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deathrock dyke who won a wga award one time || trans || bad gay industrial music as @knifepact || acab || black lives matter || 18+ || she/her

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@SolientArt @PrissyOrcGF i hate to say this as an abolitionist but i feel like we need two discrete jailsthis is technically discourse so i’m fuckedthis website is for: 1. announcing accomplishments 2. announcing that you’re hot 3. announcing that you’re sad 4.…
@BlueIris04 big hugs 😕 @kyotocosmology give us the rights clive nobody is gonna do it better @localsadghoul wow WOWqueer activism is when you invent new rigid definitions of terminology that’s been in use since before you were bor… i still love her and now i’m p sure i wanna make a point and click @PwamCider i would love to teach you but i have no idea what i’m doing lol i just put down pixels until it looks l… so i'm super bad at it right now, but i wanna get good at sprites so i made a point-and-click protagonist dean… could have just put up a card that said “looks like you’re depressed”
@finstergrrrl finnnnnnnnn i miss you 😢again reminded that everything about being trans is objectively perfect EXCEPT for having to regularly interface with cis peopleamazing 💜💜💜💜 @TheElliotPage hey this rules congratulations!! @starfader wait why thofor clarity this isn’t sour grapes, i’m just being silly and obvi everybody who got on the list deserves sincere congratulationsokay i’ll admit it i would like to be on a 30 under 30 list despite being over 30 and profoundly unimpressive @HTHRFLWRS i am just shrieking at the sky, im not even angry, i just don’t know how else to process this @december_fox i know i could just say this to you since you’re literally sitting next to me, but i love and appreci… your hottest video game industry take isn’t locked in a biometric safe deep in an underground bunker for fear of…
Retweeted by deandroid🦇warcrimes @kyotocosmology some day we’ll find someone to fund a 90s-barker-ass horror fmv game for us to work on togetherthanks all. i appreciate you a lot 💜 @BlueIris04 you’re right of course but ughhhhhggggggg @thedoomshine gm gorgeous 😍 @BlueIris04 biiiiiiiig same 😕 @visagermusic i hope so too josie you’re wonderful 💜😭 @bigpharma16 precious 😭 @Notoriously_BIG 😭😭😭 @Seemo hell yesssssssss 🤘 @hello__dylan dylan omg we should absolutely be friends, and you’re gonna make me cry 😭😭hi i’m having a really rough morning, will yall please consider saying nice things to me in the replies? thank yo… i openly say i’m terrified that colorado will cancel “elective” surgeries again and my ffs will get nixed, that… could really use our help rn
@gentlevoid @replicantmemory i genuinely have this thought a loti hope the girl who played tobio in wild zero is having a good day
Retweeted by deandroid🦇warcrimes @antimytheme it’s my favorite thing to see, keeps me coming backthe only content i care about on this website is t4t lesbians being unapologetically sappy and obsessed with each other on main @BlueIris04 this is all part of my public humiliation kinkhxh posting again, sorry i like that after the dark, gritty crime drama arc where our characters wrestle with what… @thedoomshine ahem hi 😎
@thedoomshine they never give you enough curly hair options 😑 is already a gay christmas movie look at these boys they’re in love @lost_lia oh shit i kinda wanna do this @BlueIris04 FUCK ezra furman whips so hard @BlueIris04 🥺 @sylvisurfer jesusokay google search for ffs surgeons who can give me an unhingeable snake jaw while they’re in there @hello__dylan yeah it’s super fucked, and hilariously common @Gamedev_Rose yeah that shit happened to me too @seraphina_152 that’s good anyway. it’s been a minute since i was in retail but my friends have reported a lot of t… @BlueIris04 lol blowing up my spot jeez 💜 also yes fuck copsthere’s never been a cop as brave as the retail employees who were forced to work black friday in the middle of a fucking pandemic
so many of the practices that games shruggingly accept as just the way things are drop jaws when ppl outside the in… @BlueIris04 oh shit 😳😳90% of the characters on hunter x hunter look like they were designed in an episode of monster factory before they… @BlueIris04 omg this looks soooo goooood
@thedoomshine ugh wow how in the world is it even possible for you to be this gorgeous 😍😍😍btw this isn’t like a “men are trash” post, it’s honestly not a bad look, it’s just very far from where i ended up lolsometimes i’ll see a cis dude born the same year as me who looks like tom waits cosplaying as gandalf and think abo… @RedBlaqueGolden 🤣🤣boobs
@Skatunenetwork @BlueIris04 just showed up in tens replies because i am constitutionally incapable of not evangeliz… @Karwackaflocka i mean i’m down! i gotta figure out some logistics and make sure i don’t get evicted but that aside, hell yes lol @Karwackaflocka ah gosh 😳 that would be a lot of fun @Karwackaflocka i assume night for nye? @Karwackaflocka damn neck and neck @janamakesgames 100% undeniably true @athenaparadigm i’m gonna go with smart cute i think? @athenaparadigm i’ll take it!everybody’s just gonna say goth huh @s3rioussam man it all counts welcome to the jungle @Marri yeah that’s where i live baybeeeeeeeeethe queer side of my tl is all horny-shading-into-suicidally-depressed this morning, and the games side is all take… @radioempyrea i love asmr and it’s def at least a little hornygonna just recite lyrics from the fragile to my therapist and see if she noticesi kinda hate it when people log on and go “wow some people on this website have some bad takes” without identifying…
@AdamDolin i was thinking flcl but honestly this works just as well for paranoia agent lol @BlueIris04 lol sorry, forgot to safeguard us from namesearching stans @BlueIris04 yeah it sucks it’s just one of a billion examples of the ways art and expression are gated behind obsce… @BlueIris04 nah, yours sounds betterthe sad boi head trauma comedy good morning, don’t work too hard today! @jeffhunt hey does it ever suck for you that the only people replying to your tweets are just dunking on you for be… @thedoomshine 🦇🥺🦇👉👈 @thedoomshine you’re one of my favorite people on this whole dumb rock. you’re kind and talented and sweet and beau…
i need a plush pumpkaboo i think hate having to do this, but considering the news that I’m still waiting another week to start my job, I need…
Retweeted by deandroid🦇warcrimes @QuestForTori let’s gooooooooo @thedoomshine just a sad bitch with six pumpkabooscan’t do the pokémon trainer meme, y’all are just gonna say ghost and be completely correct @Gamedev_Rose aww gosh 💜💜 @thedoomshine 🥰😘 @Storakatten that’s the strat, i’m telling youwhat’s wild about this picture is that it’s just like... all jaw. just greeting the world jaw-first, still extremely hotlol thanks for cropping directly to my tits twitter @thot_piece gm tess!ur gf won’t stop talking about 1/2 mensch to imagine if someone tried to start a conversation with me in real life about the voting preferences of dis…