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Hard to attain, easy to keep Easy to attain, hard to keep @ShamanOfThe Mostly agree, I found some very nice girls in Minneapolis (nice as in actually nice personalities),… @COOLSPIRIT25 @Reddishwine3 Girls want a lot of things from orbiters: • Free attention • Car rides • Free food Ne… @Irunnia_ @Reddishwine3 Men who accept those awful terms (for her: free attention, car rides, free food, for him: n… @motaraaa @Reddishwine3 Men with a scarcity mindset turn violent when they're rejected Men with an abundance mindset just ask the next girl @Reddishwine3 Do sellers keep talking to customers after they've said they don't want to buy? @PistolAndreas @REDdestGuy Pomodoro technique for when you have lost focus @WesternMastery Results If you act on your lessons and get results, he'll seek you out (if he's smart)Girls have 0 remorse when telling lies Don't trust their words, look at their actions @SupremeHimself On the contrary, if you don't do this by yourself you'll only have bad partners @Blk_Chauvinist Whatever gets gets reinforced will continue to be As pook said: Men will be nice when nice guys get laid @swifferim @JulianaStewart_ @thedatingboss Well, vet correctly then + life insuranceConfidence is built on prior performance @PUA_DATING_TIPS Just like a really hot girl being too easy, I would think she's either crazy or a slut @DeletedUser1539 @MascMillennial Early 20s: learn to vet men Mid 20s: date to marry Late 20s have children I think… @KyleTrouble Feminists take a day off when there's a snow storm in wisconsin and men clear up the roads and front yards @MindTendencies2 Of course But it's dumb to tolerate it Even of it's someone from your family, it's best to stay… @webdevMason Imagine feeling oppressed when you can make up a rumor about someone and it'll make them lose their jo…"Not here for hookups" = here for hookups
I fully expect people working in HR to be amazing at choosing their partners @TheRedQuest @RachelBock9 Nice article! 👌🏻 I'm dating a teacher 3 years younger than me and can confirm, she's relationship materialMen living in scarcity turn violent when their partner cheats on them Men living in abundance just end things then… @dovidfeldman "Women don't care about your struggles" is not meant to be used in the context of marriage It's for… @Marian97201194 No. If she cheats, you walk out. That's it. Men living in abundance don't sweat this kind of stuff @themultibeast @alpharivelino In general it's a good idea to focus on being the untamable, smirking alpha on the fi… more high value you are, the more leeway you've got to make mistakes and still get the girl @Emma_grace_2020 @BritMartinez Kind of The difference is that incels are usually young guys who were born unlucky… shit tests you to see if you're a faker or the real deal @SubHouston Too many girls in tinder think 420 is a personality trait @RedPillWisdomm @PUA_DATING_TIPS For me it means sex (or at least getting to 2nd base) every time we see each other… like being told noCharisma is the ability to project confidence and love at the same time.
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@RachelBock9 @TheRedQuest Honestly, it's a good hedge They get to have income, build a career for life in case SHT… @CharlesMartel79 I would treat it as when they ask you how many girls have you slept with: "You mean tonight?" "Yo… she asks you if you're dating other girls (provided that you met her recently) she's not interested in actuall… general, all commitment related things should be initiated by her You want her to see you as the alpha she has… in shape is a status symbol after 30
Retweeted by Daygame Charisma @mR_LorenzoJ @PistolAndreas I didn't said motivation, Not having drive is equal to not having fuel in your car @GeriFitzgerald @th3outc4sts @BritMartinez Some have. Some haven't. These are the ones that marry well @RoyWalkerPUA I used them pre-pandemic as fillers between the first and second date if the girl needs more comfort… @mR_LorenzoJ @PistolAndreas Low testosterone messes up your focus and kills your drive I was able to spot the diff… would an attractive girl go for a guy with potential when her looks can afford her the sure thing?Rules are for orbiters, not for alphas @Child_Of_God_93 I'm not married and don't even know if I want to be, but my best guess is: Vet correctly
Women can't "love" when they date down, it's biologically impossible for them this fact has been bro science proven @dovidfeldman It's better if the woman is more invested than the man Women can only "love" when they date up, othe… are more important than her
