’t a fair contest imo-your duty belt weighed you down.MISSING: Heinz WITTENBORN, 82 years old. Has a beard, white hair and balding on top. Last seen on foot in the area…
Retweeted by Dawn 🇨🇦 @XenaBonina Cat logic 101- Anything with ‘purr’ls is mine. 😺 @CocoNPops Siamese say singing a tuna. Siamese say carrying a tuna. Siamese say finished the tuna. Siamese say tuna in later!! @ASPoliceHorses Kudos for the tack cleaning. Oh, & catching your bad guy. 😀 @thehill A man who’s company relies on Hispanic customers for much of its profit, spoke out in support of a POTUS w… @CTVNews @VanessaLeeCTV 💔 @K9memorialUk @ANG_HENDERSON 💔 @AmyNewcombe5 💔 @CstTaraso9345 Plus it looks like the chock is sitting on loose piping of some sort. Just more proof that “Accide… @thehill Raving lunatic reviews he means. @SilkyBengeezers @BirleyMoorVet4P @Vets4PetsGroup 💔 @LyndelAndDaPips Was that her food he was eating? If so call the Pope, he’s about to have female feline Saint wheth…
@peetsfeets 💔 @RealLifeCop There are people out there with far too much time on their hands. @ChrisMurphyCT This is preposterous. Dr. Fauci has dedicated his entire career to helping people, for that reason a… @SilkyBengeezers 💔
@johnstf Lol!! Patch Adams was sound asleep under the covers, then he heard you opening the Dreamies. Next thing I… @thehill 💔 @growingupzee Remember to are a superior being. Be kind with your judgments. Otherwise you’ll drive yourself crazy. @CityOfMissionTX 💔 @HeidiIllingwor1 @K9West3 It’s what bothers me about all the BLM attention. We’re by far the most oppressed, abused… @CDNGuideDogs @K9West3 Cats too!!Something to warm every pet owner’s heart as we roll toward the weekend... #FurryFriends
Retweeted by Dawn 🇨🇦 @couscouscattos Your Dad has a good heart. Kudos to him.This👇🏼 help or retweet required, you're all such jolly good eggs
Retweeted by Dawn 🇨🇦 @archiesauraus @littledave72 💔 @johnstf @goodman_carina @CorbLund Love the old horse pics & videos!! Took me back a few years. 😀 @OttawaParamedic @QCHOttawa @OttawaHospital @ottawahealth @hopitalmontfort @CHEO Right back at you!!! (from a TOH ER friend) @MerPolMounted She looks good. @kimmies_kitties There might have been a scent on your skin that caused this. One of my cats gets excited over some… @Malcolm_theCat You really must retain legal representation to purrtect you from this harassment. There is more tha… @FCattius Zen at work-Who can it be meow? @visforvan @FCattius Clever!! @GLFOP @LivePdFans 💔 @thehill I am quite certain commuting Stone’s sentence is either the fulfillment of a promise made if Stone protect… @sweeetsav 💔 I’m so very sorry. My condolences to you & your family. I’m a bit concerned about your comment “see… @ChuckCallesto Yes!!!! @CTVNews 💔 @SilkyBengeezers 💔 @Corinth_Police 💔 @MerseyMounty The first time I read it as 🐝 Gees being stung in my fridge.... (Honest! Not making it up!) @ThomasDBradley @LivePDNation 💔
@CTVNews 💔 @SilkyBengeezers 💔 @LieutenantAngry It could refer to menopausal Moms. 😀 @SilkyBengeezers (this is for those people you refer to) You’re not being kind. The Veterinarian(s) are the most qu… @thehill Okay Texas, is not necessary to be bigger at everything. Sometimes less is more. You need a field hospita… @SilkyBengeezers We are here for you, please don’t feel you need to respond to us right now. Do so if you want to,… @SilkyBengeezers Perhaps it’s time to let Dexter go sooner. For his sake & to save the extra suffering your experiencing as well. ❤️ @LieutenantAngry Regardless of the time of day, anyone who gets between me & my cereal bowl does so at their peril!! @SilkyBengeezers Letting go when the time is right for our loved one is a choice made with the greatest difficulty.… @AdamSchefter Meanwhile, Mr. Lurie announces he has finished his Hitler documentary. Leaving people to wonder abou… @NancyGrace Odd that no one has publicly verified the alibi Mr. Morphew is said to have. I wonder if the timing… @TeamCatMojo I suggested Doris before I read any of the comments. Maybe that’s a sign? @TeamCatMojo Doris!!! @RealLifeCop Offering peanuts to get out of a jam is how the idea of PB&J came to be. 😀 @thehill Hmmm, part of an NDA to prevent Stone writing a book? @JimmyandKelley Aww shucks. 😊 As a teen I was lucky to learn we all have the power to brighten our own day, just… @KidKool4U @JestNanc @jgod88406441 @Melissa20753729 I’m an idiot with over 20 years working in an ER, living in a c… @JJWatt Depends on the temperature of the room. 😀
