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Dame @Daymeeein Florida, USA

CEO of Big Belly Gaming / Professional women respecter / 22 / dumbass fatass / $Daymeeein / super hot and funny guy / he/him

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@Xouped Dawg LMAOOOOOOOOyep
Retweeted by Dame @scarrfries I wish @kay6e Fr @Pro_SakaiTama
Retweeted by Dame @_KenzzzA_ No! @sophiesolit It looks good @yNope_ Yo @mangoezzzz Nah frrrr @CryptiicNo Hypothyroidism i believe so @eriicaly Gm :) @crackwithdrawal Wish I knew man... @IcyCP Yo 🔥 @ChromeXV Fr @StopItPIz LMAOOOO @xHitan Nothing man I’m chillin @Jasssiex Yo @silvasalavisa Fr LMAO @thegingerbatt LMFAOOOOOOOOOOFood in anime always looks so good @wasabiicat Looks great’d be easier to name the mutuals i wouldn’t fuck @fvckwill Greg1234566 has had enough of your shit @em_parrker This has to be fake @said5q GL homie @LudwigAhgren @Trainwreckstv @ConnorEatsPants @MoistCr1TiKaL @xQc @pokimanelol @REALMizkif Holy shit @Class Chillin watching a movie with the homies @Class Sup @FatKidDeals @FvckTalley @FatKidDeals @FvckTalley @FatKidDeals @FvckTalley @FvckTalley @FatKidDeals @thegingerbatt @KingEmail0 @iMercVI Since i was like 10 lol😪 @PaintClown_ Holy shitReal? @fvckwill @FatKidDeals @fvckwill @FatKidDeals yo @FatKidDeals @fvckwill @fvckwill @FatKidDeals thank you bro @fvckwill @FatKidDeals I already have an air fryer bro @sophiesolit holy shit thank you sophie :D @BWAMatt HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH @BWAMatt LMAOOOOO dawg took you long enough500 in 5 minutes and i have to do the wap... naked.
Retweeted by Dame @sophiesolit Howdy @pSavvGG Thanks @SkreetMan Depends how they’re used, i just be chillin on mine and i can talk to my closest friends without random mfs being weird @Egrote_ @prakdip @isnotzzz @KingEmail0 Mmmmmmm @prakdip @isnotzzz It’s been good just got home from work 🔥 @prakdip @isnotzzz @prakdip @isnotzzz Sup prak @KingEmail0 @prakdip @isnotzzz Holy shit @22lexi_ My bad @j4zzyko Nah fr @Huntrelol @shivisdumb @JoeyTheSuperJew Yeah but i want it again @JuIioq Yo @Attacksx @scarrfries (Dm me bro) @Attacksx @scarrfries No! I will be paying full price to support my friend scarlett! @shivisdumb @JoeyTheSuperJew Get in line palMy dick ain’t safe when that shit dropsJust lied @scarrfries I’m kidding! I’ll just be supporting you like a good friend would! @scarrfries @realJBA
@_KenzzzA_ @Chriztopha_ @kay6e LOOOOOOOOL I THOUGHT THATS WHAT HE WAS GONNA DO @_KenzzzA_ @Chriztopha_ @kay6e Goated movie fr LMAO @brianabraska Green fr @srirwahcha Holy shit thank you @srirwahcha Carry on @srirwahcha WHAT @JDawesome23 @KingEmail0 Bet @KingEmail0 Yeah i tried all that shit idk why it won’t work, even on my phone LMAO @KingEmail0 Yeah i feel like I’m actually banned or sumn it just says i can’t connect @KingEmail0 Nah shit won’t let me on I’m pissed! @_KenzzzA_ @kay6e @KingEmail0 Wym @_KenzzzA_ @kay6e @_KenzzzA_ @kay6e Well let’s say theoretically you took his advice @kay6e @_KenzzzA_ DUDE @_KenzzzA_ I saiiiiiiiiidddd recreate @Xouped @JhbTeam Holy shit is that really him???? @_KenzzzA_ Recreate @brianabraska Yo @_KenzzzA_ @may_wedda @dagostlno Nothing @iHaveNoHoe Real love goes into it fr, especially the third one @dagostlno Dude @may_wedda @dagostlno Bro he almost showed some shit of me to our whole vc and Chris wasn’t skipping LMAOI ALMOST HAD A HEART ATTACKHOLY SHIT I WAS SCREAMKMG @dagostlno I FUCKING HATE YOU SO MUCH YOU MOTHERFUCKER @kay6e @_KenzzzA_ @JoeyTheSuperJew He actually would @_KenzzzA_ What @_KenzzzA_ Her thangs were thangin!!!!!! @_KenzzzA_ Some movie called jessabelle it’s kinda weird @_KenzzzA_ Holy shit I’m watching a movie too that’s so crazy @_KenzzzA_ Good how about yours