Retweeted by Daygame Charisma @JDManly18 ~Agree (haven't fully formed my thoughts around it yet) Both are unsuccessful in their relationships an… @mindmusclebalan @alpharivelino He: Leaning in, if you remove her from the picture he looks weird, crossed legs, dr… @kaczyzm_2 @BookOfPook "I got it" Always gets me good results Sounds kinda arrogant in some scenarios, but they like it @PUA_DATING_TIPS 100% agree The office manager loses all his status in the middle of a basketball court if he relies solely on his title @Lamb_Bytes Making the easy and the tough choices and then getting blamed if they were not correct calls comes with… @Travelingstod @Lamb_Bytes Change the narrative: you get to eat whatever you want every time In any case, she will… in high school is nothing to be proud of @digysa22 For some reason women see this as weakness, even though is common courtesy In any case, results are what… @NewMe51752331 Yep, don't let boundaries get crossed without consequence But when it comes to men, it's about a di… do you know your girl doesn't respect you? • You're the butt of the jokes • She bosses you around publicly • S… your girl doesn't respect you, dump her and find one that doesMen try to turn whores into housewives and then wonder when did it all go wrong
@mousetrappua I made this exact mistake in my previous relationship and swore to not make it again, but now that I’… @AsianTigerDad @alpharivelino 100% agree My country is technically in the west, but it's not the US, and yep, get… @JesterSuperior @PUA_DATING_TIPS Exactly When you don’t have options, make a mindset shift, but eventually there's… @MidlifeMoves And none of them stay after post-nut clarityEven the most well behaved girl you know will act spoiled if you start displaying signs of weakness Girls respect… @Steve33_3 @KomanderXander Don't marry a woman you did not met in her prime She'll most likely be an alpha widow a…
Retweeted by Daygame Charisma @POTENTIAL_SLY @MonniesRadikal @toolzdeyforyou Taking care of your mother (i.e. making sure she never has to work a… @GGMorakile @Lunga_Shezi94 The only thing better than a system you can trust is a system you don't need to trust @Ebenezer_00 @toolzdeyforyou Late 20s is when guys who have been messing around their whole 20s take a very importa… @MonniesRadikal @toolzdeyforyou A mama's boy and a girl close with her mother are *waaay* different A girl close t… @Haroyal_Daiizy @toolzdeyforyou Funny how women think only women push men to do something with their lives For som… @AsiaChloeBrown Socialized, as people get more time in their hands and live a more care-free life, they tend to hed… @DeanAbbott How so? (Genuine question) @Steve33_3 @KomanderXander Don't marry a woman you did not met in her prime She'll most likely be an alpha widow a… fear of you walking out of the relationship is what keeps her in check If she doesn't fear that, you'll see a… will forget about you extremely quick unless you're the best man she's ever had
@Mentorcake Thanks! @GodKbsJets60 @PlainManhood Better yet: don't get legally married Maybe the ceremony, but no reason to involve the government @InvestorPUA @PUA_DATING_TIPS @beamanforreal Then around 3 years to start dating 7s regularly but to be fair I did… @InvestorPUA @PUA_DATING_TIPS @beamanforreal Around 3 months of reading things here and there followed by 3 months… @PUA_DATING_TIPS @beamanforreal I stopped feeling inadequate when I realized game is learnable I just sucked at it @ShadayaKnight The girl I had a crush on when I was 24 started dating a guy that was 33 The guy built a company, w… @TheMaleResource If someone has to tell you they are ___, they're probably not ___ If they are, other people will tell youA man on his mission has no time for dramaIn the mean time, be sure to get my guide on "what to talk about with girls after saying hi" while it's still free:…,500 Followers! 🥳 Thankful for each and every person who hit follow, I'll do my best to keep it worth your while… be ready to let go a girl She can misbehave at any moment and you should not tolerate itMen living in abundance don't get jealous If she makes a stupid choice (cheating), you just walk out
@tahmmygiovanni They don't 🤷🏻‍♂️ They get anxiety over making a phone call @Vintage_Veteran @Redpillng Imagine the financially unstable beta 0 games masteredDon't trust guys living in scarcity They'll fight among themselves over a girl just like people starving fight over a piece of breadIgnoring a girl only works after she perceives your attention as valuable @Blackso57663874 @Teebay_ @Shadaya_Knight If you're studying full-time in Harvard, would you also study part-time i… @DonovansDen The idea is to understand how women work so that you can choose if you're gonna love what they are or… @Blackso57663874 @Teebay_ @Shadaya_Knight Hypergamy is a natural filter If you're at the top, you don't need to wo…
Men with a blue pill mindset don't think in terms of "high value men" and "low value men", but in terms of "good me… accommodating to women isn't being a good manDealing with pregnancy scares New post in the blog: @DonovansDen @EdLatimore Men living in scarcity will trade you at the first opportunity @TellYourSonThis Women want the poor man's money and the rich man's time Exactly what each has in scarcity @MajoSanteli Why? Because these men are not thinking in terms of high value and low value They are thinking in te…