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Dazlidorne @Dazlidorne Nashville, TN

Level 120 Night Elf Druid on Aerie Peak Hearthstone Aficionado and Wannabe BattleTag Dazlidorne#1585 Scallywag and Podcaster of Nothing™

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@Nervospanda @Killdnaction 44 attempts isn't bad at all. Were you doing it on multiple toons? @scottjohnson @kayleighmcenany I believe that is violating the flag code. @scottjohnson And just in case you have forgotten, there are giant murder hornets that if we don't stop them, might… I just learned that when you squelch someone in Hearthstone, they don't know that they are squelched. I've b… @hestiahdruid Give it a try. I'd love to know what you thought of it.
@hestiahdruid I watched Dave Chappelle's one and it was amazing! @Randydeluxe Molly of Denali!
@AliandrasK yeah, the barber shop i go to is huge. lots of space between chairs. i really need to do it, but how… @AliandrasK i can't believe i finally got the mount! i was leveling up characters to have more chances, but i got… @AliandrasK cute mask, by the way. and I got The Horseman's Riens today, so life isn't all bad! @AliandrasK I'm wanting to get a haircut too. I'm afraid because of covid, but it is only going to get worse this… @WickedKitten13 @Frazleytastic hello kitty! @Frazleytastic i used to have star wars ones from mcdonalds back in the day. @Frazleytastic that sandwich makes me want to throw up though. @Frazleytastic I miss when the fast food restaurants released glass cups instead of plastic ones. Way more collectable. @Cathisrad @scourgeeater that is awesome! i wish i were lucky enough to hanged out with you at blizzcon. @Thyst03 mustard and pepperoni? I've never tried this. i must do it soon. @williedills hahaha @williedills He was just tucking in his shirt, right? @michelemorrow This shit is exactly what happened in Nazi Germany. @williedills I don't even know that Trump is racist. He is a terrible human being. He only thinks about himself.…
@Jon_Jagger that buy using my position could get the issue much more recognition than just an "ordinary" person lik… @Jon_Jagger Yeah, I love how people criticize celebrities when they get political and say stick to acting, etc. It… @dcorsetto so cute! i've never seen my cat do that, but when she sneezes, it is the cutest thing ever!
@GarrettArt FUCK! Damn. Take care. @Ceraphus How early do you wake up?! @reesi_86 I'm glad I saw you. @EpicGeeksTarley you have an office?! @Frazleytastic It's definately not getting me to sub for 6 months. @Frazleytastic I have to say I'm not really stoked about this reward. I'd rather have a mount or a pet. @CaraLisette @scarlettc97 god, i can't wait until Biden gets elected. Can you imagine what good can come if we jus… @naerchan Love the shoes, as always. @sohmer @sohmer Yeah, I think my dad only told me he loved me once. But to be fair, he grew up in a different world and a… @Artemishowl_ God, I wish I lived in an area where a #Blizzard person would drop in and loan me a book! @micahwhipple @IKEAUSA I can't stand stickers that don't cleanly peel away. @TheFaellu You are amzing! @perculia she looks amazing and if you are horny, that is on you, dude. @perculia OMG! @GeorgiaDunnBCN Dolly, he was really crying. @GeorgiaDunnBCN Dolly is a freakng mazing! @AdamHolisky How does the average American have enough money to leave? And what countries would accept us during t… @JaymieTweets Thanks for following me. Here is a pic of my cat Evey! @LeanaLovings @chaturbate @LeanaLovings @chaturbate Love your hair! It's like you have a personal stylist! @Frazleytastic Oh, I must have read your post backwards! @Frazleytastic I thought you were switching platforms?Who did the cover design on the art book in the Shadowlands Collector's Edition @Warcraft ?! It looks amazing!…
@BlackXanthas What's really bad is people are so numb to what Trump says and does on a daily basis, they quickly st… @BlackXanthas For the Trump administration, that is a feature, not a bug. @AtomicOvermind @muskrat_john First he tells us Biden will listen to the scientists and now he tells us life will g… @michelemorrow The worst part of this is that Jeff Sessions and Trump intended to take children from their parents.…
@ChristieGolden I missed this too. They should run this as a commercial. I could see the emotion in Biden's face… @nerdbotmedia That's almost comforting... @Thornbrow My cat has lots of hiding places in my house, but she's never gone inside a wall! Worst place she got t… new mount from the Shadowlands Collector's Edition is amazing! #worldofwarcraft #Shadowlands what came in the mail today. My Shadowlands Collector's Edition! #worldofwarcraft #Shadowlands
@Hello_Octoberly You could probably contact a GM and have it restored. It's kind of like erasing a file on your co… @williedills Just when you think she couldn't get any cooler! @scottjohnson Here's a fun thing to do. Dip your middle and index fingers in some water. Cross you fingers and dr… @scalzi Four.
@perculia You look like you are getting ready to flap your wings and fly away! @kirstiealley @realDonaldTrump Also, after almost 4 years in Washington, you are an insider. The swamp was never d… know this has been suggested before, but how about a 100% mount buff to double the chance of a mount dropping… @michelemorrow @Warcraft Thanks for reminding everyone! I just got another level 50 character too, so one more extra chance! @naerchan I got really upset the other day when the groceries that I had delivered had thick slice bologna instead… @lartist @damnyouwillis @MellinaKong What are you trying to tell us? @GeorgiaDunnBCN Of course, I've always thought the same about @StephenKing ! @GeorgiaDunnBCN I am glad that you went into drawing and cartooning. Makes me wonder what you would have been without an artistic outlet! @GeorgiaDunnBCN Amazon seems to have a bunch...
@_LadyLolita_ omg. what is happening? can you explain this to me? lady. please tell me what is offensive about… @RetPallyJil How old are you? I think if you are less than 40 years old, you will probably be alright even if you… @LuBellWoo What did you do? @EpicGeeksTarley He is going to leave the US and either go to Russia or Saudi Arabia so that he can't be extradited… @Turarts @AzerothRT @Jon_Jagger @BenBumhoffer i forgot it was friday. do fridays still exist? @Turarts @AzerothRT @Jon_Jagger @BenBumhoffer woah! @sohmer Don't make me do google work!Anyone else seeing weird graphical artifacts in the portraits in @PlayHearthstone tonight where you opponent's port… also am selling a brand new Diablo III book. interested in the book I'm selling on eBay, the auction ends soon. The WoW Diary. #worldofwarcraft
@deadeyebrakeman @l_annemone Do you have any hair I could have? OMG! @mileskahn @BlackXanthas Trump is the first president that has made me think that we should install the new preside… got around to using my boost! #Warcraft
@npcSara we only have a few more weeks. @KageSatsuki @williedills Nothing is going to happen before the election. After Biden is elected president, he will send out an… @dcorsetto i know. 2020 is hard. @dcorsetto Danielle, you shouldn't have to explain yourself. 99% of the Twitterverse knew what you meant. oh well. @dcorsetto @DeshFyre I just love the phrase "calm yer tits" because it applies equally to boys and girls! @DeshFyre @dcorsetto Slow your roll, bro! @TheGingerarchy Yeah, it's like when Stephen Colbert did the Colbert Report and he would ask his guest " George W.… @Frazleytastic Blizzard has always been great at making sure their games can run on the broadest range of hardware.… @sohmer I love how Bolton says he can't answer because the interview is about over. That is something that is wrong… @LeanaLovings Have you checked your electric panel? You might have a tripped breaker. @JessyWang_Blizz Still hella cute! @LeanaLovings You share electricity? @lartist @sohmer And nothing will come of this because... Democrats. @sohmer And they say the Illuminati doesn't exist. it started: How it's going: