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@ed_6171 @Miyajimareiji Used cum tissue @Miyajimareiji She’s reading the chapter when kazuya thinking about railing her @Nijigakulove Juice is comfort music Fr @freedomsenpai 500 days of summer, or eternal sunshine of the spotless mind @CEOofGrandBlue W me tooA queen @TsundereToad W @TsundereToad What’s the idol group called @Imoutothief Please do. I only started reading it with the physicals and it was the best choice I’ve made tbh @Imoutothief still tryna get caught up reading these, and most of Horimiya is coming in the mail soon @Imoutothief Went today!
New manga today @natsuksubaru @CIasify @Play_em_FTK @Swaginator1414 @ladykrackwhore @ger0gear @iwa_to_mushi @nezumiironyanko @cabedough @slut4subaru Ily222 @Imoutothief Real ones remember this @sxlteditz 💯 @judaaime You’re gold and silver for sureDaily dose of Power ❤️ @judaaime Hope not ! @judaaime 😼 @judaaime 💯
Who’s your favorite Shonen Jump MC? @ntztipu Dumb goddesses give me life 💙 @JayKnY She need to be reading csm instead @chizuru_uwu @chizuru_uwu Hope she eats ketchup packets too @Nijigakulove Bless 🙏🏼
@Nijigakulove Loving it @Gabriel_524 Yes @db_gmng @judaaime Yessir! Die hard, I have a Higurashi chat if you want to join? It’ll be more active with Sotsu comes out in July @db_gmng @judaaime No problem, are you caught up on Gou? @db_gmng @judaaime Talk @k_sasuga Is Rui motivating you :)I just know they can cure cancer deserves happiness @TsundereToad Beautiful @freedomsenpai You look amazing as always babeI’m depressed
@ThatFooStacey They’re so lonely @judaaime But you can’t @FalseDreams01 Huge w but the manga betterPower is perfection ❤️ @judaaime The greatest @CEOofRukaGang It’s actually not good believe it or not. I tried so hard to get into it but it’s just not good. JJK has tho @judaaime Amazing W @Nijigakulove Praying everything turns out okay
@DonKarasu86 My arm so sore @slut4subaru Let me know how it is! 🙏🏼 @chrysharryy Thank man! @LUISxd96030381 You too 🙏🏼❤️ @CringyPlayer Appreciate it! @valyssa_ 💜 @FalseDreams01 Thanks king ❤️🙏🏼 @judaaime 💖 @SmokinglsSad Mood @TsundereToad Bro can I come over to eat sleep with youI got my first covid shot ❤️ this before bed
The crossover you didn’t realize you needed @judaaime Shut up you’re not“Can I copy your homework? I swear I’ll change it up a bit” The homework: @Lonelyotaku9 Clouted @CEOofShion Alex bangerIs this a win
Just adopted this puppy snapped so hard on these Opinion: Nagatoro is actually enjoyable when you go into the series knowing and expecting her to act the… @judaaime ... @judaaime Why am I crying @judaaime ...
Listens to Lil Peep once outfits ❤️ @Deku_Stan2 HUH?????? Deactivate asap. @Deku_Stan2 Yes turn yourself in. You need help and lots of it. @JayKnY Talk Jay 🗣86 LN art is so immaculate @chizuru_uwu I’m a regular @ariasunas AmazingUpdate can’t escape who have different taste in fashion>>> @kurruchii You did, and I tried and failed @DonKarasu86 Agreed @kurruchii I’ll never forget that you asked me to hop on this before anyone else @SonWookong Not saying I don’t love Lena @TsukiyoYuuTDP Love her too tbh @Kuro41417881 What’s your point @CEOofShion Like $50 @natsuksubaru Nah draw MakimaSayu is best girl this season
love my magic girls @_f1ame He carried the show @judaaime That’s why his favorite waifu is dead @Nijigakulove How the tides have turned 😳 @ntztipu LmaooooI don’t care how much you hate Redo, Setsuna is literally peak Elaina keychains came in!
@JayKnY See kids it all started on anitwit when I was a deku stan and she was a chizuru stan. The rest is history @ar_ty101 @judaaime You never will @LoliSate ??? Ayo @SonWookong @ro0550 @percivxll @CloverCity1 @JayKnY @ReadPlunderer @kurruchii a long day of doing nothing