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I live by the sea and for the sea, it's my Happy Place ❀️🌊❀️ Labour Party Councillor for Broadwater, Worthing 🌹🌹🌹 No DMs Please🚫

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@edwardpoole1975 Beautiful! I love non political posts from my Twitter friends! Have a lovely evening Ed and thank you for sharing this. 😊 @sallymi90818978 Thank you 😊xx @LizAllen16 Look after you Liz ❀️ @gillosutv Yep! 😑😑😑 @SeanPiggott2 I think you could well be right. Regardless though, I just don't understand how so many think he is doing a good job! 😱 @LizAllen16 I understand, it's all so terrible. You take care xx @chris_mcpolin Maybe, but I don't think so. The get Brexit done slogan saw more working class people vote Tory than… @kidmago Thank you, you too! @chris_mcpolin I think many just go by frightening headlines. They don't have strong political beliefs....look at a… @kevpk1962 Get Brexit Done did it.....he's a hero to many. I can't comprehend it either! πŸ˜‘πŸ˜±πŸ˜’πŸ’” @chris_mcpolin Like everything else! Some things need to exist as a service run by the people for the people, not p… @kevpk1962 Well said ....yet he tops the polls and many still think he's doing a good job! What on earth does a bad job look like? 😑😱😑 @chris_mcpolin The entire care sector has been failed by this government. You can't cut services to the bone and th… @Holesie Yep....very predictable....over this nothing less than shameful! 😑 @kidmago You are welcome 🌊🌊 @TheSerpentina Couldn't be his late lockdown and lack of PPE could it? 😑😑😑 @branston_f 😱😱😱 @chris_mcpolin Do you work in a care home? Sounds like you did the right thing for sure going into early lockdown.… @unimpressdd It's the nature I guess to present things in as best a light as possible....but this is a truly shocki… @aesthetedreamer @LeftWingKim @Hardeep216 @VictorK43995989 @leebeeesq @jackie51young Good to hear....and thank you too! 😊🌊🌈 @branston_f Fair enough....I've absolutely no idea how he sleeps either! Despicable policies harming many! 😱 @MerryMichaelW @brogs66 @welshgoldigger @sjohnsgreen @redmatt14 @DiaDiGiovanni @k4_owen @drummergirl1971 @ArgyleLoz… @gregorysgirl4 Agreed and absolutely! 😑 @brogs66 @welshgoldigger @sjohnsgreen @redmatt14 @DiaDiGiovanni @k4_owen @MerryMichaelW @drummergirl1971 @ArgyleLoz… @branston_f Don't hold back!! @rozzleberry @PaulOnBooks @AnnieTHunt @Morrigan_Wolfe @AndyTay60536072 @celtjules66 @mellors_karen @MerryMichaelW… @Patrick63104016 Whenever that is.....πŸ€” @Patrick63104016 @k4_owen @mikecoulson48 @BeadArtist1 @UKDemockery @rodjgrimmer @ArgyleLoz @redsarah99 @tinakalinen… @aesthetedreamer @LeftWingKim @Hardeep216 @VictorK43995989 @leebeeesq @jackie51young He was a very clever man Salva… @BrittenCally Fresh water swimming....lovely!! Thank you....enjoy 😊😊😊 @SlashWilko @NorthernLefty @DanielWBmouth @BlokeinEngland @pete3291 @suziegeewizz @LeftyPleb @Kirlea75 @tisy47… @ShellevenHouse @whereangiewand1 @PlanetHopperGal @SunriseSunsetTV @HowWeTravelUK @Travelinglover2 @WeatherCee… @NorthernLefty @DanielWBmouth @BlokeinEngland @pete3291 @suziegeewizz @LeftyPleb @Kirlea75 @tisy47 @cool_grandad… @welshgoldigger @sjohnsgreen @redmatt14 @DiaDiGiovanni @k4_owen @MerryMichaelW @drummergirl1971 @ArgyleLoz… @dngill Thank you, that