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@jmcunning Are all of these people John Barron?
May all your 6 year olds have strong Phil Collins opinions (she also *hates* “One More Night” but will always dance…, we should be honest with ourselves that he doesn't need Barrett on the court. If it gets to the point that on… to note: only the middle scenarios (election lawsuits in very close elections that would sway the outcome) doe… may do a lot of very dangerous things as a delegitimized lame duck. If he were smarter and saner, he would im… BE CLEAR, in none of these scenarios does Trump concede. Only in the 2nd and maybe 3rd ones should Biden concede… Regardless of the above, somehow Trump and GOP federal leaders find some justification to just declare the electi… Regardless of the above, Trumpist state election officials in a state whose electors would have gone to Biden dec… Similar to the above, the tight certification deadlines, pandemic friction, and legal/other interference by Trump… Close/disputed elections in one or two states leads to 2000-style legal shenanigans, where e.g. GOP tries to stop… helps me a little to mentally organize the range of outcomes like this (from most to least likely): - Biden win… any case, VOTE, if only because it will make Donald Trump really really mad.If we hadn't had a pandemic he'd be complaining about some other 'scam'. He'd answer whether he'll leave office pea… Donald Trump is OK with it when people vote for him, but if so that's gotta be as a necessary evil. In his mi…'s not that Trump has a master plan to force a constitutional crisis and steal the election (maybe he does, who t… who could forget that literally his first official order upon taking office was to have Sean Spicer get in fro…, he said (and still maintains, always without any evidence) that "3 million" fraudulent votes were cas… immediately after Election Day 2016, when you might have expected Trump to accept a system that handed him t…'m seeing some folks repost links to news stories on how Trump *also* said he wouldn't accept the results of the *… language has been the GOP’s superpower for over 40 years. Imagine what Dems could do with a few good euphem… It is not up to him. If he loses the election, the message from everyone should be unequivocal that Jan. 2…
Retweeted by 👨🏻‍💻David DemareeTrump: "Be afraid, white suburban women! @CoryBooker is coming to ruin your suburbs!" Cory Booker:…
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2020 image isn’t cursed or dystopian at all Another key Republican leader has endorsed Joe Biden, calling President Trump’s lack of faith “disturbing” is a good thread for everyone worried that Trump is going to steal the election (tl;dr he wants you to think h… pains me to say it, but when you get to the point that you need a landslide victory to prevent an authoritarian…
Retweeted by 👨🏻‍💻David Demaree2020 rules for life: - Stay at least 6 feet from everyone - Always wear your face covering - Use your secrecy envelope correctlyHas anyone in national politics ever proposed, in lieu of abolishing the Electoral College, passing a federal law b… @YasmineEvjen Same 😬
👀 SEOing baby names as leadgen for Disney+ is fucking genius
Retweeted by 👨🏻‍💻David DemareeMicrosoft and Adobe are both great examples of legacy-ish tech companies that surprise people by actually putting t… get very tired of “omg democracy is on the brink of death” takes. This election may be the thing that finally br… at DHL took this UX writing task and ran with it @peterme That is exactly what happened GOP have made one thing extremely clear: To them, there are no rules. There are no principles. There…
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I don't usually pick my next topic a week in advance, but I can tell you next Sunday's newsletter is inspired by th… week's Sunday newsletter was about grief, bargaining, and wandering through empty spaces. ur account
Retweeted by 👨🏻‍💻David DemareeIn (too much) seriousness, DC and PR can be states because they have: - Fairly large/dense populations - Well estab… we’re breaking up states just to add Senate seats, I’m sure California wouldn’t mind being split into at least 2… like a right-wing pundit to respond to a totally reasonable and legal Dem proposal (granting long overdue stat… who is super shocked by this hasn’t been paying attention. And the period between now and then could still… crux of GOP strategy is to take literally every swing, on the principle that even a shitty success rate works o…, why does Montana deserve so much power-per-voter relative to California or New York? What does Montana contri…'s funny how Republicans are all "free markets, competition, blah blah blah" but then all their electoral prospec… who spent their weekend thinking about Collins, Murkowski, and *Romney* being bulwarks of decency and propri… could expand this to all the scenes from all of Aaron Sorkin’s work
The GOP leaders don't want right wing justices to get rid of a woman's right to choose, they want to use getting ri…
