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Folks, Demp is a class act who wants to provided people with the ability to plug holes. He is even going as far as…
Retweeted by David Ciszek @KamalaHarris It was my will she be confirmed @justachifan @PatrickMannelly It’s because he is @greggabe People should stop whining about running the ball like a 70-80’s offense @BauerOutage SpiderLet’s give away some shit from @solatac and quit feels posting. One off trauma kit. I’ll pick the winner from the…
Retweeted by David CiszekToday, Kamala told a crowd that “We all have PTSD from 2016.” This is ignorant and disgusting. Thousands of veter…
Retweeted by David Ciszek#America is heaven today...
Retweeted by David Ciszek @StrategicCPLUSM Too soon. Give it a few days @WPHobknocker @DempMcgee Every damn day we had to repeatJustice Amy Coney Barrett #SeatFilled
Retweeted by David CiszekACB's speech was amazing. I especially loved when she looked directly into camera, set a copy of Roe v. Wade on fir…
Retweeted by David Ciszek @danwiederer And not 1 holding call against @adamjahns Why didn’t TE move inside and chip? @VicksonWest TE needs to move inside and chip him before headyto route @DempMcgee Can’t fix stupid @robertkschmitz I can’t figure out why they want to go back to ‘80s footballWhat if - hear me out - you go fuck yourself?
Retweeted by David Ciszek @DempMcgee I still remember from Boot 30 yrs ago start breathing stop bleeding protect wound treat for shock @meatisadelicacy @porkchopsuit @EricAllixRogers @SenatorDurbin Republicans had majority in the senate they didn’t have to approve anyone @Gam1ng_Dynasty @DannyParkins Correct!! Nagy told Coward to jump early. @DannyParkins Why do some people watch ?just to complain about something? @offthe_res @danwiederer I would like to see more inside routes over LBs @DannyParkins Dropmetrius benched?
@JesseKellyDC Your kids are awesome @EricAllixRogers @SenatorDurbin Then next time the GOP can add more @shaneflannagan @JackPosobiec 50 @SaintRPh That was the WiFi password the PRESS had to use at President Trump's rally last night in Wis…
Retweeted by David CiszekAny on the record sources confirmed The Atlantic’s “suckers and losers” story yet?
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You picked the wrong one, Jake.
Retweeted by David CiszekIf Hunter Biden was a Trump he would be the only thing the media was talking about And they all know it
Retweeted by David CiszekWashington Post admits they no longer do journalism:
Retweeted by David CiszekThis week has been rough for me. I miss Jesse every day. Help me honor him. 👣That Others May Live👣
Retweeted by David Ciszek @DolioJ @DolioJ If people know about it it’s not secretBOMBSHELL. Allegedly (Before Twitter removes it and blocks mention of it) Biden on tape pressuring the Ukraine to g…
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@MarkLazerus Ball crossed plane @rshackelford14 just spent two days in Scranton walking the streets and talking to people. Here is what I learned: - No one has…
Retweeted by David Ciszek @darksandpiper @offthe_res @citizenhush let’s get this straight... Even CNN confirms — Fact check: @JoeBiden falsely claims he never opposed fracking…
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Tom Cotton wrecks this panty wearing cuck.
Retweeted by David CiszekUNBELIEVABLE ‼️
Retweeted by David CiszekOh man 😅
Retweeted by David CiszekYou’re an imbecile.
Retweeted by David CiszekDon’t let the low bar set by Wallace detract from what Kristen did last night. It was still very biased.
Retweeted by David CiszekWhat Democrats think Trump meant by coyotes bringing illegal aliens across the border, completely unaware it’s the…
Retweeted by David CiszekWow! Liberals really must get confused by Navy Seals.
Retweeted by David CiszekThe Democrat nominee for president just told 10 million Americans he would take their jobs away Daily reminder tha…
Retweeted by David CiszekHere you go @JoeBiden!
Retweeted by David Ciszek @JonathanTurley 50 former security advisers. But did they even see the evidence?Roll the tape
Retweeted by David CiszekThat didn’t take long.
