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Unearth the Dark Knight's psychology in #BatmanUnburied, an original audio drama coming to @Spotify from executive…
Retweeted by DCFor the first time ever, the #DCMilestone library is headed to digital platforms 🙌 And the first wave of releases b… #NewDCDay is joking around 🃏 What’s on your reading list? #NCBD for a house call 🃏 Visit the Joker's home in this first look at #BatmanThreeJokers Issue 2:…
Retweeted by DCThe founders of #DCMilestone will be inducted into the @HarveyAwards Hall of Fame during #NYCCMetaverse 👏 Visit…
Who watches the @Watchmen? @PedroPascal1 does. Stream it on @HBO via HBO Max.
Retweeted by DC @gamesquad37 @dcharleyquinn @hbomax Hell yeah 😎 @AndorianSoup @dcharleyquinn @hbomax same 🦈 @fayettevamp @dcharleyquinn @hbomax So what you're saying is... more Ivy? 🌿💚What do YOU want to see in @DCHarleyQuinn Season 3? Gear up for the @HBOMax series here ♦️ Robin are YOU vibing with today? 🤨 #MondayMood
Retweeted by DCThe boys are here to remind you it’s #NationalSonsDay 💪
Can’t forget about the X-Ray vision, Deadshot 👁 What’d you think of SUICIDE SQUAD #9? #SquadGoalsDC, he said it ⚡️ What’d you think of SHAZAM! #15? is done fighting 🙅‍♂️ What did you think of THE FLASH #762?’s gotta hurt 😲 What did you think of THE LAST GOD #9? #DCBlackLabel
The Justice League Dark stands strong! Share your thoughts on JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #26! future is full of possibilities ✨ Share your thoughts on BOOKS OF MAGIC #23! #DCBlackLabel the ocean’s depths like the king he is 👑 🌊 What’d you think of AQUAMAN #63?'s keeping up with the Flashes? Share your thoughts on DARK NIGHTS: DEATH METAL SPEED METAL #1 ⚡️ #DCDeathMetal's here to protect Gotham 🦇 Get a first look at @JaviciaLeslie as #Batwoman! @CWBatwoman
Who would have thought?
Retweeted by DCWho are we missing? 🤔
Retweeted by DCLet's #VoteBecause the future depends on it. Why are you voting? Register to vote today at
Retweeted by DC @GalGadot Was there really any other choice? ✨The ultimate father/daughter duo 🙌 #NationalDaughtersDay
Retweeted by DCC'mon fellas, just LEGO the beef and save the day 💥 #LEGODCSuperHeroes
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Join the #KnightHood! Now it's your turn. Show us your creations around #GothamKnights using #KnightHood, and your…
Retweeted by DC @realpopchrissy @AlysArden @whaojackie 🌙✨💜 @letstalkraven @AlysArden @whaojackie 💜💜💜Magic and mystery will be revealed in ZATANNA: THE JEWEL OF GRAVESEND by @AlysArden and @whaojackie ✨… @_DCBRASIL @SuicideSquadWB 🤞🤞 @OnikasTeet @SuicideSquadWB Very interesting... 🤔 @Midnighter1309 @SuicideSquadWB 👑🦈 @dctvcinema @SuicideSquadWB SAME @painfulgamer1 @SuicideSquadWB Hmmm 🤔See the evolution of the Clown Prince of Crime. Click the link below to watch The Joker: Put on a Happy Face. Strea…
Retweeted by DCWho's gonna make it to the end of @SuicideSquadWB? Place your bets NOW 💥 #TheSuicideSquad #DCUNIVERSE is becoming #DCUINFINITE! It'll still be your premiere digital comic subscription source, but n… the PVP Wraith Tournament this week to win Deadman: Wandering Spirit! 🏆 #DCLegends
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@cowboyciberso @SYFYWIRE @mstiefvater @MorganBeem 💚Dive into the greenery with @SYFYWIRE for a special look at #SwampThingTwinBranches by @mstiefvater and @MorganBeem't hop in the Batmobile, huh? 🦇 #BTAS
Retweeted by DC @JamesGunn @JohnCena @hbomax @warnerbrostv 🙌👊💥 @JohnCena @JamesGunn @hbomax 💪💯I'm over-the-moon excited to be working on #PEACEMAKER with my pals @JohnCena & #TheSuicideSquad producer Peter Saf…
Retweeted by DCWorking alongside @JamesGunn on #SuicideSquad was an absolute masterclass in how to best bring beloved characters t…
Retweeted by DCYOU GOT THIS, WONDER WOMAN 💪 #WonderWoman
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sees a burrito
Retweeted by DCStay legendary. Catch up with the team and own DC’s #LegendsOfTomorrow: The Complete Fifth Season on Digital, Blu-r… will always be our greatest lesson. @DCComics brings us a closer look at the rise of a war that led to the…
Retweeted by DC“You work at “I work at the Daily Planet!” the Daily Planet.”
