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Danielle Corsetto @dcorsetto Shepherdstown, West Virginia

Cartoonist. Girl Scout. Lush. She/her/hey you. Reruns of GWS still goin' at

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@HugzKris @farbenstau That's totally cheating and now I'm mad/jealous of you!! @farbenstau By growing up American!! 😭 @byAndreas @lartist @purblebirb @TYNereim @coleman_engle Oh these are just great. She makes me want to be her. @lartist @teaberryblue @DandQ Tell me all about it when you read them! <3 @teaberryblue @lartist @DandQ Oh that's such good news, thank you!I've never ever read a Moomin book but I decided on a whim to watch this doc on Tove Jansson and now I have to spen… Twitter's "who to follow" list doesn't let me down. Put me on this list. @byAndreas @lartist @purblebirb @TYNereim @coleman_engle Thanks for giving me something to watch tonight and shamel… @lartist @choochoobear I really enjoyed reading these tweets *before* reading the strip. @byAndreas @lartist @purblebirb @TYNereim @coleman_engle Ooooh thank you for both of these! I'll be on the lookout! @CecilieQMT Thanks hooooney!! <3 @_Idaeriksson_ @derekotway Thank you, Ida! Luckily, by the time I get to Malmö, I'll have a Swedish friend guiding me. :) @CecilieQMT Thanks Q! @_Idaeriksson_ @derekotway Oh I completely missed that. Thanks so much!! @tr_s_n Haaaa no kidding!! Thanks, that's wild. :) @grapefrukt OH thank you, that wouldn't have occurred to me (aahh even though it's obvious!). @martinduignan1 Thanks! @grapefrukt Shit, thanks so much man! I might hit you up if I'm still confused later. :) @grapefrukt OOHH shit that's helpful, thank you!! Thanks for all of this. :) I'm closer to the airport! @martinduignan1 Thanks! Did you happen to mean the airport? @derekotway Indeed. Thanks anyway! @hlangeveld I'm close to the airport so that's what I'm thinking, too. Unless they charge more at the airport than… @derekotway I was wondering if that was an option, but I don't see 3 dots! @Chirurgic Looks like I'm too late to book a train for tomorrow! Thanks, though. @CecilieQMT Oh! I should've mentioned I'm in Amager, so I'm looking to catch the train at the airport!Hey Copenhagen buds! Have any of you taken the train to Malmö? I'd love a little guidance on where to buy tickets &… @KuragariNoKaze Heh, it's one of my favorite panels. :) @lartist @purblebirb @TYNereim @coleman_engle OoooOOOOOO 😍
@AfricanElements I didn't know about the link disabling, interesting! I've had a lot of luck with DB, but either wa… @barrydeutsch I agree, they shouldn't have made it that way to begin with! But by now, I've got like 25 years of in… finally happened, I two-finger-tapped on a piece of paper to undo a line I drew. Guess which program I've been u… @CookingUpComics Apparently they only just popped that option into the last update! @PjPerez You are so generous and kind using the word "amuses!" @StessRingold If they'd changed it in the other programs I would've been okay with it, but it is SUPERFUCKED that t… @ScottBieser You lucky sonuva, my laptop started crashing CS6 just last week, which is the only reason I'm in this sitch now!Cancel this tweet, Photoshop updated the Preferences > General section to include a "use legacy Free Transform" opt… @PjPerez EXACTLY, if it was across the board it might make sense! (Surprise, they updated the Preferences > General… @elledotdubs Just did it! Thank you! @rhinosaur Holy shit they added a "use legacy Free Transform" checkbox in the Preferences > General section. How I… @Inkbetweens Man that video was SO clear for such a convoluted solution, thank you! funny enough, they updated the… @elledotdubs If you remember, please let me know! I'm gonna look up some options, thanks! @rhinosaur Two people are telling me you can change it in Pshop settings! I'll keep you in the loop. :) @Inkbetweens WHAT how did I miss that?! Do you happen to remember which section it's in? @rhinosaur I just assumed Adobe changed it across the board, in which case it would make (a tiny bit of) sense! @rhinosaur WHAT THIS IS IDIOTSVILLEThe length of time it's gonna take for me to get used to the Free Transform tool responding to the shift button the… @leheinlein Ooh! I'm sorry to hear about your furry buddy. I'm afraid I'm not taking commissions right now, but I m…
@TodayImKae <3 <3 AAAAAHHHHH <3 <3 @mathaiskaels @Nash076 I was wondering about "summer" because it appears to just translate as "summer!" What the he…
@ashuping I mean that's basically me in the morning, but in my bed. @Korbl @RunningPretty I'm getting "shortage" as a Google translation - what does the word translate as to you? @RunningPretty AND jealous, I'm sure. @VeneficusIpse Only if they're assless. @staple Haaahahaha (omg I was so into M&M when I was a kid!)Dammit I could’ve brought my cowboy clothes to Denmark after all.
