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if marianne won it would be joanna newsom on that stageIf Bernie won it would be Alex G up on that stage
Retweeted by ys ✶ @ho3se_ i blushed idkHere is my first oil painting ever :3! I forgot to do many things and It’s not very good so it’s a personal failure…
Retweeted by ys ✶ @sekhmetdoll @Jotaaaa__ so metallic 🙈 @danaswag420 like leemi lone @girletariat heyyy @edeneternaI bestie ...🤍 @kaytruhh thank u aang @ninjacole97 i’m so proud to receive this award uwu id like tothank the nicadamy @sekhmetdoll omg ty samii’m not gonna follow you backthe guy i lost my virginity to vs following and unfollowing me for years @shimmeringfern hiii @PsychicCherub i twy my best @planet_eros wtffffyou cant fuck with my clique
Retweeted by ys ✶ @PsychicCherub i still feel like bears do it @deadbodyonline Idk but ur soooooooo sexy plz...
Retweeted by ys ✶ @fkajona it’s blood i bit my lip @scathingblonde nooo that just makes too much sense 🙄twitter crop can lick the bottoms of my feetdo i have something in my teeth? to lovers is just worsties to bestie
Retweeted by ys ✶tauruses love to feel like this fluid all over the sheets
Retweeted by ys ✶ @astrofant happy birthday summerrrr! 🤍i know avril lavigne doesn’t look black but has anyone asked her?my teeth be begging me to spit the ice cube out n i just keep gawking n slurping
Retweeted by ys ✶don’t listen to this got my skin feeling stretchy like latex over my fat nd bones😋i am the ultimate bengalime to @shyfew @geminymph “vibe” is anti-flirting @geminymph “hey this song is ur vibe” @trashtherentaI aries venuses..... @tanigakitiddies i channeled something yeah @paraisodoll cetaphil exactly bestiehum
Retweeted by ys ✶ @trashtherentaI should i tweet this to ex oomf
@bysanctum omggg same with you but i can hear your laugh clear as a bell @deadbodyonline i haven’t heard your voice in so long. i forgot what it was
Retweeted by ys ✶ @deadbodyonline why was this so calming?
Retweeted by ys ✶ @nigghilism meee i have a sore throat 🤕Oomf in their Liam Neeson era
Retweeted by ys ✶Aquí looking pretty
Retweeted by ys ✶. @holeinterrupted only slept three hours blame it on that. i woke up at 1 ambut if i buy roller skates instead of going to therapy then i’m crazy right?
Retweeted by ys ✶my hookup the first time i bottomed @holeinterrupted ok so the @ ? @byr420n are u ok <:ocrush: *shows interest* me:
Retweeted by ys ✶painting commission for a friend
Retweeted by ys ✶ @holeinterrupted baeeeee @desaf1o that’s my master plan~Yₒᵤ ₕₐd ₐ ₗₒₜ ₒf Cᵣₒₒₖₛ ₜᵣy ₜₒ ₛₜₑₐₗ Yₒᵤᵣ ₕₑₐᵣₜ♡ ~waze is the gayest gps app because it lets you gossipWE BACKKKKK!!! 1st big piece of 2021
Retweeted by ys ✶ @sylphmon i missed out 😩WHHDHD????? are you simultaneously an anti-masker and also the world’s loosest definition of human being ive ever seen
Retweeted by ys ✶nonbinary people
Retweeted by ys ✶why is your starfish clenching on a dead top’s phoneIt’s so hard being incredibly gorgeous and beautiful and clever but sigh someone has to do it 😖
Retweeted by ys ✶I think we should normalize this
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Retweeted by ys ✶“ go outside and touch grass “ The grass in question:
Retweeted by ys ✶ @_kaiyote_ i do cooking and cleaning mhm
Retweeted by ys ✶ @RlCKYRAGE for once @angeIcraft that’s who wants a cracker @byr420n .......
Retweeted by ys ✶ @98untitled yeah but not that good @PsychicCherub wtfme and my gf @sylphmon @h3artofchambers what was thissexy people who get free things and then make sure to include their friends are ascended to godhood after death @streamwench it’s like “is this not” but in modern english (american at least) negatives come before the subject th… @cowboy_clown i’m right @iamonIine @cowboy_clown idk why they look like 20 little corpsesmentioning a car name is the same thing as lobotomizing me @deviantollam actually really goodBut imma keep it cool now, You can tell by this cool sound 🍃
Retweeted by ys ✶With all due respect I think some of you have a very unhealthy relationship with this app
Retweeted by ys ✶moo moo miku! 🤎🧡🤍
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just smile and AH🤪
Retweeted by ys ✶ @girletariat cute!!uk oomfs can anyone mail me a red juul loved growing up with the internet in the early 2000s! i played flash games, i took care of neopets, i saw a behe…
Retweeted by ys ✶ @weaktwigs why they ain’t let you hold it 😭