is lovely to hear. Take care 🌊🌊🌊 @NorthernLefty @sjohnsgreen @redmatt14 @DiaDiGiovanni @k4_owen @MerryMichaelW @drummergirl1971 @ArgyleLoz… He says care homes were too slow to act on the advice that his government was late on giving them! What… @Hardeep216 @leftieKlalaaaa @ArgyleLoz @MsCCollins1 @BENEFITS_NEWS @BenJolly9 @CorrieDrew @gletherby… @welshgoldigger @sjohnsgreen @redmatt14 @DiaDiGiovanni @k4_owen @MerryMichaelW @drummergirl1971 @ArgyleLoz… @Patrick63104016 Thanks....when aren't we?! 😒 @peta53 Thank you, I'm sure I will. 🌊🌊🌊 @vamroses @celtjules66 @em_lynnie @Communista2 @barbycottontail @nayright12 @suziegeewizz @VictorK43995989… @lindas1954 Thank you 😊xx @JudyWeb92176381 Good afternoon Judy, it's a very special place I agree and I'm lucky it's so close by to me. Thank you, you too πŸ˜ŠπŸŒŠπŸ’™πŸŒˆ @VictorK43995989 @LeftWingKim @Hardeep216 @leebeeesq @jackie51young Always welcome Victor. Take care ❀️🌹❀️ @JonquilLucy @ElRaynerista @inezlc @MarisaDrucker @EH54_Lainey @AnydaySocialist @AmnestyUK @AndyTay60536072… @ShellevenHouse @whereangiewand1 @PlanetHopperGal @SunriseSunsetTV @HowWeTravelUK @Travelinglover2 @WeatherCee… @DiaDiGiovanni @nc500 @BornSocialist1 @tonyiathyer @Debbiesplace65 @robjonesdotuk @gonetothe @MattA_SouthWest… @purr121 @Sexyvamp2016 @LeftWingKim @662Maz @redsarah99 @expressionessd1 @NorthernLefty @celtjules66 @gletherby… @sjohnsgreen @redmatt14 @DiaDiGiovanni @k4_owen @MerryMichaelW @drummergirl1971 @ArgyleLoz @StaffsVegan… @Gaynorann46 @MettlesomeTeri @Hardeep216 @JohnEdwards33 @tisy47 @cool_grandad @cheese_butty @RichardBurgon… @NorthernLefty @DanielWBmouth @BlokeinEngland @pete3291 @suziegeewizz @LeftyPleb @Kirlea75 @tisy47 @cool_grandad… @UK_politicss @Hardeep216 @leftieKlalaaaa @ArgyleLoz @MsCCollins1 @BENEFITS_NEWS @BenJolly9 @CorrieDrew @gletherby… @garywilson2013 @redsarah99 @MerryMichaelW @gletherby @Communista2 @Lotx @barryoleary77 @StarSparkle_UK… @tinakalinen @expressionessd1 @mellors_karen @up_again @fardos @A_C_P_1 @karl_trotsky @k4_owen @LuckyHeronSay… @edwardpoole1975 @Hardeep216 @Skybluerick1 @barryoleary77 @ladyermintrude @Cornish_Damo @ToryFibs @JamesEFoster… @vamroses Sounds good long as you are happy! Take care πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™πŸŒˆπŸŒŠxx @Hardeep216 @edwardpoole1975 @Skybluerick1 @barryoleary77 @ladyermintrude @Cornish_Damo @ToryFibs @JamesEFoster… @Hardeep216 @leftieKlalaaaa @ArgyleLoz @MsCCollins1 @BENEFITS_NEWS @BenJolly9 @CorrieDrew @gletherby… @red_black_cat @mellors_karen @DiaDiGiovanni @garywilson2013 @SariellaHerself @irisstylosa @sophiabotha74… @k4_owen @mikecoulson48 @BeadArtist1 @UKDemockery @rodjgrimmer @ArgyleLoz @redsarah99 @tinakalinen @drummergirl1971… @mellors_karen @1liesalot @Pamos19 @damian_from @Cornish_Damo @davemacladd @wirralphil1 @FightingGran @Lovejoy999… @Greyfalcon6 @RadicalorNot @tinakalinen @ThatSocialist @mellors_karen @garywilson2013 @HelWatson1 @DiaDiGiovanni… @redmatt14 @PaulOnBooks @AnnieTHunt @Morrigan_Wolfe @AndyTay60536072 @celtjules66 @mellors_karen @MerryMichaelW… @DWPscumbags @AbdullaLoula Very funny! πŸ˜‚ @dsue1441_re @LeftFootFwd @ForwardMmtm @ArtButler8 @Gaynorann46 @johnpringdns @premnsikka @tribunemagazine… @ElRaynerista @inezlc @MarisaDrucker @EH54_Lainey @JonquilLucy @AnydaySocialist @AmnestyUK @AndyTay60536072… you @LeftWingKim for the shout out. 4 memes and 4 tags ❀️ @Hardeep216 @VictorK43995989 @leebeeesq… you @celtjules66 for the shout out. 4 memes, 4 tags ❀️ @vamroses @em_lynnie @Communista2 @barbycottontail… @KSwiz @stevewil94 Thank you, I like to try and reply, though I don't have notifications so sometimes I miss people. Take care 😊🌊🌈 @irisstylosa Thank you, and yes I did, take care 😊🌊🌈xxx @CoolJayne Good morning Jayne, thank you and take care 😊🌊🌈xx @floellaella @queencactus13 Good morning Kim....another beautiful pic!! Thank you, that has made me smile as you al… @irisstylosa 😊🌊🌊🌈xx @chezzy51 Hello Neil... Brighton Pier offers wonderful views I agree.... and yummy sugar donuts!! 🀐🍩🀐!! You take ca… @LostAtS93990553 Thank you very much 😊🌈🌊 @lindas1954 Good morning Linda, thank you, Brighton is fab! The winds have been so strong! I could vary stay uprig… @Patrick63104016 Fab!! 🌊🌊🌊 @lyndon_chaney Good morning Lyndon, have a fab day 😊🌈🌊 @dianne151052 Good morning, thank you....yes, I'd like summer back! Have a good week ahead 😊🌈🌊 @heather_c_c Good morning Heather.....glad you liked them. Have a good week ahead. Take care and stay safe 😊🌈🌊 @peta53 Good morning....I adore sea swimming, but it was far too rough for me to this weekend, red flags were up, b… @sallymi90818978 Good morning Sally, thank you.... Brighton is wonderful. Have a good week ahead. Take care and stay safe 😊🌈🌊xx @cool_grandad @Hardeep216 Good morning, thank too! 😊🌈🌊 @kidmago Good morning Wilson... waves are always motivational, I love them! Have a good day and week. Take care 🌊🌊🌊 @VeeBrien Good morning Vee ...I'm with you, it's at its best when I'm weird too! I hope you are keepin… @milliebananas Good morning, you are very welcome and I completely agree. Have a good week ahead 😊🌊🌈 @dngill Good morning, you are very welcome. The sea was very choppy all weekend. Have a good week. Take care and stay safe 😊🌊🌈 @Policywonk101 Good morning....I hope you will feel safe enough to visit a coastline soon. Take care and stay safe 😊🌊🌈 @hvbball9 No, it doesn't make me cringe. I think it's an important message during these times, many of us are tryin… @kidmago Good morning Wilson....I'm late to reply too... We have real lived they take our time too! I hope you had… @vamroses Good morning Vam, thank you. I had s lovely weekend in Brighton and I hope you had a great weekend too. H… @groovicat Good morning....I agree, it was beautiful to find! Take care 😊🌊🌈 @veronic91276084 Good morning Veronica. It was lovely to go and be somewhere else, Brighton us only 10 miles from m… @BrittenCally Hello Cally, I hope you had a good weekend? The sea was so rough in Brighton....a real delight to see… @jackie51young Thank you Jackie....yes, I will sort my pics and shard some soon. I hope you had a lovely weekend. Take care too 😊🌊🌈xx @chezzy51 Good morning Neil, sorry for the late reply. I loved the rock.... Brighton is such a lovely place and it… @jackie51young Good morning Jackie, sorry for the late reply as I've been away in Brighton for the weekend. That's… @BrittenCally Good morning Cally, dirty for the late reply, I was away for the weekend in Brighton. Hope you have a… @Patrick63104016 Good morning Patrick.... thank you, it's beautiful and the Poppie's really make it look beautiful.…