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Monkey Business. @RocketLeague player, commentator, analyst & coach for @JiveTurkeyRL // RLRS Season 6 // 6’4” and gifted

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@SchonATL yeah hit my dms lmaolmfao take a lap champ 👍 @TooCale4School shit makes me laugh every time @shr0s hell yes man @shr0s I am living 👍 and you @BeefedUpBro dude so true @shr0s Thanks @BeefedUpBro I’ve had 2 herniated discs since I was 20 👍 @JoshLekach Thanks dudeOh hey Gordon, thanks for visiting me in the hospital after my horrific accident. It means the world to me. You rock @JCubedRL @JiveTurkeyRL You stepped up huge my man @StokelyyRL LETS GO MY BOY
@Rizzo_TV Okay 👍 @NHL @Avalanche I’m doing the nae nae rn @Avalanche Epic gamer moment 👍 @kaweiiii it’s possum season @kaweiiii
@spoodhype @AllaireMatt @GhostGaming I can’t believe they let you people do this 😭😭 @Azfura @KaleiRenay what’s new 🤷‍♂️ @KaleiRenay hey try this on for size 🖕🤠🖕 @mitsevox Doing my dutyIs Amazon threatening me @JetlinerX 🐒🐒🐒😎 @kaweiiii wanna explain the L? @kaweiiii you wanna explain this? @kaweiiii I’ll break your back lol @kaweiiii hey lol
@mitsevox @AllaireMatt @RollDizz @JG7tv LETS GOOOO @JCubedRL @its_woodyyyy @kacboy @CLTPhoenixGG @BearLightGaming @Blasky__ @KarmahTV @ShadowRL_ @xAlRaz @its_woodyyyy @JCubedRL hey boys u have to improvise to make up for the dumb shit you just did 🐒 @CLTPhoenixGG @BearLightGaming @Blasky__ @KarmahTV @ShadowRL_ @xAlRaz #Charlotte fans! We're back in action for our first games of 2021! Phoenix RL returns for week 3 of the Grid. T…
Retweeted by Sadie 🐒 @jakeroney98 @kaweiiii I’m sorry it has to be this way... @kaweiiii but not rn it isn’t 😡 @kaweiiii God I wish that were meepic rat battles of history @Jay_RL_ @Jay_RL_ great work soldier @tito_i_guess So true! @tito_i_guess LMAO huh?! @kaweiiii @KaleiRenay owned! @KaleiRenay from what the sun store? Lol @KaleiRenay not so sure about that one :-/ @its_woodyyyy @Hoodyhooo @toothboto @ClavenXL Smells like another W @KaleiRenay how many days has it been since u seen the sun? 🤨 @AwayCallaway Lol
@RichardPol95 @JoshLekach hey maybe this is the yearthe nhl is back baby excited for the habs to let me down like usual and god dammit if the avs can’t make it past pl… @kaweiiii or red...... 🤷‍♂️ @kaweiiii Black hehe @kaweiiii @kaweiiii Hmmm no @kaweiiii @AxelOnPC OKAYYYYYYYYYYY @kaweiiii you’ve said this how many times and I still have all my possessions 🥰🥰 @kaweiiii @AxelOnPC ok true but also like u can’t just leave him out to dry @AxelOnPC @kaweiiii mayb later my man..... @kaweiiii wyd this week haha 😳 @kaweiiii heyy lol
@SunlessKhan all I’m reading in this thread is “I’m not owned I’m not owned!!!”wassup can a loc come up in yo cribin the atlanta airport inside TGI fridays in the wrong concourse asking if they have a veterans discount because I’… @RapidRL Huh?! @fishhr_ shut up dude @kaweiiii and basically I have no problem with that @kaweiiii that song is actual asmr
@stephenasmith not again @mitsevox it is time @bionic_barry @HKrassenstein yes @DarthLux @HKrassenstein I’m a man of the people @HKrassenstein ok so who is in charge for 9 days lmk if I need to step in @JetlinerX @McLandoTwitch the truth must be told @angingjellies you’re right but don’t make me change my mind... @angingjellies It was me @McLandoTwitch the reason they have the trash cans at the end of a del taco drive they is so you can throw out what… @kaweiiii @AllaireMatt so true @kaweiiii I am coming home soon 😡😡 @kaweiiii Heyy lol wyd @AllaireMatt @kaweiiii 🤠🤠
@kaweiiii hehe @kaweiiii @kaweiiii great work team 👍 @kaweiiii beetlejuice @kaweiiii OKAY @kaweiiii ? @kaweiiii Yeah okaysmokinge on that bug spray @HadesTheMemeGod fair enough
in home depot for 5 hours standing in the lumber section and saying “no” whenever any of the workers ask if I need help finding anything @JG7tv my legs are borkencoughed one time in the airport subway train and all the other passengers forced me to the ground, held me down and… @KaleiRenay okay trueverified accounts absolutely shaking in their boots rn not knowing what to tweet without trump to reply at on here
@JellyRL that isn’t what I typed at all