@JimmyandKelley You’re very welcome. I’m glad you were brave & reached out. 😀 @SportsCenter @ESPNNFL Thank goodness he didn’t hurt his hand!!! @Dax_Cat This is for Dax’s Dad- Bitter Apple spray for plants does no harm & works like a charm. @RepBrianHiggins Dear Neighbour; We are nice, not stupid. Sincerely; 🇨🇦 Canada. @CTVNews Dear Neighbour; We are nice, not stupid. Sincerely; 🇨🇦 Canada. @littledave72 Be careful leading single file! I’ve heard unicorns sometimes forget about their horns. 😆 @JestNanc @jgod88406441 @Melissa20753729 Well said!! Ppl who complain lockdowns were/are unnecessary aren’t thinkin… @busywitch01 @Melissa20753729 My condolences. 💔 @kimi8 @Melissa20753729 💔 @GrannyGail31 @Melissa20753729 💔 @courage99peace Just read some of your replies-you also judge the city for having transients & (life saving) meth… @courage99peace Your post is full of hate. Miserable, judgmental hate. You disparage my city, the government & imm… @JimmyandKelley There are ‘paws’itive vibes in the heartbeats, footsteps & purrs all around you. Blue will pass, l… @CTVNews 💔 My heart goes out to the loved ones of the kids, driver of the 2nd semi, 1st responders & Good Samarita… @littledave72 Finn looks so clean! His coat is so bright I bet you almost have to wear shades! @littledave72 That’s exciting!!! @MrsF_Lilly_Fine You’re just making sure no one trips over you when they are running to hide. That’s a very wise & thoughtful decision. 😺 @MySportsUpdate More publicity for Lurie’s Hitler documentary? As bad as that would be it’s better than actually be… @ProFootballTalk I don’t think that’s a threat Dan Snyder will pay much attention to. FedEx already paid, I doubt h… @CTVNews Obey the police & you won’t feel the need to demand defunding. @GrannyGail31 @LivePdFans @LivePDNation @HubbellTheresa @1legchad @dementia76 While riding on a motorcycle, with a mask on of course. 😀 @thehill He can’t let you down because it’s not possible to go lower than hell. @littledave72 I hope you have other friends to teach the patrol ropes to. @thehill I love NY!! @OPP_ER Speed. ETOH. Both. There could be other factors but based on the look of the truck I’d bet at least one o… @OFSFirePhoto @MessierOnFire I hope the Firefighters are /stay safe. Thanks for what you all do. @AdamSchefter DeSean Jackson’s anti-semitism was a publicity stunt. I wish that was outside the realm of possibilit… @NFL_Memes For some groups in society certain team names are understandably offensive. Making fun of that &/or find… @ladailynews Robert deserved to rest without the whole world knowing his medical history. Shame on those who insist… @RealLifeCop I suspected the cross exam would be the problem. I look forward to a time when our legal system catche… @pulte Biden will listen to his advisors, he’ll defer to experts in situations that require it, he’ll read his brie… @LyndelAndDaPips I’ve introduced multiple kittens to an older cat who wasn’t grieving, & it still took time. Pls do… will kill a great employee faster than watching you tolerate a bad one. #LeadershipFirst
Retweeted by Dawn 🇨🇦 @RealLifeCop Within professions that deal with people in need only the strongest can take on the cases of the most… @RealLifeCop Curious-Was videotaping Jennifer considered/permissible in court?
There is another working fire in progress at 46 Nelson St. This fire has escalated to a second alarm due weather co…
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