Retweeted by David CiszekTrump: "Joe, you had 8 years and did nothing." Biden: ZERO. Dead air. So Awkward . Finally ..."We had a republi…
Retweeted by David Ciszek @Kaitain_US I wasn’t sure what aircraft Biden was going to @ChrisLoesch Time magazine person of the year @ComfortablySmug Keep Biden talking.Joe’s losing concentration @Kaitain_US Are we still flying B 52s ?He Did It !!!!! @DanBackerEsq @RobManess $43Again, it was not until APRIL 3 that Biden said the China travel (partial) ban was a good idea. APRIL 3.
Retweeted by David CiszekQuote tweet
Retweeted by David CiszekFACT CHECK. ⬇️
Retweeted by David CiszekWow! Smoking gun. This is going to implode a whole bunch of careers in journalism for ignoring this scandal.
Retweeted by David Ciszek @Kaitain_US Trump’s best weapon is to let Biden keep talkingDebate time: Two men enter one man leaves.
Retweeted by David CiszekWow Chris Wallace is a sack of shitDid you guys hear Tony Bobulinski say that $5M due to go to the company he was hired to be CEO of... bypassed the c…
Retweeted by David CiszekHappy Birthday, Hunter
Retweeted by David CiszekSomeone check on @maggieNYT. #TonyBobulinski
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Just got off a Trump campaign call where Ric Grenell refused to answer *any* question from reporters because they w…
Retweeted by David CiszekIf you are still for Biden after that, then you are either dishonest, a traitor or a moron. Pick one. The whole…
Retweeted by David Ciszek @chuckwoolery No. Biden buried himselfHOME RUN. “Can you characterize your supporters?” “Yeah, I think I can: people who love our country.”
Retweeted by David CiszekGet. The. Fuck. Out. Of. The. Street.
Retweeted by David CiszekThis was *very smart* of Trump to post the unedited interview. It's really interesting and the lack of mediation fr…
Retweeted by David CiszekHi! 911? Yes, I’d like to report a murder.
Retweeted by David CiszekGo back to the timeline This means that when Trump was impeached for asking about Hunter Biden's corruption, Hunt…
Retweeted by David CiszekThe photo, published by a Kazakhstani anti-corruption website, shows Joe Biden meeting Hunter's alleged business pa…
Retweeted by David CiszekYou should delete your tweet Iran & Russian are laying the groundwork to delegitimize our election & no matter wh…
Retweeted by David CiszekOctober 2020 Cocaine Mitch is going to replace RBG with Barrett and there isn't a god damn thing the libs can do about it
Retweeted by David Ciszek @oneunderscore__ @Meidas_Damon Ask yourself where Iran would have gotten the idea for this kind of content.
Retweeted by David Ciszek @DeepSixOB @ecoposting No it’s not.
"CNN's chief legal correspondent is still not fired for masturbating on camera. Worth nothing that I'm not allowed…
Retweeted by David CiszekI didn't post the Hunter Biden revenge porn photos, because I know how the law works Everyone posting the Rudy Gi…
Retweeted by David CiszekAt least Frank Luntz wasn't caught quite as badly as Jeffrey Toobin. There's that.
Retweeted by David CiszekUPDATE: Multiple @OANN reporters have now viewed the emails, photos, and videos on the #HunterBiden hard drive. W…
Retweeted by David CiszekWell look at that
Retweeted by David CiszekJust don’t see any way Nancy Pelosi and Cryin’ Chuck Schumer will be willing to do what is right for our great Amer…
Retweeted by David CiszekOberweis has my support!
Retweeted by David CiszekGood morning twitter family. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Be safe, kind, and love one another ❤️💙
Retweeted by David CiszekIs anyone watching me?? WTF!! @realDonaldTrump
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Retweeted by David CiszekLesley Stahl of 60 Minutes not wearing a mask in the White House after her interview with me. Much more to come.
Retweeted by David CiszekPost this everywhere on social media.
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