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Daniel Kapadia @ddkesports Los Angeles, CA

Commentator avail for bookings in CS:GO, Valorant, AFPS, etc. / Founder @immortalmindsTV / / /

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🚨 NEW DEMO REVIEW VOD 🚨 @andbox_official vs. @Immortals on Split! From the @nerdstgamers X @Renegades Invitationa…
Retweeted by Daniel Kapadia @AaronnFtw @andbox_official Congrats!
EPIC LINEUP for Saturday’s show! We’ll be joined by TSM legends @Dronecsgo @boxrTailored! Co-hosted by @MLGPuckett
Retweeted by Daniel Kapadia @Vansilli @EsportRob @PlayVALORANT @ImmortalMindsTV @seangares @MikesHD_ @Hiko @WARDELL416 @JoshNissan @dnpeek ❤️ @GODaZeD Agree
New Highlight ft. @ScreaM_ & @L1NKVAL, spilling the beans on SKYE and ICEBOX!
Retweeted by Daniel KapadiaLIVE NOW! Demo Review @Immortals vs. @andbox_official on Split with @ddkesports!
Retweeted by Daniel KapadiaDiabotical time let's go (and first time with streamlabs obs, just switched today)'m running the stream and doing the analysis solo tomorrow morning @ 10am PT on @ImmortalMindsTV - we'll be coveri… @YoanMerlo You can do that with a goxlr, I know that much!I'm going live in 45mins! We'll be doing more scrims tonight in @Diabotical so make sure to check it out.
@sYnceDez You're an animal damnScrims vs @TeamLiquid - come hang!
@TwatterSister @finalmouse UL2Starting to feel my mechanics after I'm beginning to take things a bit more seriously again. I've been overjoyed to… @sinizap @Diabotical If you goto my stream and type !hud in the chat, it'll give you the code
Gotta know when to stand your ground @Diabotical live with the @GetCrackedDBT 3v3 wipeout tournament ez wins incoming @Ska You got thisNEW VOD 🚨 ft. @dephh_csgo @Pala and @SideshowGaming! Plenty of quality Valorant y’all and shenanigans in this one!
Retweeted by Daniel KapadiaThanks @JamesHSerpa for the edit!We put some highlights together from last weekends @Diabotical tournament. If you haven't seen Arena FPS before, th… @RonRamboKim @Cody_Dragon Logitech wingman?
Going live for some more @baldursgate3 - Tomorrow we'll be streaming a @Diabotical tourney at 2PSTThanks for tuning into today’s episode! @dephh_csgo and @SideshowGaming didn’t let @Pala’s new lewk distract from t…
Retweeted by Daniel KapadiaLIVE NOW with perhaps the most BRITISH EPISODE we've ever done. Grab a cup of tea and click the link to join…
Retweeted by Daniel Kapadia
Diabotical and some BG3 in no order’s a episode is delivering BIG TIME. We’ve got @dephh_csgo joining us with solid assists by @Pala and…
Retweeted by Daniel KapadiaMissing $10k Payouts From Pulse Read:
Retweeted by Daniel Kapadiagetting those act 3 placements in @PlayVALORANT w/ @MikesHD_
.@VisionStrikers DOMINATE aNg DarkHorse. Catch the VOD and 🔁 so Asian Valorant can get the coverage it deserves! ⬇️
Retweeted by Daniel KapadiaLive for a bit with some more BG3
Going live for a couple hours to continue progress in @baldursgate3! AND SHINE, #Valorant peeps! WE'RE LIVE! Today's VOD REVIEW -> @VisionStrikers and #aNgDarkHorse on Ascent!…
Retweeted by Daniel Kapadia @SkyeRaf @Jehar @ODPixel @OnFireSemmler Awesome to hear! Keep it up!!
LIVE NOW! #Valorant theory-crafting with @MikesHD_.
Retweeted by Daniel Kapadia
That's a wrap on Act II. Who's ready for tomorrow?
Retweeted by Daniel Kapadia
We read and discuss ALL feedback. We often check Reddit comments, so feel free to check out the ep and leave your t…
Retweeted by Daniel KapadiaNEW VOD 🚨 We talk Act 3 w/ @ScreaM_ & @L1NKVAL from @LiquidValorant. Thoughts on Skye, Icebox, the EU scene, movi…
Retweeted by Daniel Kapadia
Thanks to @ScreaM_ & @L1NKVAL for stopping by, two of the funniest guys in the Valorant scene
Retweeted by Daniel KapadiaPlaying the @Diabotical 3v3 tournament still on stream @ -- we are 1 game away from qualify…'s PLAYOFFS TIME - tune in to follow my progress!We live atm with giveaways and of course @ScreaM_ + @L1NKVAL to win some new threads! We're LIVE with @ScreaM_ & @L1NKVAL and we're going all-in on Act 3! Join us and ente…
Retweeted by Daniel KapadiaStreaming some Diabotical scrims for a couple hours
Tomorrow’s guests are @ScreaM_ and @L1NKVAL from @LiquidValorant! We’re digging into Act 3 and planning FOUR TL MER…
Retweeted by Daniel Kapadia @Pala Agree! Modern day Snatch
New VOD! 🚨 Demo Review: @Cloud9 vs. @Sentinels...Sentinels totally owned the information game on this one!
