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@samstinn There’s just so many tracker apps. Can’t all my friends be on the same one so we can push each other? Haha @elsa_dawne Runkeeper has built in connection to music. That seems like a plus. Start a run, music plays. Stop and… @elsa_dawne It appears there is lots of tools for exporting and importing in most of the good apps. Quick google se… of switching from Strava to Runkeeper. Anyone have thoughts? Since it’s still early in my usage before mig… @iChris Should mention I have a Technics SL-DL5 record player from my grandfather. Vintage but seems to work well @iChris Speakers are Edifier R1700BT Behringer pp400 phono preamp @iChris Ooo. One sec. I’ve got a pretty simple setup @nell199306 I’m sitting on the couch we got as wedding gift. In August 2021 it’ll be 20yrs and it’s still comfy
@nell199306 Haha. I’m on my second watch of it during the pandemic. Season 7e12 already. HahaWatched Hidden Figures on Disney+ Now that is an inspiring true story. If you haven’t seen it. Go check it out. @Sasky1972 @alimusicgeek That is a good point.
So contract tracing happens, they know the source of cases, often from households gathering, causing whole classroo… @iChris It’s on my wish list. The timing of this is spot on. Wait till Jan 1’s ad 🤣Seeing some local biz show off how much biz they have in support is equal parts glad folks are supporting local VS extreme jealousy @iChris Automatic vegetable slicer @nell199306 No one wants to eat thatThis @sarah_hodson4 I’ll guess 7 @iguessitsbrett Agreed. Somehow we’re gonna get through this challenging season. I’m worried more will fall before that time though @brynrk Yes. I hate whenever I get onePivoting is hard. Stressful work. Thinking of so many others in hospitality work today even as my own place of wor… to the coffee shop community
@jason_chadney @randydonauer @cityofsaskatoon I know someone working for city. Went from 2 contractors to 13. And t… @jason_chadney @randydonauer @cityofsaskatoon I do live on a P2 and drive to work on P2/3 streets. So there’s that.… @randydonauer @cityofsaskatoon Thanks so much. The rest of the snow clearing, roads and meewasin trail has been wonderfulWho is responsible to clear the path from meewasin park Lawson shack across the road from Spadina Cres to Saguenay…
A neighbourhood in Toronto was terrified after signs appeared suggesting most local stores were suddenly closed and…
Retweeted by Daryl Grunau @brynrk Yeah. We have a backup cord. It’s had issues. Front facing would be amazing. We covered it in plastic so… my Mennonites at??
Retweeted by Daryl Grunau @brynrk Can we talk about how bad the square power cord is?
Brett when someone protests a pipeline: RULE OF LAW MUST BE IMPOSED!!! Brett when a restaurant owner defies a publ…
Retweeted by Daryl Grunau @brynrk Didn’t Mayfair hardware close? @pHeNoM106 @KyleGunderson @macphersona There was this one going around @CorneliusDave Thanks. Good to know. I don’t have heart rate tracking now. Most interested in gps and musicIf it’s good enough for mail carriers. Guess I’d better start saving money. @toontown88 I wish we could have more conversations about our faults. All around. It’s good for everyone @toontown88 Very good to know. Thanks.Apple Watch users, how does it fair in subzero conditions? Like winter running in SK temps @brynrk That’s awesome. Nicely done. @toontown88 I always want to know why someone stops going to “the Church” but I’m always leery the answer is becaus… on my run, tried to take a different route after Ravine climb. Ended up going through snow drifts behind socc…
@toontown88 Ah. We did that over a stove pan. This was an actual deep fryer with big basket. We did fries and made poutineProbably good that it took till today into the pandemic to use our deep fryer at home and discover how magical it c… @brynrk Yes @mlaroque First winter running outside for me. It’s been pretty fun so far
Yikes. It’s bad folks. It’s bad.
