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I am unbelievably excited to share this with y’all!!! 🎉🐶🎉👩🏻‍💻🎉
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” Demaree“You can’t do anything with five, Greg. Five’s a nightmare: You can’t retire, not worth it to work.”
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” DemareeThe look of the White House Italian translator as Trump says President Mozzarella for the Italian President and say…
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” DemareeFinally, an alignment chart all writers can agree on.
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” DemareeTwitter is a dating service for matching strangers with the hills that they didn’t know they wanted to die on
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” Demareegotta say I did not have “pull focus from the impeachment by committing an impeachable offense” on my Impeachment B…
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” DemareeMoral of the story: if you're a Democratic politician, don't sign on for broad conceptional frameworks like "Green…
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” DemareeDON'T BE A TOUGH GUY! DON'T BE A FOOL!!! #PresidentSupervillain
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” DemareeBased on literally nothing but instinct, Warren’s lack of endorsements may just indicate that a lot of people who m… girlfriend just added uncooked pasta to cold water and then turned on the stove and when i said that she should…
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” DemareeSomeone needs to tell POTUS that throwing Rudy Giuliani—a non-gov’t employee without security clearance who *by law… best thing about this photo is how Benjamin Franklin and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are making t…
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If somehow the Syria and quid-pro-quo stories fuse together, e.g. if Trump's decisions in Syria are later shown to…
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” DemareeThe whole point of a public option for single payer is for government to guarantee health care. The way the govern… Democrat that tries to use a “OMG TAXES” argument to beat M4A or Warren is actually a Republican
As Facebook continued to rot Its CEO cooked up a plot He knew was a winner. “I’ll simply have dinner With all the worst people,” he thought.
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” DemareeRemember when Republicans held 33 hearings to "investigate" Benghazi? Everyone knew it was all to smear Hillary, b…
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” DemareeBrave stuff here by @chrislhayes. Ask yourself if you’d do this in his position (you can answer privately, I’m not…
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” DemareeAn accurate Kubernetes costume is a group costume, where at least three people are wearing identical outfits made o… could be a factor too—by using Lightning it’s far more likely that you’re using either an Apple branded cable,… @MrEchs IDK, maybe? There are USB-C phones/etc that are also waterproof, but that might be another benefit of the "… consequently Apple engineers can focus on things consumers care about more, like fast pairing, battery life, sound/mic quality…I wonder if, inside Apple, the Lightning tech is like a design system for electrical engineering—by basing all the… more simply, if I were to guess, Apple has standardized on Lightning for anything smaller than iPad Pro because… by Apple's dogged insistence on using Lightning ports/plugs for charging (and now wired audio) on Beats… of "Snowpiercer" GIFs on the internet, but none of Tilda Swinton's character doing the most epic shrug reaction of all time 😭 @imcatnoone @vsco @mason TBH this is why I tend to stick to Lightroom (and am hoarding all my old VSCO presets), fo… @imcatnoone @vsco Nope. This has been annoying to me too. *nudges @mason*(hey yknow who might be the best role to counter balance design thinking with good constraints and clear problem st… guess what I'm saying is: by this point some teams may have reached a stage of design maturity where UX thinking… talent of UX is to question premises/assertions until they've been thoroughly researched or analyzed, even… what happens on teams where everyone is UX? With a strong Urge to Diverge but w/o the opposing drive toward con…'d observe (and may be off-base) that UX's cultural default is to always be diverging, because other disciplines (… intrigued by a possible mental model for design thinking/UX: UX's superpower is *divergence*—where teams… This is sad 😭 2. Front-end development isn't "web development" as we've known it since ~time immemorial~ the 90s… promised to eliminate the deficit. A new report shows he's increased it 68% in under three years
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” DemareeMost affecting bits of advice I got as a young person was from a network anchor who was a mentor, someone who had *…
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Gonna go with “have you done anything cool on your computer lately?” as my go-to tech-event post-party social icebr…
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” DemareeLibra has over 1,000 very beautiful girlfriends who live in Canada and are unavailable for comment right now
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” DemareeThis can’t be retweeted enough.
