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Dan Bradford @DBradford92 Lincoln, England

QA Tester at Rockstar / Opinions are my own. I like pink hats.

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@pixizilla YeeHURRR @elnopalmoreno I’m glad you did. What was it? You know what makes me sad? You Americans enjoy “light” stuff so much… @elnopalmoreno Hahaha! ❤️2 years ago eh? Quite an emotional margin. So much has happened. The 3rd game I got to see launch since working a… @elnopalmoreno Sorry about that. Didn’t realise it was you. @KVernoff 🙌🙌🙌🙌 2 YEARS!!!
@TheWildBandit89 Shit the bed I’m old @jasonlane009 @Keir_Starmer Dude you’re paying for Boris to eat a fucking 3 course meal every day and shit in your…
And yes those eagle eyed followers of mine would notice this is the cross used in Most Haunted way back when Phil W… @51_sdwms @TobyStephensInV More than you will ever know.Thankyou @RedNitrate for your recommendations. I have a few months as I usually do this December but I appreciate y…’m always open to suggestions it’s hard to decide who to help. There so many possibilities. Maybe someone’s starte… @MagicalVivi Don’t worry about that, followers mean sweet fook all. I’m boring all the time. @AlphaHeartt @AlyssaEntwistl2 *Laziness* ;P @Nibellion Best tweet 2020It’s getting close to the end of the year which means I need to support someone following a dream. But who? Mus…
@hirezrolycat “Wouldn’t happen with a maxinomic” I laughed out loud. I’m not even ashamed. @AlyssaEntwistl2 @NBull92 @AlyssaEntwistl2 Section 3 of Jez’s email: “Teabag stays in, Bradders makes best brew. Nick Bull is always wrong” @AlyssaEntwistl2 TEABAG STAYS IN!An easy way to trigger some but mainly for @AlyssaEntwistl2 AlyssaEntwistl2 @HarryWrzyszcz I’m sure it’s not as easy In Edinburgh as it is in Lincoln, saying that finding a house here is no easy task! You got this! @HarryWrzyszcz I go crazy if I don’t have a garden (I love being outdoors) but flats are so cozy dude! This looks so nice. @Lane8music Hoodie looks great, will be picking one up soon enough! Love the "This never happened" touch on the sleeve.
@croseburns Awesome that you can help someone out at this time I’m sure they appreciated it and you get a good deal so it’s a win/win! @nolan_north @retroreplayshow @DarkVoidGame @FredTatasciore Fred is incredible, met him years ago. @LongLukeArnold I've been waiting, patiently i promise. @slasher_jpc I’ll be carrying it one time at a con. I’ll just be giving it away to someone or I’ll give it to one o… @slasher_jpc I don’t see a collectors box there, do you have it? I got 2 been looking to gift one as work gave us a… @InkDontBleed You need to do me some of that eye make up sometime. Make me look somewhat presentable. @slasher_jpc A stranger liked it, I fainted a bit. @slasher_jpc I’m not one to care much about my social media presence but I did this a long time back. And... @amy_hennig @nolan_north @TomHolland1996 Well if Amy gives it the seal of approval that’s good enough for me. @croseburns Where’d ya get it from? I spent a whopping £1,500 on my pc 2 years ago. @DonCheadle Being a president during a pandemic and not giving a flying fuck about the people (Similar to Boris in… @pixelgirIs @Naughty_Dog @unchartedmovie @PlayStation @nolan_north @TomHolland1996 Ew what is that horrendous backing music? 😅 @PCGMNG98 @VLeckie17 *IS the best show ever made @KatietheCrabb @boarfeathers Why think about being pirates when we could just be pirates? Keep the black flag, the… @HelenMeeeelonT Cheekee! @shutupimcool19 @TTVPalyBay @Dorks_818 @RockyFPL @PlayVALORANT I’m seeing this in valorant and dead by daylight but… @theAnjelGrace @GabrielNDresden @iBluestone @Twitch LETS GET ITTTTTTTT!!!!
@boarfeathers Beautiful boys!😍 @Pepsi_Punk Sock game is strong. @theAnjelGrace @GabrielNDresden @iBluestone @Twitch @Exauditu Heroes in these times! New socks? Well in!😍🥰 @iBluestone @Twitch @GabrielNDresden Can ya hook him up for a guest mix? @TJRamini Question is what is the best biscuit for dunking in tea? My vote goes to bourbons. @croseburns SPECS PLEASE? 🤓 Looks awesome. :D @DannyWGameDev Best tweet 2020
@stevenspohn @InnerslothDevs A lot of things in game accessibility I have honestly overlooked. I Thankyou for openi… @TheWildBandit89 Before offering your services though my dude, make sure YOU are okay and in a good mindset to help others. @ellsbells0485 @BorisJohnson Nobody left to work it’s going to be fucked anyway. Someone in Lincoln got fined 7 t… @ellsbells0485 @BorisJohnson A lot of people are in the same boat here but people will defend the actions no matter… @IndieGameNews1 You say they don’t move, if that’s the case why do I clip with my shoulders every so often. @squeezed_soul Mate, I’m just so glad you enjoyed doing it for me as much as I loved watching it unfold. It’s so great. 😍🙌 @IndieGameNews1 Nice and easy to start then dived straight into a Simon the sorcerer, it’s coming along well. I’d r… @HarryWrzyszcz Great job! Rooting for you!
Getting into pixel art/anims, Had to start somewhere... @thegamehers It’s so awesome to see so many nominees for your awards across my twitter feed. So awesome to see th… @GabrielNDresden Flat Eric! 🙌🙌
@Redemption1895 I could be tempted ~ Any set date you want these gone? @Redemption1895 UM HI FRIEND @Tale_Technician No you don’t @Tale_Technician I like this one too. The sound of silence. ;) @Stealth40k @Shauna_c_jones Not die but they are twats.
@Vinewood_motors @ROBHADDReal It’s a great tee! Might have to purchase one me sen!I go hard on secret Santa gifts. Throw back to 2018 when I brought this for a great friend, everyone in office knew…
Phasmophobia has actually ruined me. I can’t walk around the house the same. #Phasmaphobia @smk2607 Riding It’s a small world after all @smk2607 They are the eyes of a tired and broken man. 😂 @RobLambert8 I remember that day well. @InkDontBleed I love her. @HollyLux @TribeofToby @TobyStephensInV Yoooo! Great job! @LabourPatriot @seandsmyth Makes me think of this which I saw a while back, forgive me for the potential “fake news… @Quizbritain @BeingBoycie There’s only one true Noel, and that’s Noel Edmonds so it’s gotta be him. What a lad! @slasher_jpc @squeezed_soul Oh Guybrussssh, Voodoo tiiiiiiime! Oh man blockbuster, if that isn’t a pinnacle of the… @smk2607 You flatter me. 🥰❤️ @AlyssaEntwistl2 Hahaha! I’m not entirely sure, got used to it rapidly and it makes my curls pop so I actually like…’m a fashion icon, even at the gym. The person hiding? That’s Kat. She’s blown away with how good I look in a swea… @slasher_jpc @squeezed_soul You and I will get along greatly, Welcome aboard. Glad to be following you! @Ghost_Enzo @ScottGandhi Choice of gifs might be something to do with it, try using Mr.Blobby gifs. Here ya go.
@RevDead2 @mickmellamphy 5th November ;) @squeezed_soul I’m spamming your tweets right now and I’m fully aware but I’m just so grateful, it’s incredible. Th… @betta_rdr2 @SeaOfThieves @RareLtd @Xbox @photomodeaddict You capture it superbly!
I’m fighting everything to not post it until it’s finished but LOOK! ITS SO BEAUTIFUL. I can not believe how good i… @HarryWrzyszcz Fuck that! I’m not massively into Halloween but embrace whatever makes you happy and have fun. - Some pink hatted weirdo @Maerwen Didn’t you move there for that reason? Just do it. Animals are the best. @MaraWilson We are? @bruce_straley My all time favourite game series, so I’d say you smashed it. Thankyou. @SmoothMunky @squeezed_soul Lmao!I’m blown away, it’s absolutely stunning.
@squeezed_soul I CANT EVEN ITS SO GOOD OHDHDHSJEJEBDHCJF video is fantastic, and a good excuse for me to share my absolutely wonderful tattoo again. I love this game s… @kjngaming @Andrew_Reiner @insomniacgames I see you really hate Spidey. @ToriiClark How attractive. I hope he never breeds. 😭 @ellsbells0485 Never? I wouldn’t say never.The Titanic movie we deserved
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@InkDontBleed 🙌🙌😍 Guiness please! :)Whilst i'm at it She didn't even buy me a pint for this, i just like supporting homies.