Retweeted by DCThese sidekicks still pack a punch 👊💥's time for a comeback ⚡️ @DenysCowan chats about the return of #DCMilestone with @TheRoot here:… into this #NewDCDay ⚡️ What are you racing to read? #NCBD @lilis_corner 🤩 @highfivepunk oh, we're counting animated 👍
@molorkus Totally counts! Great list 💪 @snydercut That checks out 😆 @PatrickCakes88 yes yes yes yes @BCRD_ @Q_FahLovesYou 💙💪 @tcm Well played 😉 @heyeddie99 Decisions were made. Nice picks! 💪 @suprdude7 👀👀Dr. Manhattan is currently watching Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s performance for the first time again, and I’m very jeal…
Retweeted by DC @elo7528 🌊😎 @AlejandroWaizel 🦇 @MenAreStillGoo1 That is technically 6 movies but... we'll give it to you 😉 @HelloMegan6 Solid picks there! 💪 @LegionApplepie @joeyjoe93 Absolutely! Great choices 👍 @BruceWa75936361 👏🦇👏🦇 @kylefinney01 This is an acceptable answer 💯Reply to this with four DC movies you like more than anyone else you know👇 ... GO!This is, and will always be, a Regina King fan account. Congratulations to @ReginaKing on her #Emmys win for Outs…
Retweeted by DCA new mystery is underway in this first look at BATMAN/SUPERMAN #12 — out 9/22: @joelovescomics 😎💪 @Mothmageculpa Correct 👍 @HBO @watchmen Congratulations! 👏🕚It’s clear we all watch the Watchmen. Congratulations to the entire cast and crew of @watchmen on their #Emmys wi…
Retweeted by DCPlaytime is over 🤖 What did you think of TEEN TITANS #45?
Everyone say “JUSTICE!” 📸 Share your thoughts on INJUSTICE: YEAR ZERO #6! #DCDigitalFirst matter the universe, Nightwing’s still got the moves 💪 What’d you think of JUSTICE LEAGUE #53? #DCDeathMetal! 😼 What’d you think of CATWOMAN #25? Bat-Signal shines on! 🦇 What did you think of DETECTIVE COMICS #1027? Dark Multiverse consumes all. What’d you think of METAL MEN #10? #batmanday tings!
Retweeted by DCWhich Batman should we make next? #BatmanDay
Retweeted by DCTomorrow’s #BatmanDay, so @dccomics and @waze sent out some new gear for the CBRmobile to help us celebrate!
Retweeted by DCShine your Bat-Signals over here because the #BatmanDay celebration continues with this show-stopping illustration…
Retweeted by DCThere's no missing that Bat-Signal! 👍 #BatmanDay could never forget. Happy #BatmanDay 💛💙❤️ -Diana
Retweeted by DC#BatmanDay
Retweeted by DCThe Bat-Signal shines on! 🤩 #BatmanDay Bat-Signal shines because of YOU! Thank you for joining the #BatmanDay celebration 🙌 Keep the party going and v…
Retweeted by DCIt's #BatmanDay, dammit. @mattreevesLA
Retweeted by DCSave us some! 🍪😋 #BatmanDay #BatmanDay ! Here’s one of my favorite recent scenes from our #SuicideSquad. A puppy. A pardon. #Batman . Dea…
Retweeted by DCSome ultra rare #BatmanDay swag for the finale! This is the one for the #Batman super fans! To win retweet this po…
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