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Dame @Daymeeein Florida, USA

CEO of Big Belly Gaming / Professional women respecter / 22 / dumbass fatass / $Daymeeein #cashappinbio / super hot and funny guy / he/him

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@CorinnaKopf @Gokinoo dubbbb
@BisonPawg @goombba @goombba monkaPause @itzNojo gotcha @nott_roo @WillLuvsYou so like $5 @WillLuvsYou @nott_roo how much did she pay you
@MohamaadS_ interestingcan someone explain what’s happening in soccer in like nba terms or sumn idk what’s going on
2021 wgqiwksnxbiwownwnwkw gahhh be e even wiwnewjwbebehwjiwnshwwbwbsbd @Josh_Tries @JoeyTheSuperJew ⁉️⁉️⁉️ @2dlex wow wow wow wow wow @ImMashed_Potato @_rockrob @_A113N lets go @JoeyTheSuperJew @OpTic so you just lying bout everything today @Oreologist @itsandreabotez yeah man! @Oreologist @itsandreabotez mf tryna show her the cum gambit @okalyssa @okalyssa need a snapback in the second pic @COSTCOBACKWOODS @reaIjba oh noHELLO!!!????!!!????
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@dagostlno happy birthday ginos mom @leahdb98 omg rocky is so cute @Hauntterr The Last Airbender the only 10/10 ZERO flaw PERFECT show I've ever watched
Retweeted by Dame @xAidanZul @JoeyTheSuperJew ohhhhh @xAidanZul @JoeyTheSuperJew i don’t get it
@dev0rama_ @exJackiee jackie hit the smooth criminal in this pic @Yuhuuur @Blankzy__ LOL @YourEmbracee @BrotherYeehaw @RealShadesMcGee @JCFCofficiaI omg thank you :) @BrotherYeehaw the people need my secrets @Boy1drr @prakdip frrrr @prakdip should’ve captioned it, this sweater the same color as the head of my dick @prakdip smh @prakdip better than what you used!!!!! @22lexi_ thank you :D @prakdip can you just do a basic caption like they call me ranch the way i be dressing. instead of this bullshit. @BossUpJose yo @Egrote_ LMFAO @ashlenite perhaps 😳 @22lexi_ hiii @Boy1drr kiss me @prakdip @Boy1drr heyyyythis tiktok trend is cool 🗣🌝 @DUALIPA i’m in love with you. @Oreologist @BrotherYeehaw @RealShadesMcGee @JCFCofficiaI 😏 @TheSamsman @BrotherYeehaw @RealShadesMcGee @JCFCofficiaI WHAT IS THAT GIF LMFAOOOOOam i valid? 🥶 @BrotherYeehaw @RealShadesMcGee @JCFCofficiaI @Poopiano my time to shine. @ImMashed_Potato @imane the lie is all of them get pwned @okalyssa dude no way i just got caught 4k down bad ratio omfg @okalyssa retweet it or sumn @imane (i can cook and sing and am funny lol hey) @imane hey lol @ImMashed_Potato she’s beautiful bro idk just not your cup of tea i guess @ImMashed_Potato what like you don’t get the hype around her or sumn? @ImMashed_Potato i wanna be her wittle puppy @shivisdumb my bad @austinraylynch those meals after a long day of not eating must hit harder than anything i’ve ever eaten @xAidanZul i saw man, i saw 😔 @Gavpai well balanced breakfast tbh @ncockstick very cool natalie thanks for sharing @draggiebtw BANGGGGG @madisonbeer please tell the public about us they’re ready. @thegingerbatt @EZBakeClan vouch! omg!
@WoahEmil @shivisdumb my bad @shivisdumb but fr good luck hope you get da job!!! (also you look really cute lol) @WoahEmil @shivisdumb i have a strong grip on sumn rn @shivisdumb why. i can financially support you my queen. just say the word and my bank account is yours. @jessicahkim hey lol @pokimanelol i’ll buy it rn.I tried showing my chat the coins I've saved up in the past few months and this happened...
Retweeted by Damebikini_bottom_type_beat.mp3 @yodogloI @shivisdumb nightmare fuel @Blankzy__ @shivisdumb fr @shivisdumb hey 😏 @Blankzy__ @shivisdumb LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @shivisdumb @Blankzy__ LMFAOOOO @goombba @Blankzy__ real af @Blankzy__ just jump lol @Blankzy__ PepeLaugh"I'm not about to fall" EFF IM LIVE PLAYING JUMP KING FOR THE FIRST TIME (I hear it will make me very angies) TAP IN 👇👇👇…
Retweeted by Damethis dudes keyboard boutta be smashed in the first 30 mins
@JoeyTheSuperJew meat mountain next @WillLuvsYou i will literally crank on your head kid @jjaylenne pogwhen i shakedown a downed opponent to see where their squad is sorry for disappearing outta no where but I got suspended for DMCA while I was gone. Please RT for mutuals and…
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Retweeted by Dame @allie02322335 whatre you gonna get @neekolul i don’t know why people are so scared! just got my second dose and i чувствую себя прекрасно. нулевые побочные эффекты
@mackenziereynaa oomfie is so pretty @BisonPawg @crackwithdrawal @Layymooon wait a min @WhosBreezyUK mf keeps the jergens under the desk @WhosBreezyUK i see the tissues 👁 @TipsOutBaby real shit