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Political cartoonist and author. BFA from Mount Allison University. For de Adder's Canadian political cartoons go to @deAdderCanada

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Credit to the great @deAdder for another stroke of editorial cartoon genius.
Retweeted by Michael de AdderIf Trump went through an earthquake, he would have grabbed the first baby he saw to hide under. #JacindaArdern follow @AccCartoonists to see Canadian editorial cartoonists' work. @DerfBackderf All is forgiven. Don't beat yourself up.🙂 WE started something @deAdder
Retweeted by Michael de AdderI think you started something @JustVent6 mine was already done for me by @JustVent6 @NiceDrewishFela @chronicleherald @BBBaumgartner It looks like him.Cartoon for @TorontoStar #covid19 #coronavirus #economy #economywarriors #COVIDIOTS for @chronicleherald #zoommeeting #zoom #zoom背景 #covid19 #coronavirus for @TheHillTimes #airlines #cdnpoli @AirCanada @WestJet #marcgarneau #lpc @AirporterInfo
Retweeted by Michael de Adder @BD_CDA @Bill_Morneau @cafreeland My 18 year old daughter is one of them. She saved all year for a trip and they kept the money.
@jamesholroyd It was only a matter of time before he snuck off to play golf. @deAdder @JustVent6 ‘Narcissism—The intellectual and emotional highs and lows of Donald Trump’
Retweeted by Michael de Adder @franklinleonard You don't even need (It's not.) @tedh13 @SteveBrant @Amy_Siskind @realDonaldTrump I'm alright with it. I usually don't when my work is used like th… @JustVent6 Stay safe. Keep doing what you do.Hard to deny that it isn't an improvement on what I drew originally.I usually don't like it when my work is used in a mash-up. But we live in crazy times. And @JustVent6's mash-up mad… are already working with the NEW YORK TIMES front page as a backdrop for new political art. And with good…
Retweeted by Michael de Adder
I have a feeling that this bit of work by @JustVent6 by way of @nytimes and @deAdder is going to be one of the inde…
Retweeted by Michael de Adder @KFILE credit: @deAdder, a keen observer of American politics from Nova Scotia
Retweeted by Michael de Adder @noel_first_noel I see it was done. Very funny. @brandenberger @Amy_Siskind This is @deAdder and he’s hands down Canada’s best, and amongst the best in the world.
Retweeted by Michael de Adder @websterchrista @JesseBrown @JesseBrown got it right. He was making a joke. Nobody has to do anything. Thank you though. @deAdder Apologizing for 'stealing' your own work. Sorry mate, you're just too Canadian. ❤🇨🇦
Retweeted by Michael de AdderYou are all correct. I deleted. Let's move on. I have a day off and I'm done with this. Have a good day everyone. @JesseBrown In the cartoon world, you add a briefcase with the name of the politician or write taxpayer on their as… @JesseBrown Sorry, you're right. @JesseBrown You didn't read my reply. I thought you did research. @PatriciaKnits @ChrisKatana @DerfBackderf I agree 100%. @ChrisKatana @DerfBackderf There's hundreds of cartoonists drawings hundreds of cartoons everyday on the same 5 or… @DerfBackderf I hope we're good. No hard feelings from me. I'm always so close to buying My Friend Dahmer, but the… @DerfBackderf Walterworld was about the Mayor of Halifax. You can even look up the dates he was mayor. I think he w… @DerfBackderf I robbed my own cartoon from 2000. Two years before yours. I even traced over it because I was under…
Cartoon for @chronicleherald #COVIDIDIOTS #trump #trumpPressBriefing #COVIDー19 @ptmd25 @JoshNisker SORT SYSTEM-ERRORS. Yes, human I am, fellow twitter user.Researchers: Nearly Half Of Accounts Tweeting About Coronavirus Are Likely Bots
@ThomasHodder @PsychotropicD Number 1: You could write a tweet, get a whole bunch of shares and likes, then change it. @millarryan55 Learn to draw and do it yourself."The Republican Party, 2016-2020" Cartoon by @deAdder for Today's edition is a great one…
Retweeted by Michael de Adder @yessfac1 @benwedge @globeandmail Considering one side of the bridge is New Brunswick, not sure how this is possible.Cartoon by: @deAdder for Subscribe for more weekly toons! crap, @globeandmail, you need a map of Canada in your newsroom.