Retweeted by 👨🏻‍💻David DemareeGod this is exhausting. NYC is not some hellscape. This weekend we had a socially-distanced 9th birthday party in P…
Retweeted by 👨🏻‍💻David DemareeWhat even is an “anarchist jurisdiction,” I thought the point of anarchy was not to have jurisdictions
When a startup deploys their application or blog with 10 users on Kubernetes
Retweeted by 👨🏻‍💻David DemareeMy current take about whether Senate Republicans will move forward with SCOTUS nom/hearings/confirmation is that th… shitposting is OUT random earnest tweets with no coherent content strategy is IN
Retweeted by 👨🏻‍💻David DemareeI look tired 😓 #NewProfilePic here. Don’t pick your favorite candidate or the one you’ve heard of. Give here. I repeat, this money goes dire…
Retweeted by 👨🏻‍💻David DemareeIt was so much nicer when 2020 was just the year when we were headed towards war with Iran, and not 1918, 1929, 193… original online community jam was small private chat groups and email newsletters, and that’s basically where I am nowI literally do not understand how to grow one’s social media audience, and now that I’ve been online for 20+ years… mean I dunno what's gonna happen with the Supreme Court. But I do think people are overthinking it a bit. Probabl…
Retweeted by 👨🏻‍💻David DemareeHappy Sunday everyone no circumstances should a nomination go forward in the United States Senate. Our full statement:
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In my mind, the most “interesting” tension here will be between Trump (“confirm my judge NOW!!?!”) and Mitch (draw…, one more principle: 3) Deathbed conversions only happen on TV. Don’t expect R Senators who have shown no gu…, not saying they can have both of those things! Just saying that I don’t foresee an outcome where Mitch will le… very important principles for understanding the shitshow to come re SCOTUS: 1. Republicans want to ram an id… @erikvorhes Collins is electorally a dead woman walking, and “have it both ways” is basically whyThis NYT summary of the likeliest Trump nominees to fill RBG’s seat does a weird thing, referring to “the vacancy c…’s been watching too much Breaking Bad is about to get her ass kicked out of a Senate seat she’s occupied for years because of her vote on Kavanau… Day is starting to show up in the data. Coincidentally, we just got a text on a family thread asking who all…’re going apple picking! can (rightly!) call out thinly veiled segregation, and encourage people to check their privilege, without decla… see what you're saying but this is wrong and erases all the gifted kids who weren't white or middle class who wor… the fifth one was nominated by the only one-term president in the last 40 years for nothin’, Super Mario 3D All-Stars came out today. Super Mario Galaxy is a delightful reminder of a simpler,… think this is just a sandwich with a rye sense of humor.
Retweeted by 👨🏻‍💻David DemareeTonight, I had a Toronto cocktail, bought some Disney-and-Halloween-themed face masks, and gave money to the Dems c… to Jewish tradition, a person who dies on Rosh Hashanah, which began tonight, is a tzaddik, a person of g…
Retweeted by 👨🏻‍💻David DemareeThis is not surprising to see as a trending topic tonight @MeghanCArnold Good plan, I should see if I can stay off social media until I can get in a Peloton class
I sincerely advise basically all of you to step away from Twitter, think of something that makes you happy, and go… still wonder who Ezra was and on what metrics they fell short @ferrix I assume he had someone else doing his social and that person has lightly rebranded as a “Cain movement” be…, just repeat *exactly what your scientists are saying* and then back away from the podium I mean, or don’t.…, in an embarrassing senior moment, recites the divergent biological methods of two possible vaccines (molecul…
Retweeted by 👨🏻‍💻David DemareeI can’t make sense of WTF is up with Herman Cain’s posthumous social media strategy"pack the courts" you say interesting thing about Facebook is that it runs on Facebook (its internal comms system is just a private versio…
Retweeted by 👨🏻‍💻David DemareeA FB employee told me once that they often made their Workplace posts sharper and more opinionated than their actua…
Retweeted by 👨🏻‍💻David DemareeAnyway, what Trump-as-wrecking-ball is smashing is not just democratic norms—the total lack of gov’t accountability… unites the right is that they reject our reality. Doesn’t mean they share a reality; in fact, rejecting scie… it’s not just that Trump and supporters live in a different reality from Democrats. They also live in differ… that’s on my mind this morning: Trump is just a wrecking ball. McConnell and co are the crane holding i… @YasmineEvjen @IamAvaniAgarwal Oh hey that’s me back there
Retweeted by 👨🏻‍💻David DemareeTens of thousands of people died because the administration didn't want to create 'panic' by letting us all know we… is bold talk from a guy whose boss is messing with criminal prosecutions, and whose boss's boss is screaming f… you vote for a president who doesn’t think it counts when people in blue states die then you’re not patriotic. I…
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