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@BeeeWaifu Looks gorgeouss @ilytokoo @kawaii_mikha I hope u showed some concern for me as well @kawaii_mikha @astallya I haven't watched the movie, how is it bestie? @kawaii_mikha If you wanna say you love me, now might be the time 🙃 @kawaii_mikha OHMYGODDDDD BITCHH!!! YOU DIDD SO FUCKING GOOOD ✋🏻😩 AAH- MY EYES IT'S SO GOOD @kawaii_mikha SHOWWWW ME @nansnu It's okay bestie, do try watching it someday though. The length of the show makes up for what it delivers. @ShigeoisGOAT So many L's, where do i even begin man @nansnu Are you enjoying it? Im currently watching S3 of AOT and One Piece @daintyuu Night bestie @kawaii_mikha DIEEEEEE @nansnu What season ya at bestie? @ShigeoisGOAT That's controversial but okay 😶 @nansnu What ya watchin bestie? @kawaii_mikha YESSSS LIKEEE MEEEE...!!!! @saikisjelly21 I wish you luck bestieee >x< @kawaii_mikha @kawaii_mikha NO BITCH I'M DED 😩 @saikisjelly21 Try setting a goal like, if you study 1 hour you'll read manga for half an hour. It helped me tons in exam times @thotsunit Good morning bestie 💞 @saikisjelly21 Try setting goals bestie, it worked for meAHHHH WTF- THIS IS HILARIOUSSSS!!! FUCK-- ✋🏻😭 Chapter 18 #tokyorevengers @kawaii_mikha GOOD EVE U LIL' BITCH!! Have a nice day ahead 💖Tokyo Revengers chapter 14- AH OMG- #tokyorevengers @Sean_Weeb What ya read bestie? @NitheeshRC @Traf28_ No, i read it xD @fairytalevalley Congrats bestie~Read till the 10th chapter of Tokyo Revengers and god i have so much to talk about. The slap scene was so amazing,… @gtomioka_ You too bestie 💞 @onepiecetwts Yes 😩 @aslfiles @kent0nanamine Not ur poop for sure 😭 @kageyamaandmilk EXACTLY RIGHT!!? It's hard to explain just what but I'm very much vibing with it and feel like I'm… @kageyamaandmilk OMG YESS- @saikisjelly21 Damn Lady, you so pretty 😩💞 @gtomioka_ MOMMMM HOW R U EVEN PRETTIER THAN YO OWN SONNN!!! 😭😭 GIVE ME THOSE SUPERIOR GENES DAMNNNITT.!! YOU SO GORGEOUS AH- 😭😳💞 @rinzuken Haha, those people are built different maybe. I just try interacting with people on anitwt and make friends along the way 💞 @magentaHQ Ah- i have moments like that too bestie, just take a shower maybe? And have an amazing day ahead!! 🦋 @silas_ox I might check out the anime once i finish the manga, right now I'm occupied with binging Aot and One Piec… @tchifyus Ayeee thq so much bestie, I'll definitely update as i read more 💕Just started reading Tokyo Revengers, and it felt so refreshing for some reason. I have read/watched plot similar t… @kawaii_mikha Herroww~ @jcp3nny It's 2 seasons only, but the second season has 2 parts @magentaHQ I'm good wbu bestie
@jcp3nny Oh it's super good bestie, you won't be disappointed. I binged it in 3-4 days, it was amazing. @Sean_Weeb Studio wit always delivers, don't they @nyataoru Wish to know u more bestie 💕 @aslfiles YESSSSSS!! 😁💕 @magentaHQ HEYYY BESTIE @lunasnitches Ayeee bestiee @shiaradesu Thqqq, i hope we can interact tons 😊 @lilzoopdoop U too bestie @jcp3nny Ayeee 💖 @jcp3nny YESSSSS TRUU @bonkitlemons Thqq sm bestiee @mikulovebotv1 It was rlly rlly good, what was ya fav ep? @bananafishtears Let's be moots yo! @ky0nai Hey let's be moots @Guy_SH50_Weeb Good taste, let's be moots. @rinbsf Let's be moots pls @shuichionly Let's be moots @JaydenSpruce Let's be moots @toothnailss Hey let's be moots. @eichiwld Let's be moots @MsStephensonELA You're an amazing teacher for doing so, hats off to you! I don't have any suggestions for the club… @onepiecetwts Opening 6 so far. @LichATAKE Tc homie @aslfiles Post it here, i wanna see the world burn @lunairee Let's be oomfs! 💞 @fags4reid Let's be moots bestie 💞 @mikulovebotv1 Let's be moots 💞 @jcp3nny Let's be moots @dxnjkun No you don't, fillers are not in the manga at all. You should search "How to watch Naruto without fillers"… @uwushihara Sure, let's be moots 💞 @silas_yy Sure, let's be moots bestie 💞 @y3jisgf Let's be moots bestie 💞 @kgsunnie Sure, let's be moots. Love one piece too 💖 @ILYNOY4 Let's be moots haha 💞 @bonkitlemons Sure, let's be moots bestie 💖 @chatsprincesa Let's be moots 💖🤧 @M3GUM15 Let's be moots bestie 💞 @fairytalevalley Watch one piece, and let's be moots 💞 @ryekiu @ryekies Love them, let's be moots 💕 @CHUUAME7 Let's be moots Maki 💖 @astallya Yes, and let's be moots 💕 @aslfiles Sureee, let's be moots 💕 @megumibirb Great list, let's be moots 💖 @abcgaara Love aot too, let's be moots 💕 @melloJS00 Let's be besties 💖 @fifiackerman_ Let's be moots 💕 @tchifyus Yo let's be moots 💖 @magentaHQ Sure let's be besties 💖 @badboiko0kie Sure let's be moots, follow me back💖 @slutformegumi Let's be moots 🤧💖 @todumbforthis It's okay, good to see you're doing well. Let's be moots 💖 @nyataoru Hmu, bestie. 💕 @yuunishiinoya You too, bestie 💕 @neko_kurootetsu Let's be moots, one piece is goat 💖 @httpzora Sure, let's be hxh moots 💕