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Recently ran the BMW Berlin Marathon and raised over 4K pounds for the British Heart Foundation. UK Athletics affiliated, UK Runchat ❤️

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@Space_Station @NASA @roscosmos @esa @JAXA_en @csa_asc @BigelowSpace @ISS_Research Bit of silicone sealant @EmiratesFACup Shambolic @flintoff11 Best of luck Freddie
@ShinjanRoy @LewisHamilton Damn have I missed the GP? @Annmariolsen @rantsnbants Not as embarrassing as his post @ValtteriBottas @MercedesAMGF1 @SebastianKawka Which button for email? @EmariOShea @penny62132920 @MENnewsdesk The amount of people that don’t seem to have got this 🤦🏻‍♂️ @penny62132920 @MENnewsdesk No, not to people in greater Manchester!!If you live in Greater Manchester can you meet people outside your bubble?
Retweeted by Darren Singleton @SolihullMoors @17AdamRooney Yes lad!
I didn't expect that 🤣
Retweeted by Darren Singleton @azscholes Did he actually do it and did the dibble turn up? @DabbyPeace @gmpolice Allowed anyway @RyanDeane Deserves a second chance, but football@and the public eye isn’t his platform to do so, he is not one to be immortalized
@RyanDeane Sorry mate just saw your Facebook post @RyanDeane Sounds not working on the steam mate, but guess you know 😊
@AdsBrown Not seen Godwin the friendly door hello guy in there for a while? He switched Walkden new town centre lights on once
@AntRuns Haha no fingers 🤣 @AntRuns Just yank it out 😂
@JofraArcher Clueless @DavidBflower Unfortunately twitter is rife with the “news” @LandoNorris Glad you have to pee into a pot, and not someone’s helmet. Although if it was a helmet may I suggest Vettels @NicolasSarcasti @rashiduzzaman82 Yawn @rashiduzzaman82 @DavidBflower One day you wake up and there’s no car to be seen, as it’s blown into the sea. @MercedesAMGF1 I see why the safety car is red now... red cars and red flags for Italy
The irony of just watching the social dilemma on Netflix and posting on Twitter 🤣So true
Retweeted by Darren SingletonWow
Retweeted by Darren Singleton @BleaseyMCRred Brilliant @MercedesAMGF1 Fastest red car in F1 @marcuswhitney @williamsmanor @Filthy_Fellas @djhobo @JUSTINJ0SEPH I do, hope they implode @17AdamRooney Fingers crossed then mate yep @17AdamRooney When’s your first match mate @BroughtonM7 @SalfordCityFC @SkyBetEFLReward Won a free pass earlier
@JeremyClarkson Emotional thatWow who wants to be a millionaire, a better person couldn’t have won a million! What a gent, nerves of steel. Well done Donald 🤗
@ManuelHuss @zwoasi Awesome
@BleaseyMCRred Yea that’s a fact mate!
@burnaboy @ManUtd Who? 🤷‍♂️ @AdsBrown The blues brothers 🤣 @DaveClarkTV Best of luck legend @Space_Station @Astro_SEAL @ivan_mks63 @NASA_Astronauts Has the reported “leak” been found yet?Just got memories back of our trip to Copenhagen @BleaseyMCRred reds on tour 🤣🤣
@RyanDeane 😂
@MercedesAMGF1 @F1 I spotted that 😂 @AndyBurnhamGM I thought Kate Hopkins had been banned from Twitter 😅 @BadWeirdo90 Haha someone on a WUM @PeterLewis55 @DavidBflower Exactly like I’ve just seen 😊 awesome sight @VirtualAstro I have Celestron 71008 SkyMaster 25 x 70 Binocular @VirtualAstro Something like this just seen Jupiter’s moons through my binoculars for the first time ever. The universe never ceases to amaze. @VirtualAstro I’ve only now realized what that thing on the bottom of my tripod is hahah it’s a spring loaded hook… @VirtualAstro Thanks mate @VirtualAstro just seen Jupiter’s moons in my binoculars but sadly my tripod is too shaky! Any recommendations on s… @DavidBflower Managed to see them! Amazing. But.. my tripod isn’t very good and wobbles a lot.. @MercedesAMGF1 I’m sure I saw you changing tyres though? @DavidBflower No room to store a telescope 😅 @DavidBflower I have Celestron 71008 SkyMaster 25 x 70 Binocular @DavidBflower Will binoculars do? @DavidBflower Saw it in Zante every evening great sight @howmuchiswhere @sarsfieldsride Just glad I checked my mirrors tbh and didn’t let my guard slip @howmuchiswhere @sarsfieldsride He had his phone in his hand waving me on haha @bozi1988 Superb innings @sarsfieldsride Exact thing happened to me yesterday! Cyclist cycled on the inside at the lights when I was indicat… @SpartanRace VR 2.0 Super - ✅ first run in a long long time so not my quickest, but guess doing the “obstacles” bef…
@17AdamRooney @SolihullMoors Thanks mate, all doing ok 😊 @SolihullMoors @17AdamRooney Great to see Adam mate! Wish you all the best for the season ahead. Love to the family too @Askew_Joshua @bostonunited Best of luck @SteveHaylesALAW @jackkleeds2 @GNev2 Don’t explain yourself mate, people don’t think or read!I’m a Leeds United fan thru and thru. But absolute total respect to @GNev2 for coming to my home to see my foster s…
Retweeted by Darren Singleton @SteveHaylesALAW @GNev2 Wish you all the best Steve
@DashCamTwats White cars parked like a bell end over the line @SkyNews With a small axe, that’s ok it was t a big one @pjstretfordend Like that twat Ramos @BleaseyMCRred I used to buy my tunes from eastern bloc too “Dean Wilson” worked there who Djd at Sankeys when I was working there 😊Messi u-turn what a surprise, typical outcome with players in La Liga
Retweeted by Darren Singleton @ZanteInformer @BBCBreaking @SkyNewsBreak
@MaykelArmada @ErickMorillo 😔 @erodababy You’re probably right tbh! Knee jerk reactions @erodababy It’s crazy no method @erodababy Good point I just saw it as a travel ban really.. but maybe it wasn’t banned. I’ve literally just got back too @erodababy It’s never been on before 😊 @HollyGShore Guys an idiotWhen you fart on the plane, expecting it to be a cheeky silent one, but it’s a rasper against the cheap leatheresque seat 😂 yep that was me.All these idiots refusing to wear masks on flights, if you have no excuse to not wear one, wear one or don’t get on… kinda day @SkyJacquie Such great spirit, keep fighting xx
@DavidBflower Too much glare but they’re there @DavidBflower So can I, in Zante
@RyanDeane Nah mate, sent via pigeon
If I had a pound for every time a fan has approached me and said ‘Chadders, you are far and away the best footballe…
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@MrTimHeatley @NickTelly Is that the same cameraman that films at Salford City? 😃 @Rickym7599 @SpaceX If only there was a way of transmitting internet data in hard to reach places such as the middl… Nation on Netflix absolutely heartbreaking 😢Unbelievable 😬
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This ICE immigration unit in the USA seem like a right bunch of pricks. The way they treat people laughing and smir… @DentalatMCUK trip to the dentist tonight, great service as always. Felt safe with the measures put in place in res… me in just under 3 hours on Twitch as I (attempt to) make an RNX track from scratch.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣…
Retweeted by Darren SingletonGlad I didn’t get predicted grades for my GCSEs as I would have got poor grades, my English teacher had it in for m…