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Danielle Corsetto @dcorsetto Shepherdstown, West Virginia

Cartoonist. Girl Scout. Lush. She/her/hey you. My new comic ELEPHANT TOWN updates every Monday on Patreon!

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@metageeky Yeah I probably should’ve gotten that checked... @lartist omg LarAw Luke found an old photo of me when we started dating, all young and doe-eyed @aquarium @Maveleye I'll have RSS on this site, too. :) Thanks! @IDieClassy I thought you wrote "can't" and I appreciated that you gave them an out, like "it isn't their fault, they CAN'T!" @IDieClassy oh my god I thought Ichibod was walking horizontally on your damn window @stephanieZUPPO ooOOOooOOOO exciting!!! @stephanieZUPPO Ahh dammit, I was hoping to do a 24-hour comic this year! My regular comics workload is gonna be to… @Sareth94 Oh I didn't consider tags, thank you! My chapter archive is gonna be *kiss* real nice, though. @Maveleye You're not alone! I'll be setting up an email newsletter for people to sign up for that'll only notify th… for webcomics readers, especially readers of long-form stories online: do you ever utilize "bookmarks" whe… night I dreamt I was each of my characters in Elephant Town, sifting through their apartments as if I was doin… @the_kochalka @jocelynmcknz I yelled "JAMES!" when I saw ya! @jocelynmcknz Thank you for PUMPING ALL YOUR LOVE into that thing, it shows!! <3 <3 <3 I can't wait for this stinkin' album!
If you like that sort of thing, preorders are still up for the whole album! It's called PUSH: Chamber Pop Music for… And The Beard fans, Jocelyn Mackenzie fans, people who like pretty music and handmade videos, @jocelynmcknz's… @eatyourlipstick Whooaa is this real?!? You look amaaaaazingggg (so, business as usual, but brighter 😘)
My version of Procreate just automatically updated to a... more clunky, time-consuming version of Procreate. Did th… @IDieClassy It's so true!! The oil totally worked, he just has a big dumb oily head now. ;)
@n1ghtengale I used cooking oil (which totally worked!) but I wish I'd have shaved him instead because now he's all… @IDieClassy Out of the entire fuckin yard, he decided to IMMEDIATELY rub his head into the board of wood I just painted and laid out to dry.Didn’t think I’d be googling “how remove latex paint from cat” today but here we are. @gewalker @Tautologicaly I think he (like myself!) wants to go sock-footed to let his feet air out! @InternetteThe We'll scope out some soft-looking monsters on our next DnD quest. @Tautologicaly While I'm a fan and have a pair, there's no way I can talk my fella into wearing those. ;) @DaniMOBrien I still use Wirecutter all the time because of you. <3Can anyone recommend a good floor mat to buy for a standing desk situation, to make it easier on the ol' dogs?
@BeckiB98 Aahh how sweet!! Perhaps a terra cotta color to match his pot? (I am not good at framing, fyi)
@eatyourlipstick What!! Yessss join us grosslingsssss
@DeshFyre @schweizercomics Yeah that was the first brainstorm suggestin but hurt = no! So I’m testing the waters to… @ryanqnorth @Dazlidorne Also I don't remember if "God bless you, Mr. Rosewater" was in the original novel, but if that was yours: 💯 @ryanqnorth @Dazlidorne KNEW IT @schweizercomics You too, my '81 friend! @Dazlidorne @ryanqnorth Oh that's super fun! I read half of it today and it's great, Ryan! I keep wondering which v… @schweizercomics Aww Chris we're the same age! I'm kinda pre-mourning the death of my laser tag 40th birthday party… @jephjacques Honestly they should’ve just given that to you.
@cavetoonist oh WOW, I was noticing the orange-gold misty sunrise this morning and thinking "that' can't be from t… @patlewis Ffffflawless! @eatyourlipstick Yesss!!
