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sometimes there are good things on Facebook
Retweeted by Smasher of DBs. First of her name.Fine I’m wearing the damned mouth guard tonight.OH: You can improve employee happiness scores 2 ways: 1: make all the employees happy 2: make all the unhappy empl…
Retweeted by Smasher of DBs. First of her name.People choosing to sit out elections which require a BARE MINIMUM of action & energy, much less action & energy tha…
Retweeted by Smasher of DBs. First of her name.I still blame the political establishment for telling ppl their vote was the extent of their power, pitting protest…
Retweeted by Smasher of DBs. First of her name. @nicolefv someone wrote research about culture improving productivity in software teams. some phd with a Nordic name 🤔🤔🤔 @ekoner They HATE people…this same site also disabled paste on both routing number and bank account number and I am now mada plague on websites that disable paste in password fields.... @ElleArmageddon @jessica_schalz On my second pregnancy even the prenatal vitamins were gummies. I’ve is too short…
a solid PSA times with technology #Botrosd @solarwinds how about you make direct phone calls to people’s cell phone numbers opt in instead of opt out? this i… with the white dude feels being more important than ....I dunno being a leader.... you, Sir, are an embarras… @DivineOps @mattstratton Actually the funniest ones are when the author didnt even intend it as one 😜Dear vendors Calling me on my cell is NEVER a good idea even if we already have a relationship…… “Also shot you a…!!! diversity is not diversity of “thought” or “perspectives” and if I could block everyone that says that in my… @jenistyping @catehstn this is so true I sometimes get concerned when someone interviews very well across the entire panel....So much misery at work comes from people who are better at playing politics than their actual job.
Retweeted by Smasher of DBs. First of her name. @jaicesd Ohno. Good luck JaiceOne would only hope @techwolf359 I was trying to watch @maddowI am here, once again, to remind you all that asshole is a gender neutral term.
Retweeted by Smasher of DBs. First of her name.Democrats are falling into the same fucking trap again. Trump is going to win. And after all this hullabaloo, we're…
Retweeted by Smasher of DBs. First of her name. @calebhailey I think login is what’s brokenSo. YouTube tv is now down?
This just reminded me to block some of that unlimited PTO for election day just did the same…..this damned world is on fire and the least we can do in tech is give some of that tech cash t… @mattstratton Dude I fucking wish @DeirdreS I am so sorry @jilljubs I just grabbed a plate of carbs and breaded chicken for lunch from sprouts.....That’s why the “women in tech” movements always suck because what women are we really even talking about? It’s hard…
Retweeted by Smasher of DBs. First of her name.Hugs to the @datadoghq team who are having * A DAY* @skimbrel @QuinnyPig Sam....I am old enough to remember when my tabs looked like this but as google results of an obscure error @IanColdwater @infinite_scream I didnt even have the wherewithal to remember if this account was infinite? Endless? What are even words?It is a day for endless screamingwho’s a good voter registration organizer in louisiana i can direct some money to?
Retweeted by Smasher of DBs. First of her name.Its been the kind of week that I can feel my jaw tense WHILE AWAKE….. I fucking hate this whole timeline @ddunstan @QuinnyPig Using kubernetes to multicloud @Nicole_Cliffe we didnt forget how he thought it was a game 4 yrs ago either Fuck him and his misogynist publication @IanColdwater @jezhumble @MinaMarkham @lambdapocalypse whoops..looks like I ran out of fucks before I even finished my coffee 😂 @torturecrush @jezhumble @MinaMarkham @lambdapocalypse guerilla “doing the right thing” doesnt always pan out in credit for not d… dont know how many diff explicit ways to say this....but when a company decides to protect toxic men ..... it is… @operaqueenie @justkelly_ok oooofI've had many private discussions over the years w/ other women in tech abt prospective employers & their support o…
Retweeted by Smasher of DBs. First of her name. @skamille i just ordered yet another maxi dress with pockets to wear at home while working...nothing changed @skimbrel @locriani i dont even work there and my desk usually doesnt look too far offi’m still gonna swallow my tongue at family gatherings, yes the cops kill me, the only way to “sully” my legacy is to *not* be out in the streets. if the cops kill me, bur…
Retweeted by Smasher of DBs. First of her name. @tammyxbryant @lizthegrey @pagerduty oh yeah FL gators are very real....I do not miss themif you're looking for a place to put money for the election, consider donating directly to the DNC tech team:…
Retweeted by Smasher of DBs. First of her name.
Check on your black coworkers. They need the support today. @frmr_m Why do people do this. @BreeNewsome right, let's try something new. If you’re in the United States, send me a text at 773-365-9687 — I want to hear…
Retweeted by Smasher of DBs. First of her name.Make all the services talk to one database @ddunstan Yuuuup @benstein But do you test your backups 😏Hey @SlackHQ please please give us a settings toggle for the recent change to the omniswitcher you are killing my wristLot of companies use planning as a substitute for prioritizing. If annual planning feels like high stakes negotiati…
Retweeted by Smasher of DBs. First of her name. @ScribblingOn @BriLimitless @buritica Hi Is it late night if I fell asleep at 9 and my brain is up again by midnight? @ruppehill @lindybrandon I’m told our own Stefano also has a talk as part of this summit? @lindybrandon @stevekinney @Tischart I am hanging on to my carbs and meat as emotional support for dear life these days. @lindybrandon @Tischart Omg you went vegan???? 😱 @ruppehill Emily...As always, learning a lot of @skamille @mattstratton @alicegoldfuss She is such a blast to hang out with at conferences. Alice made my very first conferen… @IanColdwater 😂 @ddunstan @vibhorbharadwaj @chaumn16 @PrestonDoster @underplank Also. Dude. All of you folks my shit posting about breaking tech? 😳 @ddunstan @vibhorbharadwaj @chaumn16 @PrestonDoster @underplank Exciting!! @IanColdwater Add in counties that had, cancelled, had then cancelled again daylight savings. Looking at you, cowboys in Egypt.A v important thread. Too many so called ally leaders use these.
@kellan Ooh no.Just had cream cheese and smoked salmon on an English muffin instead of a bagel and I feel like a god damned rebel.Hangry McHangersonHey y’all…if you live in my area you should know a local blood bank is running low and are looking for donations. Y… @techwolf359 IT’S OFFICIAL!!!!Hannah Gadsby is a genius…. “ I am not here to collect your pity I am here to disrupt your confidence” @nicolefv @jenistyping @skimbrel oh sam. im so sorry @grepory @nicolefv Dude. Now I want pizza. @peterseibel It is the worst schema I’ve seen. Maybe rivaled only by the Collins project by tumblr FKs all the way down. Yes I’ve looked. @IanColdwater High five! @nicolefv @grepory Hard no. I’ve seen those pizzas. @EricaJoy Fuuuuuck @peterseibel It is. I don’t joke about horrible data store ideas. The indexing process is wiping Lucene clean and… @peterseibel Gotta love that MySQL and Lucene pairing. Eventually maybe consistent. @alicegoldfuss I felt more tired just reading this. @IanColdwater UuuuggghhhOH “Turns out throwing money at your employees but not changing roadmaps wont fix burnout”
Retweeted by Smasher of DBs. First of her name.Burn down all of tech.
How did I not know about this for FIVE YEARS?? A webring of subtweets if you will.
Retweeted by Smasher of DBs. First of her name.Fuck this year…again….the worstSo the reason I’m angry about this experiment is that it simplifies and misrepresents the issue that is being raise…
Retweeted by Smasher of DBs. First of her name.