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The 21-01 MER Cycle STRATCOM Will go out tomorrow to units and on S1 NET. The STRATCOM will set dates for the MER o…
Reading Gen Rupert Smith’s “The Utility of Force,” and happened to consume this passage about conflict’s longevity…
Retweeted by deadHoratioGatesIt is not surprising that Iran is retaliating, it is surprising that Iran has chosen to shoot conventional missiles…
Retweeted by deadHoratioGates
@CrispinBurke Death by tweet. Poor dude. He tried. @MeganJantos You are a team player. Respect.LTC/MAJ Dickson you played a good game Sir. Strong breeze and full sails on your next endeavor. #PAOgate @MeganJantos Yeah your dude Rick Dickson should be filling out retirement papers right about now. Ha!
@CrispinBurke @WSJ Stop with the smarts. The apocalypse people will not stand for it.
@JWVizzard @Doctrine_Man Freddy Thompson is a great leader! 3-27 is a small world. @JWVizzard @Doctrine_Man I remember the HIMARS in the motorpool. The crazy arm used to load and unload the pod. I c… brighter now my friends in the dark North. Breakup is coming.Winter Solstice is here. I remember the celebrations in Alaska. At 36 years old I had no idea of the winter solstic… @JWVizzard @Doctrine_Man Sir, 3-27? I was a young Private there 21 years ago.
Back at Fort Bliss for briefs. If anyone is here and wants to talk about AIM or Markets let me know. I have wheels…
@ChemicalFire Glad it all worked out. @officership @KTB_500 @NCFranklin @orange_n_blue86 @102ndblackhawk6 @Fox06burneracct @officership how do you define… @officership @KTB_500 @NCFranklin @orange_n_blue86 @102ndblackhawk6 @Fox06burneracct Talent will come with time. We…
@orange_n_blue86 @102ndblackhawk6 @NCFranklin @charlesrugg2 @markmcclellan @officership @Fox06burneracct @IPPSArmy See my thread on resumes. @orange_n_blue86 @NCFranklin @102ndblackhawk6 @charlesrugg2 @markmcclellan @officership @Fox06burneracct @IPPSArmy @NCFranklin @orange_n_blue86 @102ndblackhawk6 @charlesrugg2 @markmcclellan @officership @Fox06burneracct @IPPSArmy @orange_n_blue86 @NCFranklin @102ndblackhawk6 @charlesrugg2 @markmcclellan @officership @Fox06burneracct @IPPSArmy @orange_n_blue86 @NCFranklin @102ndblackhawk6 @charlesrugg2 @markmcclellan @officership @Fox06burneracct @IPPSArmy @NCFranklin @102ndblackhawk6 @orange_n_blue86 @charlesrugg2 @markmcclellan @officership @Fox06burneracct @IPPSArmy @NCFranklin @102ndblackhawk6 @orange_n_blue86 @charlesrugg2 @markmcclellan @officership @Fox06burneracct @IPPSArmy @orange_n_blue86 @102ndblackhawk6 @charlesrugg2 @NCFranklin @markmcclellan @officership @Fox06burneracct @IPPSArmy @102ndblackhawk6 @orange_n_blue86 @charlesrugg2 @NCFranklin @markmcclellan @officership @Fox06burneracct @IPPSArmy @102ndblackhawk6 @orange_n_blue86 @charlesrugg2 @NCFranklin @markmcclellan @officership @Fox06burneracct @IPPSArmy
@charlesrugg2 @NCFranklin @markmcclellan @officership @102ndblackhawk6 @Fox06burneracct @orange_n_blue86 @IPPSArmy @markmcclellan @NCFranklin @charlesrugg2 @officership @102ndblackhawk6 @Fox06burneracct @orange_n_blue86 @IPPSArmy
Readiness requirements, EFMP/MACP and ATAP guidance. HRC conducts briefs in Jan 2020 to Army Seniors on slating.… Market Movers and Units: STRATCOM will go out today on Post-Market Review Information. -balances number of j…
@3rd_man_in Let me know when you do this. I spend my days searching random phrases and keywords to find the right k…
@SGMtheMan1 Kentucky Liqour barn. @ArmyofJ @SGMtheMan1 I live in KY where the Blantons runs like water. I have never had it so good! @S1Your Nope. @ArmyofJ @SGMtheMan1 Excellent collection! McKenna, Stagg. I see you are waiting for WWIII to open that bottle of Blantons. @SGMtheMan1 Picked up three bottles today. ado about nothing. Again. Man it was straight fire on Twitter today with everyone resigning or not resigning.…
@CrispinBurke is the STD of the digital era. Right now apathy and ignorance > common sense with our troops, cadets, and fu…
Retweeted by deadHoratioGates @TonyAggie HAAF
@CrispinBurke @MKittwit @ArmyHRC That is super cool. @ChemicalFire Of influence is as a staffer. You can plan great things and be a SME which is great. I think investin… @ChemicalFire Go teach. The biggest problem from my proverbial foxhole is teaching officers how this whole things w… @ChemicalFire What do you care most about?In the words of my favorite ride at Disneyland “Hold on to your hats and glasses folks. Cuz this here is the wilde… @michael_opbroek Love = move. I can’t type at work. My bad. @MKittwit Do your labels match the labels for the assignment? @MKittwit This makes sense. Also I think I am the only one who searches the #AIM hashtag. Who are you talking to the S1 or the Commander?
