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Tomorrow, 5/29! We’re flashing back to the 90s with @JohnWesleyShipp who’s joining us for a LIVE Q&A at 3PM PT. Sub…
Retweeted by DCRelationships can be complicated for a Kryptonian. Take a look at Kara’s love interests on @TheCWSupergirl 💙…
Everything is fine 🔥 #SupermanIV
Retweeted by DC#DCDaily goes under the Red Hood with writer @JuddWinick 💥 Stay-tuned for a look at Scooby-Doo comics and more:…'s the #DCKids Activity of the Day! 🎨🎉 Let your name be known with these heroic Super Signs -- find printable art…
Retweeted by DCCan’t get enough of #DCStargirl? 🌟 Creator @geoffjohns shares a personal reading list of his top five influential D… Spinner arrives, Mark Sheppard returns in Doom Patrol season 2 first look photos
Retweeted by DCSometimes you eat the burger, and sometimes the burger eats you 🍔 #NationalHamburgerDay, look ... it's the World's Strangest Heroes 👋 Who's psyched for @DCDoomPatrol Season 2?'s ready to become the hero society says she isn't. Here's your first look at #NubiaRealOne by @ElleOnWords and…
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Circe and Artemis Join DC Legends!
Retweeted by DCWe have a legend in the building 💥 @nealadamsdotcom joins #DCDaily to talk comics and more: Max has entered the chat.
Retweeted by DCAre you ready for what happens next? 🤔 #DoomPatrol just got a new member…welcome to the team, @hbomax!
Retweeted by DC @hbomax 💪💜💪The wait is finally over. #HBOMax is officially here. If you need me, I'll be streaming.
Retweeted by DC @hbomax This is a historic day for the entire Multiverse! #HBOMax like a kid again with one of #DCTV’s craziest offerings: TEEN TITANS GO! 😂 📺 to dive into Atlantis🔱 #AquamanUnderwaterWorld starts NOW! #DCTuesdays Stream on YouTube:…
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It's time for another #DCSuperHeroGirls Super Project! Help Catwoman escape this paw-some maze! 🐾
Retweeted by DCThe stars have aligned 🌟 #DCDaily looks at @stargirl_cw with @geoffjohns — catch new episodes Mondays on… was out of options. New episode tonight at 9/8c. Stream tomorrow free only on The CW! #LegendsOfTomorrow
Retweeted by DCGot some action coming at ya 💪 Head here to preview this week's #NewDCDay comics: #NCBD vs. Brainwave. New episode airs tonight at 8/7c on The CW. Stream tomorrow free only on The CW App!…
Retweeted by DCStars and S.T.R.I.P.E. forever! Get ready for an all-new #DCUSTARGIRL on #DCUNIVERSE!
Retweeted by DCNo hard feelings, mate 💀 Think Captain Boomerang will make it out alive in SUICIDE SQUAD #5? O M O R R O W.
Retweeted by DCSay hello to the new Super Hero on the block! 💥 Meet Ashley Rayburn and her friends in PRIMER by @jennifermuro,…
Retweeted by DCRace into exciting adventures this #NewDCDay! ⚡️ What books are you speeding through? #NCBD
Honor your heroes 💪 #MemorialDay the heroes past, but not forgotten. #MemorialDay It's us telling you Joker will be on SYFY tonight at 11pm/10c. Don't disappoint him by missing out.…
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We’ve all lost track, bud. What’d you think of PLUNGE #3? #DCHillHouse #DCBlackLabel home! 🏚 Share your thoughts on THE DOLLHOUSE FAMILY #6! #DCHillHouse #DCBlackLabel got it, Stargirl! ❤️🌟💙 What did you think of STARGIRL BY GEOFF JOHNS?
If Batman can #StayAtHome, then you can too 👍 #ConnectedTogether
Retweeted by DCYeah, Bizarro, this am VERY bad. Share your thoughts on RED HOOD: OUTLAW #45! to know the voices on #HarleyQuinn before all-new episodes tomorrow night on #SYFY.
Retweeted by DCSo… anyone watching @DCUHarleyQuinn this weekend? ✋ Share your thoughts on the HARLEY QUINN & POISON IVY Collected…⚡️The Fastest Man Alive ⚡️ Share your thoughts on THE FLASH BY MARK WAID BOOK SEVEN!
#DCDaily explores #JLDarkApokolipsWar with @jason_omara, @ChrisGorham and @JTuckerAnimator 🔥 Plus, a look at Stargi…, cosmos, and #BirdsofPrey?! 🤩 Own it now on Digital and 4K Ultra HD & Blu-ray!
Retweeted by DCWhat's your greatest Green Lantern memory? #GreenLantern80 looks like things are escalating quickly this episode.
Retweeted by DCJoin the corps with this first look at the GREEN LANTERN 80TH ANNIVERSARY 100-PAGE SUPER SPECTACULAR 👊… more days. Tell me five things you’re excited to watch on HBO Max.
