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@Sadieisonbot 2020 can’t possibly get any wor- @eyehatelogan I like 7.62 because I know I’ll never need to worry about my AK having issues @eyehatelogan lmao an AR pistol could do you well @eyehatelogan I need something smaller that isn’t a pistol. A draco would be sweet too @eyehatelogan smart man I was looking at one of those, a CMR 30 or MP5 clone next @eyehatelogan glock or multi mag @eyehatelogan what u get @BasedKashiBar @RealTeridax had to be there sorry @RealTeridax an absolute warzone that day was
@chillyyyyyyyyyy @jorhdys great work buddy 👍 @jorhdys there’s only 12 months in the year how will you draw it during the 16th @MitsEvoX @prequx @iDazerin @SatthewRL @SoniqsEsports hate to see it @Azfura @SpoodahRL @JellyRL I meant you and me hanging outWhat did he mean by this
Retweeted by 🐒 Sadie. @dabble_rl @UltimoRL @aye_its_FAkee Thanks 🐵👍 @ihyfaded @Renital_427 I don’t think that’s how it work shello @Renital_427 please DM me within 24 hours to receive the Mendoza pro wheel code for winning the giveaway 👍🐵 @McLandoTwitch he found a home..... let’s go @Azfura and the music good lord lmao @Azfura Title Text Here @reeseisawsm @Roberts99D_ hmmm
@jerodboyd coming from you!!! @gifyourgame you’re ridiculous lmfao @Azfura @spongefacts_alt yes @JG7tv hmmm @gifyourgame LETS GOOOOOO @BoogieRL Lets goo!!! @2StarYelp @heyokevo 😎 @AllaireMatt I look epic @MitsEvoX @MitsEvoX couldn’t do that shit anymore mangonna have to update the Monkey in the Middle logo 🐵 @brandxniversxn I never want to visualize that again @brandxniversxn I can’t do it anymore man I can’t keep waking up with it in my mouth @fdotny yes it no longer benefits me and can’t imagine it does anyone else I say get rid of ittired of long hair time to cut it off 👍Reports of a Tiger on the loose near the Oakland Zoo. If you see it call 911. 98th Ave at Golf Links.
Retweeted by 🐒 Sadie.Me with my new pet tiger after i hit the oakland zoo tonight
Retweeted by 🐒 Sadie. @Whiskers_meows @amustycow @amustycow dude come on do it man do the thing dude please bro come on @AHipsterWalrus funny we’re coming up on the anniversary with everything happening
@pokeugly 👍 @pokeugly Is this real @LMech02 @shady93__ count dankula is a dork just read about it forget the shit gimmick @shady93__ the government in Granby passed zoning for a plant that would cut off access to his muffler shop and whe… @shady93__ that’s not why he did this lol @shady93__ everyone should @johnpeterswag old bay seasoned?!? these have to slap @SpoodahRL “Slurp a worm 👍” @ReedTheZephyr @gifyourgame you know it’s true reed @JG7tv this didn’t have 17 flip resets and the goalie wasn’t asleep, trash goalthe Instagram RL community shares 1 brain @lilsasquatch66 that kid with that Instagram account, grew up to be Michael Jordan. @gifyourgame cat sound best sound only the most woke truly understand this 💯
@NotForeign I’m in! @WheyWitchDoctor not sure, but I’d assume a lot in Minecraft 👍what a deal, I just came into the market too @truettmb most WILL admitjust announce the collab with monkey business already lol @haneswhitetee “You stopped posting jokes and memes endlessly and for what? Real life?” @Shadical @BarackObama @Matty_Ice_2k14
@hawkshoticus I’m crapping my khakis jorts as we speak 👍 @hawkshoticus I don’t usually like getting political on the timeline, but that clip was trash. I will no longer be… @Momentalochka @gifyourgame it wasn’t that good they posted it to make people say these things about me on purpose I know itwelcome to insta @deadsadie
Retweeted by 🐒 Sadie. @gifyourgame hire jason_byrd_farmbureau he knows what the page needs most @zxchxcrxp @Jake_Chambers50 Not a chance Unless.... @trihb2 not doing tonight either I simply have not had the mental capacity to organize it revently @RLEsports Epic gamer moment @kwauyi thanks I will 👍 @kwauyi You’re upset cause you watched a 12 second clip and didn’t like it. Go outside you fuckin dork @kwauyi I’m not the one responding to people I don’t know and calling them shit. Think a little @kwauyi “You’re shit” “You’re in rlrs” which is it @kwauyi who are you? @kwauyi I knew I’d get replies like this lmfao shut the fuck up 👍does anyone want to play this with me I’m just tryna game with the boys @LeslieDesander just air rollnot playing 1s right 👍 Business out here representing 🔥🔥👍 @collinbetnar 🐒🐒🐒 @Dastonio I just went back in time @Dastonio We’ve been on here for so long
@JellyRL @JellyRL why don’t you just settle down okay bud @JellyRL man tf u know about a 10/22 carbine @jackhammond8 @fulleja beautiful 🐒
@2StarYelp you got me bro? @elonmusk @gucccibass true pemdas on that shit I feel you @gucccibass did u watch the first one @MitsEvoX @LukeRL_ @UNXTED @SpoodahRL @JG7tv @murloft Hope you get it dude 👍🔥🔥🔥🙌 @ihyfaded @heyyitsjanea Oh lol