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let it be known Pieck>>>>Mikasa @SecretSilvio straight legendary times @SecretSilvio ralphs local homie 😎
@MilleniumY2K It’s honestly all perspective at this point and the perspective they’ve been taking so far this seaso… War Hammer Titan is so damn sick the manga couldn’t show it like the anime did LOLI say as I’m never gonna learn thisSmash Stick Gang eating today @exJORDANary @NeroWeNeed Wake up Raptor Boost @ScriptJCR Sounds like Florida @ahmad3721 It’s like I’ve done that ofc when I’m playing really consciously and focusing on patience in neutral the… @ahmad3721 On the real I just realized at the point in the game where they’re at kill % last stock & I lose my 2nd… @ahmad3721 LMAO I didn’t know till ultimate how to up smash out of shield or aireal out of shield without shield drop lag consistentlyI just had the biggest smash epiphany I should’ve had years ago imma clown 🤦‍♂️Goin to sleep at 11-12 for a week straight is a very weird feeling @camel_sshabib Lmao I’m clowning cuz this clip had me crying the way he just standing there and watching. They gonn… @gnAqua Aye chill on Abbas 😭 @Jakal_SS The all caps gave me an even bigger headache @QuillyKoopa Saw 4 years of my life flash before my eye pressing verify result @lordsturm473 Yea I agree I’ve been watching videos on advanced runs and it’s super entertaining and also can give… @HexMW This was a very normal looking results screen back in the day LMAOGot 3rd in a Smash 4 tournament, the Falco/Cloud loser runs got me feelin a special kind of nostalgic 😭 @lordsturm473 You’re focusing more on doing speedruns? @MatadorSSB Same tho I like what ultimate does with it more @magefalco YessirThrow em all at me it’s no sweat aesthetic is really ugly to me but I hear it’s a fun platformer so I’d try it for 10 bucksHas anyone ever bought a digital code from Amazon before? Does it just like give you it when you buy it or does the… I FOUND THE BEST TIK TOK
Retweeted by Daybreak @thejacquesshow Naw it’s all good homie I got a pro controller to assess most of the menus whenever I go back on th…’m lagging way too bad because I can’t set up my LAN adapter without the gamepad 😭 I’m heartbroken
@SlamSHADYSSB Happy mf birthday
Retweeted by DaybreakThe Daybreak trophy description is cold asf @Array_EB I saw a S4 tourney and I had to enter for old timesI’ve been playing Smash 4 for 20 minutes and I already have been reminded of the dilemma of not knowing which character to play in bracket2021 is lit @Adveux ily marc I’m so glad you’re still here 💛 I’ve always respected you so much and looked up to you as a friend… @LegendaryOzone Mario Kart 9? MannnnWho’s tryin to get some popcorn for the Splatoon News vs Poorly Aged Things vs(CHALLENGER APPROACHING) 18+ Irish De… is so funny I always knew splatoon was weird LMAOOOO Odyssey again fuck it
@GJastic We boomers now 😫 @SlamSHADYSSB Happy birthday brother! We gettin older out here 🗽 @1Trick_CW I think about that weekly a lot lowkey going downstairs in my pajamas and playing sheik like that was a 10/10 college memoryYo Gas made it into Yeet smash in 2021 what a world we live in @AFintastic YessirWifi Luigi Flowchart
Retweeted by DaybreakMy mans @okoru_08 what the hellspoilers obv if you’re not caught up.... but this gave me straight chill didn’t understand the complaints about the Declaration of War OST in AOT until I saw a fan made edit and.... oh wow @KoolOriBro @TM04_Kepler @LavishSsb @KoolOriBro @TM04_Kepler I’m honored, but not quite
The more I look at this the more I think it might be Common Smash Twitter’s peak fun though game is fantastic 🗽Played Hades for 5 hours I cannot find new things to do with my free timeBrooklyn adding Harden to the Nets locker room
Retweeted by Daybreak @vintagedream14 @exJORDANary That character can kill this game it’s just up to enough to people actually wanting to play her @DevilmanRyel Host up @SuperheroFire @s4r4ht0nin HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH 🥳🥳🥳It’s only been like 4 months but I already miss playing BOTW for the first time @Niko_SSBU Kinda weird @Niko_SSBU Why
16 Heat Hades run finishing with all Death Defiances, I'm gassed #NintendoSwitch @PowPowSmash Might already be tbh lmao @Pandarianssb I’m feeling 2nd hand embarrassment a year later wtf is this LMAO @DillonChills @KoopaNJ Literally lmao Oladipo/Wall sounds more exciting @espn @wojespn @ramonashelburne Nets offense:
Retweeted by Daybreak @PC3X3 These memes are so funny LMAOOladipo, John Wall and picks is far from the worst situation Houston could’ve ended up in so good for them. But thi… @DillonChills @PIayer_4 Oh wow they was workinggggg for a deal this shit is complex lmao. They had too though😐🙃 tweet was inspired by my inability to stay playing one character for one session while Karthik can play no one… @exJORDANary I think it might be my favorite show of all time over Avatar & Death Note at this point. Partly becaus… @exJORDANary YesFor the first time in many months I wish I had locals or majors right now. I was so innovative with Wolf today and… a hot asf 5 hour offline sesh with my favorite Chrom player My Wolf was the best it’s ever been today and i…
This conclusion has been 8 years in the making and I’ve been waiting since 7th grade, so exciting to finally be thereAttack on Titan is fucking popping in culture rn and I’m here for itWatching Attack on Titan, I finally understand the feeling of watching a classic being made right in front of my eyes.
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@JustCTony Man... @ApostleSSB These kinda days
Retweeted by DaybreakOnly real ones remember staying up for Pic of the Day @Pikmanz1 LOOOOL @AaronFGC God blessed yall todayAmericans only love the college experience because it's the only time in their lives they live in walkable communities
Retweeted by Daybreak @YaBoiColm I will never feel that level of hype againTop 10 photos science can’t explain homies from school when we all went our separate paths in life
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Retweeted by Daybreak @Goofzillers True @UltimateSonix The what???
They just added Survivor to Netflix with this season(season 28) and I 100% recommend it to anyone lookin for someth… Cagayan is just so good @Shelryuken Easily @KoolOriBro miss you kalle <3 regardless of any smash scene nonsense we gotta chill again soon when things are better @Kaizin_SSB Yea I’ll still show up and be around but mentally it’s taking a huge back seat in my life. Y’all will still see me aroundMost of my best friends are through this game and I wanna keep those relationships just as strong even without bein… who else this would relate too but while it feels liberating to get over how big a part of my life this is, it’… the repetitive cynical smash tweet but as the months go on these days i just feel so over Smash & the scene…