Retweeted by Daniel KapadiaWe’ve got a fun guest lineup for this weekend and we’ll be talking about ALL of the @PlayVALORANT announcements. Te…
Retweeted by Daniel Kapadia
NEW HIGHLIGHT! 🚨 @JoshNissan talks through some of the BAD HABITS carried over from CS into Valorant. Click the l…
Retweeted by Daniel KapadiaWe're LIVE and reviewing @Cloud9 vs. @Sentinels on Haven, from Popflash! Let's see what these two teams can bring t…
Retweeted by Daniel KapadiaScrims vs @TeamLiquid in @Diabotical for 2hrs
So excited that @baldursgate3 is out today. YES. I remember playing the first two when they came out so many years… releases 10am PT Tuesday on Stadia, Steam (Mac/PC), and GoG.
Retweeted by Daniel Kapadia @ImmortalMindsTV 🏃⬅️Let’s play a game...Post an emote combo that represents an agent ability. Bonus points for ults. I will choose a…
Retweeted by Daniel Kapadia
Scratch that-- live in 90 mins :)Going live with some Valorant solo then who knows what!
Diabotical prac / ranked @ImmortalMindsTV I think any match-ups between SEN, C9, 100t, Envy, T1, etc will be really interesting. In general… VOD 🚨 Catch @JoshNissan dishing on the new @100Thieves roster, the NEW COACH, and the 1.09 PATCH!
Retweeted by Daniel KapadiaWhen the weebow hits just right @Diabotical did our first Valorant 10 man in the @ImmortalMindsTV discord today and it was a lot of fun. We should be doing… CS scene is so lucky to have @SPUNJ. Let’s get him this one, he deserves it.
Retweeted by Daniel KapadiaThe Next Four is set! These teams fill out seeds 5-8 in our playoffs next weekend! Immortal Minds @ddkesports
Retweeted by Daniel Kapadia
Going live with the official @Diabotical team 3v3 tournament, starts in 20 mins.🎉 RECORD VIEWERSHIP TODAY! Thank you all for the HYPE and for showing up for @JoshNissan and @100Thieves. We wanna…
Retweeted by Daniel KapadiaClose to a record 500 viewers, come be a part of HISTORY on the IM channel’s poppin’ in here. Join us and make 400 new friends. Talking PATCH now. #valorant
Retweeted by Daniel KapadiaLIVE NOW with @JoshNissan! We're talking patches, roster changes, #Valorant meta and more! We ready for you.…
Retweeted by Daniel Kapadia
If you do it like @ShahZaMk does it, you’re going for the PHANTOM, EVERY TIME. New HIGHLIGHT! 🚨 #ValorantClips
Retweeted by Daniel KapadiaTomorrow is tournament day! I'll be doing some practice to make sure I'm in decent shape @Diabotical practice for Saturdays team tournament. Top tier scrim in 30mins --
Who are your favourite content creators for improving aim / performance?New VOD! 🚨 ASIAN VALORANT is NUTS! And if you’re not watching, you’re missing out! Check out the VOD and share yo…
Retweeted by Daniel KapadiaDo you guys prefer the mousecam? @alfa_TF2 This looks awesome @marl0ncs @JohnTheParasite Yeah I actually have been looking for an excuse for a long time to switch away from them… @Diabotical prep for this weekends team tourney @eneKeyHunt @WavePunkRL @esportsawards @TwitchRivals @WatchNGE Hear hear!
We're HYYYYPED to have LEGEND @JoshNissan on this Saturday! He's built killer teams before...can he do it again for…
Retweeted by Daniel KapadiaWe're LIVE! If you haven't watched ASIAN VALORANT, you're missing out! Click the clink to join in on the DEMO REVIE…
Retweeted by Daniel KapadiaY’all asked for ASIAN VALORANT and we’re serving it up HOT in 30 minutes! @JUPITER_GG vs. @VisionStrikers on Bind…
Retweeted by Daniel KapadiaCombos feel good in @Diabotical are the best audiophile quality closed wireless headphones? Any thoughts?SPREAD THE WORD. Immortal Minds is covering our first Asian #Valorant match tomorrow at 10 AM PST. Demo Reviews nev…
Retweeted by Daniel KapadiaWe're going live with more @Diabotical - we have some scrims coming up at 6pm PT (in 35mins) @ImmortalMindsTV
South Korea * woops. Jupiter is Japanese. Either way, this was an awesome game with lots of cool stuff!Yeah so this Wednesdays @ImmortalMindsTV vod review will be lit. Check out this madness on round 15 straight outta… case you missed it, we had an awesome @ImmortalMindsTV episode last Saturday with @ShahZaMk - check it! finally got what you asked for. Jett’s finally been notched down a peg. Are y’all happy with these buff/nerfs?…
Retweeted by Daniel Kapadia
@PNDKetchup thanks man :DIf anybody likes chill vibes and great information, always make sure you check out @ddkesports and his AFPS vids.…
Retweeted by Daniel KapadiaCheck out our @ShahZaMk VOD on Reddit and tell us what you think in the comments over there. We want to make the BE…
Retweeted by Daniel Kapadia @RandyHarsh @DiaboticalCongrats to @TeamLiquid for another tournament victory! Well played @liquiddahang @liquidrapha @liquidwhaz . Also…
Retweeted by Daniel KapadiaClutch rockets in the LB final :D 2nd against @TeamLiquid in the @GetCrackedDBT 3v3 tournament losing 1-2 in the grand final. Thanks everyone who tuned in to support!Made it to the grand finals vs @TeamLiquid !