Retweeted by DCTwo very different people celebrating #WorldGothDay 🖤 always come back 💥 Join the battle in our first look at SUICIDE SQUAD #5: new group of heroes has arrived 💪 Discover their adventures with the hashtag #DCAmbassador and prepare to join th… 42! Number 2 in the 10 experimental pieces I plan on doing (sketches41-50) features BATMAN THE MERCILESS as…
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It's time for #DCDaily 💯 @GailSimone joins us for a look at Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey and more 💪…'s the #DCKids Activity of the Day! 🎨🎉 Can you help Martian Manhunter win the War of the Words? ✏️👽
Retweeted by DCWe could all use a spark of joy 🌟 Here's what makes the @stargirl_cw series premiere so special:…
Retweeted by DC @HeroicPowerEnt YOU'RE WELCOME 💙 @J_Onaka This one's a must-read 💯Who's on your ultimate #JusticeLeague team? 🤔 Jordan and John Stewart join forces in GREEN LANTERN: EARTH ONE VOL. TWO 👊 Here's your first look at the cosmic… @hbomax @ZackSnyder 🙌🙌🙌The moment we were all waiting for. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut @ZackSnyder
Retweeted by DCReady for @zacksnyder's JUSTICE LEAGUE on @hbomax? Here's a breakdown of today's huge news 💥 a dark past in a whole new light with SUPERMAN SMASHES THE KLAN 💥
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#DCDaily takes an inside look at @CWBatwoman with @RachieSkarsten and @carolinedries 🦇 @hbomax @ZackSnyder Is it 2021 yet?! 💜💥🙄...😳...🤯 this is really happening! DID YOU NOT HEAR ABOUT SEASON 2 OF DOOM PATROL, @ZackSnyder and @HBOMax?!?…
Retweeted by DCReturn to the end of the world in #DCEASED: HOPE AT WORLD'S END 🔥 @Polygon looks at the #DCDigitalFirst series:… a Stargirl appreciation post for your TL 🌟
Retweeted by DC @hbomax @ZackSnyder @GalGadot @BenAffleck @ray8fisher We're all in 💯💪 @ZackSnyder @hbomax Is it 2021 yet?It's happening. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut @hbomax @ZackSnyder, that was freaky 😯⚡️ #DCAntiHero @katekaryusquinn @demitrialunetta @macagilart
Retweeted by DCIs all hope lost for the World's Greatest Super Heroes? @HeatVisionBlog looks at #DCEASED: HOPE AT WORLD'S END 🔥… starts now! Click the link below to tune in to the live screening! #DCTuesdays Stream on YouTu…
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Earth's hope lies with the League. Witness the heroic fight when you own #JLDarkApokolipsWar on Blu-ray NOW!…
Retweeted by DCA star is born ⭐️ #DCDaily breaks down the series premiere of @stargirl_cw, now streaming on @TheDCUniverse and air… activities have you crossed off the bingo card? 🏡
Retweeted by DCAstra Logue tempts fate on tonight's @TheCW_Legends 💥 Actress @liviaswann talks about the shocking new episode:… stars have aligned. #DCStargirl premieres tonight at 8/7c on The CW! Stream tomorrow free only on The CW App!
Retweeted by DCThe war for Earth has only just begun 🔥 Get your first look at #DCEASED: HOPE AT WORLD'S END here:… best co-captain. New episode tonight at 9/8c. Stream tomorrow free only on The CW! #LegendsOfTomorrow
Retweeted by DCThrilling adventures await this #NewDCDay! 😱 💥 What are you reading first? #NCBD’s time to get strange! Watch the entire first season of #DOOMPATROL on @HBOMax starting May 27!  …
Retweeted by DCDon’t look behind you, Diana! 😱 👻 Share your thoughts on JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK VOL. 3: THE WITCHING WAR!
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Thanks to all of the real heroes for their service and sacrifice. #CWGrateful
Retweeted by DCThe Court of Bane is in session 💪 #DCDaily looks at the latest episode of @DCUHarleyQuinn: haven’t watched the #DCUSTARGIRL premiere on #DCUNIVERSE? Watch along and chat with our Community today at 6P…
Retweeted by DCSTARGIRL has arrived ⭐️ Join @TheDCUniverse's live Q&A with @Brecbassinger TODAY at 3pm PT: new life is far from normal. #DCStargirl premieres tomorrow at 8/7c on The CW. Stream next day free only on T…
Retweeted by DCThe Cosmic Staff has chosen a new hero! 🌟Watch #DCUSTARGIRL now!
Retweeted by DCReady to meet Stargirl? Here's EVERYTHING you need to know before the @stargirl_cw series premiere — May 19 on… 40 is RAVEN by me! As chosen by the high bidder of Two-Face—@bmcgann90 comes Raven from the Titans! 9x12” pe…
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Catch up with the clowns TONIGHT on #HarleyQuinn, 11/10c on @SYFY 🃏💣 Season 2 now streaming on @TheDCUniverse ❤️️🖤 said it, man 🤖 What’d you think of METAL MEN #6? tight, Jessica’s on the way 💪 What’d you think of JUSTICE LEAGUE ODYSSEY #20? your power ring charged? ✅ Today is the original Green Lantern's 80th anniversary! #GreenLantern80 digital library needs some new deluxe content 📚
Not THAT kind of doctor! Share your thoughts on HARLEY QUINN #72! Multiverse is an interesting place 🌍🌎🌏 What did you think of LOIS LANE #10?