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constantly angry

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eli won’t stop making bang chan snaps and sending them to me. i am fuming @bongsuka ive never seen him without his beard this is NOT MY CHARLIE @bongsuka that is the least charlie thing i’ve ever seen lord help me where is his beard @noeasycals haha you’re so funny! anyway i’ll see u on sunday for ur day with him x i’ll be watching all day! @noeasycals ok Fine. we can share . i will have him monday to saturday u can have him sunday @CRYPTIDCALORIE Yes. @CRYPTIDCALORIE i would DEMOLISH that fr @noeasycals don’t mess with me…. you won’t like me when i’m angry……… @noeasycals THATS MY GIRKFRIEND @noeasycals BE DOESNT WANT U HE WANTS ME PLEASE HE WANTS ME@PLEASE IM A STARR PLEASEEE @noeasycals DONT LOOK AT MY MAN @noeasycals delete or this tweet will be ur last. @jihyorexic How Why What
Retweeted by dorian @starve4me yes pookie just for u 😊 i’m not rlly into that kind of art but u seemed Furious so i just tried a couple… @starve4me took me way too long to find the artist for u @starve4me @megy4u b4tgott. they deactivated all their accounts from what i can tellive accidentally wormed my way into normal people twitter 😭 @angelcakekcals ok love u bae
@angelcakekcals ??
@bulbasherp @tob_it0bi no @KoriKcal naw it’s not dw it’s much smaller . i’m going bc skz r thee @Brooklynbabyszz @yeokcals it’s ok ur like 8 we can’t expect u to know words @Brooklynbabyszz @yeokcals i’m always here for u bae @yeokcals @Brooklynbabyszz is just a joke jesus was jewish but christian’s would consider jewish people to be sinners
@domoluvr123 @KoriKcal Okay! @domoluvr123 @KoriKcal idk u figure it out i’m just the feature @domoluvr123 @KoriKcal ok i get 1467 verses and u get 3094 @domoluvr123 @KoriKcal maybe one . it should correlate to follower counts i think @domoluvr123 @KoriKcal lets make a track together @Brooklynbabyszz thanks love u @sanriofanatec @Brooklynbabyszz yeah but christian beef w jewish people is abt them not believing that jesus is the… @tob_it0bi 哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈啊啊啊啊姐。。。你不好笑。 @Brooklynbabyszz legit they just exist and some people go ballistic like calm down 😭 they are just hanging out @tob_it0bi TRY IT !! I GET U TMRW @tob_it0bi @liyuekyu they can COPE @tob_it0bi I DONT CARE @tob_it0bi do it then i’ll make sure to drink milk in advance @Brooklynbabyszz @domoluvr123 just listened to ur little voice note i enjoyed it please pursue a career as a rapper @Brooklynbabyszz @domoluvr123 im finally getting the recognition i deserve ! @_ilovemilfs @tob_it0bi idfk i only look decent bc i cake myself in bb creams and tinted chapstick @tob_it0bi let ur hair down @tob_it0bi @liyuekyu that’s what u get for skipping prom AND paris @KoriKcal STOPPP I JUST READ IT WRONG @Iovrlino what do they even want the exercises to do ?!?? like .. get buff eyelids??? @KoriKcal but in general it reminds me of a dark green kinda @KoriKcal Orange is so nice ur crazy @KoriKcal @domoluvr123 my five minutes of fame @KoriKcal orange bc i read it as mandarinHalf ur fav Kpop songs wouldn’t exist without black ppl but here y’all go once again 😂
Retweeted by dorian @imarsxix ur so real @starving4sehun @trippiediet HELP ur right … or at least everything looks bad on a racist person 🤷‍♀️Rt if you weigh less than a 175lb tortoise
Retweeted by dorian @trippiediet @starving4sehun i hate those pics so much their hair was so fried asw @Iovrlino yeah u better be sorry @tob_it0bi @liyuekyu i hope u stay in china forever @domoluvr123 sorry pookie i always forget to sb it’s nothing personal @liyuekyu YEAH THE ONE IN PARIS THOit was a world war that directly influenced the korean wars . it’s also mandatory to study in the korean history sy… parents got me tickets for lollapalooza and i’m tryna convince them to give their tickets to my friends so we can go together 😭😭 @skzuishy proud to say i started it ☝️ @yeokcals @skzuishy jesus christ 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @skzuishy ohhh it just keeps getting worseAusländer means people of color btw.
Retweeted by dorian
@silvermars5 your nails are so cute omg @astroylist jesus christ 😭 she can do what she wants i guess but why did we have to see 😭😭😭😭😭 @endeuso7 let’s do it at the same time bae i have two months of work to catch up on @endeuso7 it’s ok pookie i forgive u
@endeuso7 @daspondent @blubber_bones @emetoph0bix @canni_boyfriend Sorry who are u 😭 @lybkgs @97rots this is so me @loviecounts this is me @iAmLeeFelix @mayhickim girl put away that all purpose flourAnti-semetism in kpop is way too overlooked. Chaeyoung wearing a q-anon AND a nazi shirt two days in a row, BOTH BE…
Retweeted by doriantoo much kpop x nazi bullshit today . saw a video AU abt lee know being a nazi operative and han being a jewish per… @angelskindevil shut the hell up bitch i’m so fatwhy have i seen n4zis every day for three days now . this is awful @itzyrexic Pleased and Overjoyed rn @itzyrexic LINK ?!;??i mean if it’s all educational then surely notomg wait will i get sussed for that thread bc i didn’t censor anything 😅sorry for getting gruesome on the tl guys 😅anyone interested in watching the footage can find it here - it includes: shooting, hanging… long post . got worked up by fighting some n4zis yesterday . had to let out my disgust and rage in a . more helpful wayspeak out for those who can’t, and to stop these things happening again.that is NEVER okay. having the ability to ignore something is a massive privilege, and one you should not be using.… how disgusting those things were. we can’t pretend it was all in the past and that it doesn’t matter - g…’s the type of thing where saying ‘i don’t support that’ isn’t enough - you need to actively fight back against i… pretend it doesn’t matter because we didn’t do it. to ignore bigotry and hate is to allow it. we all need to ed… know the chances of anyone reading this are INCREDIBLY slim, but i want whoever might read this to understand the… to cry and vomit, like i just did. it was horrifying, and incredibly eye-opening.i watched - there was no censoring since it was a legal document presented in an international court. that meant it…’s hard to grasp how many people actually died, even 100 feels like a number too big to comprehend. you can’t pro… watched the evidence from the nuremberg trials - the hour long video of concentration camps - and i’ve honestly n… thread that i consider very important - why i think it’s necessary for everyone to fully educate themselves… @bmirevii HELP that’s what my parents were gonna call me if i was a boy
@bmirevii dorian 🤭🤭