@officership @MKittwit @FieldGradeLDR @TheCompanyLDR @FirstArmy @1stArmoredDiv Sir, this is great. @MKittwit @markmcclellan Yeah. I am trying to figure out why the move to this. I am speculating it is time out issues. @michael_opbroek If you are a mover then you have to use the market. The location of where you want to love to does… @officership @MKittwit @FieldGradeLDR @TheCompanyLDR @FirstArmy @1stArmoredDiv Sir, tracking all. There are additio… @MKittwit @officership @FieldGradeLDR @TheCompanyLDR @FirstArmy @1stArmoredDiv I understand this. This is a wierd highschool dance. @MKittwit @FieldGradeLDR @TheCompanyLDR @FirstArmy @1stArmoredDiv If you have a 1-1 I would hold fast.20-02 Movers and Units: STRATCOM will be out today. AIM Markets will now close on 6 December 2019. Let your friends… @MKittwit @markmcclellan The world is a changin.
@CrispinBurke @CCPOLO1 The old ways of hiring. Emailing ORBs without any context or granularity immobilized parts o… @CrispinBurke @CCPOLO1 There is additional bandwidth issues at the unit level for this. For sure. Officer preferenc… @102ndblackhawk6 Sir, this is great. @MKittwit Apple dreams, Army budget. It was a fluke earlier when it made everyone do the survey. I would just email…
@MKittwit Working on it. Along with everything else that is not working as well as it could. @MKittwit All validated requisitions will be filled even if no one preferences them. There are always units who hav…
@MeganJantos Or when my pen goes through the wash...
@MKittwit No there isn’t. Suffice to say that there is always a population of Officers that have some unrequited lo…, is just not helpful to anyone. Ever. That’s all. Enjoy your Friday!about 200 LTs and Junior Captains in attendance. I am all about real talk but saying things like “I know x is true”… Facts Friday: if you are in a brief and are a field grade officer it may not be the wisest choice to go into a… @carpemyperdiem @LadyLovesTaft This is the 1998 thread I actually care about. I’ll be waiting to see who steps up t…
Yassss @1stArmoredDiv G1 is hosting this event. Let your friends know and I look forward to the discussion.If you are on Fort Bliss and want to talk about updates to AIM and markets please come out to Soldier Hall, buildin…
I realize more and more I have had great leaders explain the Army and what is expected of growing up in the Army as… brought my LT I am traveling with to the Delta Sky Lounge. “Sir, what is this place?” Food and discussion ensu… Thoughts: If you see someone traveling with a ukulele in the airport, there is a 100% chance they will star…
@Randersonjr71 @markmcclellan @officership @ArmyHRC If something else goes south this weekend let me know. Also the… @Randersonjr71 @markmcclellan @officership @ArmyHRC Sir, the developers have been notified. The current NEC system…
#Garryowen Trooper is posthumously awarded Citizens Medal by president!
Retweeted by deadHoratioGates @MKittwit @ChemicalFire It’s always good to see where you rack and stack before you make a decision that could be a… @MKittwit @ChemicalFire You can be a big fish in a big pond (Bragg, JBLM, Hood, Carson) and hope you do well. Or be… @ChemicalFire @MKittwit Units have until the 27th. The fact that units are aching out is a good news story they are… @ChemicalFire @MKittwit This thread is amazing. A lot of units have not preferenced. They are probably waiting for…
@LadyLovesTaft Add it as a KSB on your resume. @MKittwit No. @KTB_500 @BuckeyeGrad1999 @ChemicalFire Jobs based on DA PAM 600-3/4. We will may get there I imagine at some point… @KTB_500 @BuckeyeGrad1999 @ChemicalFire Your career manager will filter through your selections based on EFMP consi…
AIM 2.0 Did You Know: AIM will be down from 1830EST 9 NOV 19 to 1645EST 10 NOV 19. Let your friends know and plan a… think there should be some sort of block for # of passed Uranalysis on the OER. I have taken them more frequently… welcome to Friday.
@KTB_500 @ChemicalFire Sir, HAL 9000 will be used for a portion of the population. 19-02 market 70% of officers rec… UAs should have some level of JMPIing going on. I feel like an Inspection of the bottle and Soldier providin… in a meeting: “it’s not that III Corps is better than XVIII ABN Corps. XVIIII just comes in like a wrecki… @MKittwit @CrispinBurke I wonder what this would look like with “less desirable” officers going to more desirable l… @NKFinney I am trying to understand the when “white dudes” talk about “white dudes” in order to show their inclusiv… @markmcclellan @officership @Randersonjr71 Sir, the review function will be on the next update for 21-01. It won’t…“A day such as this”. What does that even mean? And who hides tuna cans in the house for random stray cat encounter… wife told me that a cat followed her from the mailbox to my house. She then sent me pictures of a cat in my driv…
AIM2.0 Did you know? The latest training slides can be found in the upper right hand corner of the AIM page under “… Mid-Market review has begun. Please be patient as the process continues.I just sent my family members downstairs because something fascinating was happening on Star Trek and my oldest was…