@Ziporakat No worries! I discovered that Friday's strip was set for last night, too, so you helped me find & fix a… @Ziporakat The strips go up at 10 pm eastern time the night before, so maybe that’s why? Otherwise I can’t explain… @ryanqnorth Hah! Ryan.You should get a copy for yourself or your favorite Vonnegut-loving friend, Ryan set up a handy guide to make it ea… picked up my @ryanqnorth graphic novel version of Vonnegut today! Look at this pretty book, and the convenient… @Ziporakat Just checked! It's updated, are you not seeing it? This is today's: @Ziporakat Oh no! That’s odd, it’s all set up to update. I’ll look into it, thanks! @schweizercomics Chris!! You are AMAZING @itsasecretjessi Geez that’s beautiful!! Have fun!! @MLISrevenge Oooo I like th’all!! Shit... did you just kinda make that up or is this a conversation I’ve been woefu… @Chirurgic @jemumma Yeah, all y’all is just FUN, really. :) @MLISrevenge Oh interesting point! I feel like we specify “you” to mean plural by adding “all” (bringing it full ci…
@MLISrevenge Ha! YEP. 👋🏻 @celalta (On a less gripey note, I'm glad your kid is figuring themselves out, and I'm glad they were born into a f… @celalta Yeah, that's what bugs me so much about it! I love the concept - a lot! - but semantically it complicates… @FuSchmu I definitely read this and just assumed you call free-range poop "tubers." @TheGreatSeagull Oh interesting, that's close to a Pennsylvania way of speaking! Our DnD DM is from PA, so we get a… @fugitiverabbit Ahh sweet! That's a really cute town name, too. :) @stephanieZUPPO @mpbx3003 Yeah, I think at some point when I start using it more often, it'll change its meaning to… @Chirurgic On the other hand, "y'all" is frequently used to identify one person, so *throws up hands and gives up o… @mpbx3003 YES, that's my problem with it, too. It's tough to talk about someone you care about with a pronoun that'… @fugitiverabbit Ooh I didn't know you were from here! I lived in Parkersburg for a summer, not sure how close that… have such a hard time using "they" pronouns (apologies to my NB friends!); having few IRL non-binary pals means I… @gewalker GAAASSSSPP butter boy @AndreaDemonakos Aaayy happy birthday Andrea!
@thingsbydan It's pretty remarkable how well you've done on this planet considering everything on earth seems to wa… @eatyourlipstick Yessss yes yes yes M on wheelssssss
Haaaa I'm too old to figure out how to livestream from a phone! Got the original prescheduled event going now, c'mo… @hollis_kitchin SO WEIRD!! I'm gonna do this from my laptop camera instead, blluughhh @hollis_kitchin Thank yooouuu!! I wonder why it's still waiting? I've been recording for two minutes... @hollis_kitchin @3PSboyd Help me Hollis, you're my only hope @hollis_kitchin @3PSboyd Omg if you can show me how to get the URL for it to share, I'd be so grateful!! @3PSboyd Good to know! I won't do this again. I might just have to make this a public livestream after all. I can't…, my app (StreamLabs) won't let me livestream to the event I prescheduled on YouTube for some reason. So I've cr… I didn't fuck THAT up!)Hey patrons, quick reminder that I'll be doing a little mock virtual studio tour (I'm only saying "mock" because it… if you missed @KeefKnight's excellent slideshow "Red, White, Black and Blue," he's doing it yet again TODAY… @aquawolfgirl Thank you SO much!!Hey late-night pals. Is there a good, thorough list of tropes & overdone roles that fictional black characters (par… @carterradams Oh god no, I'm already watching this show about an episode every month and a half, I don't think I ca…'m still only catching an ep of The Office once a week or so and I'm still in love with Jim & Pam and the Jinx epi… @PotatomanJ1 The truth is beautiful and creepy.
@superyates @dresdencodak @jephjacques @colleenaf @mways @CatherineFraas @badmachinery @malki @pengraffe @scottlava @eatyourlipstick Oohh that's right!! Yay!! @eatyourlipstick Awww are you going Up North to your lake?!He just posted this one today and I can't even begin to understand how he did it: you need a moment to get your mind off serious things going on in the world, but don't wanna switch gears to Hap… @MLISrevenge Oh I SUPER miss the big chunky keys! I mistype so much more on these tiny flat keys that you can barel… @MLISrevenge I've kinda coveted those split boards for awhile! Mmmm and that keyfeel, yeaaah. I wonder if it wouldn… @MLISrevenge This would sound dumb to someone who's NOT a touch-typer, but the differences between PC and Mac keybo… @MLISrevenge One is a desktop! My desktop setup is really sexy and I have to admit, the no-tower thing is... a big…
@VJGoh Makes sense! A photographer would be OUTRAGED* by the way I remapped everything in Photoshop. ;) *yay caps lock @plasticfarm YES!! Like did I forget how to extend my finger and press down, just in that one spot?! @MLISrevenge Blugh. I’m not looking forward to replacing my two machines (which, I fear, will be soon and probably… @eruditeknight Uuuggghh that’s so frustrating. @eruditeknight My Mac computers are 6 & 7 years old now, correct time & date, haven't had to take them in for anyth… @MLISrevenge (Also the only thing that keeps me from switching back to PC is remembering how many times my old comp… @MLISrevenge ARE WE?? I almost wrote in parentheses "who ISN'T?" - I figured everyone touch-types like it's in thei… @VJGoh But, more functionally, a lot of cartoonists and designers will use all-caps blocks of text. It's not just f… @VJGoh If you're used to using the caps lock key, it's easier (perhaps for us small-fingered people) if you're maki… @Hasufin Ohh interesting! And I am not, but, hi!