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” DemareeAnother way of framing this style of rhetorical discourseration: “I want to have unpopular opinions, but end up *mo… great thing about picking a monetization strategy upfront is that there’s less risk of you picking a dumb one l… “Experts are projecting Trump’s trade war will cost families $1,000” Them: “China must pay! Dems are scum! T…’s almost impressive how Trump & GOP have managed to make all these facts irrelevant to millions of voters by ins… say "low-key" (even though almost nothing about this movie is "low-key") because a lesser movie would go out of i… thought of more examples but they'd be spoilers. (If you've seen the movie, they're moments involving the words "extinct" and "manually".)"Snowpiercer" has a very interesting, low-key visual/thematic thing around people's arms—contrast the tailies' vari… other thing I know of that seems comparable is how Disney designs ride queue areas as part of the experience o… to say: Epic has recognized for a while that their community is their product, and all the other stuff seems a… though I haven't played in months I love Fortnite and Epic for how well they've not only mastered both operati… is a ton to think about _just_with buttons in design systems. @EmmaWedekind at #AllThingsOpen
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” Demareeme: I’m hungry fridge: great news, I’m full of foods you selected me: no, not like that
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” Demareeall of us, June 2019: yay, these new Apple features will help us finally get off all these third party products lik… involved seems fully committed to the whole "humanity's last stronghold in a new Ice Age is a super-train… "Snowpiercer" the other night and OMG why did I sleep on this movie. It has EVERYTHING: - Tilda Swinton doi… that seem to value whoever is doing #prodmgmt tend to describe very specific & tangible activities. in orgs…
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Amazing that this person is able to write so fluently since they are a goddamn three-month-old infant
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” DemareeChicago is the new Pittsburgh. Detroit is the new Chicago. Seoul is the new Tokyo? #badatthis 🤷🏻‍♂️“Meet me in the middle,” says the unjust man. You take a step toward him. He takes a step back. “Meet me in the m…
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” DemareeYou literally wrote it down and handed it out for us to read.
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” DemareeSimple as this.
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” DemareeThis unusual anti-Collins ad ran in the @PressHerald today
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” Demaree🥴 10 business days to take effect 🥴
@lynn__mercier This isn’t what you asked, but a problem w internal tools from a PM standpoint is that growth can’t…’s a common misconception that burnouts come from hard work. Burnout comes from a felt loss of control and/or i…
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” Demareewhat does “not there at Normandy” even possibly mean in this context with my design systems vigilante crew (📸 thx @jina) sign things are working.... #prodmgmt
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” DemareeMy dog Johnny Cash is basically the Jeff Bezos of scritches, snorfles, and egg-smelling doggy fartswho wore it better of a product culture that needs work: - Everyone talks about what they’d work on if only “they” would OK it -… of a collaborative product culture: - Everyone feels empowered to advocate for the user - Everyone asks… sign of an excellent product culture is when PMs are looked to more as facilitators of leadership conversations e… seems a little unnecessary to dunk on tvOS, but: - “Multi-user” support looks like it should allow for eg differ… talk about Fake News, but what’s scarier is people for whom reality is now fake—folks will wear shirts about “ki… can imagine some affordances one gets from this (one-hand-ability? can fit many books in a small bag?) but all of… by this book format. I imagine that the landscape format is to preserve type size and measure while keep… this book, this girl’s 5 Whys-ing of a supervillain’s evil plan literally SAVES THE WORLDNever too early to learn about 5+ Whys exercises I was just thinking “wasn’t he also in Out of Sight as J-Lo’s dad?” and I was like 1/3rd right—Forster played… wooden ball. Would it kill the makers of avocados to include a different toy, like a mood ring or a novelty eraser?
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” DemareeYep, ⁦@NYMag⁩ is good at covers
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” DemareeThis is so insanely melodramatic and overwrought and the last few seconds still somehow manage to come as a shock.…
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” Demaree😢 I just watched Forster in El Camino (the Breaking Bad movie) last night. He was always one of those actors you’d…
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” DemareeNope. (Apple could do us all a kindness and give us some control over this — say, a permissions pop up, or a switch… Gevinson (@tavitulle): “If everybody was afraid of looking like they wanted attention, there would be no art.” #SPAN19
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” DemareeHi, my name is David. I’ve been writing HTML for almost 25 years, and I still can never remember the syntax for <me…’s hard to make friends as an adult which is why everyone starts a podcast and asks people to be a guest as a front
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” DemareeReach for the sky, ladies! A @Delta flight operated exclusively by women, and carrying 120 young females as passen…
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” DemareeUniversity degrees are the new taxi medallions.
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” DemareeOne fun and clarifying activity we did was brainstormed different flavors of technical leaders. Here’s what the gro…
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Both the Warren pregnancy firing and shock that AOC spends more than $20 on haircuts have really revealed how cluel…
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” DemareeThe WH needs someone to follow all of them around with spray bottles and squirt whenever they’re about to do a crim…’d say that in >80% of cases I’ve heard someone claim that their current success was a result of “running fast and…
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” DemareeIf you suck at communicating and someone else is expected to work around that, that's often an unacknowledged and uncompensated jobshare.
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” Demaree"Naturally good at communication" reinforces the idea that communication is more of a personality trait than a job…
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” DemareeHard/soft skills is a thought-terminating cliché. Everyone hears it and nods and because the terms are common and r…
Retweeted by “Frankenstein” Demaree @buzz This person’s code is probably terrible