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@AndrewYang you seein this game ? @HuttHutt09 Glaring lack of drone on this shotNo matter what you’ve accomplished I will always think of this when I hear the name Scotty have a new king and he is 5’8 @ScottKelIy Here we go #UFC257Espn will be pretty limited on generic positive tweets they can throw up on the screen tonight
@callmeshitto I’m gonna buy it because I respect you, but I will not read it. No shortcutsWow so this blew up. Just a reminder that The American Cancer Society recommends that both men and women undergo… @jasonsdeli2go Lil baby 👀lil colonoscopy
@DUSTYB0RSELLINO This changes things⏰ Time for VOICEMAILS. — Bachelor Party Planning — Pimping our rides — "Coolest" Actors — Who performs at our Inau…
Retweeted by David Ruff @Kitacookie well we're just happy you listened. @cmwilliamson09 @toomuchdipp @micahwiener @KJe11is @DCheverere you think bullying is funny and cool? go back to 202… yeah that's really hilarious. Keep that same energy parks @danielll_lopez @BachelorBob_ @BachelorABC @DCheverere @WilldeFries Just creates a redemption story. America loves that. Next bachelorette?🧐Who: just guys who tell it like it is What: live stream Why: we had to do it to them Where:
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@landahoy14 DPG @Cjolberding @circlingbackpod @DCheverere Dillon can’t even see red dirt
@Kitacookie @Swayburd @circlingbackpod @Kitacookie @Swayburd @circlingbackpod Thanks for the listen @JakeWGoldman @B_Vaughan_ What’s your price
Retweeted by David RuffWe are *only* doing posi vibes today 📈 (0:00) Fun & Easy Banter (18:54) The Dinosaur Butthole (28:31) Joe Biden's…
Retweeted by David Ruffahem..... Inauguration, Joe Bidenbut why did Hanson catch a stray in the new radicals song @disordrnthecort @circlingbackpod must've been reading a lot of Greenwald @WordsOfWalton @glicker89 Caught me slippin
What’s the best way to buy Crypto? Robinhood? Coinbase?
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Stomping Grapes And Weird Concussions is now live. You won’t find another deep dive of old YouTube videos and high…
Retweeted by David Ruff @TheRealKatPat mall kiosk selling some sort of remote controlled helicopter @WRBolen Ross I have a unique business opportunity I'd love to discuss with you
@kristyer17 @WilldeFries @DCheverere unbelievable @NateNavey He’s the giant gun. Enough said @miles_michael Yeah it was a hit balls off of sand and dirt dayImagine suffering a serious injury and not calling the law guns, carry him now 🙏
Retweeted by David RuffThat was a helpful graphic they showed there. Josh Allen has actually improved since his rookie season.I’m just gonna say it: halftime at a texas high school football game is about fifteen minutes longer than it needs… @lib_crusher @NotJackKemp @gwilkins24 Still worth watching. A lot of bad dudes out there @garkmallemore @DCheverere That’s interesting I know he hangs out there often but never heard him speak like that. Not sure I believe this
@28_sex_location @Zak_Bagans is this just dust or something far more sinister ? @toomuchdipp Hey man I wanna hang out and drink beers in the garage @WRBolen Smmmokin (weed) @billmooneyhan They know which homes have foundation issues and which ones don’tThe most important person in the neighborhood is the guy who stands in his garage looking out at the street and smoking cigs all day @NotJackKemp “Well, no I can’t, but...” @waggonerjd @garkmallemore @DCheverere Young dumb and full of one @garkmallemore @DCheverere Didn’t see y’all took it home
Urban Snow In New Orleans is live. No one’s talking about it, but Dave stands to make 3k this weekend. Apple:…
Retweeted by David Ruff @WilldeFries I don’t online game without itWe’re live talking big trades, big games and big fun.
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@DJPie @fleskered @fleskered I’d love nothing moreOh, you want stream? Good, because we’re streaming. The lads 6:30 CST Youtube:
Retweeted by David Ruff @amterwey @shmerriman Aaron @DCheverere @washed_media should've been bunsen burner media but still playsif you're in austin looking to adopt, there's a down-on-his-luck pup who desperately needs a home he's 2 years old…
Retweeted by David RuffWE'RE LIVE Clean slate. Come be a part of the ride. We hit: - how this happened - moving wedding dates - kicki…
Retweeted by David Ruff @WRBolen @KobyTorres21 It’s all good pos vibes only @KobyTorres21 @WRBolen That’s normally true but I just think he’s a better resource for rockets hope than me. @KobyTorres21 Talk to this guy @WRBolen @KobyTorres21 Wood looks like a really good playerLuka bulked to become a better defender, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise @HashtagNoahJD Came through @HashtagNoahJD @ david-Ruff-2 on venmo thanksI was nine when whoomp there it is dropped and for many days I thought it was “whoop thaaat ass” @RandyTrembacki Dude we made it
@HashtagNoahJD 🤝 @HashtagNoahJD -4? @smellygreg hey man what do we have to do to earn your business @garkmallemore @DCheverere I'll see you at Dillon's house @Taylorbuford @DCheverere @ me next time pipsqueak @garkmallemore @DCheverere oh yeah man for sure @CobesGoes no no you guys are good @JaredBorislow @lawclaytonnThat’s why it’s so dank’m not real sure“Swag alert.” — The dude who’s on day 8 of his shacket Get your Bach fix on Patreon:
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@ASmallbeck @DCheverere @circlingbackpod this is really good you should use this @vizzyseltzerCrazy how everything we said would happen last night did happen. It’s like that sometimes’m sorry but did he club twirl the axe @JGanceres insane. probably will end up at Texas with Sark. @garkmallemore @HuttHutt09 I got it Mark thank you @DCheverere “See if you Mr. Jenkins will let you use his winch. You may need to go rent one.” @garkmallemore *comes back for alumni weekend two years after graduating* “Yeah these guys suck now”This dude made me bring him food at 3 am and didn’t even sign my pledge book that Alabama gets this guy next year
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We back. We out here. (0:00) Fun & Easy Banter (14:00) Recapping This Snow Day In Fun (38:03) Dave Upgraded His K…
Retweeted by David Ruff @Jordan__Owen @MaxPreps @ArRecruitingGuy @Duncanville_Fb @SLCAthletics There’s a similar video from last year after… lack of slime cannon
@BlutoTweets Crazy that this guy killed bin laden didn’t Mitch just hurdle those dudesWelcome to spooky szn I’ll be your host, lil lumpkinThis is what DMT is like
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