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The 21-year-old student is accused of writing “kill people, burn shit, fuck school, hail satan 666, praise the devi… yourself – research ways you can support trans people and about their experience📚 money to trans people’s transition surgery crowdfunders, grassroots organisations, or charities 💸… up for trans people if you see them being harassed ❗ to trans people, and raise their voices above yours 🗣️ after your trans friends🤝 the local resources for trans people, and lift them up 🙌 took to the streets to find out how to be an ally at #transpridelondon ✊: Inga fronts the cover of Dazed in Riccardo Tisci's AW19 collection for the #FASHIONMADEMEHARDCORE issue, OUT… Salvador Dalí, to Frida Kahlo, Damien Hirst and David Bowie, we look at the best lies to hit the art world 🤫: Prada just debuted a simple, stripped-back collection on day one of Milan Fashion Week: Sivan, a ‘young buck’, apparently: reflects on the vulnerability of her debut role in TV show of the moment #Euphoria: Brooke Candy and others who came out for #TransPride London discuss the urgent state of trans rights✊Full vid… 21-year-old was charged with making a terrorist threat using Tyler‘s lyrics:‘Vetements had trolled fashion, but as quickly it became the brand of the moment, the hype train derailed.’: it RIP to the fashion industry?🥀 @ExtinctionR seem to think so: skiing into 2099 like...:, the noughties: an innocent time, defined by crimped hair, mismatched spray tans (à la St Tropez), and faces cak…
Retweeted by Dazed“The best part of Euphoria is that no one is good or bad. With every character, you hate them one episode and love… photos of Marina Abramović‘s epic break-up performance on the Great Wall go on display in China for the first ti… premiere ‘Wear Me Like Water‘, a sun-drenched, poolside film which debuts Sinéad O'Dwyer‘s SS20 collection🌞💦 : student is accused of vandalising a library flipchart with lyrics from Tyler, the Creator’s 2011 song “Radicals… Troye Sivan do multiple flips on what is definitely our preferred mode of transport💫💫: lying about their age to scamming fellow artists out of $$$, here are some of the best lies to ever hit the ar… explained they were ‘putting the fashion system to rest’: Fab Five are entering the world of Big Mouth, and it‘s going to be iconic: is very good, obviously
Retweeted by DazedThe video for 2099 sees Charli XCX and Troye Sivan ride around in very impractical ways: Knowles‘ SS20 collection took inspiration from the current political climate: ‘didn’t just reflect the industry, it turned it back on itself in a way that exposed its silliness‘:“I need to just drink a chamomile tea or something, but I just have so many ideas”: furries are putting their paws down:'s canvas is expected to fetch an enormous £1.5 - 2 million: XCX is a ‘maiden‘, apparently: release of Denim Tears marks 400 years since slavery began in America:“We fought against other girls, we had weapons. It gave us power and credibility. We felt protected”:”I just thought: this is insane.”: 16-year-old climate activist spoke at George Washington University yesterday: Greenwood has long worked in the realm of classical music:
Billie Eilish gives 0 fucks🖕: brand was an anti-establishment juggernaut – that started selling $80 fridge magnets wrote about how Vetements started out feeling rebellious, and then embodied a lot of fashion's worst stereotypes
Retweeted by Dazed“It’s really exciting to know the power that Instagram has on the new generation”: Weiwei said that “Germany is not an open society”:’s first releases will include violinist Daniel Pioro playing Bach: Weiwei couldn’t miss the chance to help German workers ✊: Wang’s SS20 collection employs various techniques of drapery, embroidery, prints, and lace work: at #SIMONEROCHA wore pieces made from raffia straw and ornate lace: sneaker ties into fashion’s ongoing fever for all things 00s: Eilish has previously said that part of the reason she began wearing baggy clothes was to deal with her body… Yiannopoulos suggested hosting his own panel called “The Politics of Fur”: Knowles’ latest collection featured a series of bustiers turned into combat vests, skin-tight trousers, a… is putting Milanese hip hop on the map – and now, he‘s launching a killer capsule collection with @Bershka: day, another disturbing Weinstein revelation: twigs is a ‘WEIRDO‘, according to AI: graduate Gareth Wrighton has previously spoken on his fascination with dark corners of the web: label, Octatonic, is a way to “start documenting the musicians I encounter in the contemporary classical world”:“I don’t believe in the afterlife, I believe people just turn back into the energy that created everything”: got a peek into hell from the late Tory prime minister: 13-foot long artwork is Bansky‘s largest known canvas work to date: news has created an outcry from furries and humans alike: Thunberg told crowds that “activism works”✊: Weiwei was showing support for employees campaigning to keep their jobs✊: caught up with the artist to talk about how to cope with loops of anxiety-inducing ideals and failures:“If only I dressed normal I’d be so much hotter, yeah yeah come up with a better comment. I'm tired of that one.”: of Dazed, Talia, 24, urgently needs a #bonemarrowtransplant. If you or someone you know is Turkish Cypriot/G…“My therapist once told me, Peggy, you need to let your brain rest”: Inga fronts the first fashion cover for our autumn/winter 2019 #FASHIONMADEMEHARDCORE issue: told Delevingne: “You will never make it in this industry as a gay woman – get a beard.”:“Instagram... has allowed people to stand up and say there is a space for us in the fashion industry”: Wrighton’s collection holds a cracked mirror up to cyberspace: Wang’s SS20 collection continued to explore themes of femininity: Findikoglu staged what she called ‘a mass ritual intended to summon the winter back’: Rocha took over an abandoned theatre inside Alexandra Palace for her SS20 show: wrote about Caroline Calloway for @Dazed and somehow ended up talking about performance, art, class fetishism and…
Retweeted by Dazed“I used to carry drugs and knives in my handbag and baby stroller because I didn’t look suspicious”: got weird: Moulton’s long-time fictional character is desperate for meaning and spirituality – sound familiar?:“What makes some lives more worthy than others? And crucially, who gets to call their lives art?”: video for #ABOYISAGUN is here 🔥:”They blame you. They don’t blame Harvey.”: your bonnet for SS20:
BTS had a month off to ‘rest and recharge’: Roberts will star alongside #AmericanHorrorStory regulars Billie Lourd, John Carroll Lynch, Leslie Grossman, a… case of Casey Viner shows that swatting poses a very real threat of injury or death: Deyn made a return to the runway at the #BurberryShow: will invite viewers to ‘experience the process’ of Beyonce’s most recent album:'s everything you need to know from the SS20 @Burberry show:“I wasn’t just the Iron Lady, but the hot Iron Lady!”: visuals see Tyler the Creator in his blonde wig singing from a bathtub and chilling in a mansion: the weekend, I had the very real pleasure of sitting down with @claraamfo, @thisNAO, @RayBLK_, @CandiceC_W,…
Retweeted by DazedHow one gamer's Call of Duty fervor resulted in the death of an innocent man: Caroline Calloway‘s ‘mask of authenticity‘ allowed her to sell both her life and her art: back, #BTS 💖:“I have an incredible wife and three beautiful children... That’s what gives me joy. What doesn’t give me joy is th… Gvasalia was the driving force behind the subversive powerhouse:‘Caroline Calloway and her use of life as art planted the seeds for online fame and a captive audience‘: Harvey, Laila Gohar, De La Rosa, and Mia Kong demonstrate how to use @Burberry matte glow via @dazedbeauty is back, and ”1980s horror never looked so good”: