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deathrock dyke || first openly trans wga-award winner (i think?) || bad gay industrial music as @knifepact || acab || black lives matter || 18+ || she/her

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@december_fox if you like me so much why dont you maaaaarry meeeee @b0tster ah jeez thanks doll 😊a really hot girl once said desiree akhavan reminded her of me, and idk i can kinda see it in the first pic? @thedoomshine on it boss 🥰 @thedoomshine can i help u?me, a 1400 follower account getting 20 likes on a selfie: i should start an onlyfans @thedoomshine yeah that was my plan too 🥰 @thedoomshine whatcha gonna do about it punk? @thedoomshine yeah? 🥰im still hot dont worry 😊 @kclustgraves imo lords of salem is his only good moviehorror movie endings i'll think about forever TETSUO: THE IRON MAN LORDS OF SALEM VIDEODROME TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSAC… try officer @TinyConstruct i mean its absolutely adjacent to my point. its hard not to imagine that he'll be a sort of de facto director in exilei dunno what to do about that, but its often not as simple as removing the influence, and its CERTAINLY not as simp… to the "genius autuer" persona is a kind of practiced charisma (it can and often is as shallow as a deep vo… of the things that happens when an abusive "genius autuer" creative director leaves a studio is that he leaves… @hello__dylan RIGHT? im honestly so stokedBRO WE GOT IT
james gunn peaked with tromeo and juliet why am i the only one talking about thisi just love the dolls okay, i just love them @solognabologna oh yeah no, thats not what im referring to, i just think that as much as i love that movie, it sort… @thedoomshine whatcha got in mind 🥺i would like a movie that is every bit as gross as society but also correctly locates freaky sex as the provinence… @hello__dylan ugh what the fuuuuuuck @hello__dylan JEEZ i would not have been alright, glad youre safe now @thedoomshine all documented all true 🥰this isnt a subtweet of anyone but me btwi like fucked up movies and weird little books with tons of gross sex and gore and stuff, but like in a smart way @thedoomshine baby you know it is 🥰keep liking my tweets we're gonna end up like this (my tweets)okay but the REALLY fucked up thing about trans women is how gorgeous they are and how none of them are kissing me rnbetween blizzard chodes and cuomo, its been a hell of a couple weeks for creeps sharing evidence of them being cree… @thedoomshine babe we're both already all of them, they are dating usthey're a polycule 🥰 decadent little man, unperturbed, lost in sensation
@GabrielNovo an industrial music fan, im used to people making dope art in their 20s and 30s only to turn into chuds later in… @thedoomshine ugh have i mentioned how much i hate being so far away from you @celechii bring back fleets for cute homos only plstell ya what, i fought through an urge to post boobs on fleet just yesterday and now i regret it, dont let your dreams be dreams kidsi would like to set the record straight that i have never used and will never use the f-slur sure give the war criminal a high paying exec job in games, meanwhile im the bad guy for threatening to post hole on twitter dot comim really cool and responsible and i have a good income and a killer ass, please give me a house @BlueIris04 like a couple blocks from our current place lmao @backxwash i would bleed all of my blood to make this realgood vibes pls, just submitted another rental applicationjust imagining a future where all games are judged on rhe verisimilitude of their watermelon explosions and literally no other criteria
@Tweed_Thneed this is a good postyall ever notice how many offspring songs sound like tucker carlson segments? @kyotocosmology *sax solo*springsteen lyric vibes tbhoh to be a tiny bat hitching a ride on a truck full of produce to become a permanent resident of a bat sanctuary 😓, thinking about having a dick measuring contest over who's more oppressed, maybe with trans women who are taller than me, idk @thedoomshine damn we gotta find one morei dont wish for people to understand anything about ny game dev job, i only wish to hit my little deadlines, take m… reminded me that in one of the bathroom stalls on my college campus, someone has written "die faggot ass" on t… no im about to say the matt damon word @b0tster aw shucks 😌 @BlueIris04 u tho @thedoomshine ugh youre so fucking nice to me 🥰i just remembered how hot i looked in these i had a gun to my head, i would simply execute a flawless judo flip and avoid having to quote anythingwelcome to minecraft *throbbing gristle's hamburger lady starts playing*composing music for my wife's minecraft youtube videos and resisting the urge to make it the ugliest shit imaginable @thedoomshine thank you for your patronage miss, glad to be of service 🥰you can shit on fred durst for performing a limp bizkit set looking like your friends dad who insists he had the id… year for national girlfriend day, id like to announce that i am a very good girlfriend
thats right 🥰 @thedoomshine noooooo 😭 @Wifesucker ugh sorry, that's a bummer 😕 @Wifesucker ugh that blows, i get the paralysis from time to time, big tall dude in the corner, the works i find t… sale: chastity cage, never removed @hello__dylan @thedoomshine yeah 😤 @thedoomshine thats right @thedoomshine sounds fake, nobody's cuter than youif i get two-faced by some science dork terf you all have to pretend im still hot okay? @spectralmeow nooooo idea, idek where you get sulfuric acid???should i be like freaking out? we're the only dolls on the block afaikcalled the fire dept so hopefully theyll come take care of it and nobody will get hurt but jesusuhhhhhh somebody definitely melted our trash bin in the back alley with sulfuric acid...? @thedoomshine you might have 🥰 have i mentioned lately how madly in love with you i am back? @Tweed_Thneed when oh when will we finally see our day in the sun 😔i wish someone would make popular music for people like me, ditch digging and witch burning enthusiasts who like to…
i do legit want that submissive tanktrans femmes trans mascs 🤝 wanting to be 80s martin gore @thedoomshine omg hi come make out with me 🥰 @vivigutless its the human condition 😔i want to be kissed by girl(s)hi what are yall using to make those "records ive listened to this month" imagesmy gender is just if leatherface was less clocky
@scumbelievable weeping openly at the prospect that i might not be able to watch another season of a bad television program @thedoomshine meeeeeeeesquare enix using anti-harassment language to funnel workers into a union busting honeypot here! very cool
Retweeted by deandroid🦇warcrimesfaggy vibes's like "the internet ruined hideki naganuma" like you all arent just as twitter poisoned @surgeryhead thats how u know im good @Notoriously_BIG i really should have made this a condition of my promotion"but deandra youre just a silly bimbo who can barely remember to eat" yes but i am also a phenomenally talenter wri… i got promoted yesterday btw, im senior writer II now, the squeakquel