@MarkTheBrewer Yes. Yes I have. Thanks for the reminder. Gonna pull out my green Christmas vinyl alongside a HAZY IPA tonightI wish Moe fought Covid with the same fire and brimstone that he does the Carbon Tax. #skpoli
Retweeted by Daryl Grunau @bkorte And their screens don’t work until the marker caps are on the lidsI see you @sarah_hodson4 👍🏻👍🏻❤️
@samstinn YesThings that probably ain’t happening for 100 @iChris Yeah. I tried to use the native app. But it’s just so bad @iChris I might look at fleets. But really only if I can view them on Tweetbot one day @Tim_Good @sarah_hodson4 Me too.
Opened native Twitter app to see the mess that’s fleets. Nope. Back to Tweetbot thanks.
@bkorte No prob. Good call on ordering now as my other orders haven’t arrived. So it could all get snagged quick @bkorte just got this one in @CoffeeGeek This isn’t new. April 2019
@toontown88 Ha. They’re stumbling around in the dark I thinkMaybe in the past two weeks you could have instead talked to those groups and announced a plan TODAY. What on earth have you been doing?Two press conferences in as many weeks. To basically mandate masks. The rest of us with a head on our shoulders hav… don’t want you to goto hospitals. Or meet in your houses, so goto the local restaurant and cafes.... @sarah_hodson4 Yeah. Stupid.“if you wanna hangout with your friend who’s not in your bubble make sure you go out to a restaurant to do it” hmmmmm yah makes sense
Retweeted by Daryl GrunauIf you wanna know if our leaders are taking things serious or not.... @mlaroque Yeah. I heard that too. Another press conference for basically nothing. @Ericweiseth Yeah. That’s what I’m assuming. But usually stuff gets sorted quicker after weather stuff. Hope they… news feed. -Cases are on the rise -wear a mask and stay home -businesses are suffering -health care is hurting… @hinz_tamara @thinktankSK How much for the gold plated donor plaque?Anyone else been having non standard Canada post deliveries times lately? Never had an issue until last couple week… not in Canada of course. 😂😂Introducing more ways for a big business to make money off an industry that’s in shambles. #yxe, #yqr, and #sk business owners. What digital assistance (e.g., website set-up, content management, paymen…
Retweeted by Daryl Grunau @iguessitsbrett Bahaha @iChris Gold plated library right there @iChris Driving Force is local company. We used them alot when I worked for YFCSo new restrictions laid out for SK took affect today. And they’ve already announced a press conference tomorrow at… so we are clear: when we say “Healthcare systems will soon be overwhelmed by the virus” “systems” we mea…
Retweeted by Daryl Grunau @jason_chadney @PremierScottMoe Which is why now is the perfect time for them to do all the unpopular things and ge…
@iChris Good thing you’re a world class podcast editor 😉 @sarah_hodson4 @nell199306 Sure @iChris Regular family podcast could be fun to hear @nell199306 Not happening at work though. Nope nope
2020 has officially broke me. It’s mid November and I put on Christmas music @iChris Still have a large collection of mine too. Maybe in another 50yrs they’ll be worth somethingI just saw a billboard that said: “Only God and Donald Trump can save us.” Trump-evangelicalism is an idolatrous…
Retweeted by Daryl Grunau @greatheight That’s amazing.This German ad is fantastic. And wow how it contrasts as I’m currently watching Band of Brothers and just finished… @jason_chadney @cityofsaskatoon Oh no. That doesn’t sound great. Bet it’s from an outside contractor @jenniferrkramer That’s great @iguessitsbrett Yes to this. @FNGraham Many local businesses have pivoted and done a lot to create online stores. The least we can do is go out… visual demonstration of the power of sound to create order out of chaos.
Retweeted by Daryl Grunau
Now that my rant PSA is over. If you need choices, have questions, send me all the messages you have. And if you ne… is a huge amount of choices for consumers looking for truly world class speciality coffee already. Support th… urge everyone to support your local barista, cafe owner, roaster, who have been here for the long haul, who’ve he… I can’t help but feel the local hustlers aren’t helping the local coffee scene. And while I understand times are… situation for local cafes, coffee shops, roasters, is not great at this stage in Covid. With cases increasing i…