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Today on #DCDAILY, we’re recapping the latest episode of @DCUHarleyQuinn, “Devil’s Snare.” What was your favorite m…
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Shop the FANTABULOUS @birdsofpreywb collection from @ShopDCE: #BirdsofPrey FACT: FDR was the real founder of the Justice Society of America! #PresidentsDay 👏 THIS 👏 MAN 👏 THROUGH 👏 Any thoughts on THE TERRIFICS #25?
Wanna make a deal? What’d you think of HAWKMAN #21? dreams! What did you think of THE DOLLHOUSE FAMILY #4? #DCHillHouse #DCBlackLabel Quinn wielding a baseball bat is simply inconceivable! Share your thoughts on HARLEY QUINN AND THE BIRDS OF…, you need to hear this. Share your thoughts on SUPERMAN: HEROES #1! to your most terrifying memory. Share your take on HOUSE OF WHISPERS #18! #DCBlackLabel't believe we're rooting for a team of monsters. What'd you think of GOTHAM CITY MONSTERS #6?
She’s ready to finish this, once and for all. Share your thoughts on CATWOMAN #20! improved ✅ What'd you think of BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS #10? who’s trying to be a hero now. Share your take on THE FLASH #88! you and the crew charge up. What'd you think of THE GREEN LANTERN SEASON TWO #1? @allyson99x @birdsofpreywb Enjoy the movie 👍💥 @sknightpascoe ❤️❤️❤️ @Pumpkin4898 Gotta show some respect to the original Green Lantern👍 @ScottBerrian Guy is DEFINITELY not afraid to share his opinion 😬 @thepunmaster206 It's so awesome! Art by Liam Sharp ✏️ @Michael46483427 So many incredible adventures! What are your top Green Lantern stories?Music from the heart...🎶💘 Which song is at the top of your #ValentinesDay playlist?
Retweeted by DC @wabofrank WOW! That's an incredible collection👍 @BillyDarkseid 😆😆😆 @Jesuszilla1 It's gonna be out of this world💥
80 years of willpower. 80 years of might. 80 years of Green Lantern's light. someone talking about THE FLASH #750?? Get a behind-the-scenes look at @marvwolfman and @rileyrossmo1's story i… @marvwolfman Hi! This is DC!💙❤️️ Happy #ValentinesDay from #DCDaily ❤️️💙 spend #ValentinesDay with one person when you can have a party? 😉 Gather your flock and celebrate with…
Retweeted by DCStrange may not be in Russia, but he knows what it’s like to feel upside down., HBO Max
Retweeted by DCThe best part of that date night?...Pizza! New art reveal from #gothamhigh just in time for Valentine's Day! ♥️🦇…
Retweeted by DCThe perfect date night in Gotham. What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? 🦇🥰
Retweeted by DCIt's date night in Gotham City 🦇🖤 Earn 2x points on dining this #ValentinesDay with the DC Power Visa:… into 5 action-packed tales included in THE FLASH GIANT #3 ⚡️ match made in Themyscira. #ValentinesDay Catwoman: The Princess of Plunder fragments in the PVP Legendary Showdown!🏆
Retweeted by DCDiscover the Joker's most devastating trick in BATMAN: THE SMILE KILLER. @SYFYWIRE shares the first details here:…
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Time for a shock to the system ⚡ Revisit STATIC SHOCK on today's #DCDaily: @mattreevesLA Honestly won’t be mad if the movie is just two hours of this 🦇#TheBatman #CameraTest
Retweeted by DCHistory will be revealed. The journey continues in GENERATION ONE: AGE OF MYSTERIES, out 5/27:… hard to choose. #BestComicsRomance to the world of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES in BATMAN: THE ADVENTURES CONTINUE — a new digital-first series…
Retweeted by DCThey say keep your enemies closer, right? 🖤💥🤕 Spend your #ValentinesDay with Harley Quinn and the @birdsofpreywb, N… Cain has a lot to learn. Head here for a breakdown of @sarahkuhn and @NicoleGoux’s #ShadowOfTheBatgirl:… @MitchGerads Excited to go on more strange adventures with you🚀Get in, ladies, we're going crime-fighting. #GalentinesDay
Retweeted by DC#BirdsOfPrey delivers a one-two punch of terrific action and performances. See it for yourself - NOW PLAYING only i…
Retweeted by DCWelcome to a Gotham City fairy tale. #BatmanTales Check out BATMAN TALES: ONCE UPON A CRIME by Derek Fridolfs and…
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Today on #DCDaily, we dive into the new #DCBlackLabel HARLEY QUINN AND THE BIRDS OF PREY series! Stay-tuned for a c… how to play the #HarleyQuinn theme from #BirdsOfPrey on your guitar!! As the score album is not out till Fri…
Retweeted by DC💠 NEW OPENING ALERT 💠 @warnerbros & DC have partnered with Wonderland Restaurants to launch the Park Row restaurant… to expect when you’re expecting an Aquababy. Head here for an exclusive first look at AQUAMAN #57, out 2/19:… celebrities geek out on #DCUNIVERSE ALL STAR GAMES, as they play a classic DC RPG! Get your game on February…
Retweeted by DCEnter the mayhem 🤘🔥 DARK NIGHTS: DEATH METAL begins 5/13: #DCDeathMetal #NewDCDay is shining bright thanks to THE GREEN LANTERN: SEASON TWO #1, HARLEY QUINN AND THE BIRDS OF PREY #1,… ready for some girl power! Jump into 5 action-packed adventures in DC SUPER HERO GIRLS GIANT #2, out now at… is the #1 movie in the world! See it for yourself - NOW PLAYING only in theaters. Get tickets:…
Retweeted by DCPretty quiet in here tbh.