Retweeted by Michael de AdderWhat happens when we let Facebook steal our news. Cartoon by @deAdder
Retweeted by Michael de Adder @related2karma Thank you. @related2karma There will be next year, I think. @doglab @AngelaTorontoON He's a complete asshole but I'm not sure he deserves his life ruined over this.
@TheComicHunter Donald Trump. @CBC I'm cheating but I don't think of one.
Retweeted by Michael de Adder @CBC I'm cheating but I don't think of one. @HalifaxAuthor @TheoMoudakis There would be a lot of press releases with spelling mistakes. @TheComicHunter Good chance.
Cartoon for @TorontoStar #Fauci #TrumpMorbidlyObese #trump #coronavirus @andrewctenor @chronicleherald I'm from New Brunswick.Cartoon for @chronicleherald #newbrunswick #COVID19
@nclavain @charlenegagnon OMG... can you imagine the world letting him be our spokesperson? @wh0n0z @foofighters @johnondrasik If you really want to know what inspires me. @huskermould Two bottles, you mean. @FrankFigliuzzi1 Sorry for your loss. I understand completely.I'm not sure one fully needs political cartoons when you just need to look at a photo of the Trump administration a… more cartoon to draw and long weekend. subscribe to the @newcounterpoint mailing list for ace political satire toons like these from @Ramireztoons,…
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For more cartoons subscribe to Coronavirus Control Room is looking oddly familiar. Cartoon by: @deAdder for Subscri…
Retweeted by Michael de AdderHow #Facebook eliminates #fakenews. #COVID19 #infodemic
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@eieioink @sunlorrie I'm a cartoonist. There's no line. @CancelBernie Thanks for your concern. My career has never been in a better position. @Andrew56980704 @chronicleherald Learn to draw. @PitterPatty @kinsellawarren Happy Valley.
Cartoon for @chronicleherald #COVID19 #coronavirus #SARSCoV2 #SelfIsolation #OPENAMERICANOW #openforbusiness
@GrrrGraphics Needs more labels.Cartoon for @TorontoStar #coronavirus #COVID19 #MurderHornets for @chronicleherald #TrumpGate #TrumpsJealousOfObama #TrumpGenocide #TrumpPressConf
Two from The Chronicle Herald win Atlantic Journalism Awards | The Chronicle Herald
@BeryldeB @emile_wickham He means concerns and he's right. @kinsellawarren Stop looking at job numbers like things are a thing. It ceased being an indicator of anything. We a…
@Aqualyra I spelled that wrong in a tweet just last week.Parental concerns in America. #AhmaudAubrey #georgia #NRA #PoliceShooting's a guilty pleasure but not a crime All new Cartoon Carousel featuring @BennettCartoons @PKuperArt @Patbagley
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Appeared.... not apeared..... I'm as bad as Trump. Mind you, my keyboard sucks.It looks like another of my cartoons came true. #trump #trumpdeathstar #DeathStar Cartoon first apeared in the… to for more weekly cartoons. Follow on Twitter: @newcounterpoint #Trump being Donny. Cartoon by @deAdder for Today's edition is fresh off the press - make…
Retweeted by Michael de AdderOur local papers are tanking but @Facebook's ad revenue is sky high. This is why 👇😡 We can put a stop to this now.…
Retweeted by Michael de Adder @caffenefiend I kinda did for @newcounterpoint today. @kylegriffin1 More @
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2020 @Megannety At least I know it's normal. Sounds like me. @annwmac @kevindunbar666 They are sending us one too. But I may not bother now. @kevindunbar666 I know. But it's really bad. And there's FibreOp in this province. But I suppose it didn't count on… @exetertowncrier Yes, Nova Scotia. @Ukulele19 I don't think that's your modem. @GeorgeBludger Netflix is fine-ish. Other social media fine.Cartoon for @TheHillTimes #coronavirus #covid19 #cdnpoli
@RogueRoyalle @OskieOckham @gmbutts Nailed it. @RogueRoyalle @OskieOckham @gmbutts Prime Minister Unsure would be hard to draw a caricature of. @TheoMoudakis What's of this book. Mou Adder or de Dakis? @kinsellawarren Ask New Brunswick?