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Driven by morbid curiosity. Horseperson of the computer apocalypse along with @aphyr. Human EMP. Professional remote heckler. Undertaker of tribal knowledge.

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@log1kal @QuinnyPig And I’m like....the opposite of that. @iamb 12 Clearly I dont get out enough. @QuinnyPig @bequinning Damn dude. 😂 @QuinnyPig StubbornYessssss
accurate data doesn’t prevent sexism and racism
Retweeted by Smasher of DBs. First of her name.If you're a software engineer and don't have a network of white guys to ask about their pay,…
Retweeted by Smasher of DBs. First of her name. @siyegen @log1kal I got to sleep in today cuz mom is here so the twins didn’t come for me when they woke up 😂I dont like Yang at all but agreed on the misleading headline. @cheeseplus class that guy. @log1kal @siyegen Just as I hit tweet, baby girl came to me making meow noises. 😶 @log1kal @siyegen True story. @IanColdwater I’m so sorry Ian. I love you and hope to hang out with you again. @rbranson Whaaaaat @DivineOps Yeah I’m here for dudes bragging. I’ll just sit here taking notes.Power to the dudes out there sharing their comp. No I won’t be sharing mine just as I wouldn’t share it at an interview. 🤷🏽‍♀️ @amyngyn Dammit Amy lolsob @devxvda Thank you but I’d warn that since then the chef feature set has moved and might not be the best path anymo… @rondoftw @mathowie 🤣Mood!!
We have failed on both a mechanical and human level Toby Ziegler @ElleArmageddon 🤣 @ElleArmageddon Fuckyes... @log1kal You should see how I handle the long ass drive when I come down.... @Black_Isis What happened to character building?You know what’s worse than insomnia? Your silly twin spawn waking up at 4:43 AM and coming to your room. 😒I’m ok with this
I recommend watching this….although it will not make you feel good @log1kal @QuinnyPig No no..I have other ways 😏 @MinaMarkham preach….I am bitter too....Read this thread… @jezhumble Who was all “both sides” back in Late October 2016? Comey can fuck right offJust donated to @ewarren because I am tired of old men yelling at me and telling me what I want… @QuinnyPig I am cool with friends having fun with bad ideas in tech…it’s random dudes thinking I cant google miniku… holding my breath…. @cheeseplus also…assuming you are staying in Denver area where…I know of a bunch of openings 😏 @cheeseplus Whoa….so…what are you looking for? Manager? IC? @travisberry I am sorry Travis ....sending hugs @CaptainEyesight Never 😏 @log1kal Sean...In case anyone is wondering, yes I’m still muting people out of my timeline for explaining kube on their laptops to me. @iamb No @ddunstan I’m so tired of Old Dudes, Dave... @JustinMKitagawa OMG what a cutie!Literally what I do here
@chad_b_morrow @jheimbuck @mfdii @1Password @LastPass Omg dude…my oldest has a fire kindle and that was a mistake….p sure she is getting an iPad soon @jheimbuck @mfdii @1Password @LastPass I will say the equation maybe changes if windows/android machines are in the… @ElleArmageddon The takes get dumber and dumber..... I am already taken and this makes me wanna get tattoos too.....That long and involved process of creating cassette mixtapes @mfdii @1Password @LastPass 1Password....last pass account recovery process is a shit show and that is a higher con…“Agile as trauma” is another great entry in the genre of looking hard at the why of our software development folk p…
Retweeted by Smasher of DBs. First of her absentee ballot is here and i plan to fill and send it this week @kf @Ana_M_Medina I aspire to be this bored...The books by @skamille and @nicolefv really are the cornerstones to a lot of how i think about organizational issue… am late watching this but it is very good....and of course early on has the necessary shoutouts to @nicolefv @buritica Also...shit I am watching this now and it is giving me PTSD 😂 @buritica I mean the talk is about accelerating in a way this is an interpretive dance performance. @clynnexx @ruppehill @log1kal @siyegen ..yes!!! @log1kal @ruppehill @siyegen This is the way @siyegen @log1kal @ruppehill They are why I cant stand peanut M&Ms @siyegen @log1kal @ruppehill I KNEW IT!!!!!P sure the @ultabeauty emails about things in your cart are based on stale data cus I had closed the order 3 hours before then i got it.... @ruppehill @siyegen Just drink a cider? I dont like IPA either but this is not ok @DivineOps Yes @log1kal @siyegen @ruppehill No way...Troy has many flaws but he wouldn’t do THART @log1kal @ddunstan Thank you @rnelson0 @justkelly_ok Biden may finish FIFTH tonight but i doubt he will get the same hintDammit now I want Pho!! @ruppehill Do we need to train this office on how to drink beer??? @ruppehill Ok I must know who this was ....
@ScribblingOn It looks great!!OH: If a paper bag full of bedbugs was running against Trump, I’d pull the lever for President Itchy. @EricaJoy Was that session…9 hours long? @EWDurbin This is not the wee fee you are looking for @grepory @ScribblingOn Pictures or it didnt happenThats concerning because one is a plutocrat and another is a tech bro Not to mention the misogynist and the creep… @alicegoldfuss Yeah but then twitter will spend all night explaining it to me.... @log1kal @ruppehill There were times (not recent..not at work) where I had been corrected on how I say MySQL @ruppehill THANK YOU THIS I WAS KILLING MEIt is a day for so many tweet drafts….. @jordansissel @jermops My skills arent limited to computers In our final KAKO with sendgrid I broke the toilet in… @jaicesd Jay 😂Q: how does one use databases? A: @mipsytipsy @QuinnyPig @SnowflakeDB Ok boomer 😏 @QuinnyPig What have you done Corey???OMG this is too real... @buritica Juan?... @jermops I think they are fine with skydiving....they are not fine with me driving a plane... @duretti /me looks at her mentions... Well....shit.. @log1kal Even locking and reopening isn’t fixing it, is driving me up a wallI am blocking each and everyone of you claiming the solution is kube..Second day in a row I have to reboot the iPad to get the keyboard cover to work....this is fine #botrosd @OliviaCurls Yaaaasss...congratulationsBut I have no spoons to explain service boundaries and contracts and testing distributed systems for y’allThose who think my concern was the memory pressure on the laptop don’t get it _at all_ @thetonyblank @lindybrandon @jeffsussna @lcooney Grocery delivery has been helpful when I’ve been stuck at home wit…