Retweeted by DCReady for an Easter Egg hunt? The #DCTV Couch Club finds all the hidden references following…
Something is off... New episode airs tonight at 8/7c! Stream tomorrow free only on The CW App. #TheFlash
Retweeted by DCLove is in the air 💙 Suit up for #ValentinesDay with DC's Power Couple Sale, now through 2/17:…, what a time! New episode of DC's #LegendsOfTomorrow tonight at 9/8c! Stream tomorrow free only on The CW App.
Retweeted by DCWhat is your darkest fear? Join #DCDaily for a watch-along of "Nothing to Fear" from BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES 🦇… it up to 11. Then rip the knob off. 2/12/2020
Retweeted by DCWho will she become? HARLEEN Collected Edition, available here: #DCBlackLabel takes flight in her radiant return as Wonder Woman! 👊 For our March cover, she shares an inside look at…
Retweeted by DCU.S. ONLY: Stock up on #BirdsOfPrey collectibles, clothes and more with the @birdsofpreywb sweepstakes! Head here t…
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The #DCDaily crew hits the "Harley Quinn Highway" for a look at the latest episode of @DCUHarleyQuinn!… for those who cannot fight for themselves. #MondayMotivation
Retweeted by DCWho’s having a good time? Get to know @birdsofpreywb's Black Mask here: #BirdsOfPrey for war. New episode of #BlackLightning tonight at 9/8c! Stream free tomorrow on The CW App.
Retweeted by DCThank you to @TheAcademy for honoring the incredible cast and crew of @JokerMovie with 2 Academy Awards®. #Oscars someday, her love can cure the Joker. Get the HARLEEN Collected Edition here: all have that someone. Share your thoughts on DC’S CRIMES OF PASSION #1!
It’s hard to be brave when you’re not dreaming. What’d you think of DAPHNE BYRNE #2? #DCHillHouse #DCBlackLabel Quinn is not one to underestimate. What are your thoughts on JOKER/HARLEY: CRIMINAL SANITY #3? #DCBlackLabel love me, they really, really love me! Share your thoughts on HARLEY QUINN #70! universe is yours, J’onn J’onzz. What did you think of the final issue of MARTIAN MANHUNTER? texting and running, Bart! Share your thoughts on YOUNG JUSTICE #13!
Expedite the Unmaking. Share your take on THE DREAMING #18! #DCBlackLabel, puddin’. What did you think of BATMAN #88?’s right, because she’s HARLEY 💥 FREAKIN’ 💥 QUINN! @birdsofpreywb, in theaters now! Get tickets here:… is already very confusing. What’d you think of JUSTICE LEAGUE ODYSSEY #18? Green Lantern Corps will always have your back. 💚 #GreenLanternLegacy
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There's no one like Harley Quinn 💋 Bring HQ style on-the-go with this @birdsofpreywb tumbler from @TervisTumbler:… are getting crazy in Gotham! A new episode is Now Streaming!
Retweeted by DCThe original Flash returns! @DenofGeekUS shares an exclusive preview of Jay Garrick’s solo story and chats with… @birdsofpreywb this weekend? Get to know HUNTRESS before catching her in action! 🏹 #BirdsOfPrey have landed in theaters! Celebrate all things @birdsofpreywb on today's #DCDaily:… for your mayhem. #BirdsofPrey: The Album ft. the singles SWAY WITH ME, DIAMONDS, BOSS B**TCH, JOKE’S ON YOU a…
Retweeted by DCBirds of a feather kick ass together. @birdsofpreywb is NOW PLAYING! Get tickets: your pet some @birdsofpreywb style with these #BirdsOfPrey accessories from @buckledowninc 🐶💎
Suit up for mayhem before @birdsofpreywb with DC's Fantabulous Birds of Prey and Harley Quinn Sale! Up to 86% off e… for mayhem? Add @birdsofpreywb style to your secret hideout with these posters from @intltrends💥 #BirdsOfPrey the "Siege of The One Who Is All" PVP Siege Tournament to win Cassandra Cain: The One Who Is All!🏆
Retweeted by DCDC Comics ‘DMZ’: Benjamin Bratt Joins HBO Max Pilot From Ava DuVernay
Retweeted by DC.@birdsofpreywb continues DC's legacy of female teams 💥 Dive into the history here: