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Someone submitted this video to me.... 😐
Retweeted by Daily DoseStock Market is crashing 😳📉
@Buccaneers We are done. Too many mistakes against a great team @Tfue Go 🏴‍☠️😎I usually have to go through 200 submissions a week. You have no idea what my eyes have seen. This isn't that bad.Someone submitted this video to me.... 😐 does something like this even survive in the wild? do they just roll away? @TheRealRyanHiga Let’s goooooo 😎
@Lazarbeam I thought it was gonna be your new video game? @louis0nfire Don’t care I’m having fun 😎 @Wifinnis Update: yesUpdate, still very fun.
I think it’s happening 👀 @BraincaseYT It’s a 2 minute long red light.😎
@psychicpebble can I get your autograph? @Lazarbeam Poop and guns. Welcome to America dude 😎Why are the reviews for the new Battlefield so bad? Ya it's glitchy and unfinished, but still super fun.What I've learned is that everyone is weird and crazy. It's just that some people are more open about it than others.
@MoistCr1TiKaL You are famous Charlie 🙂 @saddle_maker This isn’t a jokeSo @NASA just released their first photo of deep space from their new James Webb telescope 😳 @ThunderBeeper FREE V-BUCKS included @ItsCroakTV No, we never had to pay. The only way to get tested was for free in-person OR to buy a testing kit onli… @dyna_power no it was already free. It's just that now you don't have to drive and wait in line. These are home testing kits.The US Government is giving away FREE Covid test kits. They just need a shipping address. @stephenisasi this is not a serious tweet. @patchesmother you're oldShoutout to the guy that invented farming 10,000 years ago. Without him, you wouldn't be reading this right now. @YouTube thank you for existing ♥️
2022 Lavigne was my first celebrity crushMy subscribers are losing their minds over how I said "trebuchet" in my video today so now you can listen to it on…
@OMGitsAliA are bad players who can't build allowed to play the game again tho? @NFL what an awkward way to end the season 😬What a way to end the game! #SuperWildCard
Retweeted by Daily Dose @Lazarbeam @timthetatman this game is insane
@andymilonakis ❤️❤️ @Nereydacj Autonomous standing desk @Real_Droz Autonomous standing desk @Jonesy11798 hope you have an amazing day tomorrow @Viking_Pilot Autonomous for $400 @Mikeygboy Cost of using videos from different companies
@FundyLive Welcome to the verified notification tab @Sponandi @maelzaid2002 @Owen13Hunter @CodedKryptics😆😆😆😆 @CuleRaj ya sure dude. You just kinda let everything hang. Pretty easy. @aaron_rodgers17 don't really care tbh @Omar_is_bored thank you! @realQuig ya $50 because it has better quality than a $200 mic that I have @OMGitsAliA standing desks are life saversThis is my setup. This is where I make my YouTube videos. @psychicpebble love love the new Smiling Friends show. And only 10 minute long episodes. It’s perfect.
@terrazas_junior @NFL a flag was thrown if you watch the video. But nobody cares. Game was over. @FortniteGame please let bad players like me who can’t build play your game again pls @Lazarbeam “Round 1” @Lazarbeam Let me do a voice over homie
Having parents that love and support you is the biggest life-hack-cheat-code you could possibly have to start out life. @Wrecks_ Hey Adam, is there any way to get in contact with you? Thanks! @AnnaCramling 3 min apart sunsets at my place are always pretty @place1holdertkn very cool
@ItsrockrobsterG Good thing I said “basically” @Bigzerko1 It’s ok to admit that the Saints made Brady AND Rodgers look bad. @CondorSZN That’s....basically what Aaron Rodgers did week 1 against the Saints when they lost 38-3 @Trainwreckstv I'm Live here for a few minThere is currently no game that EVERYONE is playing right now. There's like 5 big games right now instead of 1 clea… @mayahiga6 Handsome
@CaramelizedBoi_**USA hit an all-time high yesterday** 1,433,977 new Covid cases in ONE DAYI think I'm going to visit L.A. in February if the daily Covid cases get lower. Need to get away from the cold.
@Jacksepticeye 😳 @Eret happy birthday!!! @AdamSchefter @Windy_WRLD 😉WHAT
@chrisTyson Top 10 moments before disaster @chrisTyson Did you get it on video? 😳I love it when my followers call me “Mr. Internet” or “Mr. Dose” So polite 😌 @Wrecks_ hey! Thank you for making Nuketown. Would it at all be possible to get an autograph from you? @Lazarbeam sleepover it is then 🙂 @Lazarbeam when I visit you one day and meet you for the first time and you DON'T look like this, I'm getting back…
Thank you for 13,000,049 subscribers! 😃 @itskyleconner please check your messages @TapLHarV 💯 can’t believe how many people watch my videos. MILLIONS OF PEOPLE?? Really kinda blows my mind once in a while 🤯
@JustJohnathan1 Everyone is getting sick right now. I’ve had 3 friends and 3 relatives go on a plane in the last 2 weeks. All got Covid. @cog_crank YupNew Covid cases by month in the USA @Out_of_Spec please check your messages :) @TGamestone hahahaha @beptwebot You’re fine. You have nothing to worry aboutTwitter, do your thing and cancel Covid already.
@thismorning This is amazing ❤️it was his wife and her companion that was murdered** Not child. @SeanMaffia guy that made this extremely viral Skyrim video is now in prison for murdering his wife and his child. H… @Out_of_Spec please check your messages!