@JessFink ooohhh you're both so good <3 <3 <3
@AWKearneyWriter OH I DID. It was unscripted. Improv comedy.If I can hear every step and word my AirBnB hosts make upstairs... can they hear every trumpet fart I greet the day with 🤔 @jfineoriginal Turns out they both work in theater, and he sings choir songs in the morning! 😂
@PattyPolitic Of course! I listened to the interview a second time and I'm still fuzzy on why today was chosen for… @RyanOfKalamazoo Oh! Sorry, I read that too fast and misunderstood; prohibition is ERASED. Got it. Thank you very m… @RyanOfKalamazoo Man I was with you until the "prohibition of sex workers." If you're inclined, my ears are open; w… @MrDecker1MMAGC GOT IT; someone just sent me a link to a short vid that explained it. Thanks! @PattyPolitic Thank you SO much for sharing this and being civil! I had no idea the date was chosen, essentially, b… @Omahg0d "Sack of ass" is a choice insult, though, gotta give you props for that! @Omahg0d "every person who supports holding a pro-gun rally on the day we celebrate a peaceful black civil rights a… @RyanOfKalamazoo I can appreciate that angle. But I'd argue the general message still seems to be "instead of celeb… @WillyThrottle I certainly do have thin lips, but wasn't born with a silver spoon, not speaking for all black peopl… @MrDecker1MMAGC Oh huh! I didn't realize it was something the governor's office would have set... are you sure that… @PattyPolitic I'm just learning this thanks to people like you, thank you! I think it speaks volumes that most peop… @CaintDat On a weekend. @smarekp @Amuly21 Ooh this is super interesting. Where did you read about this, is there more information? @NerdOfCenter Thanks for including a screen cap! (I didn't have access to the link!) I would have never known that,… @NerdOfCenter @bpphantom Oh I'm not talking about the pro-gun people, I'm talking about the ones who are all about… @NerdOfCenter @bpphantom Read my follow-up! (But yeah, as a woman who was definitely sexist toward women in the ear… to clarify, I'm not saying every person who's at a pro-gun rally hates black people. Just the ones who were li… @Jezi_Belle Bless you, that is Thee Lord's Work you're doing. @Jezi_Belle You put it a lot better than I did, thank you! @Amuly21 I DID MISS THOSE... to be totally fair, did he support gun rights? I could kinda see that... but man, even… @MLISrevenge Are they closer than two humans who legitimately hate each other would get? CUDDLING.For the next two weeks I'm working in Copenhagen from a little rented bedroom in the cellar of a house peopled by a… whatever god force allowed my beloved CS5 to wait until AFTER I finished my 2-week teaching stint to crash ev…
@RunningPretty Ahaha! Perhaps the next time I'm in; I always want to make it to Aarhus but can never make time for it!
@IsaPirsic That's it!! And I'm DEFINITELY buying one when I get home because this sucker thrives in a bathroom with… @harrymdavid *waves cane at you*I’m gonna miss our urinal plant so much when I leave Viborg tomorrow. 💚
@swashford @Miyaa999 Yes yes good @thesporq I get that not everybody is into Rusty Cartoonists but it's not like you forced it on her without asking!… @FlasherMcD @TraitorFrames !!! How'd ya feel afterwards? @TraitorFrames Suddenly it feels like a welcome pain! @BrammarB I’VE BEEN AVOIDING IT FOR YEARS, HIGHLY RECOMMEND @SarahMNeilson Yeah I think it’s that I’m working on really toothy paper, much smaller than I’m used to working! My… @SarahMNeilson Nah I’m high as a kite on these comic-loving students and fellow teachers, and there are literally n… back hurts. Is it because @Miyaa999 PS send cats @Miyaa999 I’m in Denmark and haven’t seen a cat for literally 13 days!!Btw that cut of salmon wasn’t abusively small, as it seems to be, it was just far away from the lens and my Rusty T… break before I get back to inking comic strips. Holy shit my wrist hurts, who’s rusty?? It’s me, the Rusty C… @creakychanges I'll be in CPH next week, thanks!
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