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@timmcgrath Might be too graphic. Ha.If a party can't get a majority this is that party's fault for not having a leader or a platform that doesn't attra… supporters boo journalists. Is this where we're going in this country?Cartoon for @TheHillTimes #elxn43 #cdnpoli #JagmeetSingh #JustinTrudeau
Retweeted by Michael de AdderThis is my last chance to make a difference. Please share this with your network and get out and vote!…
Retweeted by Michael de AdderCartoon report. #cartoonrepost Cartoon by: @deAdder Subscribe for free cartoons at!…
There are so many incredible new local books for the fall! Check out the September 2019 Top 5 Local Sellers from…
Retweeted by Michael de Adder @ActPeacefully Good point. @seanadb I agree.Cartoon for @chronicleherald #Trump #Kurds #KurdsBetrayedByTrump #KurdsBetrayed #uspoli've already voted. #cdnpoli #elxn43
I did it once. Everybody had big heads, small bodies. They turned out hilarious in a not so hilarious trial. @smujpot I'm talking about Alberta. I just tried not to pick on them in my tweet.I'm the political cartoonist for the event. Live drawing. Live cartooning. Live tweeting. I will be selling print… Adder's Take: #elxn43
Retweeted by Michael de AdderThere's a very real possibility that the Conservatives elect more MPs, but the Liberals stay in power. The governin… moment Japan made history #JPNVSCO #RWC2019
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@kinsellawarren It's cooked!! @waltzy9 When I accuse one party of one thing, I'm simply accusing one party of one thing. I agree with you. I'm not for any one party.I'd probably sell more books if I also handed out towels and hand sanitizer. I'm scaring children trying to get past me to Indigo Kids. @FellaCanadian @notasbigdaddy I'm not a politician. I can answer or not answer. I can ignore or chime in. I can blo… @FellaCanadian @notasbigdaddy That’s not very nice. Sad face.If you drop by I promise not to tell you to get off my lawn like that photo indicates.This photo does not capture the happiness I am experiencing signing books at @ChaptersDrtmth Thanks for having me.'m not going to respond to somebody with an offensive profile pic. @AndrewYounger8 @ChaptersHalifax Sure. Both Costco's next weekend.I'm not sure. But once you get a politician on tape saying something that is newsworthy, anybody should be able to… the record @CPC_HQ did not block. I was pointing out others being block.Or when they are allowed to block. Because some people are crazy.I actually think we need the courts to get involved in whether elected officials, certain party operatives, Senator…! At Chapters in Dartmouth! Meet @deAdder and get your signed copy of You Might Still Be From Nova Scotia If .…
Retweeted by Michael de AdderFYI: I didn't get blocked. I've been watching others complain about being blocked.As much as that video is heartbreaking and still depicts the tragic reality in Syria. It seems the caption may not… @PearsonSherrill I agree. @robnicholsontor @nbf54321 Rae for sure. Butts is a grey area. @macjbby My buddy @rodemmerson for the win. @Alyssa_Milano You kind of have to post it. It's important news. @AnnCoulter The Yankees are going. They are leaving their allies to fend for themselves.This is what I'm sick of. I'm sick of drawing cartoons on #POTUS that come true. #trump @6ixNuck I agree. @MikeMcPickles I drew a cartoon on that.Bob Rae gets a pass.I agree with you.'d include the Opposition as well.Is this how the Conservatives will govern? You shouldn't be able to block somebody if you're a Prime Minister, Mini…
@eddoadt @ChaptersHalifax A little early. You just missed me.Book signing at @ChaptersHalifax 1pm to 3pm
Who’s seen this reddit post that uses our cartoon! 36.7k upvotes; that’s insane! Don’t forget to subscribe to us…
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Retweeted by Michael de AdderHere's Jagmeet Singh very politely telling a Rebel correspondent he's not going to answer his questions at the post…
Retweeted by Michael de AdderMy cartoon is being used for a political ad. WTF! That takes a lot of nerve. #cdnpoli #elxn43 #Conservatives
@trippingontrump I don't know. They use IP adresses and usenames, but I'm not sure. There is a trail of some kind. @Cheryl_Quist @coylejim20 Yes. So much news every day. In ways that's better than nothing to draw. @coylejim20 I'm not sure I'm an angel, but some days, the world is bonkers. It's hard to work with bonkers. @conflummoxed I am an extreme centrist. Alt-centre, as I've said in the past.I just read in wikipedia that my "work exhibits an extreme leftist ideology." Ha. I'm actually in the centre. The p… @StephaniePelley Unfortunately, it's real. @nssaltfarmer @globalhalifax @mpp_inc Ha. You've read the back cover.Somebody needs to draw a political cartoon on this. #cdnpoli #Elexn43 Six years after the runaway bestseller You Might Be From Nova Scotia If… Michael de Adder is back with the e…
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@ScottStantis @natebeeler @newcounterpoint People on Twitter are just so quick to give their ill-informed opinion. @GrrrGraphics Not his style to support his allies.Are we betraying our Kurdish allies? I think so. So do fellow Counterpoint cartoonists, @natebeeler and @deAdder
Retweeted by Michael de AdderCartoon for @chronicleherald #elxn43 #CDNvote2019 #cndpoli #cdnpoli
Retweeted by Michael de AdderBook launch tomorrow. Please drop by on the way home from work. You Might STILL Be From Nova Scotia If....… had to delete and repost my cartoon. Spelling error.Cartoon for @TheHillTimes #jagmeetsingh #cdnpoli #elxn43 #Debatenight @deAdder picked up your newest book today. I Iove using your cartoons in my SS gr 8 Canadian Identity to make point…
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#retweet this cartoon and let us know what you think of it! Cartoon by: @deAdder Subscribe for free cartoons at…
Retweeted by Michael de Adder @JeremyBoxen I'm better when I'm angry. @JeremyBoxen Ha. I've never been accused of being nice to power. Anyways, cheers. Cartoon to draw.Tag your friends in this cartoon or repost it! Cartoon by: @deAdder Subscribe to for free… @JeremyBoxen I'm just wondering why you would put so much energy into shaming a like-minded person on Twitter when… @JeremyBoxen You're right. It's better to hate than forgive. My apologies. I will endeavour to do better. @JeremyBoxen I'm arguing we should try to get along. That's not a bad message.I don't need to be twittersplained George W. Bush's record. #georgewbush #GeorgeBush #uspoli don't need to be twittersplained George W. Bush's record. #georgewbush #GeorgeBush #uspoli for @chronicleherald #Debatenight #debate2019 #Elexn43 #CDNvote2019 #cdnpoli | By fighting a compensation ruling, the government denies First Nations children justice — again | CBC News
Retweeted by Michael de Adder @judd4thedefense @David1234201 (We would be all better off not responding to partisans.)The official book launch for You Might STILL Be From Nova Scotia If... is Thursday. Please drop by for a beer or a… Seriously. Trump has had two Benghazis just in the past week. NDP would be sitting pretty good if they didn't spend all that time dragging their feet and trying to undermine… grapes. @rich_sherri I'm just teasing you. I know who you mean. @gail_sloane I'm just saying who won. @rich_sherri Yves-François Blanchet?The winner tonight was Jagmeet Singh. Nobody else was even close."You don't have to choose between Mr. Delay and Mr. Deny." -Jagmeet Singh
@Agoodyear2015 @chronicleherald There's no story until there is a story. I've drawn more cartoons on this election… for @chronicleherald #trump #uspolitics #uspoli #TrumpMeltdown #Turkey
I’m in Quebec for @1001VISAGEScom #1001visages 1001 Visages de la caricature 6,7 et 8 octobre 2018 à Val-David #Caricature #Caricaturist #Caricatura
Retweeted by Michael de AdderCartoon for @chronicleherald #liberals #cdnpoli #elxn43 @Erasmus111 He outmaneuvered the entire establishment to become the President by doing just this.Trump now sees impeachment as a winning formulas for 2020. Why else would commit another impeachable offence on cam…
@a_picazo You have more confidence in me than I do in myself. Thanks. @a_picazo I don't use other people's ideas but it is tempting to put Scheer and Ted Cruz in the same cartoon.The way #JagmeetSingh deals with intolerant people is amazing.